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The index page of the Kiwi Farms as of February 5th, 2016.
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Commercial? No
Type of site
Registration February 1st, 2016[1]
September 16th, 2014[2]
January 29th, 2013[3]
Available in English
Users 12,835 registered, 2000 daily sign-ins
Launched 4 February 2013; 5 years ago (2013-02-04)
"All of you are retarded. This community is retarded."
Null, regarding his userbase[4]

The Kiwi Farms, formerly the CWCki Forums, is a community devoted to the discussion of Lolcows. It was born out of necessity when the CWCki failed to support open discussion about Chris, especially hypothetical questions. It grew at a surprising rate, and eventually began to distance itself from its original sponsor after discussion of non-Chris topics became more popular than Chris himself. The rebranding effort decided on Kiwi Farms as an apt new title, because most Lolcows fail completely when trying to pronounce the site name, often simplifying it as the "queaky" or "kiwi" forums. The forum is frequently criticized by trolling communities for being too sensitive to its users and is the frequent subject of contention.


The forum's public notoriety (and infamy) has risen significantly every year.[5] It is especially well known in rat king circles and LGBT-sensitive communities like Tumblr due to the forum's invasive nature and its tendency to find people of interest in them.

Popular Opinions

The demographic makeup of the Kiwi Farms is very diverse, but predominantly comes from the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Female traffic makes up over 30% of all traffic, and transgenderism is statistically over-represented. The forum is mostly apolitical on-site and only a minority are vocal about their beliefs, but consensus leans towards socially libertarian and fiscally conservative. Topics about welfare and a person of interest's reliance on or abuse of social programs can become very passionate and contentious.


Trans people are very prevalent on the site and the typical user is tolerant to them, although staff has historically been less so.[6] Discussion about transgender and other LGBT issues can derail threads if left unchecked. Many on-forum transgenders will argue transgender lolcows are not actually trans for a variety of reasons. This is frequently considered A-Logging or Trollshielding, especially by external communities critical of the Kiwi Farms.

Transgender people of interest who visit the forum will sometimes protest on-site trannies and say that they are "Uncle Toms", or transgenders who support anti-transgender people. Although the forum's approach to evaluating if someone is a lolcow does not put any specific emphasis on transgenderism, lolcows do frequently have gender identity issues which can manifest in dressing extremely inappropriately and poorly "passing" to the amusement of forum-goers.

Interactions with People of Interest

Many people discussed on the Kiwi Farms have come to defend themselves and their reputation.

Christian Weston Chandler

"Why don't you and that damn Cwcki just go ahead and die off the Internet already so I can finally find some peace of my life?" -- Chris posts as "paintingatree", 23 May 2013.

On a few occasions in 2013, Christian Weston Chandler has posted on the Kiwi Farms. His initial foray into it was in 2010, where he created the false persona "JenkinsJinkies" and claimed to be a 15-year-old homosexual who happened to move in right across the street from Chris. As JenkinsJinkies, Chris created the bizarre Coffee Place page, an article which originally started off as a reported sighting of Chris in Burger King but quickly devolved into a rant against Amanda, a part-time manager who seemingly irked Chris by not treating himself, Bob, and other "seinors" with the adequate respect Chris thought she should. How JenkinsJinkies was able to know all this information about Amanda after one visit and why he would care if she mistreated Bob or not was never to be explained by Chris. Eventually he abandoned the facade and the forum.

Later, in 2012, he returned, under the handle "paintingatree." In his few posts, he generally tried to defend himself under the guise of a remorseful troll, again, before throwing that pretense out the window and letting his presence be known openly. He again fled the forum, only to re-register under the same nickname in February 2013. He wrote the first post on 23 May, in which he made it clear that it was him. In spite of this, in other posts he pretended to be someone else. As it could be expected, he was trying to defend himself again (mostly from accusations of being homosexual, since many users, knowing that they're being watched, jokingly concluded that the meaning behind his absurd Facebook riddle is that Chris wants to come out of the closet), and was very rude to the users in almost all of his posts. Being in the process of adding old friends from his high school on FB, he also asked if anybody found an a former friend of his that was now actively trying to avoid him, Tiffany Gowen.

It's assumed that even now, Chris lurks on the boards regularly, and screenshots of the forum have appeared on his Facebook account. His exact motivations for doing this are not clear, but it has been speculated that he intended to use the screen caps as proof of a troll conspiracy including Michael Snyder, or attempt to use screengrabs of the forum as evidenced when the forum is inevitably closed by the government for being a "cyber-bullies hangout."

