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Matthew Hopkins News
The Matthew Hopkins avatar logo that Samuel Collingwood Smith has given him.
Matthew Hopkins News homepage on April 28, 2016. Follows immediately after a series of articles on Joshua Moon.
Matthew Hopkins News homepage on April 28, 2016. Follows immediately after a series of articles on Joshua Moon.
Web address matthewhopkinsnews.com
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Type of site
Registration March 9th, 2014
Available in English
Owner Samuel Collingwood Smith, the "Witchfinder General"

Matthew Hopkins News is the impotent venting of Samuel Collingwood Smith, a self-declared journalist and witchhunter. In his own words, "we aim to expose corruption and terrorise the guilty without worrying too much about due process."[1] Samuel's preferred method of demonstrating journalistic integrity and dispensing Internet justice is to call everyone he does not like a pedophile. Out of the 410 indexed Google results for Matthew Hopkins News, 290 of them contain the word "paedophile" or "pedophile".[2] If that does not work, he will send harassing emails to friends and family of the target,[3] and will happily encourage others to commit domestic terrorism in the form of SWAT prank attacks if it furthers his goals.[4] He has also harassed local police and become noticeably upset if they refuse to conduct a criminal investigation on demand.[5]


Matthew Hopkins News on Kiwi Farms and Joshua Moon

This article is an archive of various emails and blog posts on Matthew Hopkins News related to Samuel Collingwood Smith's feud with Kiwi Farms and Joshua Moon.

KiwiFarms, Joshua Conner Moon (Null) and Child Pornography

Today might be the first time many GamerGaters have heard of KiwiFarms, a despicable trolling site which targets those it considered LOLCows. Some are public figures like Milo or myself but one of their main preferred targets appear to be the disabled. They even said so on their Twitter (archive here) before it was shut down. Your author has been having them shut down all year. Matthew Hopkins News traces the current web host in case GamerGaters want to send in polite complaints. Also exposed is the sinister child pornographer, Joshua Conner Moon, who runs the site.
Kiwi Farms is run by paedophile sadist Joshua Conner Moon and exists to harass the disabled. Click for full size.

The administrator of Kiwi Farms is Joshua Conner Moon (Null). He is a controversial figure online after being severely criticised by Frederick Brennan (archive here) for failing to upgrade 8Chan’s software.

Moon is also controversial because several different witnesses on several sites have accused him of boasting of liking large quantities of sadistic child pornography. The extensive article on Encyclopaedia Dramatica quotes the charming Mr Moon thusly –

“It’s not just regular child porn either, it’s hurtcore now”,


“I just like to see children suffer”

It is claimed that a female poster on the forums for Blockland (a lego type game) said this of Mr Moon –

A photograph of Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

“I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he’d show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he’d subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it’d cauterize as it cut and I wouldn’t bleed out. Then he’d cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he’d just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he’d beaten me sufficiently.”

Whilst Encyclopaedia Dramatica is sometimes questioned as a source, your author can confirm that Joshua Conner Moon has indeed been hosting child pornography for some time. MHN has been having KiwiFarms closed down all year and is responsible for the most effective (legal) attack in KiwiFarms’ history that resulted in the loss of large quantities of their data.

The KiwiFarmers thought it was the Sociopath Community (SC) forums because by coincidence at the same time I was taking legal steps a user at SC, Dexter, sent a brief semi-coherent complaint email leading to the imbecilic Kiwis assuming it was him starting an utterly futile feud with the wrong people.

At some point Moon realised I had complained to one host. All my emails were signed but for some reason he forged a correspondence train to make it look like I sent an anonymous email and posted it on the Farms.

So what is the evidence that Moon hosted child pornography on KiwiFarms? Clearly the main page and visible threads were free of it and one can legally sign up to the site without viewing any porn. This is useful for those who wish to trace the site.

Well, I was approached by several friends of Kiwi Farms alleging that specific, non-obvious URIs on the site hosted the pornography. Because it is illegal to view child pornography, I could not and did not check directly. Instead I simply sent the URIs to the hosting company. On multiple occasions Kiwi Farms were removed from hosts who confirmed that there was indeed illegal pornography.

Each time Moon told the hosting company that there was no child pornography, that he was completely innocent and had a ‘zero tolerance’ policy. Yet each time he moved the site the same URIs proved problematic – that is, the same child pornography was uploaded time and again. Here is an example of Moon’s conversation with Gandi technical support after I persuaded them to ban Kiwifarms –

Joshua Moon claims that he did not know there was any child pornography and begs Gandi.net for just one more chance. And fails. Click for full size.

Even VersaWeb, the site that hosted the racists of ChimpOut, got cold feet – I am reliably told that Moon was hosting a cartoon video of a toddler being raped by a paedophile.

Moon has a vast horde of enemies, ranging from members of disability forums like WrongPlanet (whose users have been targeted by KiwiFarms) to a particular satanic themed 8Chan forum. Some of those enemies are very technically skilled.

Moon has repeatedly tried to hide KiwiFarms using Cloudflare and also a service called Proofpoint. However, KiwiFar.ms is presently hosted by a company called CloudVPS, on server – vps66647.public.cloudvps.com. It is an Apache instance configured with the message, “It’s a mystery”. The server will only serve the actual site to endpoints of Cloudflare to prevent its detection.

The abuse email address for CloudVPS is abuse@cloudvps.com the Director is Omar Benameur. His email address is O.Benameur@cloudvps.com, and his Twitter is handle is @OBenameur – maybe people should email and tweet him? If you do, be sure to be polite and also include the server address vps66647.public.cloudvps.com as the use of Cloudflare can make it hard for hosts to track down the server.

I would urge readers only to make legal complaints and not to make any attempt to hack or DDOS the server. In the meantime, MHN and other interested parties will be working with law enforcement to ensure Joshua Conner Moon is brought to justice. I read the various legal arguments JCM has posted on his site with some amusement. Suffice to say I am content he has stepped well beyond the substantial free speech protection afforded in his jurisdiction by the 1st Amendment.

JCM would be well advised to take his site down and turn himself in – after all, some of his less law abiding former associates are also looking to get in touch. They want to show him around a pig farm, apparently.

[EDIT 16/04/2016] users of /r/KotakuInAction ask why I have not included links to law enforcement. Happy to oblige – FBI page here. Best current information is that Joshua Conner Moon lives in Florida.

Archive here.

Google Search Results for Josh Moon / Joshua Conner Moon of Florida / Null of Kiwifar.ms @KiwiNull

It seems that my article exposing Joshua Moon, Florida born weirdo head of Kiwifarms, and his disturbing hosting of illegal child pornography has proven surprisingly popular.
If you search for ‘Joshua Conner Moon’ it is quite easy to quickly find out about him. #1 on Google. Click for full size.

Archive here.

Kiwi Farms Owner Null / Ichverbot / Joshua Conner Moon Owns Animal Fetish Porn Website

Has Null / Ichverbot of Kiwi Farms found love in his bleak, difficult life?

Your author has been researching the owner of Kiwi Farms, ‘Null’ also known as ‘Ichverbot’. To remind everyone, this is a pen name of Joshua Conner Moon the owner of Kiwi Farms, who controls the email address Ichverbot@gmail.com.

I am currently running a number of searches and background checks on the owner of Kiwi Farms and other members. In due course, I will be asking their real world employers and family members about their online postings – I imagine it will make for gripping reading. However, a quick gem.

Whilst researching Ichverbot I searched for websites controlled by him. One interesting domain registration is ‘animalfetishporn.us’ (no link). I link to the reverse lookup service and an archive proving registration here. Null, who denies being a paedophile (despite his website being kicked off several hosts by companies who say they found child pornography) is the indisputably registered owner.

When I saw some of his many other enemies online taunting him with the phrase, ‘Oink oink’ I thought it referred to the well known threat by some of his former criminal associates to murder him and feed him to pigs. However, perhaps there is another reason. Perhaps, poor, troubled Ichverbot … has found love.

More on Kiwi Farms coming soon.

[UPDATE 19/04/2016] – I am being told that this domain does not host bestiality porn but instead hosts a proof-of-concept demo of an exploit that can be used for phishing (fraudulently harvesting personal account details). Because hacking whilst posing as a bestiality porn site is sooo much better. As the current contents of the site do not contain porn only hacking documentation, archive here.

Archive here.

Simpleton Sets Up Email Trolling Service, Gets Hacked In Under an Hour

Paedophile Joshua Conner Moon from KiwiFarms tried to set up a trolling email service but it backfired and in under an hour it was used to send confessions he is a paedophle. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Joshua Conner Moon, paedophile leader of Kiwifar.ms set up a trolling service today. The service, an email server with the domain ‘GamerGate.us’ was announced with great fanfare. Within minutes his followers were setting up fake emails in the name of Randi Harper. Joshua assigned himself the exalted title of ‘leader@GamerGate.us‘.

I discovered this when I was copied into an email circular, purportedly from Josh, confessing to being a paedophile. It was an obvious fake but it contained a link to a thread. The email suggests members of an 8Chan board hostile to Josh are responsible.

So looking at the timestamps within about an hour Moon’s oh-so-funny troleing email service was being used to send out confessions of paedophilia in his name from an email he had just announced was his. The fake email also claims Kiwi Farms’ membership database has been hacked. Given the problems of Infinity Next it is entirely possible this is true.

Whilst the email (below) was faked it should be remembered that Josh has previously made very real confessions and boasts that he enjoys paedophile images of children being hurt and that per my previous article hosting company Gandi.net independently verified they found child pornography in the kiwifar.ms account he operated before they banned him from their service.

In any event, the full email is below –

Whilst this email from Josh confessing to a paedophile is fake, readers should remember that he has previously made very real confessions to enjoying child pornography. Click for full size. I have blacked out Randi Harper and Zoe Quinn’s email addresses.

For my part, your author will not participate in this disgraceful bullying of a vulnerable, mentally underprivileged man. In any event I am working too hard preparing an exposé of a woman called Candy Potter – a real estate agent whose son claims she mistreated him as a child. Indeed, the son even fantasised about killing her on a popular web forum.

[UPDATE 21/04/2016] – It seems that the perpetrators used a Czechoslovakian service called Emkei.cz to prank Null. Interestingly the fake email, whilst exposed by the message header, is still more convincing that the one from GamerGate.us.

Archive here.

Kiwi Farms Linked to School Threats in Okaloosa County Florida. Site Operator Joshua Conner Moon Denies Guilt

For new readers, a reminder that Joshua Conner Moon runs a site called Kiwifar.ms, which is used to dox and harass people including their entire families. Moon uses a variety of online names including Null, Kiwinull, Ichverbot and Iban. In my recent article, ‘KiwiFarms, Joshua Conner Moon (Null) and Child Pornography’ I explained that Kiwifar.ms has lost a great deal of data this year and been forced to move hosts after French company Gandi.net independently confirmed the presence of child pornography. ‘Null’ heatedly denies guilt, despite having his forum removed at least 4 times by different companies in different jurisdictions for ‘Terms of Service’ breaches.

Earlier this week Moon set up an email trolling service under the domain ‘GamerGate.us’. The entire Kiwi Farms thread was soon discussing ways to impersonate and harass people including various feminists such as Randi Harper. Many people posted screenshots of themselves doing exactly that, but Moon banned none of them. An hour or so ago Moon posted on Kiwi Farms complaining that the service had been used to send ‘threats’ of an unspecified kind to local schools and linking to news articles (archive here) that suggest he may be telling the truth.

Moon denies guilt, but it looks like local residents have been terrorised by a user of his site using a service Moon clearly intends for harassment. Moon has been linked to violent threats before including a threat to genitally mutilate and anally rape a young woman. Earlier this week I sent his mother a media inquiry about his fantasies of murdering her with a steak knife. No response was received but yesterday several Twitter accounts were set up and shortly banned for impersonating me, expressly linking to Moon’s Kiwi Farms. Media scrutiny is pushing the Kiwi Farmers to extremes.

A post from a forum called Blockland where a younger Josh talks about his emotional difficulties and his resentment of his mother’s inattention and his desire, as a consequence, to kill her. Click for full size.

Many readers have written in expressing curiousity about what made Joshua Conner Moon such a dysfunctional psychopath. Some of his teenage ramblings unearthed by his many enemies may shed some light. Josh was a member of an online lego forum called Blockland. Hated there, he returned under a variety of names after being banned, in part due to a forlorn crush on a young woman called ‘Stocking’. Aside from graphic threats to mutilate Stocking for spurning his affections, he wrote a revealing thread about his mother. [1] (archive) [2] (archive).

“Let me give you a run down about her. She is a slut who had me at 18. She is the sole reason I’m pro-choice. I’m hoping more whores that got knocked up at her age and would become shitty parents would abort their kids as opposed to bringing them up miserably. She is 33 or something now and is single, haven’t having her pussy raided in the last 8 years. Of course, know that the last of her eggs are being destroyed by the body she’s constantly in an angry state. She reminds me constantly about how pathetic I am about about how I suck the last fucking slivers of joy out of her mind and how horribly unproud she is that I fell from her womb.

I want to kill this lady.”

When a concerned fellow forum member suggests that Josh speaks to a teacher, Josh responded as follows –

“I’d rather die than to talk to some post menopausal bible thumper about me wanting to murder a parent with a steak knife.”

Of course, many would put this down to teenage angst were it not for the fact that Josh has continued in his self destructive behaviour to this very day. It is clear that Josh’s relationship with his mother is deeply troubled. At times Moon claims to be financially dependent on ‘Candy’ although he later claimed otherwise.

Nonetheless, Moon’s current electoral registration, which can easily be found on Google by searching ‘Joshua Conner Moon’ as of 29/02/2016 appears to show him living at his mother’s address. If so then she is, at least, providing him with a basement and if so she is effectively funding Kiwifar.ms. Of course it is also possible that Moon is lying in order to avoid the many people who intend to hurt him, now likely including his neighbours and residents in Okaloosa. Hopefully Okaloosa residents will take things responsibly.

Regardless of the truth, one can only sympathise with Candy Potter and other relatives like her sister Melissa. Candy is a former nurse who has helped many people over the years. Her job as a Realtor for Keller Williams requires her to have a significant web presence, including her mobile phone, which can easily be found using Google and her page invites the asking of questions – an enticement to any troll. Email addresses at her employer are in the form [forename] DOT [surname] @ [domain] so it is easy to deduce her address or that of her CEO.

