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"Better Living Through Batshit Insanity"
The tagline to Sonichu.org, one of many pages created by Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt[1]
Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt
Kenneth Erwin Englehardt.jpg
Kenneth's Google+ profile picture
Age 58
Born March 2nd, 1960
Orlando, Florida
Residence North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Occupation Accountant
Web Presences Sonichu Fansite
Sonichen and Rosechen
Business Site
Personal Twitter
Islamic faith site
Business Twitter
Kenneth's Spring Me Account
Flickr Account
Coin Talk Forum

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt or Kengel1021, more commonly known simply as Kengle, is a former Kiwi Farms user who was banned out of mercy in 2012.[2][3][4] Kenneth is a part-time freelance bookkeeper living in Rhode Island. He had tried to leech attention off Christian Weston Chandler and many other Lolcows for years, but was never notable until 2014.

His life seems calm and mild and he is not known for having any public meltdowns. Perhaps out of this complete lack of drama, he began trying to associate with people of interest. His personal revelations, artwork, technological incompetence, and often wince-inducing encounters with others had made Engelhardt himself a target, but his attention-seeking behaviors and meek temperament made any interaction with the aging man uninteresting.

History and Personal Life

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Engelhardt as a child, date unknown.
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Engelhardt in 2002.

Engelhardt admits to being diagnosed with Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia. Engelhardt insists that this condition would now be called Asperger syndrome, but without an official change of diagnosis the previous condition stands. By his own account[5], the now-erroneous diagnosis of Childhood Schizophrenia was provided to him in 1963, with his parents accepting the diagnosis based on available medical information at the time. Engelhardt further brings up Bruno Bettlehiem, who at the time was considered the leading figure in autism research and opined that autism in children was the result of "faulty parenting"[6]. Nonetheless, Engelhardt maintains a good relationship with his parents, suggesting that his family either rejected Bettlehiem's prognosis or that as an adult, Engelhardt realized that his parents were merely doing their best based on the information that was available to them.

He studied in the Kennesaw State University, and after acquiring his degree in accounting in 2003 (at the age of 43), Engelhardt worked very briefly as an Accounts Receivable Collector and a Nursing Assistant before settling into his current job as a part-time freelance bookkeeper.

Engelhardt is divorced without children[7].

For unknown reasons, Engelhardt moved back with his parents a year later in 2004, where he reports them being "deeply grateful" upon revealing to them the modern understanding of autism being a genetic condition. He has presumably lived with them ever since.

Engelhardt achieved notoriety from his risk-adverse, attention-seeking personality and lack of social awareness. He appears to value friendships and interaction with Lolcows, which causes him to be repeatedly noticed on accident by third parties observing them. This side-effect has driven Kenneth to pursue lolcow attention very aggressively, forcing people to acknowledge his existence by association. This pursuit continuously revealed more of his own eccentricities, until he turned into into an in-joke among the Kiwi Farms[8].

To protect Engelhardt from himself, a Kiwi Farms moderator (which was then still the CWCki Forums) banned him.[3] At the time, the CWCki Forums enforced what was called the /cwc/ Rule, which meant that getting a thread on the 789chan /cwc/ board resulted in being banned. Engelhardt had four active threads at the time of being banned, and attention was drawn to him for a YouTube confrontation with a person Engelhardt describes as a Justin Bieber troll. When confronted about his ban via email, Engelhardt said that he had seven threads total by that point.

On 6 August, 2015, Engelhardt's mother passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones and hospital staff[9]. Engelhardt magnanimously suggested that donations could be made to one's local hospice staff in lieu of money or flowers for his own family.


Engelhardt identifies himself as being of the Muslim faith. According to his attempts to sanitise this article, he converted in his early 50s (c. 2010-2013)[10]. On the surface, Engelhardt appears to take his adherence to Islam seriously, frequently posting news articles on Facebook relating to Islam or the Middle East and maintaining (in a very loose sense) a personal website[11] containing English translations of the Quran as well as historical and biographical information on important Muslim figures. In one photograph, he was seen with a copy of "Islam for Dummies" on his bookshelf in the background. A quote on his Facebook profile page from the 19th century Muslim scholar Mirza Ghulam Ahmad suggests that he takes a fairly liberal view of Islam in the sense that he agrees with Ahmad's view that a person should be free to choose his or her own faith based on his or her own conscience[12]; Ahmad himself believed that militarism was not the correct way to interpret the concept of jihad in the (then) modern age[13], contrary to popular views of Islam in contemporary Western - especially American - media.