Leonard F. Shaner Jr

"I'm not Len Shaner!" - Shaner proving that not even Shaner wants to be Shaner.

On June 13th, 2015 Leonard F. Shaner Jr, possibly the worlds most hated railfan, graced the farms with his presence as the user The_Knight_Rider. Being a person who googles his name constantly he found the thread within a week and came on to defend his honor. In typical Shaner fashion he did this via a sock puppet account but was called out by his second post. This wouldn't be his last sock account either. He'd go on to create 3 more in order to make it look like he actually had supporters.

He also believed that everyone was a member of the Colebrookdale railroad. This led to him eventually posting personal information of everyone he knew and threatening members via PM. He created multiple Facebook accounts in a futile bid to take down the Farms just like he did with the railroad as well. Meanwhile he spent the majority of his time each day arguing, shit posting bible verses, and claiming he wasn't Leonard Shaner until one day he actually came on as himself to try and get everyone to believe the other socks weren't him and that he had no idea why everyone was picking on him. When this didn't work the shit posting escalated as he lost the game to the Kiwi Farms.

The thread was eventually closed and discussion was moved to a private area. To date Leonard F. Shaner Jr is in the midst of a court battle with the railroad after he was caught trespassing. He also continues to libel the railroad and believes he's going to have everyone on the forum arrested.


"you're misgendering me"

Infamous Tumblr blogger/serial harasser Vade showed up on the Kiwi Farms on October 23rd, 2014, after sending several expeditionary teams of her followers to try to harass and threaten Tumblrites that had come to the Kiwi Farm to report on Vade's horrible behavior, apparently deciding that if the Kiwis wouldn't immediately drop what they were doing and harass Vade's harasser, that they were the enemy. The thread hilariously devolved into Vade failing to defend herself from even basic criticism and fumbled with simple questions. Fittingly, Vade acted as she had on Tumblr, accusing people of misgendering her and refusing to respond to any legitimate criticism or discussion. Eventually she fled, only to return to defend herself a few days later. During this time, she continued to ignore any and all questions that potentially could make her uncomfortable, all advice, and eventually began to threaten self-harm and suicide. The response by the Kiwi Farms was to call the police regarding Vade's suicide threat. She ran away soon after, this time apparently for good, though she constantly watches the forum. Vade claims to have had so much stress from the encounter that she invented a new Headmate named Tero, who was violent and murderous. Needless to say, Tero, like Vade, was resoundingly mocked. [7]

Brianna Wu

"Everything critical of me is Gamergate."

Brianna Wu, infamous Twitter activist and developer of the failed IOS game Revolution 60, has had a ridiculously adversarial relationship with the Kiwi Farms since her article first went up in April of 2015. Despite never mentioning the Farms by name, Wu has repeatedly had interactions with the Kiwi Farms, the first noted of which being during the Jace Connors Incident, in which Brianna Wu was contacted directly by Null over Deagle Nation. Wu nonetheless decided to treat Jace Connors and Tyce Andrews as a legitimate threat to her life, and proceeded to use Jace and Tyce as a backdrop in her harassment narrative over a year after he had been debunked as a hoax. This led to Wu being chronicled by Lolcow Wiki due to her repeated history of lies, malfeasance, and failure.

Wu despises this Wiki and its chronicling over her myriad failures and lies with an all-consuming passion; she has a small group of users who do little but watch her ongoing threads on the Farms to keep her abreast of what the Kiwi Farms might be up to at any given moment, and she has been known to use her connections on Twitter to get those who link to her Lolcow Wiki article or images/links associated with it banned for harassment.

Even the official Kiwi Farms account was once sanctioned for a week for mocking Brianna Wu's infamous SyFy Network appearance.

Marjan Šiklić

"i'm not going to treat her like a prostitute. you pay a prostitute. i won't pay her. i will just demand sex so she can stay here. or demand it once she settles in. irrelevant. her home situation is bad and friends need to do each other favors."

On December 3, 2014, noted Incel blogger Marjan Šiklić[8] arrived in their Loveshy thread under the name DickNixon.[9] After arguing with the members for the next two days, he left the thread.

Again, on December 19th, at 10 PM, he returned under the name "Holden",[10] and resumed his ranting in the Loveshy thread. Approximately three hours later, the thread had grown by six pages, and Marjan was banned from posting in it.[11] A new thread dedicated to him was posted near 1 AM.[12] Sixty-six hours later, the thread had three hundred and fifty two pages.