If it is true as he claims that Moon’s site is linked to some sort of threat in the local area, it is likely she will experience adverse feedback from local families. The Kiwi Farms’ strategy of targeting the entire families of individuals (like for example, Alison Rapp) means that there will be a natural interest in the families of himself and other operators of the site.

Kiwi Farms forum member and recent site host Michael Sulsenti (Drybones5), for example, will himself be subject of a forthcoming post as will some of his relatives who support him. He is a Florida based friend of Moon’s and the fact that he recently hosted a site linked to threats against schools is likely to embarrass the family – especially given his father’s work with the Boy Scouts.

Your author is not against free speech – but if ‘free speech’ means hosting a doxing forum linked to threats and harassment then scrutiny is to be expected.

Archive here.

Okaloosa Threats – Sheriff Larry Ashley Needs to Deal With the Crimes in Front of Him

The target of the Okaloosa School Threats, Joshua Conner Moon, runs a harassment site that prioritises the disabled, vulnerable and women and has regularly been the target of SWATting attempts, such as the 2014 attack on their previous host Linode (archive here). Linode were also targeted by an incredibly powerful DarkNet attack in early 2016 (archive here). Currently Moon and his gang are organising cyber harassment of women. Sheriff Ashley needs to get on it – because even if Moon is a hoax victim, he is not an innocent victim.
In this post on Kiwifarms, a user forges an email from self-described feminist Randi Harper, to another self-described feminist Candace Owens. This happens right in front of Moon, who bans neither user. The now deleted imgur link is said to be a picture of a penis. The entire site is full of content like this, encouraged by Moon. Click for full size.

Right before the Okaloosa hoax Josh Moon had opened a thread for his new email service GamerGate.us. The entire thread is exclusively full of people registering accounts in the name of people and companies they oppose, and sending emails in their name.

The first email in the thread purports to be from Zoe Quinn and is sent to Contact180, the project she recently opposed. Impersonation and Harassment are crimes in Florida. Josh is at the head of that thread and he bans or discourages no one.

Almost immediately after in the thread they start talking about sending ‘dick pics’, (unsolicited pornography) to innocent victims in the name of those they are impersonating and they screenshot themselves doing so. Harassment and cyberstalking are felonies in Florida, and if it is done across state lines may involve the Federal law also.

Of importance, Moon neither stops nor discourages the behaviour even when he rejoins the thread. He does later disable the service until he can patch it to block TOR users, but he does not ban or even rebuke the impersonators or penis photo senders. Aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring felonies is a serious crime in Florida.

Kiwifarms.ms has been doing things like this for years but because they only targeted the disabled and vulnerable they got away with it, barring the occasional retaliatory attack. They did not really have trouble until this year when I had hosts ban them for hosting significant amounts of child pornography.

Web hosts often have what is called section 230 immunity in the United States, but that is lost when publishers add editorial content to the matter at hand themselves or in cases of Federal Criminal Liability. Moon of course adds a great deal of editorial to his site, far more than in the relevant legal precedents where others lost immunity.

Suspecting Moon was not being entirely candid with police I called in to the sheriff’s office on Saturday, and provided them links to the cyberstalking thread amongst other things, including some of my correspondence with his hosting companies. Links to the ‘dick pics’ thread are here [1] and [2]. In case Moon removes the thread, there is an archive here ([A1] and [A2]). http:/archive.is is a third party service that allows users to request it create archive snapshots of public webpages for evidence purposes.

The whole Kiwifar.ms site is like this, with a variety of individuals and groups being targeted. Often individual or group phone numbers are revealed with attendant encouragement of harassment. My first encounter with Kiwi Farms was in a discussion on Reddit with the KiwiFarms user Dynastia. He is now banned from the /r/KotakuInAction subreddit.

At the time I was working on a set of articles about Rationalwiki, a niche website that has declined in recent years due to a diminishing quality of editor, left-wing bias and repeated unwise decisions to let self-identified paedophiles edit. Initially, I shared data with Dynastia – but the correspondence ended as he became increasingly extreme.

For example in this post ([3] archive [A3]) a user called Dynastia shares a victim’s phone number saying ‘Fight him irl’ (meaning ‘fight him in real life’). This appears to be counselling or procuring felony harassment since inevitably such victims do get frightening, anonymous calls.

I called in on Saturday to make the county Sheriff’s office aware of this and I will be sending a copy of this article to the sheriff and to local media. I will be delaying before publication to give them time to act as they may have been unaware. That means if you are reading this and Moon has not been arrested, Sheriff Larry Ashley has most likely been slacking off.

[26/04/2016 – UPDATE] I have had a response from the Sheriff’s office that is satisfactory. I will do a full update with their statement in due course, here or on another publication. For now, suffice to say that the Sheriff’s office has acted appropriately.

I have also spoken to UK police to prevent SWATting attempts and to provide evidence of various attempts to impersonate me.

Okaloosa Police were given 24 hours notice of this article, and Sheriff Ashley has not objected or disputed the allegations. Another officer has told me that the information I provided has been passed to police investigators.

[26/04/2016 – UPDATE] No one can excuse threatening a whole community, but Okaloosa was targeted because it was thought that they were harbouring the monster in their midst. In fact Mr Moon lives some distance away, and that is where he shall be dealt with.

Archive here.

Josh Moon ‘Chimps Out’ and Literally Screams his Mommy Loves him. The Witchfinder Responds Kindly

I saw your post Josh and just this once I shall try to respond.
Joshua Moon seems a bit upset. Just this once, your author will respond. Click for full size.

Dear Josh,

I read your post addressed to me and just this once I will respond to you in the hope that this will help you.

Firstly, unlike you I do not live with my mother and I do not claim benefits (you searched my address, remember?) Aside from paid work, I do charity work assisting vulnerable people in court. I have had a fairly high profile life and many people have said good and bad things about me. I am not motivated by your criticisms of me. I have not lifted a finger to try to silence other sites like Encyclopaedia Dramatica or Archant, for example.

I started to take you down in January for quite different reasons. I had vaguely spoken to Dynastia whilst dealing with Rationalwiki but not really looked at your site properly, just a few posts in the Rationalwiki thread. I got into it in early January whilst on holiday and I realised what it was.

Like Free Reddit Check or the Block Bot, Kiwi Farms is a harassment tool. However instead of targeting political opponents your site deliberately targets vulnerable people. You and your members deliberately trawl disability forums for victims. My reasons for having a go at you were similar to my purpose in taking out Free Reddit Check and making the Block Bot change their database.

My site has done no more than you – less in fact. I have revealed your true name and that of a couple of family members along with a slight nudge that you are not, right now, a very nice person. SWATting? Nope. Emails? Nope. The many people you have pissed off from 8chan to people on your site took care of that without any help from me.

One comment I have seen time and time again from KiA to 8chan threads is a simple explanation of the flaw of Kiwi Farms. Your site is very like Hunter Moore’s now closed site ‘Is Anyone Up’ only without the hot porn. Each post on his site was a different person pissed off, along with their families.

The same goes for your site. To keep going your site has to piss off exponentially larger groups of people. Each of those people themselves, or their family, or their friends may retaliate. Hunter Moore was successful at first but in the end his life was a mess of threats, lawsuits and police involvement. Now who does that sound like? (And Hunter Moore got lots of sex). As a matter of strict mathematics, your life must get worse because of this.

It has taken, what? 6 posts from me and a forum ban from KiA to reduce you to such a complete state that you are literally ranting, “[my mommy] isn’t going to stop loving me!” I mean, are you sucking on a pacifier right now? You were also goaded into giving away information about your infrastructure and mistaken speculations about how your servers were identified whilst whining about being ‘harassed’.

Never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine you would be screaming, “my mommy loves me” on your own forum, let alone within such a short time frame. I take your claims of technical robustness with a pinch of salt because of this little thing called Infinity Next (archive).

Even if you were telling the truth there are many other solutions. You might want to read this article about someone having a whole site de-indexed from Google. You had an issue a bit like that with a Lolcow wiki article today and that was just a temporary test. You have also seen your main account vanish, banned, from Twitter (to be followed by more, and soon). I have represented people in court, remember?

If I died tomorrow or fell into a mewling heap screaming, “mummy always loved me!” very little would change now. I count 5 threads about you on one 8chan board alone, full of hundreds of posts from people who hate you and feel good about it because of your cruel behaviour.

If your mother really loves you so much she should tell you to get a job and shut down your site. You say my article will outlive me. Perhaps, but the one person whose life is bound to be overshadowed by Kiwi Farms is you, Josh. You are spending so much energy defending it, but it makes negligible profit and it has not gotten you laid. Your life will get worse and worse and it will continue to affect your family. If you love your mother so very much why expose her to all the hatred and rage of those you have pointlessly victimised?

I bear you no ill will at all. Even so I will carry on my activities and my various friends and fellow travellers will do the same. I am not going to respond directly again – your post proves I have made my point and we simply intend to continue to drive it home.

Kindest regards,

Sam Smith

writing as

Matthew Hopkins
The Witchfinder General

Archive here.

No Angel – Court Records of Former Nurse Candice Lynn Potter, Mother of Joshua Moon

Joshua Conner Moon runs a hate group that hounds people and doxxes their families. There is a considerable public interest in his own background and that of his mother, who financially supports him.
Candice Lynn Potter successfully completed a pre-trial diversion scheme and charges were dropped. Click for full size.

Josh says that his mother changed career from nurse to Realtor due to age and bone pain. By coincidence, this also roughly coincided with her prosecution for resisting arrest. The case did not lead to a criminal conviction or record, because it was discontinued when Candice agreed to and successfully completed pre-trial diversion.

It appears Candice Potter has had numerous brushes with the law, having come to law enforcement attention for everything from toll jumping to driving a car in an unsafe condition, through speeding to not wearing a seat belt.

CandiceLynnPotterCriminalDrivingB (1).png
Candice Lynn Potter’s driving related law enforcement history. Click for full size.
More of Candice Lynn Potter’s driving related law enforcement history. Click for full size.

The poisoned apple does not fall far from the noxious tree and of interest Moon has his own speeding fines and a pre-trial disposal to driving school.

Joshua Moon’s driving history is very similar to his mother’s. Click for full size.

This is all trivial compared to the vileness that will be revealed in my next article but I thought it might assist authors of wiki articles and researchers of the Moon family.

Archive here.

Twisted, Sexual Deviant Troll ‘Dynastia’ From Josh Moon’s Kiwi Farms Targets Pre-Teen Children

This article is a further exposé of the sickening sexual deviants who run and participate in Kiwi Farms, a trolling website operated by an unemployed man called Joshua Conner Moon. Moon lives in Escambia County Florida with his mother, Keller Williams Realtor Candice Potter. Previous articles have focused on Moon himself, but this one focuses on a user called Dynastia, a friend of Moon and user of his site. Dynastia has been organising the sending of penis photos to women for harassment purposes on a near industrial scale and recently had a formal vote passed at Kiwi Farms that they could target children, which was then carried out.
Sheriff Morgan, please let Matthew Hopkins News give you a solid tip-off about some possible sex crimes.

What Has Come Before?

To recap for those who are unfamiliar with Kiwi Farms, it is a website set up to troll and harass the vulnerable online. Kiwi Farms recently had its main account, @KiwiFarms, indefinitely suspended from Twitter (pre-suspension archive here) after my intervention. This is unsurprising as the tagline was, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”.

In my original article, I had seen some quotes on Encyclopaedia Dramatica in which Moon was said to have boasted of paedopilia, but I did not accept these serious allegations until I received a separate tip-off that Moon’s site contained child pornography. Rather than view the URIs I contacted the hosting company, which banned Moon.

Subsequently, several hosts in succession removed the site. One, ethical French company Gandi.net told Moon that they had independently verified there was child pornography and it was so serious that he would not be given a second chance. A full size image of their exchange with Moon is here.

Moon and his friends have repeatedly implied that Encyclopaedia Dramatica is an unreliable source. However, I have now checked and been able to verify the earlier quotes, with one exception. In 2012, long before MHN or ED took an interest, Moon was a member of the Blockland forum (a forum for an online lego style game). Users of Blockland expressed disgust and horror with Moon after he boasted of masturbating to Neko Shota (Japanese porn of underage boys, apparently). Post here, archive here.

In a thread speculating about whether Moon had been arrested, user Stocking accuses him of threatening to murder, anally rape and genitally mutilate her (archive here). Using his account CityRPG (he has had many names on the site as he kept getting banned), Moon did not deny the allegation but responded, “I was really mad that day”.

It looks like Encyclopaedia Dramatica’s quotes are 100% accurate. In another previous article I also unearthed Moon’s admission that he fantasised about murdering his mother with a steak knife.

Dynastia’s Indecent Images and Stalking of Women

One prolific user of Kiwi Farms is Dynastia, who goes by @KiwiDynastia (archive here) on Twitter – warning profile contains penis photo. This is a tweet (archive here) where he sends a picture of his uninspiring member to the #GamerGate hashtag.

I include the picture because it is the actus re of an offence. Dynastia is not merely joking that he will send a penis photo – he is caught in the act of doing so. This is important because it means the ‘Nyberg Defence’ that he was only joking will not run. Furthermore the minimum user age on Twitter is 13 (see policy here, archive here).

It is forseeable that a hashtag like #GamerGate will be used by many minors, and sending a penis to the tag means sending it to children. So I showed Dynastia’s penis to police officers. His wang selfie has seen a surprising amount of circulation. Dynastia and his friend @KiwiNull carry on the mission of Kiwi Farms on Twitter, openly ban evading.

In the old days, flashers were inadequates who would lurk, drooling and shaking in bushes or public parks waiting to expose themselves to women or children nearby. Studies show such men often graduate to contact sexual offenses. These days the same dysfunctional losers often conduct their predations online.

In a series of further tweets [1], [2], [3] (archives [A1], [A2], [A3]) Dynastia solicits sending penis photos to a feminist who he disagrees with and also admits to sending 70 penis photos to Zoe Quinn. This is a straightforward crime in both UK and US law. In the UK, under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 such unsolicited communications might count as regular harassment (s1, s2). If the woman was placed in fear of violence (such as rape) the offence is under s4 and carries a jail term of up to 5 years.

