Leonard F. Shaner Jr

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Leonard F. Shaner Jr.
Leonard F. Shaner Jr.
Age 49
Born March 15, 1969
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

139 Buckwalter Rd. Pottstown, PA 19465

Occupation Terminally Unemployed
Former Sears employee
Web Presences Personal Facebook Profile
YouTube channel
Can We Trust The Colebrookdale Leaders
Taking Down Kiwi Farms - kiwifarms.net
Taking Down Kiwi Farms
Internet Bullies
Facebook sock account
Myspace page (abandoned; content no longer exists)
Current Kiwi Farms profile
First Kiwi Farms profile (merged with main account)
Second Kiwi Farms profile (banned)

Click HERE for a list of all known web pages and the more notorious fake Facebook profiles that are ran by Leonard F. Shaner Jr.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. is a friendless middle-aged manchild from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He is rather notorious in rail fan circles for his extremely erratic behavior and his toxic online presence. Over the course of his life he has been banned from nearly every railroad in Pennsylvania. The bans are mostly related to him misrepresenting himself as being in charge and harassing people online when he gets upstaged or he feels they've wronged him.


Early Life

Leonard Shaner in his early 20's. Fat and autistic even at a young age.

Shaner was born March 15, 1969 to Gloria and Leonard F. Shaner, Sr. His parents had him relatively late in life. His father was in his early to mid 40's, and his mother was in her late 30's. Shaner is rumored to suffer from autism that went untreated throughout his entire childhood, paving the way for his later exploits. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that he has a brother who has completely disowned him, though nothing is known about this brother. Shaner had great difficulty in school. He is thought to have some form of dyslexia, which is supported by the poor spelling and grammar present in his Kiwi Farms posts. It took him five years to graduate high school. Since then, he has lived with his parents. He has never lived on his own or had a girlfriend, and he has remained a virgin his entire life.

Len The Sears Employee

139 Buckwalter Rd. Pottstown, PA. 19465. Leonard F. Shaner Jr's house.

Shaner was employed at his local Sears at one point. He was, by all accounts, an extremely difficult and stubborn employee. Besides being notorious for ruining other employees' sales,[1][2] he was a very unpleasant person to work with on a personal level. From sexually harassing a female co-worker[3] to ruining another co-worker's baby shower,[4] working with Shaner could easily be described as a nightmare. He was regularly late to work, once even going as far as to stab his own tire to facilitate his excuse that he was late because he had a flat.[5] While he was supposed to be helping other employees in the back, Shaner would often slack off and sometimes use the store's merchandise computer for personal use[6]. He got away with this due to his friendship with a department manager. Once said manager lost their job, Shaner was next to go. His employment was terminated when he attempted to steal tools from the store, and he was banned from the premises.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr And Autism

Just like another well known autistic man child, Leonard Shaner also loves the color blue.

There are more then 3.5 million Americans who have autism. Leonard F. Shaner Jr is one of these people with autism. Although he adamantly denies having it the proof is in his mannerisms, actions, and overall mental capacity. The following is a list of some of the symptoms of autism and how they affect Leonard.

  • Inability to see things from another persons point of view – Autistic Leonard Shaner will never listen to what others have to say. He always thinks he's right and will not except any other opinion that contradicts his own.
  • Extremely narrow range of interests – Another of Shaner's biggest giveaways that he has autism is the fact that he only has one interest. Where most people have a variety of hobbies, Len has only one. If there is a fan group for a rail road, train, or train part on Facebook Shaner is probably running it. His entire life is about trains. This makes sense since it's medically proven that autistics are attracted to trains.
  • Obsession with dates/times/numbers/names – Like a lot of people on the Autistic disorder spectrum, Leonard Shaner loves his names and numbers. When writing he makes sure to use full dates and as much as someones name as he can. This includes his own name as he feels a need to sign his name to everything he wants to take credit for. Of course thanks to Kiwis calling him out on this hundreds of times he's now capable of using only someones first name when he wants to blend in.
  • Sleep Dysfunction – Keeping strange hours and not being able to sleep regular hours is also a sign of autism. This can be seen in Leonard Shaner by how nearly everything he posts online is sometime around 2am to as late as 5am.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Spends His SSDI Money At Strip Clubs

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. likes to say he's a very good Christian. He also likes to say he's very good with the ladies. Here are some alternate facts. No it's not against the law to spend Social Security Disability Income on things like this. We just thought Pennsylvanians would like to know how Len Shaner was using the money he was getting from his little SSDI con game.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. The Fake Christian

Anyone who needs a Jesus license plate to prove how christian they are is only using religion for personal gain, Len.

