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ADF has frequently changed his name to reflect the various personas he has adopted over the years. To his followers, trolls and general well-wishers (assuming there are any), however, he'll always be known simply as ADF. He was born Phillip Vincent Haskins-DeLici on 12th August 1985, DeLici being his father's surname and Haskins his mother's. His father is of Italian extraction and not, as ADF is fond of claiming, Puerto Rican. From early 2007 to mid-2011, his main outlet on the internet was DeviantArt, where he posted under the name of ADF-Fuensalida, this being the name of a military installation of the Australatina Defence Forces, the armed forces of his imaginary Latino LGBT paradise.

Official Names

From some unknown point in the middle 2000s up to mid-2010 ADF's persona centred around his claimed latino heritage (after that it was gradually edged out, for the time being, by his identity as transgender). As a result, he claimed his real name was Felipe Delicias Harel, this presumably being an attempt to hispanicize "Phillip DeLici." He was insistent this was the name on his birth certificate: he went so far as to post an altered version of the text of the court order confirming his name change, which was entirely accurate save for that Felipe Delicias appeared instead of Phillip Haskins-DeLici. The origin of "Harel" was never explained but is probably a reference to the Harel Brigade, a prominent Israeli military formation. He signed his posts with this name on the ADF-Fuensalida account. Far prior to coming out as transgender he also referred to himself as "Felicia," although this appeared to spring from his desire to try on feminine mannerisms as part of his self-identity as a male homosexual rather than from any transgender impulses.

ADF came out as transgender on 13th January 2010, and accompanied this announcement with the news that he had changed his name to Ahuviya Harel. This new name was to reflect his new female identity, as well as the fascination with Judaism he was entertaining at the time. He explained the name as follows:

Ahuviya means Loved by God. Harel (My Surname) means Mountain of God. Therefore I am a Loved Mountian of God.[1]

He would frequently call himself "Sasuke" when Sasuke was his main cosplay, and then "Sakura" when he switched to that one.

ADF officially changed his name to Ahuviya Rotem Harel on 7th May 2010, which was processed by the court on the 25th (as name changes typically have a delay period for public posting).[2] "Rotem" also lacks an official explanation, but many have noted there is an Israeli desert plant of that name. As of early 2015 he went by Ahuviya Harel Araujo, the new surname a reference to Gwen Araujo, a transgender person who was tragically murdered in 2002. However, by the end of 2015, he switched to his new name Isabel Rosa Araujo, and in May of 2016 obtained a court order to change it legally, again.

Previous Aliases, Headmates, OCs

ADF has had many "identity" changes throughout their online career. Some of them were labeled as "OCs" and part of being in the anime fandom, or citizens of Australatina, and others were said to represent his own "personas". On Sep 13, 2012, ADF made an announcement claiming Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder, stating "I have two personalities occupying the same body and brain of mine", the other alter being "Amaterasu Kamiyama".[3] Later journals describe an increasing number of alters, as well as some of their "deaths", including the most well-known and prominent Amaterasu [4]. The validity of ADF's DID status is unconfirmed, as while it was confirmed as seeming true by one of ADF's exes, it has never been officially diagnosed by a doctor.

Personas pending

Characters pending


  • Ahuviya Harel (HOST) , MTF, Pansexual/Queer, age 27 -2009- [5]
  • Amaterasu Kamiyama (CO-HOST) , FTM-ish, Gay, age 22 -2011--2017 [5][4]
  • Felicia Vogel - Female/Genderqueer, Lesbian, age 25/26 -2009- [5][4][6]
  • Sai Kariya - Male/Genderqueer, Queer/Pensexual, age 19/20 -2012- ("Jingles") [5][4][6]
  • Erin Schroeder - Female, Queer/Pansexual, age 17/18 -2013- [5][4][6]
  • Halla 'Vashu' Koskinen - Male-ish/Genderqueer/Bisexual, age 20/21 -2013- [5][6]
  • Ash - Female, Lesbian - Age slider 16-18 -2011 [4][6]
  • Chloe - Female, Demisexual/Aromantic - 24 -2013- [4][6]
  • Jessica [4]
  • Little Isabel [4]
  • Raquel [4]
  • Xiomara (Xio) [4]
  • Teen Isabel [4]
  • Unknown Alter 1 [4]
  • Unknown Alter 2 [4]
  • Unknown Alter 6 [4]

Active and Defunct Accounts

Art Related Accounts

Emails and Messengers

  • bakumatsu6271948@yahoo.com
  • sasuke_expressway@yahoo.com
  • superfeh@aim.com
  • kochan_high_school@yahoo.com
  • ICQ 436641947
  • AhuviyaHarel@walla.co.il
  • ExtantSasuke@live.com
  • AIM AhuviyaHarel

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