It is not possible to conclusively say whether Engelhardt's adherence to Islam is genuine or merely another ploy to attract the attention of his favorite Internet celebrities - in particular Jace Connors, who threatened mild-mannered Engelhardt with death over it; a fitting reaction from an American veteran and patriot. Repeated reference to Islam in his websites and profiles suggests genuine belief. On the other hand, his personal calendar is prominently displayed on the front page of united-muslims.com, where few if any entries have anything to do with Islam, its ceremonies, or its associated festivals.


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Engelhardt proudly shares his successful completion of a course on how to use Twitter, a social network site that is routinely used by pre-teens without any assistance whatsoever.

Like many in this day and age, Engelhardt's digital footprint spans a number of social network websites (see his infobox on the top left of this article) in addition to belonging to forums and websites of his own creation. Engelhardt's public presence on the Internet is not only largely extremely dry and attached to other notable personalities, but also reveals him to be a technological neophyte. In spite of the quantum leap in progress made in terms of making user interfaces of websites simpler and more meaningful - to the point where children can figure them out quickly - profiles and pages that Engelhardt has maintained for months and years often contain telltale signs of his lack of understanding, such as the maintenance of "default" text and pages that show up as placeholders when one first creates an account.

Engelhardt also displays an acute lack of awareness of propriety when using the Internet. With the Internet now playing a significant role in the lives of most, many have learned to take care to ensure that their various "personalities" are kept distinct to reduce chances of unwitting cross-pollination or doxxing. For example, many people have at least two email addresses: a professional one for school or work-related correspondences, and a personal one to contact friends or to sign up for online services. Engelhardt displays no such awareness, and explicitly interlinks his horrific fansites with a page containing his resume and his page on Islam.

It might be reasonably argued that people beyond a certain age might be otherwise unaware or unfamiliar with major changes that have occurred within the so-called realm of Web 2.0, having gotten along fine in life without them thus far and therefore possessing neither the need nor the interest to learn about them. This argument does not apply to Engelhardt, for the majority of the updates in his daily calendar pertain to updates that concern either maintenance of one of his many websites or social network profiles, or successful completion of dubious "crash courses" in using basic programs or websites (see the "Twitter certificate" to the right)[14]. Engelhardt frequently references progress with regards to tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, as well as an exhaustive list of online courses on web-based tools from a self-guided tutorial website[15].

Unfortunately, in spite of this very clear interest and vast repository of training, Engelhardt's proficiency in these areas remains stubbornly static. Whether this is due to the quality of the previously mentioned tutorials or other mitigating factors remains uncertain.

Artwork Style

Over the years Kenneth has created an astounding array of disturbing and horrifying art pieces. Kenneth’s Art Style can be described as an eclectic collection of Amateur Low Brow Psychedelically Surrealistic Outsider art. It emphasizes the sexual or bizarre at odd times (Low Brow[16]), uses a staggering array of distorted forms using hues with extremely high intensity (Psychadelic[17]), in an absurdist (Surrealistic[18]) manner reminiscent of works created by the uninitiated from societal norms, i.e. prisoners and mentally abnormal children (Outsider[19]).

Many of his works are created on Gimp, a free image manipulation software program, with Clip art and free template pieces as its base components. The result is something that very few can examine in depth for any extended period of time. It is clear from the lack of quality and general originality of his work, that he is still working at an amateur or novice level. Despite the very strange combination of stylistic elements in his work, it lacks direction or any sense of clear artistic identity except to be shocking or provocative while glorifying the perverse. His work is, while unique in a style, essentially derivative and lacking in character or artistic significance.

From his simple photography to his Sonichen and Rosichen visual novel series, almost every work of his features fractured composition or is structured in such a way to emphasize the grotesque aspects of each image. Images of sliced up human forms, creepy hippopotamus headed women figures, a warped sonichu character, or a host of other appallingly dysmorphic characters. His Motto, “Better living through Batshit Insanity” seems to emphasize his perspective and life direction. Yet the fact that many of these works are derivative in substance would indicate his life direction may be simply to copy and derive his identity off of his encounters with others.

