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George Ouzounian
Maddox Blazer.jpeg
Maddox at the 2016 Streamy Award.
Age 40
Born March 27, 1978
Salt Lake City, UT
Residence Beverly Hills, CA
Occupation Writer
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Web Presences
Maddox's blog
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Maddox is the pseudonym of writer, blogger, and humorist George Ouzounian. He is best known for The Best Page in the Universe, a blog where he rants about descriptively petty topics. He is also known for The Alphabet of Manliness, a New York Times Best Seller [1].

On November 6, 2017, Maddox sued Dick Masterson, writer of Men Are Better Than Women and creator of The Dick Show, for $380,000,000. Encyclopedia Dramatica administrator Oddguy[2], anime critic Digibro[3], and prolific online troll Mister Metokur[4] (among many, many others) have criticized Maddox and the lawsuit for it’s incompetence and lack of legal legitimacy. The lawsuit and drama surrounding it has been publicized to where Maddox’s new book, F*ck Whales: Also Families, Poetry, Folksy Wisdom, and You, bombed because his reputation was ultimately tarnished by his own behavior[5].

Maddox is currently labeled on Kiwi Farms as a careercow[6].