Whilst harassment is not per se a sex crime in the UK, if there is a sexual element such as sending women penis photos a judge can make an order treating it as such. This means requiring the perpetrator to be added to the sexual offender’s register as well as any appropriate restrictions (e.g. ban them from Twitter).

Similar provisions apply under Florida law, which has a harassment statute at Title XLVI, 784.048 with more severe punishments for threats (which may be non-verbal). Of particular note, Florida law has a specific offence for cyber stalking or harassing a child under 16 years (784.048 (5)). This is relevant given Kiwi Farms specific written policy decision to dox underage children (see below).

The harassment email and penis photo campaign was organised on Kiwi Farms, where users openly screenshotted themselved impersonating prominent feminists to send threatening and sexual messages. Links to the ‘dick pics’ thread are here [1] and [2]. In case Moon removes the thread, there is an archive here ([A1] and [A2]). The campaign happened right in front of Moon after he announced his new email service and it is unclear that the system has ever had any other use case.

In short, Kiwi Farms is used with the knowledge and participation of its administrator and owner to carry out sexualised cyberstalking of women contrary to Florida state law.

Deliberately Targeting Underage Children

Recently, Dynastia held a poll on Kiwi Farms as to whether it was okay to dox underage children (archive here). The vote passed 14 to 10. In case anyone was wondering if it was a joke the site has subsequently literally carried out the policy and doxxed children as young as 5, for example the child of Block Bot administrator Marian Aanerud (@MAMelby). Again, because of this the, ‘Nyberg Defence’ will not fly.

In ultra-creepy fashion, the Kiwi Farmers archived a (clothed) photo gallery of Aanerud’s young son. Nothing says, ‘no paedophiles here’ like creating a photo archive of someone else’s 5 year old. In this light Dynastia’s pious claims he is against harm to children are laughable. Whilst claiming to SWAT paedophiles he is helping stalk children.

Your author loathes Marian Aanerud, who was ‘laid off’ a few weeks after falsely accusing me of stalking. Even so, I am not going to link her Kiwi Farms thread here or the pictures of her children. Whilst there are legitimate criticisms of Aanerud and the Block Bot to be made neither I, nor any member of GamerGate has ever stooped to doxxing her child or running photos of him.

As noted above, such conduct is a specific offence in Florida. This must be especially upsetting to Aanerud given Moon’s previous statements about masturbating to Hentai containing underage boys. I will not provide links here but have provided them directly to law enforcement. Aanerud could do far worse than contact Sheriff Morgan (dmorgan@escambiaso.com).

Terrorist Threats

To no one’s surprise, Joshua Conner Moon is very very unpopular outside the Kiwi Farms hugbox. Recently he was the subject of a hoax threat sent to his local schools via the email service he created. Moon has variously accused the KotakuInAction moderators, an 8chan board and / or myself of either inciting or carrying out the threat. He has no shortage of enemies.

Of course, Kiwi Farms is no stranger to SWATing. Dynastia admits here (archive here) to having knowledge that Kiwi Farms carried out a previous SWATing. Below, I include a screenshot from a Kiwi Farms thread where Dynastia attempts to send an email about me to Hertfordshire police in a misguided attempt at retaliation.

Again, such acts are potentially either state or Federal crimes.

This is an attempt posted by Dynastia of an attempt to SWAT me. Click for full size.

Law and Justice

There has been a lot of salt spewed by the Kiwis about my work. I do not anticipate my arrest any time soon, nor any defamation claim. I am well equipped to represent myself in UK courts and in the UK hearsay evidence is automatically admissible in civil proceedings under s1 Civil Evidence Act 1995. Hell, I can just exhibit Dynastia’s selfie photo, “My Lord, if I can draw your attention to exhibit 1 …”.


For a long time, the cowardly and obese Moon was able to hide behind internet anonymity, safe in his mother’s basement. Facilitating the sexualised trolling of women, stalking children is not the same when someone sends details to the family who are supporting you financially and asks for comment. Concerned citizens are also encouraged to email Sheriff Morgan (dmorgan@escambiaso.com).

Your author has sought comment from Candice Potter and Keller Williams. Moon, per his own comments reported in my previous article lives with his mother and pays less than $300 per month because of her support. In effect she is subsidising him to run his harassment site all day. Candy Potter has read the inquiry, but failed to respond or deny the allegations. She has also been given the opportunity to opt-out of further emails, but has not made any such request.

Kiwi Farms was recently hosted by Michael Sulsenti who lives with his father Jerry Sulsenti in Clermont Florida. Jerry is an upstanding man who volunteers for the Boy Scouts in Troop 551. I asked him how he could countenance his family having any involvement in Kiwi Farms, but received no reply. Perhaps he did the decent thing and encouraged his son to no longer get involved. Jerry has also been given the opportunity to opt-out of further emails, but has not made any such request.

There has been a long standing Wiki online regarding Joshua Conner Moon as well as articles on other sites. However, a proper wiki for Kiwi Farms has never taken off. Fortunately, after ongoing clamour from members of KiA and elsewhere, we are now opening an informative site at the new Kiwi Farms Wiki (http://kiwifarmswiki.com). There is also an authoritative new website for Joshua Conner Moon (http://www.joshuaconnermoon.com).

Kiwi Farms is a controversial site that likes, for example, to track people’s families. There is a legitimate public and journalistic interest in research into the disturbing individuals Moon claims are supporting him.

I have been opening up dialogues with many of Moon’s ‘friends’ and ‘admirers’ with a view to a permanent Wiki of Moon, his supporters and their contact details. With a permanent Wiki including employers and business details, we anticipate that Moon will not be able to escape the moral and legal consequences of his actions.

Archive here.

‘Fake Anthrax’ – Law Enforcement Inaction Leads to Further Joshua Conner Moon / Kiwi Farms Related Crime

In the wake of the Okaloosa School threats, the Witchfinder reveals that an absence of US law enforcement activity over sinister website Kiwi Farms has led to further vigilante threats, including a detailed guide to retaliatory harassment of the operator and the sending of false anthrax packages. Josh Moon has had many enemies on the chan boards and elsewhere for some time, long before I wrote about the site. Their opposition to Kiwi Farms and Moon shows every sign of intensifying.
Escambia County. On the left, Joshua Conner Moon with a small child. Perhaps it is one of the children Kiwi Farms recently voted to target. On the right a terrorist with Anthrax. Center – Sheriff David Morgan looks on. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. Child is a stock image from Dreamstime.

Last week, Hertfordshire police received a menacing email trying to imply I was a criminal. They immediately realised it was fake, and put it in to their technical unit for tracing. It was not the first time. Needless to say it seemd to come from a domain owned by Joshua Conner Moon, the operator of the ‘GamerGate.us’ email service, which falsely poses as the #GamerGate movement for trolling purposes.

Joshua Moon’s site Kiwi Farms has been increasingly controversial for some time now due to its explicit targeting of preteen children and the disabled, as well as high profile individuals like former Nintendo PR Alison Rapp. In my initial article on the subject, I documented how multiple hosting companies had banned the site. French hosting company Gandi.net expressly confirmed that Kiwi Farms was banned after child pornography was found.

In a later article, with links and archives, I provided evidence that Kiwi Farms were openly organising frightening forged emails to women, in the name of other women and with penis photos and similar attached. A member boasted of organising SWATtings and one screenshotted a massacre threat they sent to Hertfordshire police. The same article linked to a vote taken on Kiwi Farms to target under age children and gave an example of their doing exactly that by harvesting family photos of a 5-year old boy. Clearly many of these activities are illegal under Federal United States and Florida law.

Most message boards that provide questionable content avoid participation and rely on immunity under section 230 of the United States Communications Decency Act 1996. Case law shows that this immunity can be lost if you join in the fray and participate by creating editorial content, which of course Moon does on a regular basis. He would be well advised to read this article here (archive here).

Joshua Conner Moon’s activities are no secret. His home address in Florida is easily available merely by typing his name into Google. It is well known in law enforcement circles that appearing to tolerate or ignore a crime will cause it to escalate. It was this doctrine that led to the ‘zero tolerance’ dogma that served New York City so well. This perception of lawlessness had always led to retaliation, but as Kiwi Farms has grown it appears the conflict has now reached critical mass.

A week or so ago I was tipped off that two anonymous image boards had started incest story threads about Joshua Conner Moon and his mother Candice Lynn Potter. The thread was very much in the style of Moon’s own board, Kiwi Farms, with he and his mother singled out for systematic and degrading humiliation as users competed to write about the various ways that he and his mother, ‘love each other’.

The authors wrote in the most intimate terms, one beginning, “Candice was wet. Try as she might, her thoughts turned again and again […]”. Obviously as an ethical blogger I find this deplorable – I even refused to link to the site on my blog or wiki. Even so this is exactly the kind of thing that Kiwi Farms under Josh has been doing for some time. Although I refuse to participate I have no sympathy for Moon.

It is clear that the agenda is to instil fear and humiliation exactly the same as Kiwi Farms tries to instil in its victims – often trying to make them join the forums and give up further details about themselves. The thread urges users not to email or text the thread address to Moon or his family and provides some addresses not to write to.

On Monday afternoon this website received a further tip-off about a thread posted earlier that day, entitled, “The Guide to Harassing Joshua Conner Moon and Candice Lynn Potter”. The thread had already been archived. Again this site deplores such activities will not link to it for ethical reasons. However it is easily found with Google or archive.is searches for Monday 23/05/2016 on some of the smaller chan sites.

The thread gives detailed instructions on how to avoid detection, advising would-be vigilantes to use TOR and third party sites such as a fake email website that is said to be in Eastern Europe, to allow TOR and to not keep logs. A wealth of email addresses and phone numbers for the Moon family are provided.

More sinisterly the guide even sets out in detail how to send fake anthrax to buildings and public services in the county where Moon lives. Whilst the guide suggests harmless materials like flour there is no guarantee that channers will not use toxic or caustic substances.

The channers’ plan is as sophisticated as it is cruel. The target audience for the post is clearly the large number of vulnerable people, offenders and children targeted by Kiwi Farms – the so-called, ‘LOLCows’. Inevitably, all of these people have a beef with Moon and better yet from the perspective of the channers, some of them are sex-offenders. All of these people are motivated and will remain so as long as Kiwi Farms exists meaning that the harassment will never ‘peter out’ as Moon hopes.

I have often compared Kiwi Farms to Hunter Moore’s website. “Is Anyone Up?” ran for two years during which Moore received many threats as well as physical confrontations. Moore went to jail in 2015, to serve a sentence of between 2 and 7 years in federal prison. Like “Is Anyone Up?”, Kiwi Farms depends on an ever growing number of enemies although even Moore was not stupid enough to choose the such a potentially unstable victims pool.

Like Moore, Moon does not appear to have fully considered the likely outcomes of his actions including (for example) the possibility of an enraged parent or mentally ill victim attending his home with a 12-gauge. The harassment guide is simply another manifestation of the entirely predictable outcomes of Moon’s decisions.

Similarly to memes such as ‘7 proxies’ or ‘creepypasta’, it is likely the guide to harassing Joshua Moon will become an immortal part of the internet, preserved in archives and pastebins, ever growing and improving.

Thanks to his wrongdoing Joshua Moon, his mother Candice and other relatives such as Bill, Melissa and Darleen will have to plan for regular menacing emails and calls. They will have to plan for anonymous perpetrators to contact their neighbours with vile and cruel allegations about Josh and his family. Worse, as the curious recipients of the information look into it they will find that there is fire under the smoke and that Josh is far from innocent.

Employers such as Candice’s employers at Keller Williams will have to plan for bomb-threats and other interference, especially as Candice is effectively subsidising Moon’s unemployed lifestyle running his harassment board. They will have to plan for the fact that any investigation will quickly reveal the embarrassing source of the provocation.

Worse, arresting any given perpetrator is unlikely to help as they will soon be replaced by another (and another) (and another) as Josh enrages more people. I once saw a Kiwi Farms user boast the signature, “Will stalk you forever and ruin your family”. How ironic that this is the fate now suffered by Joshua Moon.

Even so it is completely unjust that vulnerable and disabled victims of Moon’s site must continue to suffer as his life crumbes, nor is it fair that the people of Escambia have to put up with it. What reasonable person wants a creepy neighbour whose presence attracts terrorists, sex-offenders and the mentally vulnerable?

More importantly, why are Escambia Sheriff David Morgan (dmorgan@escambiaso.com) and local FBI boss John Canning (john.canning@ic.fbi.gov) not acting to deal with Moon? There is no shortage of evidence. This site deplores criminal vigilantism but encourages victims and opponents of Kiwi Farms to contact the authorities.

ADDENDUM 26/05/2016 – For ethical information about the owner of Kiwi Farms but without incitement to harassment or other unlawful materials, readers can check out the new Kiwi Farms Wiki, which has a page for Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Conner Moon and a growing page for his mother Candice Lynn Potter.

Archive here.

Smith v Persons Unknown

Some of you may have noticed this case listed for this morning when it was posted on the Royal Courts of Justice website on Thursday night (archive here).

The hearing today went well from my perspective and the judge agreed to make the orders I wanted.

We spent a few minutes on stays for two Defendants. That is of little consequence. A final Defendant did not get a stay and we spent most of the hearing on them.

It may be next week before the final orders come through, at which point I will delete this post and replace it with the full details.

Archive here.

Court Judgement Imposes Permanent Restraining Order on KiwiDynastia. Up to £5,000 Bounty Offered on his Details

It has been said that, ‘snitches get stitches’. In this case, snitches get paid. I am offering a cash bounty for Dynastia – terms below.

Recently a person identifying themselves as Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia under the username ‘KiwiDynastia’ posted defamatory material about me on Encyclopaedia Dramatica (ED). I took legal action against KiwiDynastia and ED, but my beef is with Kiwi Farms and I respect ED, so when they took it down I stayed the claim against the ED Defendants only and I also made sure their real world names were not given in the judgement.

Kiwi Farms openly exists to harass the disabled. A reminder that it is owned and run by Joshua Conner Moon.

The case proceeded to judgement against ‘KiwiDynastia’ only, who has been ordered to pay £10,000 damages, £1,000 costs and made subject to a permanent restraining order. It has been suggested Dynastia is in Australia and £11,000 is equivalent to nearly 20,000 Australian Dollars.

The judgement in that case is now up on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) website here. The case is an actual legal precedent.

