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Kentray E. Brown
Kent 3.jpg
Kent in one of his many Instagram selfies
Age 23
Born September 5th, 1994
Suisun City, California
Residence Suisun City, California
Occupation Unspecified (and possibly non-existent) job[note 1]
Unspecified "second job"[1]
College student (Presumably dropped out)
Former security guard (claimed)
Height approx. 5'2 (1.57m)
Web Presences YouTube channel
Instagram profile (private; only followers can see it)
Twitter account (abandoned)
Kiwi Farms profile (private)
GoFundMe campaign (archived)
The Coli profile (banned; requires login)

NOTE: This is the facts-oriented page written by no-good slanderous trolls. Read the Kent-approved version here

"What's goin' on, everybody out there on YouTube? This is Kent. I'm comin' at you guys with another video presentation."
—Kent's signature phrase, which he begins most of his videos with

Kentray Ernestobrean Brown,[2] better known simply as Kent, is a YouTube personality known for his many repetitive videos about his status as an incel. His videos mainly consist of him sitting in front of his camera and rambling on about the same three or four topics, sometimes for a half hour to forty-five minutes at a time. His favorite topic is, of course, his lack of success with women (or "females," as he often calls them, even at times where doing so sounds awkward and unnatural). More specifically, Kent speaks at length about the ideas of rejection and confidence, and how they relate to "dating scene."

Life and History

A photo of Kent which appears to be approximately from middle school.

Kent is a very secretive individual, so details of his early life are hard to come by. Kent has offered up various pieces of information at different points in time, such him coming from a wealthy family, and being mostly raised by his grandmother.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Kent is what, if any, employment he has. He refuses to disclose how he makes money, only offering the vague statement, "I have a life outside of YouTube." He has given conflicting statements on whether or not he lives with his mother, and whether or not he receives a monthly allowance from whomever he lives with. At any rate, his parents are divorced, and his father is living in Oakland. Kent presumably has a rather distant relationship with his parents, as they are rarely ever mentioned in his videos. Despite this, he seems to hold some degree of respect towards his father. He has claimed that he worked as a security guard for his uncle when he was 19, but it's likely that this claim is exaggerated, if not completely fabricated. While it isn't unheard of for a 19-year-old to be hired as a security guard, especially when they have a connection, it's highly unlikely that any company would hire somebody with Kent's small physique to do that sort of job. It has been speculated that it is in fact Kent's uncle who is a security guard, and that he had Kent babysit his office on one occasion or another while he had to run errands elsewhere. On one occasion, Kent has also stated that he is able to get into movies for free, though he wouldn't disclose how.[note 2] Most movie theaters allow employees and their relatives to see movies free of charge, so it's possible that Kent or (more likely) a relative of his is employed at a local theater. Kent has repeatedly claimed to have never had a job interview, because companies he applies to are "discriminating" against him. This just adds to the mystery of his occupation. Taking all of this into account, it is likely that Kent is unemployed, but ashamed of it, so he avoids disclosing it by offering up intentionally vague statements. He has also acknowledged that he will likely begin collecting disability checks at some point; it is unknown whether or not he actually followed through with this plan. Early into November of 2015, Kent claimed to have found a "second job" (despite all signs pointing to him not having a first job). He refused to disclose where he would be working due to concerns that trolls may call the place and attempt to get him fired, though it has been widely speculated that he is employed at a multi-level marketing company, such as Cutco.

Kent enrolled in Solano Community College in 2013. A month into his second semester, the school wrote him a check for $539, presumably a refund from withdrawing from his classes.[3] In early 2015, he stated that he was again attending community college, and that he was being paid to do so. It is unknown who, exactly, was paying him, whether he was involved in some sort of program, or if a relative was bribing him to go. At any rate, Kent expressed the same pessimism about his college classes as everything else in his life. He has claimed to have a learning disability, ADHD, and also speculates that he may have Asperger's Syndrome, though he has not been formally diagnosed with the latter. Rather early into his course, his grandmother passed away. After posting a picture of her freshly-deceased corpse on Instagram,[4] he went to Mississippi for a week to attend her funeral. As a result, he fell behind in his classes. As of Kent's last mention of going to college, he was failing his classes. Because he has not mentioned college in quite some time, it is assumed that he has dropped out. However, seeing as how Kent openly admitted that he didn't care about the educational experience and was only attending school because he was getting paid to, this probably wasn't a big loss.