In spite of the fact the Chris ceased drawing Sonichu and its related characters in February 2010 (with rare exceptions), Engelhardt continues to draw "inspiration" from Chris' creations years after the glory days have long since waned.

As of April 2015, Engelhardt has cultivated an amateur interest in sculpting, with predictable results. Perhaps coincidentally, this is around the same time that Chris started a new eBay marketing effort in the form of Sonichu amiibo (which are simply Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo that have been crudely re-posed and modified with Crayola Model Magic clay). Engelhardt's work generally consists of crude sculptures with few details and scant consideration behind what they might be attempting to represent or express. Another common method employed is appending his sculptures to obsolete computer parts, which serves as his interpretation of "cyberpunk". He has also experimented with other materials such as soap and paraffin wax, with limited success.

Engelhardt frequently spends all night working on his sculptures and posts pictures of them at various stages of completion. He appears to be mildly aware that they are the object of ridicule and perhaps even revulsion, though such reactions from observers do little to dampen his enthusiasm. A number of his real-life acquaintances have also gently suggested that he might make better use of his talents elsewhere; this naysaying, too, has done little to prevent Engelhardt from continuing in his new-found passion.

Sonichu.org and Kenneth's Own Forums

One of Kenneth's more absurd creations is his WordPress site, which currently occupies the domain name of Sonichu.org[20] (not to be confused with Sonichu.com, which is the domain name of the CWCkipedia). The site was last "reactivated" on 5 January, 2015[21], and in its most developed stage has rarely gone beyond what one might expect from a default template when one first creates a site via a service like WordPress.

The actual content of the site is Spartan at best, and generally serves not much more as a location for Englehardt to host his abominable drawings, many of which are extremely loose homages to Sonichu or other lolcow creations. Absurdly, the site, which describes itself as catering to the "batshit insane", links to his "professional" site and a sub-site relating to Islam, both of which are ostensibly supposed to be taken seriously. Other links of note include one to his personal daily calendar, which rigorously documents his struggles with utilizing advanced web-based technology such as Twitter.

Although Englehardt appears to update the page with relative frequency, these updates generally amount to little more than shuffling pages or modifying superficial items like the banner image. Prior to a redesign in early February 2015, the site contained pages variously referencing Sonichu (a beloved brainchild of Christian Weston Chandler), Maradonia (the fictional world created by Gloria Tesch), 10 Elemental Masters (a self-published novel by Ulillillia or Nick Smith), and, inexplicably, his coin collection. Although they have since been removed, these pages contained nothing but unrelated default text and a generic comment box even when the pages existed.

It is currently unknown as to what the ultimate purpose of Sonichu.org is; Chris himself all but ceased drawing Sonichu comics as far back as 2010[22], and references to the "creative" works of other lolcows remain exactly that: fleeting namedrops with no additional content behind them. On a more prosaic level, it is conceivable that he is using the site as a sandbox site on which to practise his hard-earned web design skills - but if that is the case, why bother broadcasting updates on Facebook and a public calendar? If the goal is to get the attention of other lolcows, success in this regard has been minimal: none of the personalities referenced thus far have given Engelhardt the time of day, with the exception of Jace Connors, who threatened to kill him.

Sonichen and Rosechen Story Series

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Art of Sonichen and Rosechen by Kengle, age 54.

Unwilling to sit idly as creative geniuses of the Internet become internationally famous for their literary and artistic talents, Engelhardt maintains yet another sub-site dedicated to Sonichen and Rosechen, the titular characters of Sonichen and Rosechen: The Lost Mutant Clones of the Planet Gaus, a self-styled "fantasy novel series"[23] of his own creation. The title and concept alone suggest that this creative work is a pastiche of existing lolcow creations and tropes, starting with the obvious allusions to Sonichu and Rosechu, the primary characters of Christian Chandler's effectively defunct Sonichu comic[24], to the notion that it will be a series of fantasy novels a la Gloria Tesch's Maradonia series.

According to Engelhardt's public calendar, the Sonichen and Rosechen site was "reactivated" as recently as 20 November, 2014, six years after the publication of Maradonia and the Seven Bridges and four years after the incomplete Sonichu 10 was partially released. With both fictional universes having been largely abandoned and cherished only in the memory of true fans, it is possible that Engelhardt is attempting a simultaneous global revival of these beloved works through his homages.

