Johanna Denise Nickel

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Johanna Denise Nickel
Age 25
Born February 18, 1993
Durham, North Carolina
Residence Mount Hermon, CA
Occupation Unemployed (Former donut shop employee)
Web Presences Tumblr
Kiwi Farms
Archive of Our Own
Facebook (Private)
Twitter (Deleted)
Kintsugi (Private)

Johanna Denise Nickel, also known as Anna Bates, is an artist, cosplayer, Tumblr user, and the ex-girlfrined of Nick Bate. She was originally known as Nick Bate's main object of affection. The two dated and would frequently chat between 2005 and 2008. Noticing Nick's creepiness, she finally broke up with him. Despite this, she would still talk to him until 2010. Anna claims that Nick stalked and harassed her during this time and afterwards. After her break up with Nick, she became an avid Tumblr blogger, opening various blogs. She eventually joined the Kiwi Farms in 2014, to give information on her time with Nick, and eventually joined unrelated discussions on the Tumblr and Off-Topic sub-forums. After Nick's arrest and sentencing, she finally showed her true colors.

While originally accepted by the forum, she proved to be a total sperg. After chimping out over Null sending a letter to Nick, the userbase started to realize how much of a lolcow she actually was. Digging into her posts, on and off the forum, they discovered how much she exaggerated her problems with Nick, tricking the forum into pitying her more than she actually was. In reality, it was clear that she was in no actual danger during her relationship with Nick, and she was just an attention-seeking Tumblrite looking for asspatters.


Relationship with Nick Bate

Post Break-Up

Alleged Stalking & Harassment

Kiwi Farms

Null's Letter Incident

Her Kiwi Farms Thread