"Football, WWE, TNA, video games, that's about it. Just sports period. Sports, WWE, TNA, video games, a lil' bit of UFC."
—Kent listing things that he likes

Aside from making YouTube videos and collecting hats, Kent appears to have relatively few hobbies. Despite his repeated claims that he "[has] a life outside of YouTube," the only hobbies Kent ever discusses in his videos are cooking, watching sporting events on television, and playing video games.

For someone who professes to be interested in cooking, Kent can be said to be an average cook at best. His culinary skills seem to begin and end with "putting chicken on the grill," which is also the title of several of his videos. He has also been seen "preparing" fish and french fries; the fish was merely breaded then fried and the french fries were frozen in a bag. Also, as evidenced by the very low quality of his food reviews, it can be inferred that Kent understands very little about the actual thinking behind food and what makes it taste good, such as flavor, quality of ingredients, or texture. Kent enjoys his chicken well-done (unlike "white people," according to him) as he believes that you can get sick "behind" eating undercooked chicken. Kent loves to remind his viewers that women claim that they are interested in men who can cook, but "they just don't see it" in him.

Kent's favorite sport appears to be football, and during football seasons he tends to make many videos talking about it. On September 5th, 2015, Kent attended a pre-season football game between the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks - his favorite and second favorite teams, respectively - for his birthday. He spent a few days in Seattle, and enjoyed the city so much that he began to form a bit of an obsession with it. He seems to have a particular fixation on the Space Needle, which he once claimed he wanted to visit ever since he was a child. Kent also casually follows other sports such as basketball and baseball.

Based on his gameplay footage, Kent appears to be of average to below-average skill at video games; he is particularly bad at first-person shooters and complains about "camping" in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. He has the unusual habit of buying the same game three times on different platforms (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4). His justification for this is that 1) he wants to experience the game on both previous-gen and current-gen systems and 2) he has friends that he wants to play with across both online services. This makes very little sense, considering that he even buys single-player-only games across multiple platforms. Kent has a "wish list" of video games that's over thirty titles long (all of which he hopes to own on at least two of his three consoles).

Kent is also a fan of the WWE. He has reviewed several WWE video games on his channel, and occasionally reviews their pay-per-view events, too. Some of Kent's followers have noted that Kent appears to believe that the WWE consists of legitimate fighting. He has fond memories of the Attitude Era. Kent occasionally references wrestlers' entrance themes in his videos. For example, he once claimed that, like the lyrics of Vince McMahon's theme state, he's got "no chance." More memorably, he referenced John Cena's entrance theme by angrily screaming "MY TIME IS NOW!!" into his video camera during one of his "rejection" videos. Kent also occasionally makes videos about wrestling-related news, such as the Hulk Hogan racism scandal, or the death of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Interestingly, in the case of the former, he made his video about it a day after it happened and most wrestling news sites were exploding over it. Kent said in his video that he'd just heard about it. This could indicate that he doesn't follow wrestling as closely as other sports.

Kent on the Internet


"I talk about life, sometimes I do food reviews, game reviews, I'm trying to turn it into a gaming channel."
—Kent attempting to describe his channel to a stranger

Kent's main hub of activity on the internet is YouTube. As of this edit, he posts an average of at least five or six videos a week, and boasts a following of over 1,000 subscribers. Kent's videos are divided amongst several different series, including "Let's Talk About Rejection Part X," "Let's Talk About Confidence Part Y," "Update on How My Day is Going," "2015 Females," and "Kent Talks About [insert excessively long or awkward to read subject here]." The actual content of each series is pretty much exactly the same: Kent complaining to his video camera about how he was meant to be a failure, and how women don't find him attractive. The average Kent video is roughly fifteen minutes long, though some can run for as long as forty-five minutes. These long runtimes can mainly be attributed to Kent's inability to speak fluidly, and his refusal to script himself beforehand. Kent often trips over his words, repeats the same points over and over again, and takes long pauses, some lasting as long as thirty seconds. Ambient sounds also occasionally distract Kent from what he is saying and cause him to lose his train of thought. On one occasion, for example, Kent stated that he was destined to be "a loud reject," as a loud motorcycle passed by his house. Videos in which Kent is extremely depressed are filmed in black and white. Kent's most popular videos are the ones in which he becomes angry and screams at the camera. He has stated that he does this to vent, and that screaming into his camera prevents him from hurting himself or other people.