So scarring is a visit to SonichenandRosechen.com that it was once featured on SomethingAwful's Awful Link of the Day column[25].


The website itself is incomplete, with a large number of links to supposed chapters containing nothing more than default text. Thus far, The Lost Mutant Clones is supposed to have at least ten "scripts", which could refer to self-contained stories or simply scenario outlines:

  • Script 1 (The Beginning)
  • Script 2 (The Planet Gaus)
  • Script 3 (The Nadus Corridors)
  • Script 4 (Frankenchu)
  • Script 5
  • Script 6
  • Script 7 (The Rise of Champron)
  • Script R (Raw Material)
  • Script WIP (Work in Process)
  • Label 10
  • Script FL-UNP (Finished Lines - Unplaced)

While the pages are currently either empty or nonexistent, Engelhardt previously had hosted story outlines. A sample from the "Frankenchu" script is as follows:

“What the…” he said leaning against the wall. It had been a great night but now with the onset of morning, reality began setting in and he was only too aware of what the implications were. He stood from afar watching as both sisters bode farewell to the car and driver pulling out into the street. One of the sisters (Kate) had already dismissed the idea of reconciliation.

“She can’t be serious” abcd gasped. Abcd stood there stunned then enraged. For months he was interested in patching up his differences with his ex-girlfriend and she seem to show some interest until this morning when he saw that Andermad driver pull out into the street.

“People do judge,” he groaned. His father’s position made this even more difficult. But Abel knew what he saw. The girl’s father was from a prominent family in Port Nadus. The Andermads lived among the residents of Port Nadus in the poorer districts of the city. The Andermads were descendents from a group of wanderers so named from the verb “Andermaide” meaning the “restless ones” or what would be described today as having “wanderlust”. On the lowest rung of the socioeconomic ladder and severely discriminated against, the modern day Andermads (descendents of the wanderers) were treated with a mixture of hostility, pity, and suspicion by their neighbors. Their history is unclear.

The Andermads spoke their own language called Andermadian. Some of the Nadusians thought they were crackpots but had the right to live their lives like anyone else. Others flat out despised them and wanted to see them run out of town. And a small minority didn’t see any real difference between them and other minorities living in Port Nadus.

It is in this environment that Frankenchu’s story begins. Frankenchu never knew his parents. His father had been killed during the course of a robbery that occurred several months earlier. His mother would be tragically murdered shortly after his birth.[26]

Notably, one of the characters is named "abcd" - either a placeholder for a later name but also a possible reference to one of Nick Smith's "imaginary friends"; Engelhardt and Smith are known to be in correspondence with each other.

Original Characters and Locations

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A fictionalized Turkey as it exists on Gaus. There are no indications as to what regions, if any, border Turkey; every other map on the site is presented as such.

Although The Lost Mutant Clones is currently devoid of any unifying story, Engelhardt has nonetheless devoted much of his time and energy towards original creations with which he populates his universe. Each of his characters is linked to an orphaned page from the main site, though the titular Sonichen currently has no page of his own.

Cursory examination of the Rosechen[27] page yields more questions than answers. Rosechen's physical appearance - disturbing in all iterations - is contradictory among the four depictions on the page, appearing once as a bear-like creature, once as a red-headed human teenager, and once as an abomination with a girl's head attached to an insect-like body. A table beneath her incomprehensible fictional biography and pictures is likewise nonsensical, containing eclectic information such as whether or not she has any connection to "Chaos Pickles" or whether she belongs to a "discriminated minority" ("No" to both).

For those familiar with the Sonichu canon and the events that surrounded it, it is conceivable that Rosechen might be the exact kind of "parody" character that would have rankled Christian Chandler - back in 2007 when he would have cared about this kind of thing. Certainly, numerous trolls went to great lengths to depict Rosechu in a variety of humiliating or disgusting scenarios simply to get a rise out of Chris. However, even this highly questionable motivation cannot be applied to Rosechen, for Chris no longer reacts to drawings or creations that are deliberately intended to provoke him, and has, in fact, largely retired Sonichu permanently. This creates nothing more than a huge question mark that hangs over why Engelhardt would develop Rosechen in the first place.