Religion, no matter what it is, can be a huge source of inspiration. It can motivate people to do great things, be better people, and perform selfless acts in the name of God, Allah, Zeus, or countless others deities. Most who choose to believe in something are good people and let religion use them to spread that goodness to others.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr, however, is not one of these people. Like many manchildren who were introduced to the church Len is not smart enough to grasp a concept as complex as religion. Where most people use religion as a source of peace Shaner instead uses God as a way to pretend he's better then the people he dislikes. His usual tactics include accusing people of not being Christian and saying he'll win because he has Jesus/God in his heart. Finally, when those two childish tactics fail, he'll spout useless bible verses as a way to hide how bad he's losing the argument.

Shaner's pathetic attempt to take God's name in vain by using it as a weapon also illustrates how desperate he is for respect. In fact respect is his only motivating factor. Throughout his entire life he's been trying to force people to respect him. He's used his age, pretended to have the FBI in his pocket, pretended to be a marine, pretended he is famous, pretended he has the police on his side, and finally pretended he's more christian then everyone as a way to get it. Unfortunately for for him respect is earned and he'll never have it. Pretending to be more religious then others is low but coming from Leonard F. Shaner Jr no one can expect anything else.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. The Fake Historian

Leonard Shaner likes pretending he's a historian. His greatest claim to fame is how he was the person who put a place called Fricks Lock into the National Registry of Historic Places. Unfortunately for Shaner people know he had nothing to do with this. The only record of him being involved was a Wikipedia entry he edited himself to include his name. In a colossal display of ego he made the entire entry about himself and even went so far as to call himself a "special special guest historian" in his edit. He was quickly edited out of the entry. An individual comment about about Shaner's edit from 2011 sums up the majority of peoples thoughts about him.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. And Stealing Other People's Photography

Len Shaner has a long standing tradition of taking the credit for things he's never done. This includes a long history of stealing others photography among other things. Even though he claims to be a photographer and enjoys bragging about his photography through (once again) his many Facebook pages a lot of the photos he posts have been ripped off of public domain photo sites. He attempts to make these images unsearchable by manipulating the color palette and balance of the photo. This is why his photos always seem to look like garbage and way to bright. For example, here is a photo of a covered bridge he's taken credit for and here is the original he's stolen from public domain. Even though he's been caught multiple times Leonard Shaner is still stealing photography to this day. Here's a photo he posted to his Twitter and here's the original. When it comes to being a fake Leonard F. Shaner Jr is one of the biggest.

Len And Trains

Classic Shaner gut, tube socks, and Tard Face(tm).

Leonard F. Shaner Jr's one and only hobby is trains. This makes sense since the over abundance of kinds of trains, railroads, and strict schedules in the railroad industry are proven to be linked to autistics. The fact that he's banned from every rail road he's visited at this time now means he has to break the law in order to enjoy the one thing that soothes his mental illness.

On the rare occasions that Leonard ventures forth from his mother's basement he's found loitering by the railroad tracks. For most people this is known as being a vagrant but for people in the railroad industry this is called being a "foamer". Foamers are considered the scum of railroading since they set up tripods to take photos and video of every train they see and get in the way of people who actually have to work. Shaner is the Grand Master Shitlord of all foamers since he will do anything including blocking road traffic and endangering others to the point of having police force him to leave, in order to take his badly done photos.

Leonard Shaner also desperately tries to convince people he knows more about trains then anyone else. Most of the time this involves stealing photos and video to make him look like an expert, claiming he works for or is in charge of a railroad, saying he's good friends with people in high positions, and saying he's driven nearly any antique train out there even though he's disabled in ways that makes this impossible due to it's illegality.

Leonard Shaner The Virgin

Len Shaner. Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride.

