Locria Courtright

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Locria Courtright
Age 22
Born Casey Patrick Courtright
January 16th, 1996
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Residence Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania
Occupation Sportswriter

Locria Nyla Courtright (born Casey Patrick Courtright on January 16, 1996) is a 20-year old university student and sportswriter from Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania. Courtright first came to the attention of Kiwi Farms on January 18, 2016, after a couple of her selfies were posted by various Facebook cringe groups. At first, Courtright seemed like just another transtrender on the internet, but it was then discovered that she had a NSFL Tumblr in which, among other things, she posted gifs of her covering herself in her own shit while naked. In response to being discovered, Courtright locked her main Tumblr and Twitter accounts and deleted her NSFL Tumblr, though her less horrifying, albeit still NSFW tumblr can still be viewed by the public.