Analysis of his other creations yields nothing. Other passing references to Sonichu include the Slaweel Clan[28], depicted as a horrifying she-demon with a goat head and with no other information about her other than being a resident of CWCville - an undisguised reference to the fictional town inhabited by Sonichu and Chris-Chan's comic book counterpart. A brief blurb for the Chonison Clan references the existence of "Asperchens"[29], a one-off reference to Asperchu[30], a notable troll "parody" of the Sonichu universe, which effectively makes Asperchens a four-layer deep parody (that is, a parody of a parody of a parody of a parody). Other characters reference characters from the Pokémon[31] and My Little Pony[32] franchises - both of which are exceedingly popular among the community of exceptional individuals. The Starship A-Log[33] is another unveiled reference, probably to the practice of "A-Logging[34]", a term unique to the Kiwi Farms and associated community and named for Anthony LoGatto, himself a peripheral lolcow.

The characters inhabit a world known as Planet Gaus, and examining the locations as described by Engelhardt is an utterly non-instructive experience. Even a broad classification of the various regions of Gaus is impossible, as Engelhardt's invented geography includes direct references to real-world locations (Turkey[35]), indirect references to real-world locations (Africanople[36]), direct references to fictional locations (CWCville[37]), indirect references to fictional locations (Ponyland[32]), references to places ascribed to religion or mythology (Heaven/Hell), and original creations (Chickish Republic, evidently a fried chicken island utopia[38]). Even worse, other planets, such as Sarcasia Blue[39], are known to exist, but no effort is made to reconcile which regions belong to which planet, or even where regions on the same planet are relative to each other. Engelhardt includes with maps along with many of the locations described, but as every region is apparently an island with few descriptive marks, a complete description of Gaus is all but impossible.

The existence of starships implies that at least some of the characters have the capacity to travel among the planets, with Gaus and Sarcasia Blue being two of many. A system of interdimensional portals is also known to exist, further confounding any possibility of gaining any penetrating insight into Engelhardt's universe.

The End?

On May 17, 2015, Engelhardt announced on Facebook that he was ending the Sonichen and Rosechen series[40], effectively ending the "parody" before it had even started.

Not the End

On July 8, 2015, Englehardt announced on Facebook that he was willing Sonichen back into existence[41]. It remains to be seen if this new iteration bears any artistic fruit.


Engelhardt stating Kiwi Farms members were eligible for registration.
An example of the Onionfar.ms layout.

In early June 2016, Kenneth thought it would be a good idea to create a competitor website to Kiwi Farms where he would run the site as "OnionNull."[42] It had a lengthy approval process for new members where Engelhardt would conduct the process from his email. He wanted the website to focus on celebrities, and he would dedicate whole subforums to celebrities of his choosing. There were also subforums centered around Kenneth's other unusual interests, including a "Countries in the News Section."[43] Like many of Kenneth's endeavors, the project resulted in failure. Kenneth closed the site on July 14, 2016 and never recreated it again.[44]

Kenneth displaying his lack of originality in copying Kiwi Farms concepts.

Answeringkiwifarmsabuse and feud with Null

In August 2016, Engelhardt broke with all previous established moral code and decided to commence a sustained harassment campaign against Null, the administrator of Kiwi Farms. Although Kengle's motivations remain unknown, it is possible that he was inspired by previous attempts to coax Null into submission by other persons of interest by paying a visit to Null's family home (I am not familiar with the history of this one, someone please help -P&H). Engelhardt commenced the first attack through the creation of a Facebook group, Answeringkiwifarmsabuse, and was initially successful at recruiting members to his cause, including Raven Sparks and Terra Jones; unsurprisingly, Christine Weston Chandler was tagged by Engelhardt several times in the group, though these solicitations went unceremoniously ignored. The group, however, was quickly noticed by Kiwi Farms' members, many of questioned the moral superiority, if any, that Engelhardt could claim by attempting to harass Null and his family. Information and pictures about Engelhardt's former wife, Sophia, were posted to the group, which rapidly lost any sense of mission or purpose (section on Sophia forthcoming).

The group lasted for about three weeks before Engelhardt deleted all posts within it. A few days later, Engelhardt expunged all memory of the project entirely and layered over it with Onionfarms, his forum as previously described. By way of synthesising his previous goals, a wiki was developed to accompany the Onionfarms site, consisting of an introductory page as well as a separate page containing Null's dox as well as a passively hateful diatribe against him.