It is worth reminding ourselves of why everyone hates Kiwi Farms so to the right is a screenshot of the site’s promotional Twitter account before it was permanently suspended.

A pre-suspension archive of Kiwi Farms’ Twitter is here. Kiwi Farms is run by Joshua Conner Moon, a charming man whose previous contributions to the internet include being fired from 8chan by Frederick Brennan (archive here) for failing to upgrade 8Chan’s software.

Kiwi Farms is known for running threads about vulnerable people, some lured onto Kiwi Farms from disability forums such as Wrongplanet.net. There are also threads for individuals who have criticised or opposed them.

One of the most depraved of the trolls is Dynastia, responsible for a public vote on Kiwi Farms as to whether it was okay to dox underage children (archive here).

Kiwi Farm’s official policy on doxing underage children. Click for full size.

The vote passed 14 to 10. In case anyone was wondering if it was a joke the site has subsequently literally carried out the policy and doxxed children as young as 5, for example the child of Block Bot administrator Marian Aanerud (@MAMelby). I will not link the archive here, however they harvested family photos of her 5-year old son.

Whilst many people loathe Melby for her involvement in the Block Bot and she has certainly been criticised on this site, no one else has ever gone so far as to publicly organise cyberstalking of her child.

In setting such a policy Dynastia was openly authorising a form of child abuse and it is worth remembering that Kiwi Farms itself has been moved on from several hosts, and that Gandi.net confirmed that they found child pornography illegal under French law. Kiwi Farms is synonymous with abuse of children and the disabled. Dynastia is a child abuser, at least in online terms.

Dynastia has also sent, or threatened to send, forged massacre threats in my name to Hertfordshire police in the United Kingdom, as set out in my previous article about him. Whilst Dynastia claims he was joking, British police did receive at least one forged email in the name of Brianna Wu, which traces to the same email service Dynastia uses for one of his email accounts.

This is an screenshot posted by Dynastia of an attempt to SWAT me. Click for full size.

Now that there is a restraining order against Dynastia and a very public judgement it may well be easier to interest law enforcement in this, who so far have proven lamentably inactive. Although Dynastia’s identity is unknown, everyone knows that Kiwi Farms is run by Joshua Conner Moon, who lives in his mother’s basement in Pensacola Florida. My MP Grant Shapps has written to the UK government about Kiwi Farms to try to remedy this.

In addition, my main legal speciality is mental capacity law. Many countries have laws enabling indefinite civil committal to psychiatric institutions for those who pose a threat to children. The criteria vary, often the individual must have been convicted of an offence although that is not always required. Perhaps Dynastia could benefit from receiving these services.

Even if Dynastia cannot be traced the restraining order against him can still be used against other websites to potentially have them delisted from Google if they allow him to post there or to prevail upon Twitter to ban sock accounts quoting him. As of now I am putting any site that allows Dynastia to post on notice that they risk being sued by me, or being reported and subject to criminal investigation as an accessory to child abuse.

Dynastia likes to troll and perhaps in the short term may try to flout the order against him. Damages are allowed to compensate for this so the amount payable may increase.

Incidentally there is a typo in the schedule to the first version of the restraining order against Dynastia. Although he is clearly ordered to pay me damages the schedule is being corrected. It is not as if Dynastia is in any position to laugh about it. During the final hearing the judge made a remark that Dynastia will deny operating that particular account called, ‘KiwiDynastia’. It is not a new tactic and there are ways to deal with it.

If Dynastia can be traced, most countries will enforce British libel judgements. In the United States, the SPEECH Act 2010 imposes restrictions but as long as those requirements are met then UK judgements can be enforced there. So, Dynastia can theoretically be forced to pay up. Most countries allow the goods of debtors to be seized and sold for auction if a debtor cannot pay. Wages can be made subject to attachment orders or third party debt orders.

The judges in this case have done a good thing. The case was authorised by Deputy Master Bard (a kind of British High Court procedural judge), supervised by Master Kay QC and judged by Mr Justice Green. Contrary to ill-informed public commentary on UK libel law all the judges were keen to protect the rights of the Defendant, and ensure they had adequate notice to respond to the serious allegations I made against them. I should also note that the findings are only on the libel issues. Dynastia’s child abuse is for another court another day.

As an aside, it occurs to me that the case is a dry run for anyone who wants to sue anonymous editors on other wikis such as Wikipedia, for example. The precedent set is directly applicable. Even the software used is the same.

Now the case is complete I feel there is a public interest in identifying Dynastia and so I am offering a bounty. For information leading to successful enforcement of the debt, I will offer to pay 50% proceeds of any enforcement action after fees incurred are deducted. The bounty will be payable when the money arrives in my account, so the informant will be paid when I get paid. If there are multiple informants, the 50% will be split equally amongst those who contribute.

The amount may be less if it turns out that the full amount can be recovered, for example if Dynastia is very poor and does not have £10,000 of assets. In that case it will just be 50% of whatever is recovered after fees.

The offer is open to everyone. If, for example, a member of an 8chan forum wanted to provide information anonymously, I would honour the bounty and could pay by BitCoin, although the information would potentially need to be admitted in a UK court as hearsay so it would need to be convincing.

It is important to note I cannot counsel, procure or commission any crimes. If an informant hacks Dynastia’s account I cannot pay them and will not. Having said that Dynastia has many criminal enemies and if some 8chan user innocently stumbles upon a pastebin with a detailed and well documented account of Dynastia’s details (as is common on 8chan) that is completely legal and may be admissible in a UK court for identification as hearsay evidence.

Finally, a message to Dynastia –

  • You are a child abuser
  • You will be hunted down
  • You will be exposed to your family, neighbours, friends, educators and employer
  • Your life will be dismantled
  • Your belongings will be seized and sold to satisfy the debt you now owe me
  • You will go to prison, and when your sentence is up you may spend the rest of your life in a mental institution
  • Expect us

Archive here.

Desparate, Delusional Dynastia Turns on Josh Moon

This week has been entertaining. After posting a bounty for Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia, I received an email from the man himself. Dynastia had been denying that the lawsuit was real, claiming I forged it. After the judge placed in it on BAILII as precedent case law Dynastia appears to accept it was real and sent me an email.

Of particular note, he offers me the ‘real’ identity of the 2nd Defendant, in which he seems to imply the person concerned is Josh.

“[…] Only problem is I happen to know he lives with his mother and owns pretty much nothing. […]”

Whilst a lawsuit against Joshua Conner Moon may well follow in due course, it is hardly loyal is it? Josh is supposedly your best friend.

Just to be clear to all my readers, I did consider the denials that Dynastia is Kiwi Dynastia, and the evidence. After fair consideration I conclude that they are the same person and the judge has found Kiwi Dynastia validly served. The typo in the restraining order I mentioned in my last article (my fault) has now been kindly corrected by the judge and I link to an upload of the final version.

Of interest, I draw everyone’s attention to point 2 where it says the allegations made were false and malicious, “such having been proven by the Claimant”. This is because I asked the judge to hold me to American 1st Amendment rules because of my respect for free speech and also because if we do honour American rules then the US SPEECH Act 2010 offers no protection. American law does not protect malicious liars like Dynastia.

Just a reminder, my beef is not with ED and the claim against the ED operators is stayed – the judgement and restraining order are only against KiwiDynastia.

Archive here.

The Wisdom of Daniel Schulman: PayPal Swiftly and Decisively Closes CWCKi and KiwiFarms' Account

Strong Leader: PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman was personally notified of the sickening paedo-sexual abuse on CWCki and the company took swift, decisive action. Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons, CC-BY-SA-2.0 license (archive here). Author Kris Klug, Poptech.

CWCki, or ‘Christian Weston Chandler Wiki’ is a website set up by abusers to stalk a vulnerable, mentally disabled man of the same name. Many sites have been set up to stalk and harass Christian Weston Chandler (CWC) over a period of years, apparently for no better reason than he ran into the wrong people on the wrong day.

Content on the site includes lengthy and detailed transcripts and audio of phone sex between CWC and a 13-year-old boy known as BlueSpike who had been enticed into posing as a 19-year old woman for the sick amusement of the deviants who run the site.

For many years, CWCki used PayPal as a payment processor, holding an account associated with the email address, “cwcdonation@gmail.com”. PayPal terms of service (archive here) prohibit accounts being used in connection with activities that may,

“1. violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.”

“2. relate to transactions involving […] (d) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, […], (f) the promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime, (g) items that are considered obscene, […], (i) certain sexually oriented materials or services […]”

Your author and his growing band of associates obtained a transcript of evidence of a clear violation of those terms. Some may know it as the, ‘Bluespike saga’, which records that –

  • a CWCWiki user hacked CWC’s PSN and Yahoo accounts a (US Federal Offence under 18 U.S.C. § 2701 punishable by imprisonment up to 10 years)
  • blackmailed CWC into destroying a prized possession, his medallion and anally penetrating himself with it (Federal Extortion under 18 U.S. Code § 875)
  • culminating in the reveal that ‘Julie’ a supposedly 19-year old woman who had been having phone sex with CWC was actually a 13-year-old boy groomed by the sinister CWCki trolls. Sexual offences vary by state and it is unclear which state the 13-year-old is in.

It is not illegal to link to audio recordings of sexual acts in this jurisdiction, but even so I have not linked to the material simply provided it to PayPal and law enforcement.

A photograph of Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Josh is a well known associate of CWCKi and it is linked as an affiliate to Kiwi Farms. Despite his denials this is yet another site he is involved in featuring the abusive sexual exploitation of young males, including a 13-year old. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

CWCki used to have forums, the successor to which is Kiwi Farms, a site run by the vile Joshua Conner Moon. Kiwi Farms lists CWCki as an affiliate site on its front page and targets large numbers of people for abuse. Whilst many are chosen for their vulnerability, others include academics and journalists including those who expose Kiwi Farms and its members.

Kiwi Farms is a vile hate group that has previously been removed by several hosting companies for breaches of terms of service and hosting child pornography. Amongst other things the site has a thread expressly about trolling disability site Wrongplanet.net for victims, a thread organising forged emails to feminists containing pornography via an email service set up for that purpose and a thread where they decide as policy to target underage children. Details and screenshots are in my prior article here.

New York Magazine recently ran an article (archive here) by left-wing journalist Margaret Pless detailed the organised, real life surveillance and stalking of CWC and other victims by Kiwi Farms.

A UK court recently imposed a permanent restraining order and £10,000 in damages against a person called KiwiDynastia, who is believed to be the user Dynastia from Kiwi Farms. I have placed a bounty on him of up to £5,000 (about $6,678 US).

Kiwi Farms was funded via a PayPal account operated by owner Joshua Conner Moon under his email address ‘null@kiwifar.ms’. Moon also operates a number of other sites including Lolcow.news, Lolcow.wiki and 16chan.nl (which allows paedophile stories and drawings per its rules).

Aside from the systematic harassment of the disabled, KiwiFar.ms contains intense racism, such as this thread (archive here), which begins with Joshua Conner Moon repeating the n***** word several hundred times.

Kiwi Farms and CWCki had been getting away with their horrifically depraved online abuse for some time but they are now facing a well organised and growing group of well qualified, internet savvy professionals as well as some of their more capable victims.

The group, dubbed ‘the League of Evil’ by one Kiwi Farmer, is set on systematically dismantling Kiwi Farms and its associated websites as well as bringing its leaders to justice.

One aspect of the dismantling program is eliminating funding sources. To their credit PayPal took swift action when CEO Daniel Schulman was provided with a dossier of evidence of Kiwi Farms’ involvement in malevolent online sexual abuse. Both CWCki and Null had their accounts closed almost immediately.

It is likely that Kiwi Farms will find it hard to obtain another payment provider. Any business that deals with Kiwi Farms risks devastating adverse publicity, business disruption and law enforcement involvement. Some partner firms such as Linode have even faced vigilante attack. This site, myself and my associates condemn terrorism and have no truck with it. Nevertheless it would be remiss not to warn potential victims of the potential risks of associating with Kiwi Farms.

It is not only payment providers and partner businesses who face risks. I had a relax and a celebrate after passing my law exams. Shortly thereafter we launched a further raft of measures to deal with Kiwi Farms. A UK High Court judgment and order, even against an anonymous party, is a powerful thing with many uses and several processes are now underway aimed at bringing a final solution to the Kiwi Farms issue.

Kiwi Farmers would be well advised to learn about the US and UK legal doctrine of joint enterprise (called common purpose in the US). Joint enterprise means that everyone involved in a criminal enterprise is liable for all that results from that enterprise. For example, if a group of people go out to commit a robbery armed with guns and someone is shot then they are all convicted of murder, even though only one fired the gun. In fact, a person could be convicted even if they were not there for the murder (for example if they went home early ill).

The same could apply to all donors and supporters of Kiwi Farms and CWCki. The Kiwi Farmers may laugh that they are of course anonymous, but they are grievously mistaken. In late 2001 the FBI revealed an investigation called Operation Avalanche, which was followed up by British police in Operation Ore. Paedophiles had been selling child pornography via an American website. The FBI seized the payment records and arrested all the US citizens involved. They passed the list to UK police who did the same.

Tens of thousands of paedophiles were arrested. However, the perpetrators in operations Avalanche and Ore were merely consumers of pornography. CWCki and Kiwi Farms are glorying over the targeting of real world children and vulnerable adults whom they groomed into actual sexual activity. Only recently, a policy vote on Kiwi Farms specifically chose to target underage children. They subsequently harvested pictures of a five year old boy. Kiwi Farms and CWCki may be more culpable than those involved in Operation Ore.

To avoid any fear on the part of the innocent, those who joined Kiwi Farms because of threats, deception, to monitor the harassment of themselves or their families or journalists are not guilty of any crime. However those who fuelled the vile exploitation of CWC should fear long prison terms.

Kiwi Farms donors should start to dread that knock at the door. PayPal is a reputable firm and doubtless when they are asked will be happy to share all their records (subject to any required court order) with the FBI. PayPal accounts are associated with credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts and real world identities. In operation Ore paedophiles with repeat transactions went to prison and onto the sex offenders register even when know child pornography was found because of long periods of transactions on their accounts to the paedophile sites.

Even Bitcoin is not safe. Blockchain transactions are public and can be monitored by those with the requisite tools. Any donations made by Bitcoin can be traced back unless the donor chooses to use a Darknet mixer, correctly. Mixers usually charge a fee and have been associated with scams and ‘lost’ transactions as well as blackmail of clients.

