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Laurelai Bailey
Rainbow Haired Laurelai.jpg
Born Wesley James Earl Bailey
January 15th, 1982
United States
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Laurelai Bailey is a pre-operative transsexual who is known for causing drama in every internet community he has infected with his presence for around a decade. Claiming to be the sole leak for the NSA program, Stux Net. Laurelai is known, but not well regarded, in many social justice circles. His influence has been waning, but he still remains to infect the masses over Twitter with his Communist rhetoric. Laurelai is a well known stalker and harasser in the SJW community as well, with stories of rape attempts towards other members of the transgendered community and towards women. As a warning, it is said to anyone wishing to troll Laurelai, not to bother. Laurelai has a notorious history of trying to acquire dox his many enemies, including members of Kiwi Farms.