It's a well known fact among railroad circles that Leonard Shaner is a virgin. Due to his creepy manner around women, accusations of sexual harassment, and multiple rumors of him being a pedophile it can be pretty obvious that he has no idea how to act around the fairer sex. Also the fact that no photos or witnesses exist of him with a woman where it's apparent they're more then acquaintances proves that he's never been in a relationship in his life. He has photos of women he's taken that he proudly displays on his various self masturbation Facebook pages and has liked a ton of porn stars but this is considered over compensation and only brings up the question of if he's a repressed homosexual.

It's been a rumor that Leonard F. Shaner Jr is gay for a long time mostly due to the above fact that he's never been in a relationship with a woman ever. The vast majority of men his age have at least gone on a few dates and had sex. When questioned about his sexuality on the Kiwi Farms, Shaner attempted to tell one of the stupidest and most over compensating stories ever conceived. Finally there's his unhealthy obsession in the long, hard, phallic objects known as trains. With all of this there's no doubt that Leonard F. Shaner wants the cock.

Len And Getting Banned

As much as Shaner likes to tell people he's best buds with nearly everyone who's in charge of the tourist railroads the fact is that the opposite is actually true. He has a terrible reputation with nearly everyone. This is reflected in how he's banned from nearly every tourist railroad in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Sometime in January of 2018 Len Shaner accomplished the astounding feat of getting banned from the entire city of Kutztown PA. as shown in this ban letter to him from the city. Previously he'd only been getting banned from railroads such as the ban that made him famous from the Colebrookdale Railroad.

The exact reasons Shaner gets banned vary but in general they usually include:

  • Constant lying
  • Overstepping his authority
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stealing parts
  • Sneaking into places he's not allowed or are closed for the day
  • Causing drama
  • Pissing the wrong people off
  • Being a shit disturber

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Commits Stolen Valor

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. pretends to be a veteran using his main Twitter account under his real name.

Aside from pretending to be a military veteran under his real name via Twitter, one of the most notorious of Shaner's Facebook sock accounts is the infamous John Simon (now renamed to John Smith). Shaner created this account as a way to intimidate his perceived enemies and defend himself by saying John was a Vietnam veteran who was on his side. He believed that since war veterans are respected for their service that if he had one on his side (as fake as John was) people would be forced to respect him as well and wouldn't argue with his dumbassery. Of course no one fell for this sock since Shaner has a very specific way of typing that gives him away and no one defends Shaner except Shaner. Soon railroad workers and Kiwi's were rightly accusing him of Stolen Valor.

Eventually the accusations became too much so Len decided that instead of having John post it would be his daughter Lisa posting on his page for him... because that totally is a thing people do. He had Lisa make a post on John's page claiming that John had a heart attack from all the stress caused by the stolen valor claims and that she would be taking over. In classic Shaner form he decided that Lisa was also a retired Army soldier and posted pictures of her in order to try and make his bull shit seem legit. Unfortunately Shaner is dumb and lazy and ripped the photo off of an Army ROTC article . This was his second count of Stolen Valor.

People again called him out, shoving proof of his illegal and unpatriotic actions down his cowardly throat. Shaner, crumbling under the pressure once again and with no way to maintain the facade, decided to pretend none of this ever happened and changed John Simon into John Smith. In fact Leonard Shaner via this renamed profile is still claiming to be a "retired Marnie Corp. Sargent(sic)". If you can't spell the word Marine or the word Sergeant then you were probably neither. This final act proves that Leonard Shaner is not only a cowardly bitch for hiding behind the reputation of real veterans but is also a coward for not having the balls to confess his cowardly act in the first place.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. The Racist

Leonard Shaner, the cowardly manchild, would never let people think he's a racist bastard who hates blacks on his real Facebook profile. However using his fake ones he's able to let his true colors shine through. Here he uses his despicable stolen valor profile John Simon/Smith to express his hatred towards blacks.

The Lenspiracy


This is what he actually believes. Also the word is "justice", Len.

The Lenspiracy, as it's called by rail road employees and Kiwis, is a conspiracy theory invented by Leonard F. Shaner Jr to shift the blame for the consequences of his own actions to other people. He believes that a small group of rail road volunteers that he personally knows came together to have him banned from every tourist line in the USA for no reason. He also believes that these same dozen or so people are responsible for various online threads exposing his online sock puppets and libel against people and institutions he dislikes. Finally, as part of his delusions, he believes that his rivals will all go to prison for doing the same thing he is doing. Being mean on the internet.


