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One thing readily apparent to anyone who observes the behavior of Brianna Wu is that she is an inveterate liar. However, the scope and temerity of Brianna Wu's lies are so blatant and so extensive that they have forced multiple re-writes of her Lolcow Wiki article and have necessitated multiple overlapping checks for absolutely every purported "fact" in Brianna Wu's life. Many of these lies grossly exaggerate Brianna Wu's claims of being an authority of some sort, and others present outright falsehoods as truth. Complicating this further is the fact that Brianna Wu does not attempt to support her claims with any shred of evidence, and will contradict her lies with even more lies.

In an effort to establish some level of codification for these innumerable lies this article has been created. This article will solely cover Wu's most blatant falsehoods and mistruths - whilst she's known to exaggerate and bend the truth a little, these are generally beyond this Wiki's interests; instead, the fact that she is willing to pitch outright lies and blatant mistruths with no grounds whatsoever in reality are outright disturbing and establish why Brianna Wu is a pathological liar who cannot be trusted to be truthful in her endeavors.

Lies About Herself and Her Companies

  • Lie: Brianna Wu is a motorcycle hobbyist, and enjoys racing.
    • Truth: According to the background check the Kiwi Farms performed, Wu does not appear to either have a driver's license nor a vehicle registered in her name. As Brianna Wu has never been seen riding a motorcycle outside her posing with one, this strongly suggests that this information is accurate, though the sluggishness in updating driver and registration data means that such must sadly be considered conjecture. Brianna Wu was later confirmed to have a driver's license in mid-2016. While Wu has a motorcycle purchased, there has yet to be confirmation that it's been registered in her name.
      • Addendum: While Brianna Wu has, on several occasions, uploaded footage of what she claims is her riding a motorcycle, there is no way to confirm its veracity due to the editing used. Multiple things call its authenticity into question, including the fact that her outfit changes entirely between cuts and we don't actually get to see her riding it, mounting, or dismounting it. There remains no evidence that she's ever been in a motorcycle race.
  • Lie: Brianna Wu was homeless at one point and struggled to make ends meet, working for a Gamestop. She frequently cites Frank's cooking beans and rice as an example of the hardships she endured during such dark times.
    • Truth: Utter and complete hogwash. Gamestop has no records of Brianna Wu's employment. Wu grew up with a pair of fantastically wealthy parents, and wanted for nothing growing up. Her parents were rich enough to give her $200,000 to to start up an animation that ultimately failed, during which time Wu dropped out of college multiple times, succumbed to an addiction to Ambien by her own admission, and had her residence sold by her parents to recoup their losses whilst she went to rehab. She would marry Frank Wu later, who is a multi-millionaire with a six-figure salary and had no dependents. Brianna Wu has never suffered a personal hardship of this magnitude.
  • Lie: Giant SpaceKat Studios is a successful studio.
    • Truth: Giant SpaceKat Studios has one game to its name, was around $300,000 in the hole from the IOS version of that game alone, has exactly two and a half employees, and no idea how to manage a project. As of currently, Giant SpaceKat Studios has lost enormous amounts of money and has achieved surprisingly little. According to multiple employees, including Emma Clarkson, Wu routinely did no work whatsoever on her projects and fired any employee that outlived their usefulness.
  • Lie: Brianna Wu claims to have a personal associate, Evelyn, who committed suicide over her depression over her Trans status.
    • Truth: There is no evidence that this person exists either, despite multiple attempts by the Kiwi Farms to find out more information. She has no social media presence, no linkedin, and no proof she even exists. This may sound familiar to some.

