Mark Citadel

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Mark Citadel
Mark Citadel Icon.jpg
Profile picture Mark Citadel uses on his twitter[1] and his YouTube channel.
Residence United Kingdom[2]
Web Presences Thermidor Mag [archive]
Social Matter Magazine [archive]
Return Of Kings [archive]
Katehon Think Tank [archive]
YouTube channel [archive]
Twitter Account Locked[archive]
Current Blog Deleted[archive]
Older Blog Deleted[archive]
Ask.fm Account Deleted[archive]

Mark Citadel (b. 1992-1997[3]) is a pot-smoker[4], Thermidor Magazine [archive] editor[5] and self proclaimed Reactionary[6] Briton of Russian descent[7], who has written about various topics, such as how races have to be kept separate[8][9]. He has also self a proclaimed "pure intellect" that wants sexual intercourse with minors to be made legal[10]. He came to the attention of KiwiFarms due to Hendrik Verbraeken mentioning him in posts.

Since discovery, Mark (or one of his fans) has created at least a dozen sockpuppets to try and clear his name. Every attempt so far has failed because the very action itself makes him look bad.

Mark Citadel's Flag