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Laurelai Bailey
Rainbow Haired Laurelai.jpg
Born Wesley James Earl Bailey
January 15th, 1982
United States
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"Im going to ruin you Zoey, it was bad enough you lying about me. That i can kinda get, im an asshole. The others? WOOOW thats evil."
—Laurelai, threatening a woman she had allegedly raped.

Laurelai Bailey, also known as Wesley James Earl Bailey, Trinity Bailey, Laurelai Storm, Trinity Raziel, and Laina, is a transexual hallmarked by her erratic and abusive behavior, on and offline. Essentially addicted to power and with a seeming, pathological need to be in charge of others, Laurelai is infamous across numerous communities for her manipulative, aggressive, and outright hostile behavior, to the point where she has been evicted from many groups she previously had assosciated with - not to mention the homes of many well-meaning individuals who had no idea what they were getting themselves into when offering Laurelai a place to stay.

Online, Laurelai is the head of SJWiki, as well as the disgraced former head of several subreddits devoted to the LGBT community on Reddit, where Laurelai was ultimately banned for her toxic behavior. On both Reddit and on other social media platforms, Laurelai has shown a propensity for responding to criticism with a shocking level of brutality - cheerfully engaging in stalking, doxing, threats of both death and violence, attempts to ruin her critics financially, attempt to destroy their relationships and finances, and threaten suicide to keep her critics in line (while claiming at the same time to be the victim of such actions, of course). Laurelai often is referred to as one of the worst Reddit mods in history, and is openly hated by almost every community that has come into contact with her.

If her responses to criticism of her terrible behavior online aren't bad enough, however, Laurelai's behavior offline is, if anything, even more horrifying: Laurelai is known to be physically and emotionally abusive, is alleged to have sexually harassed, extorted, and flat-out raped multiple people she was close to, and is known to have stolen money and possessions from people who have made the mistake of housing her. She is also known for trying to break up families, ruin reputations with friends, and undermine careers solely for the sake of her own amusement, to say nothing of her actions when finally thrown out of someone's home for her own bad behavior or evicted from a community for the same. Laurelai's actions suggest she views everyone around her as either enemies or potential enemies, and she is known to keep massive dossiers on her friends and associates that she's ready to use if ever any of them make the mistake of crossing her. This includes collecting data with the express intention of turning it over to law enforcement or blackmailing people (which has made her wildly unpopular, to say the least). Cheating, lying, stealing, violence, and more are part of who she is and what she does.

The Kiwi Farms strongly advises any who might engage with Laurelai to reconsider. She is absolutely willing to dox, threaten, and attempt to attack anyone who makes the mistake of trying to warn others about her,[1][2] and Laurelai is always looking for a reason to savage someone. Laurelai's preferred method of dodging responsibility and accountability for her actions is to accuse others of transphobia.[3] Even the scam-artists of Trans LifeLine had the good sense to ban Laurelai Bailey from contacting them.[4]

Family Abandonment

Main Article: Kari Emails

Laurelai, prior to transitioning, had a wife and children back when he was still known as Wesley Bailey. Disturbingly, Wesley has been said by multiple sources to have pimped out his wife to others in the Army before deciding he was trans. After claiming to be trans, Laurelai systemically neglected his wife and children until they left him. Laurelai has thus far dodged every attempt thus far to make him pay alimony or child support and refuses to acknowledge any responsibility towards her previous family.

Laurelai's family irresponsibility makes perfectly clear that Laurelai has zero desire to take ownership of her actions, and is by far one of her most prominent hallmarks. Denial and blame shifting are things she does with clockwork regularity. Laurelai, when she hurts people, feels nothing. When accused of anything, she flat-out denies it, irrespective of evidence, and then proceeds to make clear she attempts to attack her accuser. She is acutely aware of her actions and has neither shame nor remorse for what she does to others. She genuinely believes her actions are always justified, and that her victims deserve what they get by virtue of her being Laurelai.


Main Article: Laurelai Testimonials, An Open Letter To My Rapist, Laurelai Bailey

Laurelai is perpetually unemployed, has no income beyond a modest Patreon, and often relies on the goodwill of strangers or the availability of communal living faciltiies in order to sustain herself. Many in the LGBT community, incorrectly believing that Laurelai is a victim of circumstances beyond her control, have made the mistake of allowing Laurelai into their homes; in many cases, this turns out to be a disaster as Laurelai refuses to work, constantly makes unreasonable demands, and trying to break up otherwise-stable families solely for her own amusement.

In at least one case, Laurelai is known to have drugged and raped someone she was staying with.

An inevitability of Laurelai's toxic nature and general instability is that almost every family who has ever taken her in has learned to lament that mistake. Those who have taken Laurelai in often have harrowing tales to tell of her complete unwillingness to find employment, openly stealing from her benefactors, and openly abusing those who took her in while claiming to have been victimized by them. Similarly, those that finally do succeed in getting rid of Laurelai have often found her to be equally ruinous on her way out - as Laurelai damages those she stays with and resorts to slander, blackmail attempts, threats of violence, and attempts to abuse the legal system against any host who attempts to get rid of her.

FBI Sellout

Infinitysnake explains Laurelai's actions with Lulzsec.

Laurelai first came to the attention of many communities that cover internet drama back in 2011, when she was involved with the hacker group LulzSec, who was behind both the HBGary Hacks and several similar incidents online.[5] While Laurelai did (and still does) refer to herself as a hacker, in actuality she is what is derogatorily referred to as a "script kiddie" - an unskilled individual who uses programs and scripts designed by other people to accomplish her alleged hacking, usually to gain cred in computer-related communities. By all accounts, Laurelai was as toxic to Lulzsec as she is to various communities online now, attempting to get the group to hack targets she was specifically angry with, and no one in the group was willing to consider her a member. During her time with Lulzsec, she is alleged to have leaked information that wound up making several of the group fugitives.