The majority of the time Leonard F. Shaner Jr has been working alone. However he writes in a very distinct style so whenever he needs to take the heat off of himself he does have some fellow idiots who help him out.

James Kaufman Jr.

James Kaufman Jr- Leonard's on again off again best friend and closest butt buddy. James is an over the road truck driver who likes to pretend he's bad ass. In reality he's a fellow retarded train enthusiast and a severely obese mental midget who likes to play internet tough guy with bad words and empty threats.

On a side note, Lenny pretends to be Kaufman on some occasions as well in order to try and deflect attention from himself. This can be seen here where Shaner (as The Knight Rider) couldn't make up his mind about what person he was going to impersonate.

Hy Mayerson.

Hy Mayerson- This is Leonard's crazy retired lawyer pal. Originally thought to have had his Facebook account hijacked by Shaner, it soon became apparent this wasn't the case. Shaner uses him when he gets tired of being called an idiot and needs to have someone use words longer than two syllables.

In a huge twist Hy represented Len Shaner at his preliminary hearing. Hy successfully took something that should have lasted 20 minutes and ended in Shaner receiving probation and a small fine into a 2 hour long circus resulting in every charge sticking. Afterwards it was theorized that Hy secretly hates Shaner and screwed him over on purpose since no lawyer would ever represent a client so badly.

For his outstanding actions in making sure that none of Len's charges were dropped Mr. Mayerson is now recognized as an honorary Kiwi.

Dave Watson.

Dave Watson- Another one of Leonard's train crazy butt buddies, Dave Watson runs a shit tier web hosting company called Internet Factory Inc. located in York, PA. In reality this company was set up solely to keep some railroad tracks from being torn out and does no real business what so ever. Besides posting in lieu of Len Shaner sometimes he also sets up Facebook pages for him and badly formatted web pages on free hosting sites.

Trolls- Leonard Shaner's trolls generally come in two flavors, hot chick with big boobs who sympathize with him and double agents within the Colebrookdale Railroad/Kiwi Farms. He is exceptionally stupid, gullible, and desperately wants to have what he refers to as "insiders" to help take down his enemies. Trolls rightly consider him an easy target and will post occasionally for him to gain his trust in order to fuck with him. However due to the nature of what they post this usually is more of a detriment for Len. Of course Shaner is too stupid to see this and just lets them control his life more and more.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Vs The Colebrookdale Railroad

Len Shaner is told to eat shit by the Colebrookdale.

On April 2nd, 2015 Leonard Shaner was officially banned from this volunteer railroad for lying, stealing, sexual harassment, and misrepresenting himself as being someone in a position of authority. This was not the first time he's been banned from railroads however instead of just accepting it like a normal adult he decided it had to be a conspiracy (officially known as the Lenspiracy by his fans) against him and proceeded to launch a smear campaign against the railroad via Facebook. These pages mostly consisted of targeting the leaders and equipment operators since these were the people who he thought got him banned.

Being a coward and overall shitlord, Leonard Shaner created a legion of sock puppets to use as ghost writers and supporters of his cause. Among the people he made up were rabid Shaner supporters, fake super secret railroad insiders, fictional news reporters, and even a fake Vietnam veteran with his equally fake daughter who claimed to be retired military as well. As expected no one believed that these were real people except for Leonard Shaner and as of today his Facebook pages are only visited by Shaner socks, trolls, and railroad employees wanting to take the piss out of the manchild himself.

On June 8th, 2015 Leonard Shaner was caught trespassing on railroad property and was served with papers. Naturally this reinforced his delusions of a railroad wide conspiracy to have him locked up in jail. Even though there's multiple witnesses and video evidence of him illegally being on railroad property he doubled down on his smear campaign by trying to intimidate the volunteers at the railroad. His new tactics are mostly based around pretending he has law enforcement and the FBI investigating the Colebrookdale and the Kiwi Farms even though there's no evidence of this actually happening.

