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Joshua Luke Buraczewski
Joshua in a selfie posted to Sociopath-Community
Age 26
Born December 18, 1991
Residence Melbourne, Australia[1]
Occupation None known
Web Presences Facebook
Sociopath-Community profile (blank)
Facepunch profile (archived)
Gaia Online profile
Minecraft Forum profile
Twitter (private)
Kiwi Farms profile

Joshua Luke Buraczewski, also known by his online aliases Dexter and Skannerz22 is a person of interest residing in Melbourne, Australia. He is a member of the online forum, Sociopath-Community, and is known for his obsessive crush on the owner, Lunaprey.[2]

Known for his self-righteous attitude, Josh has a tendency to stir up trouble in nearly every community he involves himself in. Despite routinely being banned from sites for very justifiable reasons, he is cursed with an inability to own up to his behavior, which he sees nothing wrong with. Instead, he shifts blame to the staff members of the offending websites, choosing to believe that they all just have a giant grudge against him for no reason. He often threatens to involve law enforcement over petty issues such as video game bans, or people making fun of him online. As outlined below, he ended up causing Kiwi Farms to get kicked off of two different servers because he got offended by them.

Josh is disliked even by other members of Sociopath-Community, and there have been multiple calls to ban him from the site.[3][4]


Josh trying to look tough.

Josh claims to have had an abusive childhood. According to him, his mother would beat him, grab him by his testicles and pull him under his bed, and sexually assault him. As a result of this alleged abuse, Josh is now a masochist who only feels happiness when people physically hurt him. His mother does not pay him much attention anymore, supposedly because she sees him as a "disappointing failure" and a "huge mistake."[5] However, he later stated that this information was false.[6]

Josh describes himself as a "hybrid" because he claims to have both Asperger's syndrome and psychopathy. A (most likely exaggerated) list of achievements he claims to have are getting so many perfect scores on school assignments that his teachers would mark them 110% as a joke, being amazing at various instruments and sports, excelling at "maths," wood work, and English, and being highly skilled at acting and manipulation. He states that he is able to invalidate quotes from Albert Einstein and "Stefan Hawkings time machine party" and is even able to invalidate the existences of others. In spite of all these claims, he denies having "narcism."[7] He displays an ignorance of his own condition. Asperger's syndrome is known as a form of autism, yet Joshua denies being autistic. According to him, Asperger's and high-functioning autism are two different conditions. Perhaps unintentionally, he states that having Asperger's syndrome makes him a "retarded psychopath."[8]

The names of Josh's parents are not known, though people have found information on two related individuals named Peter and Dawn Buraczewski who live in the same area as him.[9] As this is not a terribly common surname, it can be inferred that they are related to Josh in some way. Though, whether they are his parents or not is uncertain.

Josh and the Internet

Despite only recently gaining a lot of attention, Josh has been active on the internet for quite some time now. He has been causing all sorts of drama for years. For practical reasons, different incidents will be outlined in their own sections below.

Josh and Sociopath-Community

So because you're a massive pest who was causing their forum nothing but trouble, they did the smart thing and banned you Dexter so to get revenge you've made a thread on here because I guess to you we're some kind of personal army who'll ignore how much of an idiot you are and focus on them instead.
It doesn't work like that. To me while there's laughs to be had from the SC you're the biggest cow on there and the fact now even they have rejected you proves that. For once I actually respect something Luna has done, their community looks one tiny bit better with you gone
—Kiwi Farms user Karen Riley in Josh's revenge-thread directed at Lunaprey[10]

Josh is known on Sociopath-Community as "Dexter," a reference to a popular TV show about a serial killer who targets other serial killers. As mentioned previously, he is very unpopular on the site, and staff member Reaper in particular has had many issues with him.[11][12][13] He first joined the site on August 25, 2014, with his introductory thread just being a brief discussion about the healthiness of margarine and similar foods.[14]

After Josh discovered that Kiwi Farms had a thread mocking SC and its users, he launched complaints and managed to get them kicked off of two servers (see below for details). Lunaprey, the owner of SC, thanked him for his efforts and sent him what she claimed was a picture of herself. This led to Josh developing an obsessive crush on her and always going out of his way to praise and defend her in the site's chat.[15]

On January 27, 2016, Josh was banned from the SC chat and blocked by Lunaprey on QQ. Upon questioning his ban, Lunaprey claimed that Michael (her brother, who may or may not be the same person as her) banned him out of a desire to make the site "higher quality."[16] As an attempt to get revenge, Josh posted a thread on Kiwi Farms attempting to get their userbase to go after Luna and the rest of SC.[17] At one point, Josh stated that his ban was part of a spree (which included Luna herself), and that he was told that his ban was because he was "too influential."[18] Given the fact that few (if any) people on the site actually like him, this is probably a self-serving fabrication similar to one listing their worst quality as "working too hard" on a resumé. Josh even attempted to encourage Kiwi Farms' userbase to report Sociopath-Community to the FBI over Reaper posting "the most horrible junk."[19]

Josh vs. the World of Warcraft forums

I'm not the problem. Everyone is extremely aggressive towards me.
—Josh refusing to believe that he's at fault for the drama he causes[20]
A screencap of Josh's WoW ban.