Laurelai later wound up selling out her associates to the FBI in order to save herself.[6] While Laurelai has steadfastly denied ratting out her associates online, she has, on multiple occasions, bragged about being the sole leak for the NSA's Stux Net program and has has only continued to rat out her associates to various government agencies the second it suits her. As late as March of 2017, Laurelai was caught in the act turning her erstwhile allies over to the government in retaliation for not sufficiently kowtowing to her.[7]

Laurelai is fond of using such garnered information as part of blackmail attempts.

Reddit Activity

Laurelai's raging inferiority complex in action.
"Laurelai went on a rampage with Kayla to try to get "revenge." At some point somebody was trolling them on IRC using my twitter nick, and they became convinced I was a cancer surgeon in Florida. She openly bragged about going to this man's place of employment to harass him, and of smearing him publicly (to his neighbors!) as a pedophile."
—InfinitySnake, on Laurelai Bailey

Laurelai spends an enormous amount of time on Reddit. She used to moderate several LGBT boards, but has been systemically driven off many of them in retaliation for her terrible behavior,[8] which often involved relentless power-trips and a willingness to dox and threaten people with impunity over trivial offenses,[9] often banning people for disagreeing publicly with her and/or pointing out Laurelai's history of abusive behavior. During this time, she rather notoriously spread the dox of a cancer surgeon she suspected of being one of her longstanding enemies,[10] attempting to label the doctor in question a pedophile.[11]

This would set the tone for Laurelai making this same mistake later.

Involvement in GamerGate

Laurelai throws her hat in the ring.

Laurelai, being friends with multiple people of interest within the LGBT community was a natural enemy of the consumer hashtag campaign from the moment it began in 2014. She was quick to rush to the defense of her longstanding friends, grandstanding at length about how they were innocent of wrongdoing, despite evidence. Needless to say, Laurelai immediately sided with the opposition, and proceeded to act as an attack dog on behalf of what would eventually become Crash Override Network. Most of Laurelai's work centered around harassing and attempting to dox any member of the LGBT community who dared consider Gamergate in anything but an extremely negative right. Laurelai was known to have taken considerable issue with Gamergate's #NotYourShield hashtag, which was started to show the broad support GamerGate had amongst women, minorities, and the LGBT community, and was quick to dox and threaten them if they dared show support for the movement.

Laurelai's most infamous incident happened in January of 2015, Dan Olson allegedly approached her about the prospect of conducting false-flag operations against 8chan. While what was agreed to remains a point of contention, what is not is what actually happened: Laurelai to set up a honeypot IRC channel corresponding with the launch of an alleged child pornography board (/hebe/) on 8chan. Laurelai would then "plant" said content in the hope of luring in actual pedophiles to the channel and board, which would allow Olson to, via archive postings and screencaps, make the argument that 8chan was home to Child Pornography and had to be shut down as a result. Olson did this in support of Crash Override Network, which he had financial ties to members of. Laurelai saw an opportunity to bolster her power and influence, and readily agreed.

Interestingly, it was Laurelai's involvement with the plan that caused it to backfire spectacularly. Those familiar with Laurelai quickly leaked information to GamerGate supporters, who quickly established that the /hebe/ board featured, as its headlining post, a link to an IRC client hosted at starrevolution.org.[12] an IRC trace of the IP Address of Starrevolution.org showed that the owner and operator of that very site was none other than Laurelai herself (with SJWiki, which Laurelai operates using the same address).[13][14] To further the connection, the IP address was also the home to Laurelai's own "sex worker" website, Laurelai.info, which advertised her services as both a kernal installer and prostitute.[15] Finally, it was also established that Olson and Laurelai had a long pre-existing relationship with Dan being extensively active on SJWiki.[16][17]

Humorously, Crash Override Network knew that Laurelai was toxic long before Dan Olson launched his plan - and his choosing to use her anyway was a contributing factor in his expulsion from the group. In the Crash Override Network Log Leaks, multiple members of the chat, including Israel Galvez and Rob Marmolejo, immediately knew who and what Laurelai was - including the numerous accusations of sexual assault that have followed her for some time, and did not think even GamerGate deserved to be associated with her. Even Sarah Nyberg voiced the opinion that Laurelai was dangerous and not to be trusted. When Olson wound up being fired from Channel Awesome, he no longer had any power or influence to exploit, and he was quietly expelled from Crash Override Network, taking Laurelai's hopes of latching onto a new power base with him.

Rape Allegations

Laurelai gets exposed on Facebook.

Main Articles: An Open Letter To My Rapist, Laurelai Bailey

In January 2015, shortly after her disastrous attempt to use Dan Olson to plant CP on 8chan, Laurelai's past of sexual harassment and assault finally caught up with her, as one of Laurelai's victims, Zoey Wolfe, posted a lengthy - and horrifying - personal account of how she was raped by Laurelai Bailey.

In the aftermath of said letter, no less than five additional victims of Laurelai's came forth to describe their own rapes at her hands. Laurelai responded by threatening suicide repeatedly, and after this failed, threatening retaliatory action against her accusers.

Laurelai vs The Kiwi Farms

Coming Soon...

Other Actions Online

Laurelai frequently posts on Twitter, and has been suspended twice. Her previous accounts, stuxnetsource and laurelaiissexy have both been suspended for violating Twitter's Terms of Use. Her most recently created account is laurelai_bailey. In late 2016, she has joined Anti-Fascist Action (Antifa), a far-left organization which is commonly associated with lolcows and Rat Kings. On there, she commonly posts about anti-capitalism and pro-communism, threatens Donald Trump and Trump supporters and her usual habit of threatening violence/death threats to other users at seemingly very little provocation.


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