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Jennifer Boyd
Age 22
Born Mark Boyd
March 22nd, 1996
Residence Milford, NH
Web Presences
“But you can't make people listen. They have to come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can't last.”
—Ray Bradbury

Mark Boyd also known as Magicnanners, is a GamerGate opponent, member of the Rat King, and affiliate and associate of Nora Reed, David Gallant, Izzy Galvez, and Sarah Nyberg. While Nanners' involvement with the controversy itself was relatively minor, the tireless support Nanners showed for individuals such as Gallant, Nyberg, and Nora Reed inevitably led to coverage on the Kiwi Farms, and subsequently Lolcow Wiki, when Nanners repeatedly lent support to Nora Reed on Twitter after Nora Reed was exposed as the one who had hijacked the Social Autopsy Twitter Account by Randi Harper.

Nanners was also responsible for repeatedly trying to rally support for known pedophile Sarah Nyberg as well, being so supportive that Nanners actually changed Twitter handles to "Ashley Butts" in support of Sarah Nyberg (whose handle is srhbutts). Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by Nanners' associates, the Twitter activist has remained intractable, having repeatedly claimed that Nyberg is innocent (in spite of testimony by the parents of the 8-year-old girl Nyberg allegedly was attracted to), and that GamerGate is entirely about harassment, even with overwhelming evidence that the likes of David Gallant were doing far worse than what Nanners was accusing the consumer hashtag campaign of doing. In one particularly stunning example of complete disconnect from reality, Nanners went so far as to deny that female, trans, and minority supporters of GamerGate even exist, often when talking to them directly.[1] Appropriately enough, Nanners was also involved in the TotalBiscuit Incident, and was one of many individuals involved with a sustained campaign of harassment against John Bain for the crime of going against the prevailing narrative pitched by Nanners' buddies.

Presented without comment.

While Nanners' involvement with Nora Reed and David Gallant were what led to in-depth analysis by the Kiwi Farms, it was Nanners' own awkward, bizarre, and oft self-destructive behavior that led to ongoing coverage by Lolcow Wiki, often actively antagonizing groups like the Farms, only to immediately claim harassment in a familiar fashion and attempting to milk it for support from onlookers. Oftentimes in the process of responding to the Farms to make himself look better, Nanners will miss the point of their posts entirely; such as the time he misunderstood users referring to him as "a dumb transvestite"[2]. Nanners also shows clear signs of being delusional, believing a Patreon with under thirty dollars per month (before Patreon takes its cut no less) is a sustainable source of income.[3][4]

Nanners is also hallmarked by bizarre outbursts of sexual content on Twitter. While Nanners has made repeated claims of being transgendered, all evidence is that Nanners is anything but. Nanners furthermore has made bizarre requests and posted pornographic content several times on his subsidiary accounts. Nanners has further gone on to sexually harass people, both on behalf of GamerGate's opposition and the likes of Nora Reed, often repeatedly yelling about "Girl Cock" and "Girl Dick" to their enemies on Twitter.[5][6]

Nanners is also notable for the huge amount of aliases he has. In addition to the ones above, he has also gone by Jennifer Boyd, Ashley Butts, Jess,[7] and Randal[8] On DeviantArt, he was also known as tigerthecat5.

Gender and Genitals

Nanners shows no desire whatsoever to transition.

Boyd identifies as a transgender woman. Typically meaning someone born with male sex characteristics but experiences some form of dysphoria regarding said characteristics, and as such takes steps to "transition" and present more as a female. Many critics however point to actions (such as posting multiple pictures sporting a full beard and talking on twitter constantly about "girl dicks") on Boyd's part as evidence that Boyd is a "transtrender;" a person that labels themselves as trans without feeling dysphoria to score credit and attention in Identity Politics or Social Justice circles as an oppressed person.[9]

Despite claiming to be a transwoman, all evidence is that Mark Boyd is not, and is, in fact, a self-loathing homosexual with a crossdressing fetish, and has been claiming transgendered status solely for the oppression points. In multiple posts on his own Twitter account, Nanners shows no knowledge of the difference between transgenderism and transvestism,[10][11] and he has been known to quote Sophie Labelle's positions on sexuality and gender verbatim.