In that span of time, Marjan attempted to defend his beliefs that "modern western women" are all thoughtless whores who enjoy rape,[13] that his polite mannerisms do not measure to "rape apes" (brutish men who disrespect women),[9] and that Hitler "has his bad sides but he was the last hope for the western world",[14] plus was great with women.[15] Marjan conducts most of his own research when building these claims, and considers himself a well-studied person on romance.[13]

Marjan is afraid of being arrested for not conforming to what he considers rapist behavior.[16] He is accused of blackmailing a woman into having sex with him,[17], and has stated at least once he may have done it,[18] but will also deny it when confronted.[17][13] However, he has stated that he does not consider blackmail rape[17], and that no "sane legal system" would.[14] The circumstances regarding the blackmail entail a plot to have a child with a schizophrenic woman,[19] but if she consented for selfish reasons (such as money) or if she was blackmailed into bearing his child remain unclear. Marjan, however, shows no concern for the child's well-being[20], only offering to breed it to further a point that women are stupid, and to be as offensive as possible.[21]

Despite his fears, he has actually faced legal problems for threatening to commit suicide and abusing his mother.[22][23] He has at least once asked his mother to have sex with him,[24] and has outlined the set of circumstances that led him to that moment.[25] He has later backtracked on this and stated that he wouldn't have actually gone through with it if she were to agree.[13]

The members of the Kiwi Farms responded negatively to his attempts at discussion. He accumulated over 12,000 negative in 2,000 posts made over the course of 72 hours, making him the most poorly received person in the entire community by the end of 2014.[26]

Richard Bradshaw Watson II

Watson, the creator of the GOD=7_4 or Plan-It Theory, was first brought to the attention of the Farms on December 30, 2014[27]. Watson quickly discovered the thread and created an account to defend his views[28]. As is typical of Watson's behavior, he was immediately aggressive towards members who sought obvious logical holes in his purportedly unifying theory of the universe. Watson confronted trolls and genuinely curious members alike, although the fate for many was ultimately the same; namely, they were "harshly judged" and placed on Watson's ignore list[29].

Just over a month passed by the time forum administrator Null decided that he had had enough:

"I banned this guy for being a noisy sped who attracted equally noisy people prying into his life. Apparently he has a terminal illness that he refuses to seek treatment for because of his numberology new age medicine bullshit and I hope he dies an early death so I get some fucking peace."[30]

However, in spite of this statement, Null eventually unbanned Watson and reopened the thread on April 17, 2015[31].

Watson continued with his typical method of being confrontational with both staff and members, as well as endlessly copying-and-pasting doctrine from his own forum and ignoring/judging those whom he perceived to be uncooperative or insulting. Watson eventually blocked so many of the thread's participants that the thread essentially became one of him posting his unchallenged views only. Moderators eventually started deleting his repeated posts and undoing his "blocks", which caused him to quit the thread in rage on May 8, 2015[32], barely a month after Null unbanned him - though not before the thread accrued an additional 150 or so pages.

Watson returned to his thread after a five month absence on October 15, 2015.[33]

Joshua Buraczewski

In early 2016, Buraczewski joined the Kiwi Farms and posted a picture of his penis, which due to its size was mistaken for child pornography. This caused the Farms to go offline and lose two days worth of content, which also affected this wiki and various other sites hosted by Null.

Donny Long

Former pornographic actor Donny Long joined the Kiwi Farms on April 29, 2016. Immediately, he began trollshielding and attempting to deflect attention onto Eddie Dzial, another former adult film star who had shown up three days prior to join in on the discussion about Long. Predictably, everyone started making fun of Long, apparently causing him to have a complete meltdown.

Long's thread had previously seen little attention and struggled to stay in the first three pages. His appearance caused the five-page-long thread to balloon to seventeen pages in just a few hours. The incident was met with praise, with some calling it the most entertaining thing since Deagle Nation. However, after the initial hype had died down, consensus became that Long's appearance had ruined the thread due to incessant weening, similar to what had happened with Leonard F. Shaner, Jr.

Eddie Dzial

Related to the above incident, Eddie Dzial created the Kiwi Farms account "poser exposer" in April of 2016, ostensibly to reveal information about Donny Long. Initially, he was welcomed with open arms despite his inability to adapt to the general environment of the site. However, it soon became apparent that Dzial's "valuable information" amounted to little more than A-logging.

As people began to dig, they found that Dzial had a rather sordid history of his own, arguably more so than Long. As it turned out, he was a serial harasser and stalker who had a criminal history which included stealing over three million dollars' worth of photographs and kidnapping his wife and daughter. A thread on Dzial was created, but Dzial still obsessively tried to deflect attention back to Donny Long. It got to the point where he got himself banned from Long's thread, but this was not a deterrent. He began spamming his own thread with rambling posts about Long, and stating that he had a video that allegedly showed Long getting beaten up by a transgender woman in a parking lot. Despite repeatedly being urged to post a single frame from this video to prove its existence, Dzial refused.

