Kenneth Alexander Van Camp

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Kenneth Alexander Van Camp
Kenneth Alexander Van Camp.jpg
Kenneth's yearbook photo

Kenneth Alexander Van Camp, known simply as "Alex" or "Alexander" to his friends and family, and Troublez_81 as he was known on the Empty Closets Forums and Tumblr, was an assuming American teenage boy who committed suicide over his involvement with Vade.

Relationship with Vade

Those familiar with Vade will be quick to note that Vade routinely claims to be triggered by headshots, graveyards, and things involving death (curious for someone in the TF2 Community, where several characters have weapons that expressly focus on shooting enemies in the head) because of a boyfriend that allegedly committed suicide.[1] Vade routinely whines on her Tumblr about missing her beloved, and has been known to milk his death in attempts to fish for pity and sympathy on a frankly disturbing basis.

The truth of their relationship, however, is easily the most tragic, dark, and disturbing facet of the entire Vade saga.

Alexander, for better or for worse, loved Vade. The two had been extremely close long before Vade had a presence on Tumblr, and the pair had purportedly gotten quite intimate.[2] The two were quite close, and though Vade always seemed odd to Kenneth's family, the fact that Alexander loved her so much was more than enough reason for them to accept her.[3]

All of this changed when Vade discovered Tumblr. Soonafter, she decided, seemingly out of nowhere, that she was transgendered, and in doing so, cut off the majority of her real-life friends and associates - including, scarily enough, her long-time boyfriend. Kenneth, to his credit, attempted to remain supportive of Vade in spite of her trans state, but Vade was never reciprocal nor appreciative of his attempts and was frequently openly dismissive, giving him "look it up yourself" responses and generally refusing to do anything to help someone she had long been dating understand why she had chosen to undergo such a life-altering change. According to personal acquaintances Kenneth talked to, he was quoted as saying that Vade "was ruining their relationship," a sentiment later reflected by Kenneth's own posts on the Open Closets forum.[4]

Kenneth with Vade, at the prom.

Kenneth's support of Vade in this time of hardship was not merely emotional - those familiar with Vade's history of self-diagnosis know that Vade is notorious for claiming she cannot afford proper medical diagnosis (despite being covered under her parents' insurance). Kenneth purportedly paid for Vade's diagnosis, testing, and medications out-of-pocket, donating, by all accounts, at least $2000 to Vade for the purposes of enabling her to undergo her therapy. Of this, Kenneth's family has successfully gotten back around $1000 from Vade since Kenneth's suicide.[5] Accounts by Karen Van Camp suggest that Kenneth might have given Vade considerably more than this sum.

Vade had completely changed. Not simply in becoming trans, but in fundamentally completely changing her personality. Vade had become cold and distant, something Kenneth himself commented on to friends and family. She had also become both more callous and more cruel, further horrifying Kenneth himself. Even with Kenneth willing to support Vade through her transitioning, even with Kenneth throwing thousands of dollars into helping her, Vade refused to meet him halfway. Vade essentially placed all the blame for what had happened in her erstwhile boyfriend's lap, eventually going so far as to blame him for not making it work when Vade continued to essentially brush him off.[6]

Kenneth is the first one to identify Vade's pattern of Self-Diagnosis which would become a reoccurring theme in her tenure as the operator of TF2FandomIsProblematic and FurryScumbags. When Vade's complete personality overhaul kicked in, Kenneth was the one who essentially forced her to get an actual diagnosis, and encouraged her to do so so that she could go through the proper channels and get the help she needed - which, as has been stated, was never really Vade's intent. Those familiar with Vade know that Vade is infamous for claiming she has conditions she does not actually possess, but in the case of her Dysphoria, we now know for certain that the claim was false from the start. As such, Vade did not want the treatment. When Kenneth, having financial involvement in the process, essentially forced the issue, Vade refused to take the testing medications and, indeed, refused to take the hormones, citing that the medication made her "sick to her stomach," which Troublez responded to by saying that's exactly how he felt before he was willing to stay with Vade to make it work, no matter how bad she intended to make it for him.

Considerable evidence shows that Vade was never truly appreciative of any gesture Kenneth took for her sake. Even after investing an inordinate amount of time, money, and personal attention to Vade throughout the ordeal, Vade continued to treat him as an outsider. Kenneth would later reveal, in personal conversations with friends, that the entire saga of Vade turning trans proved that he had never truly known her at all, and all evidence is that this knowledge devastated Kenneth outright. The woman he loved, as several of Kenneth's friends described, was a lie. Kenneth himself was an artist, and, appropriately enough, actually memorialized his own struggle as he tried to reconcile these feelings.[7]

Kenneth was the one who was able to piece all of this together - and deciphered - correctly - that Vade's sudden shift in personality, gender, and more had nothing to do with Gender Dysphoria - and everything to do with Vade wanting status on Tumblr. Kenneth having so much financial investment into Vade gave him a unique perspective of the entire incident, and when when he finally recognized the truth behind Vade's transgender claims, he felt completely betrayed.