Today Kiwi Farms’ problems deepened, and there is more to come – soon.

Archived here.

British Police Open PSD (Internal Affairs) Investigation Over Kiwi Farms Inaction

Why is Kiwi Farms, a website which openly targets women, children, the disabled and critics like me for harassment not closed? Why is its owner, who encourages (abets) these crimes not in prison?

Question – How is it okay for a website to openly organise harassing, fake emails sent in the name of innocent women, to different, equally innocent women? [1] and [2]. Archive here ([A1] and [A2]).

Second question – how is it okay for a prominent member of a website to solicit his friends to send penis photos to women and children [1], [2], [3] (archives [A1], [A2], [A3])?

Third question – how is it okay for said individual to tweet (archive here) pictures of his penis to women and children?

To hack a disabled man’s accounts and to blackmail him to penetrate himself anally? To groom a 13-year old boy to have phone sex with a disabled man whilst posing as a 19-year old girl? To take a vote to target pre-teen children and then actually do it (archive here)? To regularly encourage its members to participate in felonies?

Answer (to all): Obviously it is not ok. Hacking, harassment, blackmail and cyberstalking are all felonies. Sexual abuse is a felony. Grooming a 13-year-old boy to pose as a 19-year old girl is conspiracy to harassment at a minimum, and may be a sex crime depending on state.

So why have the police not taken action? Good question. After the court ruling against Dynastia I decided to ask it. I said I was taking action on multiple fronts. One of those was using the court order and media scrutiny to terminate CWCki’s and Kiwi Farms’ PayPal accounts.

Another was a conversation with UK PSD (Internal Affairs to our American friends). I received forged emails in my name. Forged emails in the name of Brianna Wu were sent to me. Why is there no crime number?

We know where the individual who runs Kiwi Farms lives and that he encourages such behaviour. Why is he not in custody? I decided to put that question to PSD in formal, legal terms. An investigation has been opened and is deemed sufficiently serious to warrant a formal investigation which can be scrutinised by the UK national police supervising body afterwards.

By way of clarification, this is not about revenge on individual police. There will be no front line police officers named or singled out for criticism on this blog, except possibly the upper tiers of management. Kiwi Farms is not the fault of the police (nor GamerGate). The lack of resources for internet crime is and remains a serious problem for police. Nevertheless the question needs to be answered.

This is only the first step. The same goes for American police and the FBI. Cyberstalking is a felony in Florida and Joshua Conner Moon runs a site for it. What is going on and why has nothing been done? The answer is most likely that insufficient information transfer to police has led to Kiwi Farms being wrongly thought low priority. Time to fix that.

The reason for publishing this article is not to target police. I want nothing more than to be running puff pieces about the heroic police who took part in the investigation. I am making people aware so supporters can contact me and get in touch so both UK and US police have a full picture. Well wishers are invited to drop me an email.

Archived here.

Steam: Kiwi Farms Group Disappears, but Sickening Deviants who Ran it Remain

Gabe Newell the CEO of Valve Software, shamefully allows members of a site that exists solely to harass the disabled, women and children to remain on Steam even after they tried advertise their site, which PayPal recently banned due to its hosting of depraved abuse content. Photograph via Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-2.0, Archive here.

Steam is one of the world’s best known and best loved gaming platforms. It revolutionised the video games market, bringing instant downloads and regular updates to millions of consumers.

Valve Software’s store, however, has a dark side in which sinister and systematic harassment of women, the mentally disabled and even pre-teen children is glorified by a small minority of users.

Recently CEO Gabe Newell and his VP of PR Doug Lombardi were warned of a Steam Group for Kiwi Farms. Whilst the group disappeared soon afterwards Steam has failed to ban the malevolent paedophile minority who made up its members and organisers.

The internet has many sites. Some are good, some are bad and some are simply revolting dregs.

One such dreg is Kiwi Farms. Their mission is clearly set out in their surprisingly honest marketing material. It is worth revisiting the logo they had on their Twitter account before I (along with others) had it permanently suspended.

Kiwi Farms exists to harass the disabled. This is an image of their Twitter account before it was permanently suspended. The group has disappeared from Steam but CEO Gabe Newell has so far failed to ban those responsible. Click for full size.

The tagline, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes” is no joke. That is exactly what they do, as recently revealed in an article (archive here) by left-wing journalist Margaret Pless detailing the systematic stalking and harassment of disabled victims.

Pless explains the origin of Kiwi Farms as the CWCki, a site that stalked an autistic man called Christian Weston Chandler (CWC) in the style of the film, “the Truman Show” in which Jim Carrey plays a man whose whole life is a television show.

Tragically CWC’s audience were cruel trolls. They committed numerous crimes against him. For example, they hacked his Yahoo and PSN accounts and then under threat of selling the accounts, they blackmailed him into destroying a prized medallion and anally penetrating himself with the pieces. They then published a transcript on their wiki.

Since then, CWCki has become Kiwi Farms. Kiwi Farms is a little like CWCki except that instead of simply targeting one man they establish malicious harassment threads on a wide range of people. Many are selected from disability support sites. The cowardly Kiwis like weak victims that they can lure to their forum and pressure into giving up personal details. Other victims include academics, celebrities and critics.

This is the logo for 16Chan’s infamous, ‘Phile’ board and yes ‘phile’ as in ‘paedo[phile]’, provided by a source. The board does not allow pictures, to avoid falling foul of the letter of the law. It does allow stories about pre-school children being abducted and raped to death though. The site is hosted by Joshua Conner Moon, who has previously boasted of being aroused by ‘Neko Shota’ – cartoon porn featuring underage boys. Click for full size.

The owner of Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon, also hosts a little-used image board called 16chan. 16chan claims to stay within the letter of the law, which means it does not allow photographs of children. It does, however, allow a board which contains detailed stories about children being abducted, raped and murdered because these are legal to possess in the US and the UK. The downside for Moon is this means whistleblowers can legally read the board, see what gets him off and share it with journalists in convenient archive form.

Of course anyone could have written the slash-paedo fiction on 16chan. The shocking issue is that it is fully compliant with site rules (archive here). 16chan rules state that –

“Pedophilia must be contained within boards exclusively about child fetishism” – so no disrupting the zoophilia forum you naughty paedophiles!

“Boards about pedophilia must be text-only. No images.


This does not extend to drawn images, unless drawn in the likeness of a real child (as per US federal law).”

In case anyone missed it, these rules, with … curious precision … allow Neko Shota. You know cartoon pornography of underage porn that Josh previously said he enjoyed.

The /phile/ board on 16chan also allows links to sites allegedly containing, ‘teen’ models. Your author has not followed the links so readers will just have to guess what they contain. If they contain child pornography though, does that not make Joshua Moon complicit in its distribution? How proud his mother Candice (Candy) Lynn Potter must be.

One of the most depraved of the Kiwi Farms trolls is Dynastia, responsible for a public vote on Kiwi Farms as to whether it was okay to dox underage children (archive here). The vote passed and they began to harvest the photographs and personal information of children as young as 5.

In fact, Kiwi Farms has been in trouble for hosting actual child pornography before, and was banned from several hosts, including former provider Gandi.net who expressly confirmed the presence of illegal paedophile material. Your author understands they found photographs.

Gandi.net’s correspondence with owner Joshua Conner Moon shows that they found child pornography and when he denied it and claimed to have a zero tolerance policy, whatever it was they found was so awful they would not give him a second chance.

Joshua Moon claims that he did not know there was any child pornography and begs Gandi.net for just one more chance. And fails. Unlike Gandi.net, Valve CEO Gabe Newell is allows this person and his friends on the company’s servers. Click for full size.

The stories that Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Conner Moon allows on 16chan are utterly horrific. As a flavour of the kind of thing involved, one story depicts a toddler being abducted, wounded, and then said wound being sexually penetrated. This causes the assailant to have an orgasm and the toddler to perish and is actually permitted by Moon under 16chan rules. Sickeningly, this individual is still allowed on Steam – Josh’s user account is here (archive here).

Many Kiwi Farmers use Steam. However, it is not simply that they use Steam, but they attempted to openly promote their warped hobby of harassing the disabled. Kiwi Farms actually has a thread for trawling Wrongplanet.net, an autism forum, for material for their depraved activities. They openly referenced this in the Steam outpost of their group (archive here).

The Kiwi Farms Steam group boasts it is ‘united by autism’, a reference to their campaign of hatred. Click for full size.

The group links to Kiwi Farms and to the LOLCow Wiki, a site where they document and further harass their victims. It boasts that, “The Kiwi Farms is a steam group stemming from our forum devoted to watching retards that do retarded things”.

I would ordinarily never advocate that an individual or group be banned from a site for activities outside (although to be fair, a small category of exceptions includes paedophile mutilation snuff fetishism) but clearly Kiwi Farms has brought their hate speech openly to the Steam Community.

Valve operates in multiple countries and is covered by consumer and disability legislation in all of them. This includes the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States, the Equality Act 2010 in the United Kingdom and equivalent legislation around the world. Allowing this group and its members a place on Steam to openly spread their hate clearly creates a hostile environment.

A UK court recently imposed a permanent restraining order and £10,000 in damages against a person called KiwiDynastia, who is believed to be the user Dynastia from Kiwi Farms. I have placed a bounty on him of up to £5,000 (about $6,678 US).

Aside from the systematic harassment of the disabled, KiwiFar.ms contains intense racism, such as this thread (archive here), which begins with Joshua Conner Moon repeating the n***** word several hundred times.

Unlike Kiwi Farms’ owner Joshua Conner Moon, who lives in his mother’s basement in her house in Pensacola, Valve Software actually has money. Angered disabled users, or those from ethnic minorities, are likely to want to take some of it from them.

For example, in the United Kingdom, Steam could be sued under section 26 (1) (b) Equality Act 2010 –

“26 Harassment

(1) A person (A) harasses another (B) if —

(a) A engages in unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic, and
(b) the conduct has the purpose or effect of —
(i) violating B’s dignity, or
(ii) creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for B”

Under UK law claimants need not even be disabled themselves. The Americans With Disabilities Act has similar provisions.

The real question though is why supposedly ethical and responsible Gabe Newell would allow members of a sickening, paedophile, hate group access to Steam. Is he comfortable with having a user who is aroused by ‘erotica’ about carving open 5 year olds and murdering them during the act of penetration?

According to his Wikipedia biography, Newell has two children. Has he no empathy? How would he like it if his children’s pictures were harvested and placed online like Marian Aanerud’s we placed on Kiwi Farms? How would he like it if his children were the stars of one of the vile snuff stories on 16chan? How can he countenance having monsters like the Kiwis on Steam without even a community ban?

Is he okay with having individuals that openly – on Steam – made jocular reference to a forum that solely exists to harass the disabled? Only he can tell us – yet Gabe Newell is curiously silent. For those who are concerned about the well-being of the vulnerable I will list the three main leaders of the now defunct Kiwi Farms Steam Group: Joshua’s profile is here, Owlakki’s is here and Undead Unicorn’s is here.

When your author and fellow travellers contacted PayPal and its CEO Daniel Schulman, the reverse was true. Within days all of Kiwi Farms and CWCki’s accounts were closed for good. Why is Gabe Newell unable to show the same moral strength?

Detailed evidence has been passed to Gabe Newell and Doug Lombardi and they were given several days to deal with Kiwi Farms and its members before publication of this article. No denial was received and the sickening facts speak for themselves.

Readers who feel strongly may want to politely let gaben@valvesoftware.com and dougl@valvesoftware.com know their views.

Archived here.

Kiwi Farms Feels the Heat

It appears the owner of Kiwi Farms is having a rough time. Perhaps he should consider a change of course? Your inquisitor presents the below without comment.
Joshua Conner Moon, under his username Null, shares his true feelings with forum colleagues. Click for full size.
Joshua Conner Moon, under his username Null, shares his true feelings with forum colleagues. Click for full size. (2/2)

Hat tip to the anonymous source who provided this.

Archived here.

Joshua Moon Cowers as Victim Attends his Home, Complains of Harassment

Joshua Conner Moon cowered in fear because a transwoman attended his home and tried to remonstrate politely with his mother.
After a transwoman attended Joshua Conner Moon’s home and attempted to remonstrate with his mother Candice Lynn Potter, he accused her of harassment. Click for full size.

Yesterday, a transgender woman attended Joshua Conner Moon’s home in Pensacola Florida to try to explain the distress he was causing her. Whilst he hid, she tried to politely explained her grievances to Josh’s mother and convey why police attendance has become such a regular feature of Moon household life.

By coincidence, the same day I saw Josh’s post about how empty and ruined his life was by Kiwi Farms, that I posted here. I sent him a polite email, explaining that if he wanted off the horse and took down Kiwi Farms then to incentivise an end to the harassment of large numbers of innocent people I would take my articles about him down.

Josh responded by accusing me of extortion. He said he would report me to the Law Society. I presume he means SRA. He certainly can complain of extortion but unless I use my qualification to apply for admission as a trainee solicitor they do not regulate me. So he will get an email back saying I am not on the register. If I do apply I will just hand over the court order, which trumps whatever Josh chooses to say.

He also replied to me refusing my offer and refusing further direct correspondence on pain of complaints of ‘harassment’, just as he said to the lady who attended his home. He is entitled of course to refuse most correspondence – except legal correspondence. I will honour that as this is an ethical blog.

He cannot refuse a letter of claim or stop me writing articles though, nor prevent the complaints to the many service providers who have been banning him. My local police have been served with the restraining order against Dynastia and are currently having a formal investigation into one officer as a possible accessory to Dynastia’s campaign of harassment against me. Josh has a credibility gap. One of many reasons I keep calling him a paedophile is he hosts this, er, paedophile board –

This is the logo for 16Chan’s infamous, ‘Phile’ board. The board does not allow pictures, to avoid falling foul of the letter of the law. It does allow stories about pre-school children being abducted and raped to death though. The site is hosted by Joshua Conner Moon, who has previously boasted of being aroused by ‘Neko Shota’ – cartoon porn featuring underage boys. Click for full size.

What was curious though was one quite terrifying remark – Josh said that he had contingency plans to continue Kiwi Farms if his family abandons him. Apparently, that has arisen as a possibility.