Takedown Attempts

There have been several attempts at having the Kiwi Farms removed from the Internet.


At the height of the Jace saga, the trolling group going by Gamerfood attempted numerous times to destroy the forum.[34][35] Despite these attacks, the forums enjoyed relatively high up time after an initial 6 hour period where forum security was upgraded. The attacks all but stopped, except during Jace's livestreaming sessions, as Gamerfood wanted to disrupt the forum's involvement in these events.

Gamerfood's most successful attack shut down SSHFS (a service that bridges files on two servers) twice.[36] Users were encouraged to change their passwords and the attack vector was never discovered. It has been assumed this was a paid-for hack that involved bringing in a professional for hire. The hack did not involve data loss or data leaks, and only happened twice despite no permanent fix knowingly applied. The second time this hack occurred resulted in only 15 minutes of downtime. This supports the idea it was a paid-for hack, because it would not be worth continuing to do for financial reasons.

Joshua Buraczewski

Josh brags on /cow/ about getting Kiwi Farms taken down.

Although Gamerfood challenged the forums technically, the Sociopath Community jester did more damage with far fewer brain cells. Simply by sending abuse reports to Cloudflare claiming that the Kiwi Farms meddled in child pornography, Linode decided to terminate contracts without evidence giving the forum fewer than 7 days to migrate.[37] This led to a move to the french host Gandi, which also decided to terminate contracts in under 24 hours after receiving an identical email.[38] They did not allow any grace period to move data, however. This caused significant downtime, data loss, and a sharp drop in active users as the site stayed down for almost two full days.

Joshua was chased out of the Sociopath Community after its owner decided she wanted him to stop antagonizing the Kiwi Farms. A trade was made where her dox was removed from the site in exchange for Buraczewski being banned. He sent one more complaint to Cloudflare following this. The Kiwi Farms had migrated a second time to temporary respite with a friend's server. This new host responded correctly to fraudulent abuse reports, but the site had slowed to a crawl as it shared resources with other large communities.

Matthew Hopkins

Matthew Hopkins, a former GamerGate proponent that was ultimately drummed from the hashtag consumer movement by its supporters, earned himself a thread in a particularly ironic way. After being drummed from several GamerGate-related communities for his attempts to rally them to harass Randi Harper, a Crash Override Network affiliate, Hopkins approached the Kiwi Farms about accosting those that had exiled him in the first place. Quickly it was discovered that Hopkins was eminently threadworthy, and on January 20th, 2016, a thread went up covering Hopkins and his long history of bad behavior online.[39]

Hopkins himself grew extremely irate over this and immediately responded by using his contacts[40] to dig up as much on the Farms as he could in an effort to get it dehosted, going to extravagant and frankly horrifying degrees. He proceeded to contact the Server hosts, Drybones and OdiliTime, repeatedly, attempting to blackmail and extort them into compliance. He emailed the host's entire family and most of their acquaintances, repeatedly accusing Drybones of being in league with pedophiles.[41] These attacks ultimately caused Drybones' brother to have his military security clearance reduced. Drybones' father was beginning legal action against Hopkins for defamation, and urged the site to move off the server before legal proceedings could begin. The site again moved to a new host, on favorable terms.[42]

This did not phase Hopkins or his crusade to silence the Kiwi Farms for covering his ever-increasing litany of misbehavior. His second letter got DigitalOcean to drop hosting, but the forums had prepared for future migrations using the borrowed time from hosting with Drybones. Downtime did not occur because of this hosting drop and Hopkins has not sent another complaint since.

Charles Gellman

Charles Gellman, the owner of the Manhood Academy, has attempted to file litigation against Null for hosting the Kiwi Farms. Specifically, he wants his thread removed.[43] Correspondence with him has been published, and months later he filed a DMCA complaint with Cloudflare against the Kiwi Farms. He aims to claim that his name is his property and that nobody is allowed to criticize him, and he also attempts to claim he owns the emails and that Null is not allowed to publish letters sent to him.[44] No outcome has occurred from these complaints, except that he has published his own address on accident.


Jotex, not wanting to be called a Muslim, spammed the Kiwi Farms contact form with over 300 messages, sent Cloudflare a dozen abuse reports, reported content on the site over 60 times, and spammed his thread and the thread about his antics with dozens of messages that were all deleted.[45] No outcome has occurred from his spam, aside from his account being burdened with restrictions.

Donny Long and Eddie Dzial

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