To this day Leonard F. Shaner Jr believes that everyone at the railroad and Kiwi Farms are part of the Lenspiracy. He believes that all his enemies will be arrested for various fictional crimes against him and will go to prison for life enabling him to be in charge of the railroad. In reality this will not happen.

The Anti-Colebrookdale Facebook Crusade

Leonard F. Shaner Jr's attempt to use big words. Yes, it's as much of a mess as you think.

(For a more complete list of his hate pages please see the bottom of this page)

If ever there was a primary reason for Leonard F. Shaner Jr proving himself to be a shitlord it's because of him being an epic level autistic retard on Facebook. Shaner, being a basement dwelling manchild, spends the majority of his time running fan pages for nearly every railroad in Pennsylvania. This also included one he created for the Colebrookdale rail road when he first started volunteering called "Friends Of The Colebrookdale Rail Road" (known as the Friends page for short) that he used to primarily show off his terrible photography and advertise his other photography pages. At the time this was the only page for this rail road other then the official one created by the rail road itself.

Then Len got banned.

Around the 19th of April 2015 he decided he would begin a Colebrookdale smear campaign to get revenge for being banned. He kept the name of the page the same but began using the Friends page as his own personal soap box to tell the world about his made up conspiracy to have him banned from the rail road. No one gave a shit because it was Shaner.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. outright admitting he is running Colebrookdale Railroad Americas Most Dangerous Tourist Line Facebook page.

The next day on the 20th he officially entered try hard mode and created two more pages entitled "Colebrookdale Railroad Americas Most Dangerous Tourist Line" (the Dangerous Page) (Edit: On January 19th of 2016 the original Colebrookdale Railroad America's Most Dangerous Tourist Line page was deleted by Facebook for harassment. Within 24 hours Leonard F. Shaner Jr created a clone of it. The Dangerous Page 2 can be found HERE) and "Colebrookdale Railroad Can They Be Trusted". Combined with the Friends Page he attempted to disrupt the activities of the railroad, smear the people who he hated, and continue to sperg out on his hilarious Lenspiracy.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. is outed by a former ally about him and one of his sock puppets running Taking Down Kiwi Farms on Facebook.

Leonard Shaner then decided that he needed yet another page to let loose his hatred for those who are less of a manchild then him so he created "Meet The Conspirators Of The Colebrookdale Rail Road Preservation Trust" on the 21st. This page was created solely for posting names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, and other personal information of the people he thought were part of the Lenspiracy. This page succeeded in attracting the ire of the volunteers as they began to realize that Leonard Shaner's reputation as being a huge shit disturber was true. Any sympathy people might have had for him evaporated around this time because of this.

Shaner was content having four anti-Colebrookdale rail road pages for about a month. Around May 18th he was at the top of his ego trip and felt he was winning his imaginary war so he decided to create a 5th Facebook page. This one was called "Can We Trust The Colebrookdale Railroad Leaders?". It's assumed this one was going to continue his doxxing campaign however he abandoned it for some reason and other then the title there really is very little on that page. Perhaps he lost the password to the account running that page.

Even as he was creating these pages and ranting about conspiracy, Leonard F. Shaner Jr acted like he had no idea who was defending him. He claimed that these were "friends he never met in person" who were making these pages and when confronted he would claim (using his sock puppet moderators) that Len had nothing to do with the page and that there were upwards of 5 people running each page. He would also sign his posts using the name of one of his fake mods to try and convince people it wasn't him. The most popular and frequent ones were Freddy M. (fake private investigator) and Erica R. Stone (fake news reporter). He also occasionally used others such as William Keys and Stanley Roberts.

The problem with Shaner, other then him being a cowardly manchild, is that he believes that other people are as stupid as he is. He actually thinks that as long as he never admits it's him everyone will be fooled. He's also in denial that he has a very distinct writing style that easily allows people to figure out it's him causing some hilarious interactions with him. He's so dumb that even when presented with damning proof that he runs the Friends Page, that he's actually Freddy M. And Erica R. Stone, and because of this he also runs the other ones he still believes that no one knows since he isn't admitting it. At one point he even forgot to censor his name when he was posting as the Dangerous page on one of his other pages, forgot to edit out the picture from his personal page when he posted to the trustworthy page, and even admitted he ran the page proving that the only one being fooled is Shaner himself.

