Luke McKee

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Luke McKee
Luke thinking of young children
Born ?
New South Wales, AUS
Residence Hanoi, Vietnam
Occupation Freelance IT
Web Presences @VGB-OPSEC

Luke Ledgerd McKee, also known by his online handles VGB-OPSEC and Hojuruku, is an Australian IT Freelancer and former English Teacher living in Vietnam after facing legal trouble in his homeland after obtaining private information about members of the police force illegally. He is notable online for his fringe, conspiracy theory-driven political views, incoherent typing style, and paranoia about pedophiles.

Luke claims that he is being persecuted by a conspiracy of Homosexual Activists, Satan Worshipers, and Jews that control the Australian Police force so they can stop his activism in exposing their attempts to legalize pedophilia and bestiality. In Luke's mind a man named Garry Burns is at the head of this conspiracy[1], which also involves a man called Jez Smith, as well as members of GamerGate and Kiwi Farms[2], the latter of which hosts a thread chronicling him and his father, and their online activities[3], most of it consisting of his posts trying to convince the users that he is in the right. It is this delusion of persecution that drives Luke's online posting habits.

Drama and Beliefs

Despite his claims of victimhood, like many other lolcows, he is anything but a victim. Evidence thus far suggests that the aggressor in his drama is solely Luke himself. Several victims have come forward and maintained pages about his actions. These are alleged to include sending violent threats, defamation of character, slander, and using sockpuppets to disseminate the offending materials.

For example, Youtube user TruthSurge claims on his channel that Luke used multiple sockpuppets and even hacked into his account[4]

In 2006, Luke was involved in the management of a school on Jeju Island in Korea. Luke was an executive for a school where subsequent reports were made by teachers who had left the school. These reports indicated that there were several problems happening in the school. These problems included teachers receiving little/no pay and receiving abusive language. A story ran in the local paper on this and shortly after, Luke began a crusade against the villagers of the island itself to expose them all as pedophiles[5].

In early August 2017 it was revealed that Luke had been stalking and harassing an internet user going by Anirtak76, to whom Luke had admitted to keeping Child Porn stored on his own computer. Luke claimed he needed to keep it "to get pedos arrested", even after reporting it to authorities. On the same day, he attempted to post some of this illegal material on KiwiFarms, leading to his account on the website being permanently banned and the offending post deleted.[6]

A pattern has emerged in his behavior, any time a new detractor surfaces online, he quickly accuses the person of either being a Pedophile and a child rapist, or being part of the conspiracy to protect Garry Burns and Jez Smith from his criticism of them.

Luke is an avid fan of Alex Jones' 'InfoWars' program, Paul Joseph Watson's Prison Planet, and was a poster on far-right websites like Stormfront and The Daily Stormer[7]. He is also member of the PizzaGate subverse on Voat[8].


He is encouraged and enabled to continue this path by his mentor John Sunol, and his own father Geoff McKee. These two older men fuel his delusions by siding with him and backing him up in online posts and written letters instead of getting him to a psychiatrist.

He is also associated heavily with a man also claiming status as an anti-Pedophilia Activist by the name of Tom Cahill, who frequently reposts Luke's tweets.
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