Kenneth would not let this issue die quietly. He would go on to deliver an absolute bombshell when he learned what had put her on to being Trans in the first place - that Vade decided she was trans after learning about it on Tumblr, and electing to become fully trans when she read about a trans schoolboy in a manga she liked.[8] By this point, Vade's influence on Tumblr was on the rise, and she essentially began stalking him and accusing him of misgendering her.

Kenneth still held on, however, hoping that something - anything - of the girl he had fallen in love with was left. But what Vade had put him through had exacted a terrible price. Succumbing to this knowledge, and willing to do anything to make things right with her, Kenneth allowed himself to be shoved by Vade into getting a prescription for the Antidepressant Prozac from his doctor. For the uninitiated, Prozac is notorious for, as an adverse effect, causing suicidal behavior in individuals with no prior history. Suffice to say that Kenneth, already at the end of his rope, was not helped by his newfound medication.

In April of 2014, he shot himself, and ended his own life.

Vade's pattern of self-diagnosis and claims of having psychiatric issues she only recently learned about paint an ugly picture on their own, but it's the fact that Kenneth essentially paid for her testing and hormone therapy, which Vade then proceeded to not use - that showed unimpeachably that Vade never truly cared about him beyond what he could do for her. This knowledge ultimately broke him, and remains a tragic reminder of the terrifying things Vade is actually capable of. Kenneth himself was clearly a very troubled individual - someone who had clearly been through an unimaginable situation, and had endured a hell most people could not conceive of, let alone live through. He tried to soldier on for Vade's sake, but when it became apparent what Vade's true nature was, Kenneth paid a terrible price for it, as did those that knew and loved him.


Regardless of how one feels about Vade, one can acknowledge that the loss of a friend is always a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, a traumatic experience did not, in any way, stop Vade from trying to cynically use Kenneth's suicide for her own purposes. In the aftermath of this bombshell, Vade began a disturbing pattern of behavior - she would censor his name whenever talking about him, and her entire Trigger List became a list of things Kenneth had enjoyed. At a glance, this could have been construed as the actions of someone who was still grieving, but it wasn't long at all before Vade managed to quickly use up any goodwill she had earned via her relationship with Troublez_81.

Soonafter Kenneth's death, Vade posted on Gaia Online, and had this to say about the funeral:

Vade is a Shit.png

Vade may have cared about him, and may, indeed, have been traumatized for the loss, but in no way has Vade ever displayed a care about him beyond her ability to cynically manipulate his death for her own self-aggrandizement. Vade has, since his death, not only actively used his demise to get attention and support from the Tumblr community, but she would furthermore go on to claim she had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from the affair. Vade to this day constantly exploits Kenneth's demise to drum up support, claiming to have emotional breakdowns from it all.

Whether she actually does or not is a matter of conjecture; the simple fact of the matter is that she exploits it ruthlessly - and without restraint. If Vade is traumatized by the death, she never lets it show - she often hypocritically calls for people's deaths, openly suicide baits, and frequently has her followers, during harassment attacks, repeatedly call for the subject to kill themselves. Putting it simply, one might consider that someone so traumatized by a death that all similar things even tangentially related to it have to be tagged on Tumblr might not, if they cared about their concerns being considered genuine, be so keen on calling for the suicides of her critics. Vade's trigger list, it needs be repeated, are all things that Kenneth himself was a fan of, further cementing her need to extort a tragedy for the sake of making herself seem sympathetic,[9] and Vade's tendency to censor his name (often as "Kenn*th") has caused many do wonder if Vade is attempting to practice some bizarre form of Damnatio Memoriae.

All of this comes into a terrifying new focus, however, when one adds in the recent revelations of Vade's extortion of money out of Kenneth, the fact that she clearly never intended to undergo therapy from the start (proven by Vade's own admissions[10] and Kenneth's testimonials), and the fact that Vade pushed him towards towards a medication that would ultimately lead to his death are what render Vade completely irredeemable in the eyes of most.

Kenneth's untimely death left his family and friends searching for answers. Vade herself made herself completely unavailable during this time of crisis, and was notoriously unwilling to provide Kenneth's family - especially his sister, Karen - with any answers. [11] It wouldn't be until Kenneth's sister found this very webpage that answers started to come together, and we now know what it is we know about not only Kenneth's involvement with Vade, but of all the circumstances involved.

It cannot be stressed enough just how pointless and tragic Kenneth's suicide ultimately was. Vade's transgendered status, which was such a centerpiece for Vade's very identity that it became the very hill she'd die on, so-to-speak, was ultimately a lie. In addition to Kenneth's testimonials and those of others familiar with both Vade and Kenneth, the ultimate evidence comes from none other than Vade herself - because after claiming it was so important and how critical it was that she not be "misgendered," Vade changed her listings from being FTM to being nongendered on Tumblr later, and went from from claiming first that she had Gender Dysphoria, to claiming she has she has some form of non-medical Gender Dysphoria to being CAFAB - "Coercively Assigned Female At Birth" - implying that Vade was surgically assigned a female gender when she was born. All of these together drive home the fact that Vade's manipulations dragged Kenneth into chaos for no reason other than to appease her own ego, and that he paid the ultimate price for her hubris.



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