In the end these pages only succeeded in buying Shaner a one way ticket into lolcow history. These pages, combined with others he made not only gave him a thread on the Kiwi Farms but also got him on /cow/ and got him a very well written Encyclopedia Dramatica article. And his fight with the Colebrookdale railroad? There are still no fucks given about him by them.

Oh. Except for when they caught him trespassing.

Shaner Is Arrested For Trespassing On The Colebrookdale

Len Shaner proves he didn't trespass by taking photos of people taking photos of him trespassing. Brilliant.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr is no stranger to breaking the law but on June 8th, 2015, for reasons that are not entirely clear, returned to the property that he was banned from in order to take photos of a railroad he'd been actively trying to put out of business for 2 months. Whether it was to take photos to further mock the railroad or as an act of train autism he decided to be a shit disturber and set up close to the train tracks.

Unfortunately for Leonard he had set up his camera on railroad property and people began taking photos of him as soon as they saw him. Len Shaner attempted to deny he was there. However it was too late and later that day he was served papers saying he was being charged with 1 count of defiant trespassing and 3 counts of endangerment. Ironically this was right after how he was bragging about how he had no criminal record. Many lulz were had.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Goes To Court

Shaner predicting the exact opposite of what was going to happen at his hearing to a troll.

Len's first court date regarding his trespassing was a preliminary hearing that took place on August 10th, 2015. Leonard came with at least 2 legal folders full of screen shots taken from the Kiwi Farms. It would be regarded as one of the craziest and most hilarious parts of the Lenspiracy. Contrary to popular predictions Hy Mayerson actually showed up to defend Leonard.

The word "defend" was a very generous description of what Hy actually did though. Instead of using a defense that would have most likely resulted in a slap on the wrist he instead did exactly what Shaner wanted. He went full Lenspiracy and contrary of acting like a normal lawyer he decided to start accusing people of conspiracy and being part of the Kiwi Farms. This included the Judge and the arresting officer. Naturally this was not received well and everyone was becoming really tired of Hy and Shaner's shit. Especially after the hearing that should have taken 20 minutes max started creeping past the 2 hours mark.

In the end Hy screwed Shaner worse then anyone else could have possibly done. Leonard ended up with all of his charges sticking and going to lower court. The next time Shaner went to court for his arraignment Hy was no longer his lawyer and by the time the pre-trial conferences began he had a public defender.

It's now it's theorized that Hy Mayerson hates Shaner as much as anyone and fucked him over on purpose. As of this writing the court saga is still ongoing and trapped in continuance hell. Updates can be found on Leonard Shaner's court docket.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr: The Lolcow

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. Vs. Kiwi Farms

You never go full Shaner.

On May 27th, 2015 Leonard Shaner was introduced to the Kiwi Farms via the Personal Lolcow thread by Zim. Due to Leonard dramatically increasing his content and stupidity Zim created a new thread for him in Lolcow on June 4th of the same year and proceeded to out him as owning several of the Facebook pages he denied creating that were against the Colebrookdale Railroad.

Len Shaner wasted no time in discovering the thread on him since he's one of those people who Googles his name nearly every day. In less then a week he had learned about his new thread and on June 13th he appeared on the thread as the user The_Knight_Rider. In classic Leonard Shaner style he pretended to be a private ("privit" in Shaner speak) investigator by the name of Thomas T. Johnson who said he wasn't taking sides but proceeded with an attempt to defend Shaner to the death. As expected no one fell for this obvious sock. Due to him being extremely autistic Len was called out by his second post.

Things escalated rapidly as the Shaner socks rushed in to try and do damage control (a standard Shaner tactic since he has no friends) in order to get the Kiwis to stop telling the horrible truth about him. After trying to disprove the Kiwi's facts by posting tons of his autism riddled train videos he began the first in his pattern of outlandish scare tactics. As the thread went on he created a variety of sock puppets to intimidate anyone and everyone into deleting the thread.