Despite claiming to be female, Nanners puts in zero effort to pursue this.

Ironically for someone who repeatedly screams about misogyny, Nanners has proven to be quite misogynistic himself, as evidenced by his complete and utter lack of a desire to get professional diagnosis or transition properly. In Mark Boyd's worldview, the notion of femininity has degraded to the point where it is easier for a man to be a woman than for someone to join a subculture of music fan. To Mark, one does not even need to make any effort whatsoever to then go on and demand that biological women accept him as a peer. In many regards, Boyd shares common threads with the most misogynistic elements of the gay community, the ones that refer to women as "fish" and see them as competition.[12]

This becomes much more obvious, however, when looking at the game Nanners created, T-Runner. In the game's intro, the protagonist (ostensibly a transwoman) hatches from an egg before running forward and avoiding obstacles. The egg hatching is a well-known reference to the more recent generation of transwomen on social media calling effeminate men who they would like to convert "eggs." When such individuals manage to convince someone who enjoys sissification porn (as Nanners himself does) or the like that they're really trans, they are said to have "hatched their egg."[13]

Nanners clearly has a far more disturbing reason for his "transgenderism" than he is willing to admit to himself. He wants to be a woman because of sexual feelings he has troubling admitting to himself, specifically a desire to be "feminizied" for sexual arousal, and thusly he wears the outer guise of transgenderism as a cheap shroud for his actual desires. It's very likely, given the above information and what we know of Mark Boyd, that he was originally turned onto this by one of his associates in the transgender-as-identity crowd - and it is thus no stretch to suggest that Nanners, most likely, was an "egg" himself, and his own mental issues are clearly being encouraged by other people who are also mentally and morally deviant. Due to this encouragement, Boyd feels free to loudly and proudly espouse his personal deviancy to his twitter friends, who encourage his behavior with positive reinforcement that there is no harm done in his actions. Appropriately enough, Nanners shows hallmark signs of Autogynephilia, and thus is sexually aroused at the idea of having a female body.

Nanners is one slice of a broad-spectrum movement that is actively hindering attempts to normalize legitimately transgendered people. Rather than do anything of relevance or note, Boyd, much like Nora Reed, Vade, and Jake Alley, pushes rote bullshit and helps to launch harassment campaigns against anyone that tries to spread the science of transgenderism. Nanners' narcissism is not, in any way, held back by anything remotely resembling concerns for others; his ability to milk sympathy on social media is more important to him than helping transgendered individuals, and he is willing to debase the actual concept of gender dysphoria solely for his own narcissism. It is for this reason that Nanners continues to receive flak for prattling about his "girl cock" on Twitter; a genuine transwoman would not do something like this, nor would they make similar claims like "some men have vaginas" that are equally mocked. By doing this, Boyd has been one of many voices retarding attempts to spread awareness that would validate the experiences of legitimate transpeople and help to dispel prejudice.

The Notch Incident

On the 10th of June Markus "Notch" Persson, the developer of Minecraft, posted statements in opposition to SJW Identity Politics, saying that he will not have his accomplishments "diminished because [he] has a penis or fair skin". [14] Nora Reed would go on to harass Notch repeatedly on Twitter for several days, until Notch responded by essentially laughing her off. This immediately infuriated Nanners, who took to twitter with gusto, and demanded, repeatedly, that Notch "choke on girl dick."[15]


Main Article: T-Runner

T-Runner is a game released by Mark Boyd in October of 2016. A relatively simple and ultimately lackluster game, T-Runner was immediately criticized for a perceived lack of quality and several glaring bugs, including a title screen that does not work correctly on Windows platforms. The game is thus far confirmed to have only sold one copy (to the Kiwi Farms, no less) before going on Itch.io alongside games developed by his associates, to be released for free.

The release of T-Runner marks a very rare moment of introspection and genuine attempts at self-improvement by Mark Boyd, as in response to the Farms' review of the game, he agreed on several of its major criticisms, and intended to address them. Unfortunately, this never panned out; certain individuals convinced Boyd to wallow in mediocrity, and the game is now available for free, non-functional title screen and all, on Itch.io.


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