In January of 2016, Josh got banned from World of Warcraft for violating their policy on spamming and trolling.[21] More specifically, the ban was for replying to a memorial thread for a deceased player asking if he could have their in-game items.[22] Whether he was trying to make a dark joke or legitimately wanted the items of the dead player isn't clear. Unable to see why anyone might take offense to this, Josh took to the forums to voice his confusion over the ban. Other posters were quick to point out the fact that Josh getting permanently banned means that this wasn't his first offense, and he failed to learn his lesson previously. They also appropriately expressed disgust at the tastelessness of asking a deceased person's friend to hand over their virtual loot.[23]

Josh claimed that the moderators of multiple forums had been treating him unfairly. When another user suggested that the problem may be with Josh, he disagreed and stated that the problem actually stemmed from others behaving aggressively toward him. As the other users continued to call him out, Josh appeared to backpedal and try to claim that the ban was actually for "spamming" by making a poll asking why people were positive.[24] He compared his ban to American police officers using made-up rules to arrest people,[25] and tried to use his allegedly abusive childhood as justification for his behavior.[26] In doing so, however, he confirmed that he understood that he got banned for asking for dead peoples' stuff, and that his prior excuse that he just created a poll was just that: an excuse. In addition, his very next post further invalidated his already flimsy "abuse victim" excuse as he still claimed to not know why he was banned.[27] As the other users continued to pick Josh's excuses apart, he appeared to grow more irate and began spewing unrelated information about how he was forced to take Ritalin as a teen, and how it caused "a permanant apathy side effect which was worse than [his] normal childhood lack of understanding or caring."[28] This, like everything else, was promptly dismissed by another user.[29] This conversation also displayed Josh's lack of a basic understanding of how ban appealing works, as he actually e-mailed a "noreply" address and couldn't understand why that didn't work.[30] At one point, Josh characteristically brought up the idea of getting the police involved...over a video game ban.[31]

The thread lasted for six pages before the staff finally tired of Josh and locked it. He responded by creating another thread suggesting that the people who accused him of being a troll were actually suffering from PTSD brought on by previous incidents of trolling. This thread was quickly locked.[32]

Josh vs. Kiwi Farms

Josh brags on /cow/ about getting Kiwi Farms taken down.

After learning that Kiwi Farms had a thread making fun of Sociopath-Community, Josh joined the site on January 22, 2016 as "Bay Harbor Butcher," a reference to his namesake. The staff later renamed his account to "Null's Personal Cuckold." He posted a new thread which quickly grew and got featured on Kiwi Farms' homepage. One of his first claims was that he had only joined Sociopath-Community to spam and make fun of them for being "edge lords."[33] He continued this behavior for two years and three months,[34] however, suggesting that this is just a way of saving face. Josh reported Kiwi Farms to their host Linode after claiming that Kiwi Farms violated their terms of service.[35][36][37] Linode withdrew support for Kiwi Farms and forced a migration.[38] Due to previous issues, a migration had already been planned,[39] though this served to speed up the process. In the search for a new host, Null mentioned DigitalOcean as a possible option,[40] so Josh decided to preemptively report Kiwi Farms to them in attempt to stop them from moving there.[41] After one Kiwi Farms user joked that they should get ISIS to host their site, Josh said that he would be reporting them to the federal police, apparently not understanding that this was not meant as a serious comment.[42]

Eventually, Kiwi Farms found a new host: The France-based Gandi. Josh posted a picture of his penis to the site, then sent an email to Gandi claiming that Kiwi Farms was hosting child pornography.[43] Amusingly, the picture actually was mistaken for child pornography at first due to the small size of his penis. Without even investigating the issue, Gandi cancelled Kiwi Farms' service, resulting in a long period of downtime and a loss of about two days' worth of content. They refunded Null the money that he had paid them, presenting it as "an exceptional commercial gesture," rather than a desire not to commit fraud.[44] This also resulted in a large chunk of content being lost, including much of the material relating to Deagle Nation, both Jace and Tyce's websites, and the images on this very wiki.[45] The wiki itself was down for an extended period of time, not coming back up until about a week after the main Kiwi Farms site. Because of this, Kiwi Farms now uses an undisclosed host based in the Middle East.[46]


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