The comment implies that his family have sat him down and tried to reason with him about Kiwi Farms, the endless police complaints from victims, the terrorism and negative publicity. Perhaps they have tried to persuade him that hosting a board full of ‘child fetish’ erotica stories about children being raped to death is a bad idea. Josh has not listened.

As Kiwi Farms and Moon’s own family crumbles, he clings to the very thing that is destroying his life.

Archived here.

Paedogeddon! Kiwi Farms Loses Domain, Merchandise and Faces Page Blocks

A photograph of hated paedophile sadist and Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Yet another major organisation has banned Kiwi Farms. This time it is the top-level domain authority for the .ms domain, which is revoking Kiwi Farms domain (archive here) for obvious abuse, forcing them to move to kiwifarms.net. At the same time, Josh has been trying to profit from my image in the mistaken belief he has a fair-use defence. His platform Redbubble seem to disagree.

It has been a bad week for Joshua Conner Moon. Kiwi Farms has had several pages removed thanks to the court order I obtained in July. If Kiwi Farms tries to circumvent it by changing the URI then Google can impose page rank penalties in addition to their losses from losing their domain name.

Josh’s t-shirts of me have been taken down by Redbubble due to breach of a variety of laws. I have carefully considered fair use, but I am afraid that Josh is again disadvantaged by the fact that one of my law school electives for coursework on my GDL was on internet intellectual property rights, whereas he is an unemployed man living in his mother’s basement. In my opinion fair use does not apply to most of the rights at issue.

I contacted Redbubble on the basis that, pursuant to California statute he is misusing my personality rights. Personality rights are a separate law from copyright and fair use is not a defence, which I link to here. Kiwis can experience imbecile rage when they search the text and find that ‘fair use’ does not appear in the text of the law.

An exception was one image which is a derivative work of one of my selfies with no obvious parody element. In that regard alone I claimed copyright and so I considered Fair Use. However, I consider that there is no legitimate fair use exception. In Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc., the US Supreme Court stated that “every commercial use of copyrighted material is presumptively . . . unfair”. To file a counter-notice Josh must accept California jurisdiction, which means California law (including personality rights law) will apply to him.

Kiwi Farms continues to collapse. For those who feel legitimately aggrieved, further information has come to light for the purpose of sending polite complaints.

Kiwi Farms Hosting: Frantech.ca
Despite their use of Cloudflare, it has come to light that Kiwi Farms is hosted by Frantech.ca. The company contact address is 3635 Craigmillar Ave, Victoria, BC V8P 3H2, which looks like it may also be the home of Francisco Dias the owner (hence Frantech). His email is francisco@frantech.ca and the administrative email is admin@frantech.ca.

Google Ads: Terms of Service
Kiwi Farms uses Google ads, but according to the terms –
“Google ads aren’t permitted on sites that contain harassing or bullying content, or on content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.”

The complaint form is here.

Archived here.

Joshua Conner Moon Gave Inaccurate Information to FBI Agent. Contacting Internal Affairs

Awesome investigative journalist Margaret Pless has successfully humiliated Joshua Conner Moon in an article which exposes inaccurate information he gave to the FBI. Earlier this year a number of threats were sent to Okaloosa schools. Josh blamed me, but law enforcement found they came from his email service, lolcow.email. Josh claimed the threats were sent through TOR but he had now disabled it to prevent a re-occurence.
Joshua Conner Moon ‘warns’ a journalist that critical posts about Kiwi Farms and Josh might bring ‘domestic terrorism’ to his doorstep only weeks before said journalist was a victim of terror from Josh’s email service.

In August myself and Ms Pless received emails threatening us. We suspected there were others but could not prove it. The threats included knife death threats and boasted Josh was lying about TOR being disabled. We quietly reported it to the police and FBI.

This week on Monday (12 September) another journalist Josh recently publicly argued with, Jonathan Bishop of Crocels News emailed me stating the police had been round about email threats made to mutilate babies in hospitals and mentioning him. We were not sure it was Kiwi Farms related but pointed out the connection to Welsh police.

Josh had publicly ‘warned’ the victim on Twitter (archive here) he could attract ‘domestic terrorism’ only days before. As a notorious cyber bully and stalker, ‘warnings’ from Josh are seen as ‘threats’ by some so we suspected his involvement.

Then Dynastia contacted Margaret Pless confirming the FBI had visited Josh because the threats were indeed sent from lolcow.email. Dynastia insisted I was responsible. Josh and Dynastia claimed that the perpetrator would be traced as TOR was disabled and that is what Josh told the FBI.

Problem was, what Josh told the FBI was simply not true. Pless quickly checked Dynastia’s facts and easily registered using TOR in her brief but explosive article here (archive here). No reasonable site operator would have neglected to test this critical fact, for months, in an email service which has been used since its inception for harassment emails.

Josh then made a singularly implausible claim of error, leading Margaret to change the headline to refer to him pleading incompetence. Given the large number of words he has spilled defending his work on Infinity Next this is a significant break from his usual claim to be faultless.

More importantly, why would the FBI give such extensive information to the operator of a harassment service and a possible perpetrator? This year the FBI has been criticised for running a site called ‘Playpen’, a paedophile web site they seized and continued to run, distributing child pornography. They did so in order to transmit tracking software to the users.

Kiwi Farms however actually targets real children as young as 5 and disabled people. It is far worse than Playpen as most of the active users are perpetrators (excluding victims and journalists who join).

Pless however is not my only source. I have reason to believe that a senior member of Kiwi Farms is getting a pass because they are a Confidential Human Source (FBI informant). Information about very serious terrorist offences has now gone to almost all the potential suspects on all sides thanks to the foolish decision of agents to share information inappropriately with an individual who gave them bad information in return.

I have had positive experiences with the British equivalent of IA and I will be contacting FBI Internal Affairs tomorrow as well as certain US politicians known to be interested in FBI misconduct.

The issues are that FBI agents have protected the owner of a hate group which is actively perpetrating crimes against minors and the disabled, for marginal gain.

Archived here.

CheckAdSenseBan.com Reports that Joshua Conner Moon’s Kiwifarms.net is Banned by Google AdSense

Websites www.CheckAdsenseBan.Com and IsBanned.com both report KiwiFarms.net and KiwiFarms.is are banned by Adsense. Click for full size.

In the latest humiliation for Kiwi Farms and its owner Joshua Conner Moon, its Google Adverts seem to have disappeared as of a week or two ago. Whilst Google never comments publicly on such matters, two separate online tools confirm that KiwiFarms.net and KiwiFarm.is are banned.

The ban is a major humiliation for Joshua Conner Moon. Ranksays.com estimates that the site is worth $439 per month and that money is now lost to Joshua Moon and his company LOLCow LLC. It is widely acknowledged that Google are one of the best advertising networks by far.

By his own admission Moon dreams of a software development role earning a modest $30,000 or so a year (approximately £24,414). Unfortunately for the wannabe developer, despite his detailed CV on the site jaw.sh, Moon is unlikely to find it easy to obtain or keep employment in the software development industry.

Kiwi Farms exists to harass the disabled. Click for full size.

As owner of Kiwifarms.net, Josh Moon is by his own admission the owner of a deeply controversial and increasingly challenged site, which describes itself as, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”.

The site contains numerous threads targeting individuals for vile abuse and disclosure of personal details, explicitly on the basis of a wide variety of characteristics protected in United Kingdom or United States law. These include gender, disability status and feminist advocacy. If any company foolishly engaged Joshua Conner Moon any opportunistic co-worker could claim harassment and rely on his website as evidence of his propensities regardless of his guilt.

Worse, because the targets of Moon’s site include the mentally vulnerable and disabled, he and his family have been the targets of complaints and even personal visits from victims. There have even been mutilation threats. No employer wants to risk damage to their reputation and business like that from an employee.

Moon parted company acrimoniously with his high profile recent client, the operators of website 8Chan. Moon wrote an article badmouthing them (archive here) and accusing them of being about to, “betray the userbase and become a lackey for the US government”. Even if this was true it amounts to a breach of his client’s confidence. Certainly 8Chan founder Frederick Brennan had his own criticisms of Moon (archive here).

During at least part of Moon’s tenure 8Chan was blocked from Google, allegedly due to prolific child abuse content. However, under new owner Jim Watkins it has been cleaned up and now appears in search results again.

Moon moved on to open up his own competing site called 16Chan – again a red flag for any employer. As DailyKos reports here, “Josh Moon has a history of harboring child porn in communities he moderates”. Whilst definitions of ‘child porn’ vary from country to country, 16 Chan contained a board called /Phile/ that featured paedophile, ‘erotica’ – for those who happen to find pre-teen snuff stories erotic. The board was limited to text as such materials are not against the law in the US or UK. The board was explicitly allowed as it was within very precise rules set by Moon.

Unfortunately for Joshua Moon by his own admission 16Chan did not attract a vibrant user base and he eventually closed the site (archive of announcement) stating, “I’d rather not see 16chan die a slow death from neglect so I am going to humanely put it down.”

Not only did Joshua Conner Moon publicly badmouth his former employer, he attempted to compete with them and he failed. The recent Google Adsense ban is just another nail in the coffin of his credibility as a web site owner and developer.

  • Note, recently users asked whether Matthew Hopkins News is continuing to cover Kiwi Farms. The answer is a definite, ‘yes’. More is coming soon, although there will most likely be articles on other topics first as this is not a single issue site.

[UPDATE 02/11/2016 20:44 GMT] – $439 x 12 = $5,268. So Moon has lost about $5,000 dollars due to his ban.

Archived here.

Police Terror Documents Underline Why Joshua Conner Moon is an Embarrassment to Trump and the Alt-Right

Recently, this blog obtained internal police documents about the Kiwi Farms linked terror investigation in South Wales earlier this year. The documents enabled me to find fresh evidence that has cast light on the sinister agenda of Kiwi Farms. They also underline why its owner Joshua Conner Moon is a liability to the political movement he has sought to infiltrate.
This is an extract from the South Wales Police database showing the original report of the terror threats sent to South Wales Police by Dynastia. Matthew Hopkins News has redacted the address of the hospital and everything except the town to protect them from further harassment. Click for full size.

At 7:47am on the 12th September 2016, South Wales Police received a phone call. A journalist at a noted Welsh news organisation had received a specific threat to attend a hospital in Swansea and mutilate children. The communication was signed by “Jihadi Dynastia” and has an Islamic flavour although Dynastia appears to have misspelled, “New Caliphate” as “New Calithate”.

At the time of course, police had no idea of the background. The email apparently appeared authentically Islamic and the blogger it mentioned, Jonathan Bishop of Crocels News, had written about Islam in the past. After spending hours and the time of numerous police officers on a risk assessment and strategy, police tasked an officer with attending Mr Bishop’s home to ensure his safety and find out what he knew.

Bishop explained that he had most likely been targeted by Kiwi Farms, a trolling group he had written about. Of course at that time the police did not tell him that the post was signed by Dynastia and mentioned knifing people. Because police mentioned Cambridge, we thought it was shrapnel bomb threats. The police reasons for withholding information were entirely proper. Unfortunately, had they done otherwise we could have shared relevant information.

Kiwi Farms is a board set up by Pensacola, Florida resident Joshua Conner Moon. Dynastia is an infamous troll who uses the board and has so far successfully concealed his real identity. Kiwi Farms describes itself thus, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”. The pattern of the board is that individuals are selected at random, either because they have a protected characteristic such as disability or because they have opposed it.

The forum then opens a thread on the individual and identifies as much personal information as possible including address and phone number. They mix accurate information with lies and malicious comments. Whilst insisting they have rules against stalking, they frequently post encouraging each other to contact victims.

One such victim was Julie Terryberry who tragically took her own life earlier this year. After her death, Dynastia had this to say about her (archive) –

In this post written after Julie Terryberry’s death, Dynastia comments on the aesthetics of the victim’s outer labia. Click for full size.

Kiwi Farms still hosts its threads on Terryberry including nudes they have posted without permission. There is also a specific page with a dump of her family from her Facebook friends and a plan to contact them all, posted after her death. This is straightforward harassment porn that led to her death, just like “Is Anyone Up?” only with the addition of open encouragement and planning of stalking (archives held but not linked here).

Dynastia uses variations on the same name on many websites, and usually admits they are him, until legal trouble arises. He then claims a copycat troll with coincidentally identical obsessions and written style is trying to frame him. A similar rationale applies to Joshua Moon. Who would post online threatening to mutilate people with a knife under their own name?

Joshua Moon espouses the merits of mutilating Jews. Click for full size.

Only two weeks before the threat to go on a slashing spree against babies in Wales, Moon was on Twitter using his official account to talk about mutilating Jews here (archive here). Moon went on to contact actual Jewish people to specifically threaten their fingers (archive here) –

Joshua Moon enhances his employability by publicly asking Jews if he can cut off their fingers. Click for full size.

Readers will note the faux-polite tone of Moon’s tweet, which is reminiscent of some of the threats I and others have received. It is not the first time Moon has made threats of knife crime. He once admitted he fantasised about killing his mother, Keller Williams Realtor Candice Potter with a steak knife. He threatened to anally rape, dismember and genitally mutilate a Blockland user called Clara Lovett (Stocking). Likewise only a few days before Moon’s anti-semitic rant, Dynastia was boasting about his membership of ISIS (archive here) –

Dynastia claims membership of ISIS. Whilst he is clearly joking, trolls often pose as ISIS members for shock value. Click for full size.

Joshua Moon and Dynastia are clearly no lovers of Muslims. Only a couple of days ago, Moon called for genocide against Muslims on Twitter (archive here). Again this hardly enhances his employability, and does his mother Candice (who has effectively subsidised Moon’s forum by giving him free accommodation during his unemployment), want Muslim extremists turning up at her home or those of other family members?

In this tweet, Moon calls for genocide (his word) for Muslims. Click for full size.

What if one or more of Moon’s many enemies posted his tweets and address on some extremist Islamic website?

Regardless, although Dynastia and Moon can be crass they can also be subtle. In this archived Kiwi Farms thread, Dynastia posts a great deal of accurate information and sophisticated terminology about Muslims. Of course Dynastia and Moon are vile internet trolls. Their purpose is not religious harmony. The effect of this thread is to educate their fellow trolls in the terminology and concepts they need to impersonate Muslims whilst trolling.

In this thread Dynastia takes a break from stalking women to demonstrate a detailed and sophisticated knowledge of Islamic belief and terminology. Click for full size.