Kent has occasionally attempted to branch out and talk about other subjects besides his depression and failures. Kent's other content consists of food reviews, gameplay videos, and football talk. His food reviews are...somewhat lacking, to put it lightly. He rarely tells the viewer anything about the product, other than repeatedly saying "it's good," and what's in it. Sometimes, he even neglects to mention what it is that he's eating, or where he got it from. Kent's gameplays consist mainly of him playing online multiplayer games with varying levels of skill (Kent's gaming abilities seem to range from adequate to poor), and complaining about "camping." On some occasions, he fails to correctly adjust the volume levels, rendering his commentary inaudible over the game itself. Kent's football videos, on the other hand, give him a chance to shine. Despite his speech difficulties, he appears to have a decent understanding of the sport and is able to offer up insightful commentary.

In 2016, Kent began to do livestreams on his channel. He typically broadcasts on Mondays, Thursdays, and occasionally Sundays, and watches WWE events. These livestreams are notably poor in quality, even when compared to his videos. They mostly consist of Kent staring at his (offscreen) television, occasionally commenting on wrestlers he likes, and attempting to do play-by-play commentary of the matches. His lighting is always terrible. His camera faces his light source, so whenever he has it on, it is often too bright. When the light is not on, the only light comes from his television and computer screen. Combined with the fact that his skin is already quite dark, this means that Kent often ends up looking like a shadowy blob only distinguishable as a human being via his eyes, teeth, and clothing. His webcam is of extremely poor quality as well, and his video is often grainy and laggy. Finally, in an apparent effort to ensure that his streams are not engaging whatsoever, Kent rarely acknowledges his chat window.


Kent (with yellow tie) in his Twitter photo. The other people are presumably members of his church.

Kent created his Twitter account, @Kentray21, in July of 2010. It can be inferred that at some point during 2011 he went by @KBrownOfficial and later changed his username.[note 3] His first tweet was posted on July 14, and it read "God's Soldier," and also contained a link to a long-gone Facebook profile. From then on, he would mainly post the same three types of things: Bible verses/religious things, Facebook links, and spam. None of the links work anymore, so it is impossible to tell what most of them were, unless a description is actually provided (e.g. one was a baby picture). Kent's last tweet was posted on May 17, 2011. It was a link to a Facebook photo of unknown nature.[5] Kent also sometimes alludes to YouTube, and mentions his channel, "KentrayBrownOfficial." This channel no longer exists, and presumably hasn't for some time, so all we know about the type of videos that were on it can be gathered from the tweets of his classmates at the time. Some titles were "Just having joy and being happy," "Women deserve to be treated right," "Why aren't more men like Kentray Brown," and the videos were said to be "inspirational" in nature.

Kent and Trolls

Kent has a rather loose definition of what constitutes a troll. To him, a troll is anyone who tells him something he doesn't want to hear, or acts in a way that he personally doesn't like, regardless of their intentions. Kent will block people who comment on his YouTube videos telling him to better himself in any way, as he feels that he is perfect as is and that the problem lies with everyone but himself. Kent reacted to a Kiwi Farms user attempting to get help for him when said user believed that Kent was going to commit suicide with resentment (see below). People who post pictures with their significant other on Instagram troll Kent, because even though they probably barely know he exists, he sees these pictures and becomes jealous. People who currently have or have previously had a relationship troll Kent because, as Kent frequently reminds his viewers, he has never had one.

