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A person(s) of interest is an individual or group that attracts negative attention to themselves on the Internet in a way that can be entertaining to onlookers without any involvement from the spectator.


Prominent examples of a Person(s) of Interest include:

  • Christian Weston Chandler, whom is not covered by this Wiki because the CWCki is far too comprehensive for competition.
  • Gabe Navarro, an amateur web artist whose work is psychedelic and frivolous. Completely delusional in what he believes he can get the law to do for him, Gabe wishes to have Internet trolls tortured.
  • Alison Rapp, a former Nintendo employee fired for moonlighting as a prostitute and went on to blame her shortcomings on the Kiwi Farms and this wiki.

Bad examples of Person(s) of Interest include:

  • Mel Gibson. Extremely notable people never fall into this category.
  • Your whacky next door neighbor. If their activity isn't online and capable of being documented, it doesn't matter.
  • North Korea. North Koreans believe some pretty crazy things about their rulers, but they're not an online entity.
  • Westboro Bapist Church. Albeit a good candidate, they are more visible to the real world and much better documented elsewhere.


Wikipedia documents things with an extremely high level of accuracy and their editors are encouraged to maintain a neutral point of view, but their criteria for notability would exclude everything we would want to write about. Something like Jace's Deagle would never be worthy of its own article.
Encyclopedia Dramatica
Encyclopedia Dramatica documents the same kind of people, and there is expected to be a lot of overlap in what's covered, but they have fewer quality controls and are expected not to maintain a neutral point of view while writing. Encyclopedia Dramatica's long-term stability is also very low because of what sort of material is encouraged on their wiki. We would hope to be more friendly towards each other and the people we spectate.
The CWCki is only about Chris. We're open to all people and groups in the same vein, but hope to continue its bizarre level of professionalism, accuracy, and to maintain an even higher state of neutrality.