The thread goes so far as a detailed comparison of the major official schools of Sunni Islamic thought, their proper names and ideologies –

In this extract Dynastia identifies the recognised schools of Sunni Islam complete with the name of the founding Imam. Click for full size.

At the same time, Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Moon has set up an email service called Lolcow.email, the sole purpose of which is trolling. Lolcow.email is based on Cock.li, which was used to send fake Islamic terror threats that caused every school in Los Angeles to be closed for a day (archive here). The service has been used for terror threats almost since its opening, in several cases sophisticated enough to generate a substantial law enforcement response in multiple countries.

Kiwi Farms users actively encourage each other to use Lolcow.email for harassment and fake emails, (archive). The materials provided on Kiwi Farms create a huge problem for law enforcement.

The Cock.li bomb threats are being investigated by an agent called Joseph Lavelle, a long serving law enforcement officer who has previously caught other similar perpetrators. Joseph Crotty was sentenced to 30 months in 2012 after Lavelle caught him (archive here). Also in 2012 William O Diederich pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up Democratic Party offices (archive here).

Most of these cases however have involved lone inadequates. In this case Lavelle faces something very different. Kiwi Farms is unprecedented, quite different from other controversial sites. 4chan is an image board with free speech policies. Sometimes people post bad things. The same goes for 8chan. Kiwi Farms on the other hand is dedicated to stalking and trolling. That is its raison d’être.

The problem for Lavelle and FBI law enforcement is that Kiwi Farms is actively upskilling and educating would be hoax-terror-threat-makers and providing technical and cultural tools. Catching, ‘the terrorist’ is a pipe-dream when the site is actively seeking to generate multiple bad actors.

When the FBI questioned Joshua Conner Moon about the threats made in the name of his friend Dynastia he told them that TOR was disabled on Lolcow.email and had been since the last threats in April. Dynastia said the same to journalist Margaret Pless who quickly realised it was untrue and wrote an article (archive here). Moon claimed that TOR had been re-enabled accidentally and he had not noticed. TOR must have been enabled for over a month as Pless and I received death threats also from Lolcow.email in August, also signed by Dynastia.

Moon and Dynastia, whilst openly making similar posts on Twitter and elsewhere, claim that these terror threats are totally not them, despite the targeting of the same victims Dynastia and Moon obsessively target the rest of the time. Moon also made illuminating comment to the operator of Crocels News shortly before the attacks –

Joshua Conner Moon ‘warns’ a journalist that critical posts about Kiwi Farms and Josh might bring ‘domestic terrorism’ to his doorstep only weeks before he was a victim of terror from Josh’s email service.

I have not published all the law enforcement documents I have here. They make interesting reading, especially the amount of FBI and UK resource expended on these issues. The FBI have quite sophisticated and efficient surveillance techniques. For example instead of using agents to stake out a suspect’s house they have automated cameras. The UK NCA (National Crime Agency) has similar.

I cannot say who sent the terror threats. What I can say is it that as long as Kiwi Farms and its satellites remain open there will be more crimes and more perpetrators, perpetually emboldened and supporting each other. Law enforcement needs to understand and strike at the root of the problem. There is also nothing to stop actual terrorists using Lolcow.email given the nil capture rate associated with it. History suggests even now Kiwi trolls are on actual ISIS forums, posing as Muslims and pointing the way.

At the same time Joshua Conner Moon has ambitions to be part of Donald Trump’s so-called, ‘alt-right’ supporters. This is a forlorn dream. As a former political organiser I remember the great care we were taught to take in selecting who our charges associate with. As Trump seeks to portray himself as a moderate, he will carefully distance himself from more extreme figures. One cannot get more extreme than someone who openly threatens to cut the fingers of Jews and calls for genocide against Muslims.

That is not even to mention the child rape stories Moon willingly hosted until recently on the [Paedo]/phile/ board of his defunct imageboard 16chan. Furthermore Kiwi Farms actively stalks and denigrates key figures in the movement like Vox Day and Milo Yiannopoulos, albeit to a much lesser extent than they stalk actual disabled people.

No matter how much Moon was enthused by Trump and energised by the Presidential elections, he will never be embraced by the alt-right.

[UPDATE 19 November 2016] – I have been asked how I know about the Wales attacks. Josh is asking everyone, how did Sam Smith know (gasp)?’. As I said in my earlier article here, the Welsh victim emailed me that day, then a couple of days later Dynastia told Margaret Pless the FBI had visited Josh. Aside from the victim Josh is our source, hilariously. We keep the police informed as we go along so they always know the sources of our information.

How did we know TOR was not blocked? Well it was actually gloatingly written in the death threats sent to Pless and I on 16 August 2016. Pless published her threat in the article here. The same day I received a similar one and reported it to British law enforcement. A circular email to other Kiwi victims revealed prior death threats but no one else received one that day as far as I know.

British police were copied in by the terrorist anyway. Subsequently I emailed Sheriff Morgan and the FBI on the 18 August with a copy of Dynastia’s gloating about TOR being enabled and Margaret also reported her threat to the FBI and tried to contact Morgan’s office.

Josh has spent the entire time swearing blind TOR was disabled. More hilariously, Josh has been whining at police and anyone who will listen that I have secret information when everyone else knows Josh is our source.

This week, Josh was saying it to Margaret Pless even though he was contradicting his immediately prior conversation with her. And she was not giving him a hard time. I can only imagine what he is like under actual police interrogation.

Joshua Conner Moon – “Vordrak has secret knowledge!”

Agent – “This log shows actually you and your friends told everyone Josh.”

Joshua Conner Moon – “How does Sam Smith even know the FBI is involved!?!”

Agent – “This log shows actually you and your friends told everyone Josh.”

Archived here.

TwitterGate – 4Chan and /Pol/ Allege Scandal of Unimaginable Paedophile Horror on Jack Dorsey’s Watch

Well respected Kotaku In Action member points out that, “Vordrak was right”. Click for full size.

“Vordrak was right”. It is good to be appreciated. Some of you may have noticed last week the disappearance of a large number of Kiwi Farms accounts, but not known why. Now that 4Chan and /Pol/ have begun to move, it is time for me to reveal the horrific and unimaginably depraved truth.

According to Anonymous, Twitter has been hosting an international paedophile ring in which thousands of perpetrators shared child pornography openly in tweets. I have no idea whether it is in the 24,000 range as the Anonymous campaigners allege, but certainly I am aware of online abusers that Twitter has failed to deal with.

Fresh faced, wholesome Jack Dorsey as seen in London two years ago. Picture via Wikipedia Commons. For some reason he does not seem keen on journalists going to his house.

The opening moves came on Friday when I sent a friendly message to Twitter. Now everyone knows that under CEO Jack Dorsey’s failing leadership reporting tweets is a haphazard process at best. Perhaps that is why no one wants to buy the ailing social network and it recently announced the closure of Vine. The risible failure of Twitter to deal with complaints in a reasonable way is widely seen as contributing to the collapse of Twitter’s share price.

Several people including two journalists had reported ban evading users. One of those users had sent adult penis photos to a hashtag used by children and as a group they were suspected of sharing illegal child pornography. The users also openly threatened to mutilate jews.

After nothing was done, I put my LPC Commendation to good use and sent a friendly note to Twitter’s legal team. An extract from my message is as follows –

“Dear Jack,

You might remember me – I am a blogger who stopped using Twitter a year ago.


I have reported these several times but received no response at all. [REDACTED] child rape [REDACTED]. I already showed the police and [REDACTED] – want to defend this? [REDACTED] Sure Jack?


In fact, unless […] [REDACTED] […] to be delivered by process server to the home of Jack Dorsey. If he retains a British or US attorney to personally represent him please let me know and I will serve there instead. What is more, [REDACTED], I will copy in the media, [REDACTED], and invite them to accompany the process server. […]


Some friendly journalists with an international readership also sent friendly messages asking about matters. We also suggested we might contact Milo and invite him to Jack’s house. I am not entirely sure Jack is keen on this idea.

12 minutes after Twitter legal received my message Twitter started banning Kiwis, including one account that was advertising itself as linking to the “Child Porn Captial of the Internet”. Note the misspelling – similar to the misspelling of “Caliphate” in the recent threats sent to Wales. Of course, regular folks like us cannot know if the site linked to contained child pornography, but Twitter banned them.

Whilst the Kiwi accounts did not openly share child pornography there is significant concern as to the contents of their Direct Messages. Dynastia had of course posted his (adult) penis to a hashtag used by minors as well as taken a vote to stalk children. @Dynastia_inc was banned and whatever Twitter found in his DMs, Dynastia seems now to be “ban on sight”. His ban evasion account @MechaDynastia was suspended within hours of its creation.

A photograph of Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The real scandal here is that Twitter had received numerous complaints about Kiwis and only when I escalated to their legal team did they act. Kiwi Farms along with its affiliates forms an unspeakable cauldron of malevolent paedophile horror.The site is run by a man called Joshua Conner Moon who has repeatedly threatened to kill and mutilate innocent people online. Only a few weeks ago he was threatening to cut the fingers and toes from a jewish user for a necklace.

Despite his desire to be accepted by the alt-Right, Joshua Moon is shunned as political poison. Who would want to be seen with this man?

Until they were threatened with severe consequences, Twitter were failing to address a group with a formal policy of doxing 5-year-old children. Jack Dorsey is a failure as a CEO presiding over a disaster of a social media network. I have never regretted abandoning my Twitter account less.

Archived here.

The Enemy Within

In this video I expose a vile paedophile internet troll trying to infiltrate the alt-Right, free speech social media network Gab.ai and the movement of good and decent people who supported the election of Donald Trump. This troll, Joshua Conner Moon (@Moon on Gab.ai) is an horrific paedophile who spews hate speech to try to damage perceptions of Trump, his supporters and the Alt-Right.


Title music – The Escape – (c) – Machinimasound (Commercial license purchased)

Background music – Through the Night – (c) – Machinimasound (Commercial license purchased)

Also see Raven’s excellent videos –

“Naming and shaming the owner of Kiwifarms”


Also, essential information resource –

“Joshua Conner Moon” at the Kiwi Farms Wiki

Also Matthew Hopkins News –

“Police Terror Documents Underline Why Joshua Conner Moon is an Embarrassment to Trump and the Alt-Right”

“KiwiFarms, Joshua Conner Moon (Null) and Child Pornography”

The full terms of the bounty on Dynastia –

“Court Judgement Imposes Permanent Restraining Order on KiwiDynastia. Up to £5,000 Bounty Offered on his Details”

Archived here.

Twitter Will Not Rule Out Banning Donald Trump. Trump Should Ban them and Join Gab.ai

Twitter does not like us? Well we do not like them?

According to the Independent, Twitter will not rule out banning President-Elect Donald Trump (archive here). The Witchfinder responds along the lines of ‘F*** Twitter’ and points out that Donald Trump could humiliate Twitter and energise the Right by ditching Twitter for its smaller but rapidly growing rival Gab.ai which is friendlier to Republican voices.

Earlier this year I started work on Fitter – a Twitter rival (F*** Twitter). Gab beat me to it and frankly is pretty damn good. I may still do my offering but I do not want to compete so it will now be something more like a Reddit / Twitter hybrid. Gab is very impressive and I wholeheartedly support Andrew Torba.

Why is Trump still on Twitter? The site is a dying anti-Conservative platform with plummetting stock value and the hatred of right-wingers everywhere. Recently I identified members of a paedophile hate group called Kiwi Farms on Twitter. One member was openly calling for genocide including cutting off the fingers of Jews. Another exhorted users to visit the ‘Child Porn Captial [sic] of the Internet’.

Several users had reported the tweets with no effect. Only when I personally threatened Jack Dorsey with litigation and to invite Breitbart to photograph him being served with documents did Twitter suddenly take action. Similarly Twitter has never taken action against journalist Sarah Jeong who named a rape victim using the platform.

How despicable is Twitter? Let me count the ways, including fellow travellers banned or hassled on the platform by staff –

  • Milo (banned)
  • Vox Day (locked)

… and now Trump?

  • President Elect Donald Trump (Twitter will not rule out a ban)

Why is Twitter’s appalling bias tolerable? In the mid 20th century, the United States government passed a fairness doctrine compelling broadcasters to be fair and balanced on issues to prevent them abusing their monopoly. The Supreme Court repeatedly held this lawful. In modern times social media platforms have similar power, in particular Facebook and Twitter.

The same broad rationale would seem to apply to social media. Trump could and arguably should ask the House to pass anti-discrimination laws to protect Conservative voices that would apply to large social media companies. Anti-discrimination laws typically reverse the burden of proof and I see no reason why legislation to protect Conservatives should be any different.

If I were to draft such a law I would create a private right of action for US citizens against any social media group, however structured, which had more than a million users in the United States. I would also require the group to add clauses to its terms creating equivalent contractual rights of action in foreign jurisdictions enforceable in those courts.

So for example, Twitter would be compelled to write something in its terms like –

“(x) Notwithstanding the other clauses of these terms, Twitter warrants that it shall not discriminate against any political viewpoint unless the declamation of that viewpoint in public is expressly prohibited by law in the user’s country.

(xi) The parties agree that clause (x) shall be justiciable and may be enforced in the courts of the user’s country, notwithstanding the choice of law for the rest of this agreement.

(xii) The parties agree that for non-commercial use of Twitter, a primary purpose of this contract is pleasure and the avoidance of stress and that the user may recover compensatory damages for any hurt feelings, distress and disappointment for breach of clause (x).

(xiii) The parties agree that in any case or controversy arising from an alleged breach of clause (x) it shall be Twitter International’s duty to bear the burden of proof to show that it has not discriminated.

(xiv) Mandatory arbitration shall not apply to any dispute about an alleged breach of clause (x).”

Also, one of the few recent stock boosts Twitter had came from Trump’s use of it. Why is Trump, even indirectly, staving off Twitter’s inevitable collapse? This filthy and despicable company is well known for tolerating vast quantities of the vilest and most heinous harassment imaginable whilst banning Conservatives for comparatively minor offences. The ‘genocide’ tweets had been reported to no effect until I upped the ante.

If Trump does move to Gab when it opens its app, hopefully later this month, there may be scaling issues. Public spirited Conservatives may need to open their wallets in donations. There will quite possibly be outages and delays just as Twitter had in its teething days. Even so, Gab is the future and it is on our side just by being impartial and open to free speech.

