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Jotex the speedior arcade release english ver by jotex257-d9bw0yz.png
Jotex's primary creation, Jotex the Speedior.
Age 23
Born 1995/1996
Residence Saudi Arabia
Web Presences DeviantArt (deleted) [archive]
YouTube (deleted) [archive]

Jotex257 was a relatively obscure game developer and Sonic the Hedgehog fan. His most famous game, titled Jotex the Speedior, was well-known for its Japanese translation that was less accurate than Google Translate, low-quality graphics that were partially stolen, music that consisted of "fast tempo remixes" (normal music sped up using Audacity) of other Sonic tracks, and inclusion of malware in the main files. Outside of game development, Jotex was popular on YouTube, in which he was known for his "fast tempo remix" videos, and because of his legion of sockpuppet accounts made to advertise his games.


On September 2015, the developer was discovered on 4chan's /v/ board, where threads were made daily for around a week detailing the person's antics and mistakes. Eventually, a plan was devised to give Jotex fake praise in order to get him to attempt to get his game onto Steam Greenlight, then to watch as the game is either unsupported or taken down for copyright issues.[1] These threads had continued until Jotex had noticed the sudden influx of "fans", and, out of fear, made all his videos private.[2]

Starting January 10, 2015, Kiwi Farms user 『i-市議ぢ着』 began documenting and archiving instances of Jotex's sockpuppetry.[3]

Jotex's game development news was continuously posted on his DeviantArt account, creating a cycle of users reposting his update information on the Kiwi Farms forum.

On March 8, 2015, Jotex began posting on Kiwi Farms under the username of Guts Gamer, mainly posing to attempt to answer questions about his game's inspirations.[4] Along with making an account for himself, there was also a total of five sockpuppet accounts made to rate Jotex's posts with positive ratings. On March 20, Kiwi Farms moderator Alan Pardew revealed in the thread that Jotex's IP address was not from the Philippines, but from Saudi Arabia. [5] After Kiwi Farms users messed with Jotex for a while with claims that he wasn't legitimate and giving his posts ratings of Islamic Content, Jotex began giving angry messages to the forum users.[6] [7] After attempting to delete his comments and posts, Alex removed Jotex's post-removing privileges. Questions regarding his religion were mainly met with memes and profanities. [8] Guts Gamer's profile name was changed to Islamic Gamer by the admins to celebrate the occasion. [9] After his rating privileges were revoked, Jotex began pestering Null via the email system.[10] The emails had also matched the names of some of Jotex's YouTube sockpuppets, providing further evidence of his Internet shenanigans. Later that day, Jotex began spamming images showing his hatred of Kiwi Farms, leading to his account being put on further restrictions and the thread being temporarily locked to clean up spam.[11] Jotex had later deleted his DeviantArt accounts, and his Kiwi Farms sockpuppet accounts.

The next day, eight of Jotex's YouTube sockpuppet accounts were deleted.[12] Additionally, two new DeviantArt sockpuppets were created, both sporting anti-Kiwi-Farms messages.[13] [14] March 22 brought another DeviantArt sockpuppet by the name of Robottank55, claiming to be Jotex's brother, despite their location being set to Japan.[15]. In the meantime, 『i-市議ぢ着』 had uploaded an extensive video archive of Jotex's sockpuppet accounts, but was eventually taken off due to copyright strikes from Jotex.[16] On April 1, 『i-市議ぢ着』's video archive was reuploaded onto MEGA.[17] On April 6, it was revealed that all of Jotex's other alts were deleted from YouTube. Oddly enough, some of the channels were taken off YouTube for ToS violations, hinting towards an admin being told about Jotex's sockpuppeting. [18] On April 11, Jotex's primary YouTube account was closed. [19] On April 15, Jotex returned to Kiwi Farms, claiming to have traced Null's IP address and that he has made plans to travel to him via airplane. [20]

Sockpuppet Documentation

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