While Kent claims that he avoids trolls, and simply blocks them without ever engaging them in conversation, he has been caught defending himself and others on different accounts. One example of this was when a YouTube user by the name of "Tommy Porter" had a very angry exchange with a user from The Coli on a YouTube video by Jamil. In stark contrast to Kent's usually soft-spoken demeanor and aversion to swearing, everything "Tommy" sent was in all caps, and peppered his speech with lots of swearing and insults. "Tommy" was quickly silenced when the user he was ranting at went on his profile, and found that it contained an old photo of Kent (seen below, on this page), who had obviously forgotten to delete it before repurposing his old Google Plus account into a troll account.[6][7]

Some time later, a user by the name of "TJ1000" appeared on Kiwi Farms and attempted to report Kent's thread. This person typed in first person when doing so, as though they were Kent.[8] Needless to say, the thread has yet to be deleted. TJ1000 continued to speak in first-person as Kent before quickly switching to third-person, in an attempt to pretend to simply be a fan of Kent's.[9] TJ1000 has the same typing style as Tommy Porter, Kent's other trollsona, and mountains of other evidence points to him actually being Kent as opposed to a fan of his. TJ refuses to give any concrete proof that he is Kent, but he will be referred to as such in this article until proven otherwise. As of September 19, 2015, Kent continued to visit the Kiwi Farms on a semi-regular basis, angrily cursing out forum regulars and telling them to "hop off Kent's dick and get out of Kent Paradise."[10] Further evidence that TJ1000 is Kent comes from the fact that he is able to quote extremely specific football stats from Kent. For example, when asked about Kent's football stats, TJ1000 claimed that in a practice game, Kent got two tackles, one pass deflected, and one interception. He refused to say how Kent fared in real games, though.[11] He claimed to simply be one of Kent's former teammates,[12] though only after other posters questioned how exactly he knew all this stuff.


Seattle, as Kent saw it in 2015.

Despite repeated assertions that he is a "loser," and a "reject," Kent displays a rather narcissistic personality. Each and every failure in his life is blamed on outside influences beyond his control, whether or not it is genuinely the case. For example, despite being admittedly socially awkward and most likely autistic, it is women, rather than Kent, who are at fault for Kent's inability to obtain a girlfriend (or any friends at all, really). While it is impossible to discern what Kent is like in a professional environment, his failure to secure a job at the Lids hat store he frequents was blamed on the store discriminating against him, rather than any fault of his own. In September, 2015, Kent began to blame his location for his problems with women. During that month, he took a trip to Seattle for his birthday to see a football game and became enamored with the city. Kent believed that if he moved to Seattle, the women there would give him "the time of the day." Later, however, he came to recognize that he would likely have the same problems in Seattle as he does in California, if not more, because "all females are the same" no matter where you go.

Much like a young child, Kent is prone to temper tantrums. Here he is pouting like someone less than half his age.

Kent is a massively hypocritical individual. He dislikes being told that he needs confidence because, as he puts it, "YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE CONFIDENCE IN THE WORLD, AND STILL BE BY YO'SELF!!"[13] Despite his claims that he is confident, he is very quick to get defensive against other people, and his general demeanor is anything but confident. Kent frequently describes himself as a loser, a lame, a "last class citizen," and The King of Rejection.

Kent outwardly displays an aversion to swearing. He refuses to say certain swear words in his videos, and when quoting somebody who has sworn, he will spell the word out (such as when Jamie the T-Mobile girl referred to him as "an ugly a-s-s nigga"). However, he has no such aversion to other, similarly mild swear words, such as "pissed" and "pussy." He also says the n-word freely and without any hesitation. In addition, Kent has shown himself to be an extremely vulgar individual when dealing with trolls. When he posed as "Tommy Porter" on YouTube, he used all sorts of profanities and insults. Kiwi Farms user "TJ1000," who has the exact same typing style as "Tommy," is a similarly vulgar and hostile individual, and as of this edit has more or less been confirmed to be Kent. It is also worth noting that Kent mentioned "hiding behind a troll account" when he called out Darwin Watterson (see below), but he has done the same thing.