Lies About GamerGate and about Brianna Wu's Harassment

  • Lie: GamerGate harassed Brianna Wu whilst her dog was sick and dying.
    • Truth: Brianna Wu's dog, Crash, fell ill on December 1st, 2014. Despite being told repeatedly by both her supporters and opponents that tending to her ailing pet was more important, Brianna Wu continued to bemoan her own harassment on Twitter, ultimately luring a Something Awful poster to mock her with a "Crash Wu" Twitter account. Despite the individual responsible for the account fessing up mere minutes into the ruse, Brianna Wu proceeded to declare that the account was from a "member of GamerGate" and proceeded to complain about it, arguing that GamerGate was preventing her from tending to her sick pet. Months later, Brianna Wu would admit that she and Frank had essentially left Crash out in the cold and had known about his illness for days before cynically trying to exploit it on Twitter.
  • Lie: Brianna Wu's Harassment has gone uninvestigated by Law Enforcement.
    • Truth: Brianna Wu has a hostile relationship with law enforcement. She repeatedly tried to false-flag incidents against herself and she has repeatedly berated the FBI for not making her personal harassment a priority. While this was going on, Brianna Wu was actively sabotaging attempts to investigate matters, frequently publicizing her own harassment, sensationalizing threats, and complaining about the FBI for failing to act on blind faith and has repeatedly stated that it should be focused on her, rather than terrorism. None of Wu's alleged threats were found to be remotely credible or actionable, and the FBI grew increasingly frustrated with Wu sensationalizing every single hoax against her. Annoyed with their refusal to act as her personal army, Brianna Wu wound up accusing the FBI of being in league with Gamergate in November of 2016.
  • Lie: Brianna Wu was forced to leave her home because of GamerGate.
    • Truth: This is half-truth. Brianna wu did leave her home - for one night, and the incident was caused by trolls on Something Awful, not Gamergate. This is something Brianna Wu herself was aware of as those responsible both admitted it and the FBI FOIA requests show it, but Brianna Wu continued (and still continues) to claim she was "on the run" from GamerGate while actively posting interviews and responses that were obviously from her home, something she couldn't even make credible with the puff-piece that was her The Internet Ruined My Life appearance. Brianna Wu's office in her home being the location of her interviews was relatively easy to find, as the room has a unique design and furnishings, including a wall-sized poster of Revolution 60, several shelves in the background, and a window to the right of the computer table. Additionally, Brianna Wu's home address was listed as part of her contact information on her own website until October of 2014.
  • Lie #1: Brianna Wu Was Sent Death Threats by a Man in a Skull Mask.
  • Lie #2: Brianna Wu Was Threatened by a Man Trying to Street Race Her.
  • Lie #3: Brianna Wu caught one of her harassers and intends to prosecute.
    • Truth: All three of these center around Jace Connors and Tyce Andrews, two parts of what would ultimately turn out to be a masterful satirical piece. Despite the pair being revealed as the works of comedian Jan Rancowski back in February of 2015, Brianna Wu has continued to claim - almost a year later - that Jace and Tyce were a legitimate threat to her life and property. This one was so blatant that even GamerGhazi, a dedicated Anti-GamerGate community, decried it as false, causing Wu and her appointed stooge to mass-delete posts critical of the narrative. Brianna Wu knew this to be false due to Jan Rancowski's reveal back in February of 2015,[13] but Brianna Wu has continued to claim that he was a legitimate threat to her life.[14] This is, again, another incident shown to be a hoax by the FBI FOIA requests, and, again, Brianna Wu knew.
  • Lie: GamerGate targeted Wu for attacks over Revolution 60, and they tried to ruin Brianna Wu's career.
    • Truth: Ignoring for a moment that Giant Spacekat's magnum opus was already on the IOS store and thus impervious to attempts to get it taken down that didn't involve a violation of the store's terms of service, this was openly an attempt to virally market the game by appealing to GamerGate's opposition, and this included, apparently, attempts to get the game labelled "problematic" in the eyes of feminist critics. The images of Operation FalseFag II that were actually put on 8chan and the ones posted by Brianna Wu were confirmed, via Hashdata, to be one and the same, and the creation date of the image macro that Wu claimed she just found out about was from October 8th, 2014, ergo showing that the source of the image to be either Brianna Wu or one of her associates. Sources speaking under condition of anonymity have revealed that the most likely source of the image macro is Frank Wu. During the lead-up to the 2016 release of Revolution 60, Brianna Wu repeatedly accused her own Kickstarter backers of being GamerGate supporters, to the point where it was covered during the Kickstarter backer revolt. Additionally, when the game was actually released, multiple individuals who Brianna Wu personally disliked were accused of harassing her simply by covering her game, including Sean Weaver, a Canadian absurdist game reviewer who goes by the online handle "Bro Team Pill."[15]

Lies About Her Opponents and Allies

  • Lie: Brianna Wu was Harassed by Total Biscuit.

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