Soon it became apparent that Leonard was completely out classed and out of his league. He couldn't keep his lies straight, couldn't remember who he doxxed forum members as, couldn't keep his sock puppets straight, and couldn't keep up with the constant barrage of posts since he's old as fuck and retarded. In short he ate shit and lost the game. The usual things he did to get people to stop, doxxing and scare tactics, didn't work at all so eventually he just resorted to shit posts to try and get the thread deleted. These were usually long strings of bible verses and only served to make his thread more popular eventually ranking nearly anything looked up on him as a Kiwi Farm link.

The original thread is now locked but discussion has moved to its new home in the Leonard F. Shaner II thread.

Confirmed Leonard F. Shaner Jr's Kiwi sock accounts

That feel when Lennyboy sends a threatening email from his actual account but signs it as one of his sock puppets.
  1. The_Knight_Rider (merged) – Original sock account claiming to be detective Thomas T. Johnson, a U.S. Government agent, and a variety of other people.
  2. Photographer (banned) – His second sock. This time claiming to be someone working at the Colebrookdale.
  3. Schuylkill_Valley (merged) – The account Shaner came on as himself to pretend to be innocent or to know who any of his other sock accounts were.
  4. Leonard F. Shaner Jr. (banned) - When Null finally had enough of Shaner's bull shit this was the account that his others were merged into.
  5. Sonya Blade (banned) - On July 18th 2016 Leonard Shaner got his panties in a bind about people ignoring him and made another account just to threaten people with his fake FBI agents.

A Rough Timeline Of Shaner's Thread (wip)

Leonard Shaner Kiwi Fan Art

Social Media Pages Ran By Leonard F. Shaner Jr.

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. runs so many Facebook pages that we had to create an entire wiki page for them. He lives on the internet. Where most people use the internet as a way to socialize, play games, find dates, or watch videos Shaner uses it to vent his impotent tard rage against the railroads he's been banned from.

Below is a list of the various hate pages, railroad fan pages, and photography pages that Leonard F. Shaner Jr. runs in his ever lasting war on the people he hates. These pages may randomly go down, come back, or come back under new names as they get reported and his various profiles get banned so apologies in advance for broken links. His photography pages are included because they've been known to parrot what he posts on his hate pages when something makes him angry. This "sample" is probably half to 2/3 of the pages he's started.

  1. How Misleading is Project C&O 1309?
  2. Bessemer and Lake Erie 643, The only B&LE 2-10-4 in existance.
  3. Steamtown NHS, How Trust Worthy Are They?
  4. Fat Railfan Foamers
  5. The Gut Nation
  6. Was Wrongfully Removed
  7. Let Him Return To The Colebrookdale Railroad
  8. Friends of the Colebrookdale Railroad
  9. Colebrookdale Railroad, How Trustworthy Are They?
  10. Colebrookdale Railroad: Americas Most Dangerous Tourist Line?
  11. Can We Trust The Colebrookdale Railroad Leaders?
  12. Internet Bullies
  13. Taking Down Kiwi Farms (The first one he made.)
  14. Taking Down Kiwi Farms (The 2nd one he made after Kiwi Farms killed the first one.)
  15. @Imposterbee Twitter account
  16. The Allentown & Auburn: America's Most Dangerous Tourist Line?
  17. Allentown & Auburn Railroad: How Trustworthy Are They?
  18. Leonard Shaner No Longer With Colebrookdale
  19. Friends Of Donald John Trump
  20. World's Most Dangerous Railfoamer? You Decide.
  21. James Gay Lolcow Terrebonne
  22. Chad Gay Lolcow Hubler
  23. Steven Lolcow Railfan Zuby
  24. Jr. Blank W. Dennis Pedofiler of Pennsylvania
  25. Leonard F. Shaner Jr; The Most Loved Railfan
  26. Leonard F Shaner Jr, World's Most Famous Railfan.
  27. The Holy Bible - KJ
  28. Central Railroad of New Jersey Project 113
  29. Railfan Girls Please note that all 3 admins are Shaner and his sock puppets.
  30. Abandoned (Pennsylvania)
  31. Rescue Vehicle Photography
  32. The Reading Company Fan Page
  33. Friends of the Reading & Northern Railroad
  34. General Night Photography Dusk till Dawn
  35. Railroad Night Photography Dusk till Dawn
  36. Water Reflection Photography
  37. Leonard F Shaner Jr's Photography
  38. Steel City Railway Historical Society