Kent has also been shown to be very paranoid. He adamantly refuses to talk to a woman unless she's alone, because he believes that her friends will attempt to dissuade her from dating Kent for reasons he's never really specified. Kent lives in constant fear of others attempting to "ruin his reputation," though he again never gives a reason why they might want to do this. Nevertheless, this fear is actually somewhat justified. In early 2015, Kent expressed an interest in a woman who worked at the T-Mobile store in his mall named Jamie. He made many videos documenting his progress with Jamie, which mostly consisted of him loitering around the mall and watching her from afar. However, Kent finally worked up the nerve to speak to Jamie, and felt quite good about himself once he did. It was one of the rare occasions where Kent actually smiled and laughed in one of his videos. But it was not to be. Jamie was tracked down and contacted by some of Kent's trolls from The Coli, who linked her to his YouTube videos.[note 4] Jamie was creeped out, and made a post on Twitter about Kent (as mentioned above, calling him an "ugly ass nigga"). After this, Kent decided not to name the women he is interested in in his videos anymore. Kent also apparently thinks that people post photos on Instagram of their significant others for no reason besides trolling him. If Kent is following you on Instagram, posting pictures with a significant other is grounds for an immediate unfollow.

Kent and Socializing

Unlike many other lolcows, Kent has shown that he is capable of socializing like a normal person. In the Seattle videos, for example, he is seen socializing with two people: a fan at the Seahawks game he went to, and the bartender of the hotel he stayed at. Because the latter was female, he of course asked for her number, but got turned down because she claimed she had a boyfriend. Kent actually took this uncharacteristically well. He displayed enough self-awareness to realize that she was probably just being nice as part of her job, but still seemed rather upbeat as opposed to his normal demeanor regarding women.

Kent has also been seen becoming angry at people in public. On one occasion, he filmed a video outside, and stopped mid-sentence to sneer at somebody whom he caught staring at him as he attempted to film. He then went into a side tangent about people staring at him as he tries to film his videos. Much like Elliot Rodger, Kent hates seeing couples in public, because it makes him jealous. Unlike Elliot, however, Kent has yet to throw drinks on them, or try to shove girls off of a balcony.

Kent's main sources of social interaction are the monthly social gatherings held by his church. He attends these events and avoids others until people come up to him asking if he's okay. He mainly seems to give these people one or two-word answers before continuing to be a wallflower. Kent has expressed attraction towards several women at his church, such as a blonde woman with glasses. At one event, a girl gave Kent a piece of pizza after assuring him that she hadn't done anything to it, but that her son had taken the pineapple off of it. Her telling him that she hadn't done anything to it could possibly mean that Kent comes across as paranoid or strange to other members of the church. At the event's end, when everyone was leaving and saying goodbye to one another, this same girl gave Kent a hug, even though she hadn't met him before that day. Kent stated that he didn't want to date her, though, because she had a son.

Kent also socializes online with a group of like-minded individuals affectionately nicknamed "The Kentosphere." This group consists of Kent himself, as well as Malik "Jamil" Curtis, Brandon "Savvyguy," and others. They all make YouTube videos about how they can't get girlfriends. They borrow phrases from one another, white knight each other in the comments sections of their videos, and give each other advice on how to finally obtain the mythical girlfriend. The extent that they borrow from one another is so great that Kiwi Farms user "Bassomatic" once made a comparison to The Three Stooges. Darwin Watterson promptly made a picture illustrating this (as seen at the right). While Kent and Jamil appear to be close friends, often giving each other shout-outs in their videos and whatnot, this didn't stop Kent from attempting to throw Jamil under the bus when he anonymously visited the Kiwi Farms in September 2015. Kent had quickly been found out, but claimed to be Jamil in an apparent attempt to redirect the Kiwis' (non-existent) trolling towards his "friend."[14]

Kent and Fashion

"It's not the clothing that makes the man; self makes the man"

One of Kent's most notable features is his style of dress. He enjoys collecting snapbacks and fitted caps for sports teams. It is unknown exactly how many hats he owns, but by his admission, it is "way more than 20." When present on Kiwi Farms, Kent becomes oddly defensive when asked how many hats he has, and he refuses to disclose the exact number for some reason. Kent's on-field baseball hats are all embroidered with the word "Kent" on them, and his hat size is 7 ½. He plans to one day own a hat for every team in the NFL. According to Kent, people tell him that he always looks "fresh," and that "every time [they] see [him], [he's] always wearing a new hat." He takes the latter as a compliment, even though it's more of a statement. Kent insists on color-coordinating his hats with his shirts. This, combined with his short stature and tendency to wear baggy clothing, serves to make him look like a young child and is most likely repellent, rather than attractive to women.