Interactions with People of Interest

A large part of Kenneth's free time is dedicated to interacting with Lolcows. It's not perfectly understood why, but is widely assumed he likes the attention give to him.

Christian Weston Chandler

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An early correspondence with Christian Weston Chandler, dated June 23, 2013. Engelhardt's comment is particularly vacuous since it is exactly the generic "signing off" statement that Chris himself uses.

Engelhardt is most known for his interaction with Chris. For years, he commented on every single one of Chris's Facebook posts, going so far as to sometimes send him bizarre gifts.[45] He did this because they were frequently captured and posted to the Kiwi Farms. It was eventually made a nameless rule to never mention Kengle, and his comments were photoshopped out of messages or replaced with "Attention Whore" in instances where Chris responded.

When and how Engelhardt came to know of the Christian Weston Chandler epic is unknown, although it is likely that Engelhardt did not begin correspondence with Chris until well after the latter had withdrawn from public sight, retreating instead to Facebook after the passing of his father, Robert Chandler. Correspondence with Chris is documented back to June 23, 2013, and while many consider Engelhardt to be a white knight of Chris, his comments largely amount to empty platitudes or generic advice, with the occasional gushing compliment thrown in.

In spite of the above, Engelhardt's dubious "white knighting" of Chris goes far beyond showering Chris with empty compliments and posting comments on the latter's inane diatribes. When Chris started selling his medallions and pictures on eBay, Engelhardt became one of his most valued customers. While a number of Chris observers were happy to spend a little money for a uniquely bizarre piece of Internet history, Engelhardt made multiple purchases over the course of months - in addition to the unsolicited gifts that he has sent to Chris. While it is impossible to say how much money Engelhardt has spent on Chris, possible estimates suggest several hundred dollars - perhaps not a great deal of money in the grand scheme of things, but certainly a not-insignificant investment for a man who has no full-time job, spent on a stranger on the Internet whose infamy well precedes him. Followers of Chris know full well never to expect gratitude from the man; thus, in spite of Engelhardt's contributions, Chris has made no special mention of Engelhardt whatsoever.

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Justifying the creation of "Sonichu Online".

Yet another dramatic instance of service to Chris was the creation of "Sonichu Online"[46] on 20 November, 2014. Like everything else that Engelhardt has laid his hands on, Sonichu Online proved to be a baffling and mercifully short-lived enigma, starting from its domain name, "spergweb.com". Although the site was ostensibly created for Christian's use, it is a well-known fact to followers of Chris that he despises even the most cursory association with Asperger syndrome, insisting that it is not only not on the autism spectrum but that people diagnosed as such are "stealing the limelight" from those with autism[47]. Regardless of whether Engelhardt's opaque motivations were that of a troll, a white knight, or somewhere in between, the site was shut down a mere ten days after its creation thanks to the efforts of trolls. Unable to deal with a technological problem more complicated than logging into Facebook, the site was closed permanently.

It is unlikely that Chris' had any reaction to this ten-day-long saga, possibly not even knowing of its existence, which means that Engelhardt's efforts went tragically ignored, placing him below even the most infantile of weens.

Jace Connors

Kenneth is a Muslim,[11] so his interactions with Jace were very limited. When the Kiwi Farms found out that Kenneth was trying to weasel his way into the spotlight, people immediately alerted Jace to the new Islamic threat.[48] It is worthy to note that during both encounters, Jace threatened to kill Kenneth. At minimum, this encounter took place before "Jace Connors" character was confirmed to have been an act.

Gloria Tesch

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Kengle waxes poetic on Gloria Tesch.

As a self-proclaimed "fan" of Gloria Tesch[49], Engelhardt follows her on her various social media accounts. At one point, Engelhardt had a section on his WordPress site (see below) titled "Maradonia", a reference to the fictional world created by self-published author Gloria Tesch[50]. Engelhardt occasionally reposts Tesch's modelling photos, occasionally responding with a tangential non-sequitur that is rarely acknowledged; when called out on this behavior, Engelhardt is known to become highly defensive, invariably falling back on the argument that Tesch is a "celebrity" with a public profile, and that he therefore has every right to post however much he pleases, irrespective of contextual factors such as age difference.

Jay Geis

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Fan art related to Jay Geis Golden Knight saga.