As a demonstration of the power of free speech, after I recently published a video about Kiwi Farms’ despicable paedophilia and bigotry Gab users downvoted the owner Joshua Moon until he had negative likes vote of nearly 200. When granted free speech Gab users can be trusted to use it wisely by downvoting the paedophile monster.

Gab.ai has not banned paedophile Joshua Moon (yet). Even so users have shown their distaste for his heinous paedophilia, bullying of the disabled and racism by downvoting him onto -197 votes. Click for full size.

Readers who have not already done so are invited to stop by @Moon on Gab and show him their opinion of his conduct by voting on his comments. Users in any doubt are invited to watch this video.

Twitter is a dying dinosaur imprisoned by its leadership. Let it go Donald. Please, please humiliate Jack Dorsey and further weaken Twitter stock by publicly moving to Gab. Join your fans on Gab and the world will follow.

Archived here.

Jubilation as Loathesome Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Excluded from Key Meeting with Trump

Fresh faced, wholesome Jack Dorsey as seen in London two years ago. Picture via Wikipedia Commons.

In a display of his noble leadership and clear vision Donald Trump has excluded controversial Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey from a key meeting with leaders of the technology industry. Politico alleges that this was due to Twitter refusing to participate in an ad campaign involving a ‘crooked Hillary’ emoji (archive here). I say, “Who cares? There are many, many good reasons to exclude Jack Dorsey from meetings forever”.

Twitter is no American success story, instead as Mark Zuckerberg famously said, “They Drove A Clown Car That Fell Into A Gold Mine’”.

Twitter is a social media website that has lost “a staggering amount of money” according to Time magazine, which put its losses over $2 Billion (archive here). That was in February and Twitter has continued to lose way more money since then as set out in its series of disappointing quarterly financial reports. Despite hundreds of millions of users, Twitter stock continues to fall.

Rumours of buyers come and go, giving temporary boosts to the company before dissipating into the mists. The fundamental problem with Twitter is that years after it was first set up it still is not making its owners any money. At the same time, Twitter has been criticised for failing to deal with terrorism, paedophilia, bullying and also with political bias.

Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos but infamously failed to ban Sarah Jeong, the vile and despicable motherboard journalist who used the platform to dox a rape victim and undo their anonymity as well as to chat with her online friend Sarah Nyberg.

In a nightarish recent scandal exposed by members of #GamerGate and Trump supporters from the alt-Right and reported by the Daily Star newspaper (archive here), Twitter was found to be hosting thousands upon thousands of paedophile accounts.

Twitter has regularly failed to take action until legally threatened. Recently I discovered Kiwi Farms users were openly linking to what they called the “Child Porn Captial[sic]” of the internet and calling for genocide of muslims, as well as mutiliation of jews. No action was taken despite complaints by ordinary users until I sent legal threats to their legal department and Jack Dorsey.

Numerous anecdotes abound about Twitter’s inconsistent approach to complaints and poor service to its users. At the same time, Breitbart and others have continued to expose scandal after scandal at the troubled social media company such as its lacklustre handling of pro-ISIS accounts.

At times during Jack Dorsey’s stewardship of the company Twitter has literally played hosts to legions of avowed paedophiles and terrorists, infested with unimaginable horror. No politician would want to be seen with Dorsey if they could help it.

On a personal level, earlier this year Twitter unfairly banned me. Whilst the decision was reversed after legal correspondence I left the platform in disgust. Thereafter I was impersonated by trolls taking over my old identities, with one account left up by Twitter for nearly a year before a final ban. No one from Twitter has ever reached out to me since I left to try to address my concerns.

If readers agree that Trump was right to exclude Jack, why not politely let everyone on Twitter know. Jack Dorsey is well known to use the @Jack handle and Jack@twitter.com.

If readers disagree with doxing rape victims Jeong uses @SarahJeong on Twitter and her editor can also be contacted at @derektmead. His email addresses are –

derek@motherboard.tv and derektoddmead@gmail.com

When asked before past articles, Mr Mead has not objected to publication of his email address.

The decision by Trump and his aides to exclude Dorsey should be cause for jubilation amongst Conservatives and Republicans. The revolting leadership of Twitter needs to learn the price of its behaviour and its political partisanship. Once again Trump has proven his great statesmanship and personal integrity.

Archived here.

Candy Potter Canned and Kiwis Server Cracked?

In his recent interview on the ‘Dick Show’ this week, Joshua Conner Moon the proprietor of Kiwi Farms gloated about his mother’s use of hate speech to describe a transsexual who visited his home. Josh said that his mother met the person at the door and later said that the transwoman was the, “ugliest bull dyke” she had ever seen. Not long after I received a blizzard of emails. Apparently, opponents of Kiwi Farms had discovered Josh’s mother Candice Lynn Potter was a member of her son’s depraved website. They drew the hate speech to the attention of Candy’s employer Keller Williams (KW) and a few days later her profile disappeared from the KW network.
Candy Potter (Candice Lynn Potter) is no longer at Keller Williams. The change occurred not long after her son Josh quoted her on ‘the Dick Show’ as using vile homophobic and transphobic hate speech. Click for full size. Phone numbers blacked out for ethics reasons.

When Joshua Moon appeared on the Dick Masterson show he was cock-a-whoop. It appears however that his unguarded words may have had consequences for his mother Candy. Masterson (a stage name of comedian Dax Herrera) seems to have invited Moon on the show because Kiwi Farms has a nasty thread on his estranged former business partner, who goes by the name ‘Maddox’.

‘Dick’ gave Moon an easy ride and barely challenged him as a tirade of malicious lies spilled from the repugnant troll. Herrera said he had received emails from me accusing Moon of paedophilia but there was no evidence. He neglected to mention the archive of Moon’s paedophile story board /phile/ that I linked him to. There is plenty of evidence, which is neatly summarised in the Joshua Conner Moon article on the Kiwi Farms Wiki.

Joshua described me as a ‘stalker’ in a bizarre inversion of reality. In the real world of course I have a High Court restraining order against Moon’s friend KiwiDynastia. However, the vile troll’s greatest hatred was reserved for Greta Martela, a transgender rights activist who had peacefully visited Joshua Moon’s home to explain how his malevolent hate site hurts innocents.

During Greta’s visit, Josh had humiliatingly cowered in the toilet leaving his mother to open the door. His hatred for Greta knows no bounds. Josh was allowed to describe his blatant cyberstalking (including writing a monitoring bot to scan Greta’s anti-suicide charity 24/7) as some sort of heroic endeavour. Then Moon made a fatal mistake. He quoted his mother verbatim as using virulent homophobic language and calling Greta the, “ugliest bull dyke” she had ever seen.

One of the great things about running a growing social movement is that they do things on their own initiative. The movement to protect the vulnerable and disabled from Kiwi Farms has snowballed and soon, without lifting a finger, I was getting unsolicited emails from near strangers who had discovered Candy was a member of Kiwi Farms. They had archived her profile here to stop Moon destroying the evidence.

Candy had previously suffered complaints but been given a pass by her employers Keller Williams because she was seen as not responsible for her son’s actions. It would be unjust to blame the mother for the sins of the son.

The profile changed all that as did Moon’s unguarded quote. If Moon and the site were to be believed Candy is fully behind the hate. I watched bemused as a mere spectator whilst others deluged KW with evidence. Soon Potter’s fate was sealed and I was forwarded the following email from Candy’s (now ex) boss, which had been sent to two Kiwi victims –

From: Wynette Haviland <[REDACTED>

Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 2:47 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint against Keller Williams Realty agent Candy Potter

To: [Kiwi Victim 1 REDACTED], [Kiwi Victim 2 REDACTED]

As I previously informed you I was working on this issue. As of date Candy Potter is no longer an agent for Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast.


I vaguely intended to write an article at some point but then, around 2am this morning I received an email purportedly from the satanic terror group /Baphomet/. The email said it was copied to myself and various other journalists interested in Moon. I decided to stay up and write this article right there and then but thought better of it as the allegation was unverified.

‘/Baphomet/’ claimed to have hacked Joshua Moon’s email server and in the email they provided the root password to the all-important MySQL database. They also provided the password to the welcome email account at lolcow.email. Unfortunately there was no way I can legally test the passwords but the information provided looked technically credible.

‘/Baphomet/’ further claim to have ‘Rooted’ the server and stolen all of Moon’s emails for release at a later date as and when it amuses them. Port scan information included also appeared to show that Josh was running TOR nodes on the server and /Baphomet/ allege these were used in the recent terror attacks.

I was holding off publication as the whole thing seemed fishy, but this morning I was directed to a thread where Moon admitted the hack occurred in some form (archive here). Moon downplays it and alleges that the penetration was more limited – although he downplays every adverse event. It is unclear whether Moon has even rebuilt the mail server. This would seem prudent as the whole point of a rootkit is undetectability.

Moon continues to blame all of these events on me even though for once I had nothing to do with them. Whilst I have in the past (and will continue to) used legal means to oppose Kiwi Farms I condemn all hacking. In fact, Joshua Conner Moon has sent complaints to a variety of UK authorities and the result is that they now all have notes stating that I am at risk of false allegations from “overseas offenders” or words to that effect.

Moon must realise at this point that Kiwi Farms will destroy he and his entire family. It is just maths. There is only one Josh and there is an ever growing number of enraged victims. Not all of them are law abiding. Furthermore, as they encounter and synergise with each other their motivation increases dramatically. The misery in Josh’s life is a mathematically expressible geometric function of the number of targets of his site.

Josh has rendered his own mother unemployable, which is a problem for him as he is also unemployed and lives in her basement.

For Kiwi Farms, the writing is on the wall (and possibly in the hands of /Baphomet/).

Archived here.

Kiwi Farms Down? My Response to Josh

A post on KiwiFarms.net says it is being shut down (archive here)? I am going to respond to Josh’s public post and the private email he sent me. In summary, if it stays down I will keep my promise to remove material about Josh so he can move on with his life. It will not all happen today, because of course they could be trolling.

It will not happen at all if Kiwi Farms re-opens under (say) Dynastia with someone called McNotNullHonest as its technical advisor. As down-payment that I keep my promises, I have just unpublished two articles about Null’s mother. Josh can greatly enhance my trust in that process by providing a complete copy of the Kiwi Farms database including an unredacted copy of the user and private messages tables. Even if he does not, as long as the site stays down I will keep my promise and eventually remove everything.

Kiwi Farms is down. It might be tempting to seek revenge, but instead if it stays down my part in the scrutiny of its former owner will fall away too. Click for full size?

Earlier this year, I told Null that if he took Kiwi Farms down and ensured it stays down, I would remove my articles about him from the internet. I am not legally obliged to do so and they are true articles in the public interest, but the welfare of the vulnerable is more important than my ego. The public interest would diminish if Kiwi Farms stayed down.

Some sites of course are beyond my control, such as Encyclopaedia Dramatica. I cannot remove the foolish things Null said about his mother in his interview on Dick Masterson although there is no need to link to them.

That depends on Null not facilitating Kiwi Farms’ resurrection. There will always be nasty forums for nasty people to do nasty things. Cruelty is a part of the human condition. Kiwi Farms industrialised it and attempted to optimise it. Null claims that Kiwi Farms’ database was backed up and shared with anonymous third parties. If that is true, he did it and bears responsibility.

However the Kiwi Farms forum was not just a XenForum database. It was a small core group of people and an increasingly complex (and expensive) transnational infrastructure. Kiwi Farms was also policies that made trouble inevitable, like going after people’s families, collecting images of their children, search engine optimisation for obvious libel. There is a big difference between spin-off forums and a Kiwi Farms mark II with the same database.

With its increasing user base Kiwi Farms costs hundreds of dollars per month per web server and transatlantic mirroring. That is not trivial. Of course there are things Null himself can do to limit the chance of Kiwi Farms coming back. Release Dynastia’s real identity. Release any emails that link him to the KiwiDynastia account. Give me a copy of the database including the user table and PMs table. Since most if not all members can be identified from that, I imagine that would ensure the site stays down.

Dynastia and the rest are not Null’s friends. They used him as an expendable pawn to take the heat and preserve their anonymity, damaging his career, his reputation and his future in the process.

The ball is in Null’s court. However, it is important that I do keep my promises so that everyone knows they can deal with me. It is important that people who I disagree with know they have a way out. So, provided Kiwi Farms stays down then yes in due course my articles will be removed. Today, to demonstrate my honesty I have removed two articles about Null’s mother’s role in all this. In the fullness of time all the rest can follow.

To anyone thinking of resurrecting Kiwi Farms I say this –

  • You are taking on a hosting bill of hundreds to thousands of dollars a year
  • You will be traced, hacked or your identity disclosed by legal process
  • You will be subject to legitimate media scrutiny
  • Your life and that of everyone around you will be (as Null says) irreversibly changed. You will lose things that cannot be repaired or replaced

Archived here.

Kiwi Farms to Return? Not For Long

Kiwi Farms to come back with Null’s approval? Click for full size.

So Kiwifarms is gone, and Dynastia plans to return it using a database backup provided by Josh. What does this mean?

Kiwi Farms closed last week. Victims discovered that the administrator, Joshua Conner Moon lived with his mother. She was the only member of their household with a job and the only earner. Unfortunately it appears she had unwisely joined Kiwi Farms.

After third parties reported her to her employers, she lost her job and Null claimed he was leaving. He shut down the site but claimed he had created three backups for anonymous third parties and linked Kiwis to a Discord channel.

Well wishers have been monitoring that channel. As ever, the Kiwis have no discretion at all. In summary, the former Kiwis have never heard of any regents but have been told the site is coming back next week as a relaunch with Moon’s approval. Dynastia has posted the same on various sites.

This will have simple consequences. Firstly of course if Dynastia is at the centre of a new Kiwi Farms we can expect mass doxing of members. Secondly, if Josh is passing on the database, or perhaps still acting as technical manager of Kiwi Farms, then no historic material here will be removed and any unpublished articles will be reinstated.

Secondly and more importantly Kiwi Farms needs to be dealt with forever. The site content is not the issue, but instead the fact the domain appears in Google and Bing / Yahoo index. Dynastia is always boasting about their SEO. UK law provides a simple remedy for this and appropriate steps will be taken in law the day it returns, if it does.

Archived here.