Julie Terryberry

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Julie Terryberry
Born May 25, 1997
Died June 29, 2016

Julie Ayla Patricia Terryberry (25 May 1997 - 29 June 2016) was a lolcow who had came to the attention of the Kiwi Farms. She hanged herself on 29 June 2016, the first known lolcow who had come to the attention of the Farms to do so.[1] In response, Kiwi Farms administrator Joshua Moon locked the thread on Terryberry, which had grown to 200 pages during its existence. Her death was confirmed by forum moderator Vitriol.

Since her death, Terryberry has been used by anti-Kiwi Farms activists such as Samuel Collingwood Smith and Margaret Pless as a reason why the Farms should be shut down.


Mike Holland

Julie's family



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