Engelhardt extended overtures to Jay Geis over DeviantArt, delivering glowing compliments to the self-styled Golden Knight. Unfortunately, Geis' girlfriend, Amanda, considered Engelhardt to be in league with the trolls, and he was blocked at her behest, ending formal correspondence between the two[51]. In November 2014, Engelhardt sent Christian Weston Chandler copies of Geis' masterpiece, Hero Team and Myth of the Legendary Warrior, attempting as always to bridge the gaps among his favorite Internet personalities. The cost of purchasing and shipping the books to Chris was borne entirely by Engelhardt. Chris' reaction this gift is unknown, but seeing as the gift was of a non-LEGO nature, it was likely ignored or interpreted as an extremely tepid trolling attempt.

Nick Bate

Engelhardt has initiated contact with Bate via Twitter.

Nick Smith

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Kengle and Ulillillia discussing the finer points of geology.

As with Gloria Tesch above, Engelhardt had, at one point, a section on his WordPress site titled "10 Elemental Masters", a reference to "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters", Smith's (also known as Ulillillia) self-published magnum opus[52]. As was the case with his Maradonia page, the 10 Elemental Masters page was likewise devoid of content. Engelhardt also occasionally comments on Smith's posts on Facebook; on January 25, 2015, they got into a soul-crushingly boring discussion on photographing amethyst crystals.

Peter Coffin

As of February 2015, Engelhardt follows Peter Coffin on Twitter. This was a few months after Ashleigh and Harrison were confirmed to be real people.


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Reaching out to PixyTeri via Twitter.

Engelhardt has previously had correspondence with PixyTeri via Twitter. The extent of their correspondence is unknown.

Ahuviya Harel

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Ahuviya Harel refers to Engelhardt as a "cheapskate" and "racist shit".

Ahuviya himself was first discovered by the Internet via "Jack Thaddeus", a persona that he used to troll Chris. Engelhardt is friends with Ahuviya on Facebook; as far as is known, their interactions are limited to Engelhardt "liking" Ahuviya's pictures, which are often captioned with strongly-worded anti-cis messages. Engelhardt would later be denounced by Harel as having "white savior complex"[53].

Anthony LoGatto

Anthony LoGatto or "A-Log" achieved notoriety via Christian Weston Chandler as well. A-Log's verbal attacks against Chris were so vicious that the very practice of acting overtly superior to people of interest is named after him. Strangely, even though this behavior would easily constitute cyberbullying, Engelhardt was not against naming a spaceship in his Sonichen universe after him. Engelhardt also follows A-Log on YouTube.

William Elliot Waterman

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Waterman receives a copy of Maradonia and the Seven Bridges by Gloria Tesch.

While not known for any particularly eccentric behaviors himself, Waterman (affectionately known as "Watermelon" to some observers) is a known white knight of Chris, and is also Anna McLerran's cousin; McLerran is a personal acquaintance of Chris and is known for being one of his most vociferous white knights. Engelhardt and Waterman often inadvertently correspond, as they are usually the only two people who will leave a reply on a Facebook status made by Chris. Waterman's non-sequiturs and other throwaway comments are often interpreted literally by Engelhardt, causing the two to fall into long, tedious arguments over trivialities. Notably, however, Engelhardt sent Waterman a copy of Gloria Tesch's novel, presumably as a gesture of goodwill and not otherwise.


NekoArc, whose deadname is Eric Harnishfeger, is a Chicago tranny and friend of SJWiki creator Laurelai Bailey. Engelhardt currently follows him on Twitter. Neko was also an administrator on 888chan and has run several IRC channels. He does livestreams on a website called Chaturbate which Engelhardt was discovered to have an account there and when called out on it, deleted his account after a bout of disgruntled comments on his Kiwi Farms thread. Engelhardt continues to claim that the Chaturbate account found under his Kengel1021 handle is not his and is a troll account, however the evidence would suggest otherwise. http://archive.is/aLmYF

Greta Martela

Raven Sparks

Kenneth came into contact with Raven after creating his Answeringkiwifarmsabuse page. Shortly after, Raven left the group and was mad at the new direction the group was taking.

Richard Jones

Richard was also supportive of the Answeringkiwifarmsabuse page, but left after Kenneth failed to protect him from the criticism he received there.



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