Kent is aware that people say that he dresses like a child, but he refuses to change his style. Anybody who makes fun of his style of dress, or attempts to give him advice on how to dress more attractively for women, is a troll. Kent has stated that he will stop wearing his hats if the people who are telling him to all drink bleach. However, he completely misses the point of what he is being told. Kent believes that people are telling him to stop wearing hats altogether. People who give him fashion advice have only attempted to persuade him against wearing baggy clothing, and color-coordinating his hats. Kent believes that people make fun of the way he dresses because they are jealous and cannot afford hats. He believes that how one dresses is completely irrelevant, as long as a woman finds their face attractive (and occasionally, their personality, though other times he says personality doesn't matter).

Kent and Negotiation

Kent is a very stubborn individual. When he learned of this very article, he angrily contacted the writer and demanded that it be taken down. According to Kent, it contains false information and served as yet another example of people being out to ruin his reputation. Kent was politely informed that everything in the article was based on things Kent himself had said, or what those who knew him personally had said about him. Kent was still offered the chance to explain what exactly was factually inaccurate, and that corrections would be made based on his own word. Instead, Kent threatened the writer with a lawsuit and assured that his thread on the Kiwi Farms would be deleted.

Kent and Death

—Kent expressing gratitude for someone being concerned for his safety[15]

As a sufferer of depression, Kent has attempted suicide on more than one occasion. He tried to kill himself once in September 2014, and again in February 2015. Both times, he was hospitalized. Five months later, in July of 2015, he uploaded another video which many users of the Kiwi Farms believed was intended to be a suicide note of sorts. Many of the sites users became concerned for his safety, with at least one attempting to call Kent's local police station. That user, Darwin Watterson, admitted that he had failed to actually reach the police station, nor did he leave a message of any kind.[16] Kent returned to YouTube back to normal after a weeklong hiatus, and the incident was forgotten.

Months later, Kent uploaded a video in which he began speaking directly to an anonymous individual. He demanded to know why they did some unknown thing to him, and repeatedly expressed hatred for them. Kent told the individual that if he were to die the next night, then they would not care. The only clue to the identity of the mysterious person that Kent provided at the time was that the individual "[hid] behind a troll account." As Kent only mentioned this person one other time, the whole thing was quickly put to rest. In September 2015, however, a user of the Kiwi Farms who was quickly all but confirmed to be Kent conversed directly with Darwin Watterson and angrily accused him of attempting to get Kent into trouble. The user "speculated" that Darwin was the anonymous person whom Kent had previously called out. Given the fact that this most likely was Kent, this is probably confirmation that Darwin was indeed the mysterious individual. The next month, Kent further revealed that police had shown up while he was at a supermarket, and that everyone there began staring at him and he felt embarrassed.[17] This is further indication that Kent had no intention of actually killing himself, and was just seeking attention and sympathy.

Kent's reaction to somebody actually taking his suicide baiting seriously and acting out of concern for his safety indicates that the video in question was merely posted as an attempt to gain sympathy from the community at large. He has repeatedly stated that he plans to commit suicide if he fails to obtain a girlfriend by age 25. Given his unwillingness to change anything about himself, and his ridiculously high standards, this sadly seems quite likely. Despite the fact that Kent suffers from depression, and has attempted suicide at least twice, he has no problem telling others to kill themselves. He has said in multiple videos for people to jump off of bridges, and has encouraged people to shoot themselves.[18]

When it comes to the deaths of others, there is not as much information to go by. The only two deaths Kent has spoken at length about are of his grandmother, and his dog Sasha. In the case of the former, his reaction was rather lacking. Despite claiming that his grandmother had mostly raised him, he seemed almost apathetic. He also spoke more about her utility to him, than her as a person. Pretty much the only information he offered up was that she raised him, her favorite store was K-Mart, and that she'd always buy him Sunny D when she'd go there. It is known that he spoke at her funeral, but it is unknown what he said. The oddest part of Kent's reaction was his "tribute" to her. Instead of posting an image from when she was alive, or even finding a stock image of an angel on Google, Kent photographed her freshly-deceased corpse[note 5] and uploaded the image to his Instagram profile.[19] Kent had a more conventional reaction to his dog, Sasha's death. As opposed to the usual pessimistic tone he spoke with in the grandmother video, Kent was visibly hit hard by Sasha's death and appeared to have been crying a lot.


Kent has a few unconventional speech patterns. He utilizes some elements of ebonics, such as his incorrect usage of the verb "be" ("That's all I be doin'," "I be havin' flashbacks"). He often repeats the same unusual phrases in his videos. They include:

  • Time of the Day - Love and attention from women. Kent's ultimate goal in life is to find a woman who will "give [him] the time of the day." This is an incorrect version of the phrase "the time of day," and it is often used by Kent's cohorts as well
  • Any Type of Appreciation or Love - what Kent wants women to show him
  • For the Longest - Kent's abbreviated version of "for the longest time"
  • Stay in My Own Lane - keep to himself
  • Go Kick Rocks - Kent's version of "fuck off," and what he thinks trolls should go do
  • Where I Stay At - where he lives
  • It Is What It Is, Man - Kent's mantra when it comes to dealing with the harsh realities of his life
  • Last Class Citizen - What Kent describes himself as. Basically a late bloomer, or somebody who is always last to do things.
  • 2015 Females - all women, by virtue of the fact that we currently live in this year. Kent believes women were "better" in the past, particularly in the 60's and 70's, a time period during which he believes he'd have had no difficulty finding a girlfriend
  • Do Something I'll Regret (For The Rest of My Life) - going on a killing spree, or just using violence in general. Kent doesn't want to do this, but frequently alludes to the possibility
  • Harsh Rejection - any act whatsoever that can possibly be interpreted as a rejection
  • No-Good Thugs - the type of men that women are supposedly attracted to, i.e. bad boys. The actual definition is more along the lines of "any male who isn't Kent."
  • Personal, personal, personal business - Aspects of his life which he refuses to discuss on camera, such as his occupation and his vaguely defined "problems" outside of his depression.
  • Cupcaking - expressing some form of physical intimacy; a public display of affection. It's unclear exactly what he means by this, but it's often listed alongside kissing and hugging
  • Misuses of the -ed Suffix - Kent often misuses this suffix to create strange words like "likeded," "light-skinneded," and "hurted"
  • Ken-Try - Kent's (possibly self-given) nickname which he claims to have earned in high school because he always tried very hard at whatever he did. In early 2016, he really latched onto this nickname, and most of his videos from that time period contained many instances of him reminding his viewers that people in high school called him that.
  • You Smell Me? - One of Kent's more unusual phrases. He began using this one in September of 2016. It essentially means "you know what I'm saying?" This phrase is likely taken from former professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's catchphrase, "can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?"


Miscellaneous Kent photos

Parodies and edits

"Anyways, I'mma go ahead and close this video out. That's my Vlog, ya know. Thank you all for watching, you know. This is Kent, signing out. And I'll see y'all in the next video. Peace."
—Kent, signing off


  1. While Kent is secretive about his employment, evidence suggests that he is unemployed and may or may not be collecting disability checks.
  2. The video that Kent said this in no longer exists. It was on his old channel, which was deleted.
  3. @KBrownOfficial has since been taken over by an Australian race car driver.
  4. Unfortunately, none of these videos can be found anymore. They were on Kent's old channel, which he closed after a bout of depression.
  5. Kent claims that she drew her final breath just as he walked into her hospital room


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  13. Kent Expresses How He Was Meant To Fail (@5:40)
  14. Kent attempted to convince Kiwi Farms that he was Jamil, apparently content to throw his friend under the bus
  15. From Kent's chat with Darwin [archive]
  16. A concerned Kiwi called the police, but didn't get a response.
  17. Darwin posts a screencap of another conversation with Kent
  18. Kent tells a person on YouTube to put a gun to their head and pull the trigger [archive]
  19. Just in case you missed it the first time, here's the dead grandma image again.

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