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Jerry Peet
Jerry Peet.PNG
An image of Jerry from Tumblr.
Age 24
Born Canada
Residence Canada
Occupation YouTuber
Web Presences Tumblr
Alternate NSFW Tumblr

Jerry Peet (also known as Lily Peet or Bhaalspawn) is a My Little Pony/social justice analyst who posts on YouTube[1] and Tumblr.[2] Inspired by the likes of Bob Chipman, his YouTube channel has been somewhat successful with around 40,000 subscribers[3], as well as earning about $500 a month on Patreon[4]. Additionally, he has also written fanfiction, some of which is erotic, based on cartoons and video games such as Family Guy, World of Warcraft, Pokèmon and My Little Pony.

His career has been writhe with drama and controversy, some of which extends back to his early days as a writer, but has only gotten more frequent as he became more famous on YouTube. Allegations have been made against him in regards to sockpuppeting, the way he treats his friends, plagiarism, and pedophillia.

Early life and fanfiction

Jerry was born in Nova Scotia on May 30th, 1992. For most of his life he in a trailer house with his parents[5] until several years after starting his Rather Vocalized Illusions series in 2008. These videos were based on the Zero Punctuation series by game reviewer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, but instead of reviewing games, they were based upon internet phenomena (such as the "Lavender Town" Pokèmon Creepypasta).

The now deleted RVI wikia page written by Jerry about himself

According to a page on the self-written RVI wikia, Jerry also accumulated numerous crippling injuries in a period between 2006-2008 and claimed to be autistic; however, aside from this now-deleted page, it is hard to find much evidence for it.

Around this time, Jerry had also written several fanfictions, the first of which is Animal Magnetism, which was about Pokèmon trainers engaging in sexual acts.[6] This fanfiction was supposedly well received, and after numerous sequels, Jerry moved onto Whispering Illusion, a fanfiction series that crossed-over both Family Guy and medieval dark fantasy[7]. Additionally, his account[8] is the moderator of a Family Guy fanfiction group.[9]

Doomsday Ascending

In February 2012, Jerry released another fanfiction called Doomsday Ascending, which, in the same vein as Whispering Illusion, combines dark fantasy with an ill-fitting cartoon, in this case My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fanfiction centers around one of the cartoon's main characters, Twilight Sparkle, meeting a genocidal World of Warcraft original character by the name of Ascentia.[10]

Later that year, Jerry released a game adaptation of the fanfiction using RPG Maker. This game features very little gameplay to speak of due to a focus in narrative as well a few moral choice sections- with the player able to act peacefully ("Embody") or kill characters ("breaking their spirit"). Doing the latter gives the player trait boosts and, for some reason, pornographic images of the character that was just killed.[11]

Reception for the game is incredibly limited but mixed. Jerry's friend, NintendoGal55 did a lets play and praised the game heavily[12]. Conversely, one website that reviewed the game, Equestria Gaming, gave it a heavily scathing review with a score of 2/10.[13]

Criticism was made against the game for featuring little to no gameplay (there are only two combat sequences), poor storytelling, lazy design that includes stolen music and images, using default tilesets/images from RPG Maker VX that result in scenes heavily inconsistent with the storytelling -- human clothing appears in a store for ponies being listed as an example -- and the inclusion of porn as a mechanic.

Jerry's response was to blame the brony fandom for him releasing a bad game, claiming that they take everything too seriously and that many bronies (including Equestria Gaming) "don't know the concept of Self Afacing Humor".[14]


In 2013 numerous images about Jerry Peet appeared on Derpibooru, a website dedicated to hosting images and Fanart based on My Little Pony. Many of these uploads seemed to be veiled advertisements for his channel and fanfiction[15][16][17][18]. One particular post however would make him well-known in the community for all the wrong reasons. Around the time of "Down With Molestia" in late 2013 (a movement centered around the takedown of "Ask Princess Molestia", a Tumblr blog featuring characters from My Little Pony making light molestation jokes), comments, criticism, and fiery discussion about feminists and My Little Pony were common - mostly within the community.

Jerry received an ask on Tumblr that claimed that there hasn't been a feminist "who's ever done anything for the brony community." Jerry's response was to post an image of Lauren Faust, creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and by proxy of the Brony community. This post was uploaded onto Derpibooru[19] and was almost immediately followed by a firestorm as "TaraCallie", Jerry himself, and several other anonymous users were trying to defend Jerry and feminism in the comments.

Shortly afterwards, the moderators revealed that these accounts were all being operated by Jerry, and that he had been in fact engaging in a one man sockpuppeting operation.[20] After being exposed, he would try to justify it as the multiple people in his 'studio' using a VPN[21], which a Derpibooru admin quickly dismissed, since they don't just see the IP's, but also the computer, the OS, and the browser (as in the person who browses).[22]

Tara Callie

Tara Callie was Jerry's supposed video producer and girlfriend for a long period of time between 2012 to late 2014. Her internet footprint is incredibly and noticeably minimal, and with some of the only remaining pages left of her being her Tumblr[23], and her profile[24], it is somewhat hard to discover much about her.

Tara Callie being credited as director

However, one of Jerry's former friends, Blake Diamond (also known as BombasticBlake) claims that she lived in Colorado for some time, before eventually fleeing to Jerry with her younger sister, who allegedly died during the journey[25]. Additionally, he says that Tara actively engaged in a pedophillic and incestuous relationship with said sister.[26]

This would likely explain the existence of one of her fanfictions, A Mother's Love, A Daughter's Passion, a My Little Pony fanfiction about a small child engaging in sexual relations with her adoptive mother[27]. It should be noted that the story used characters that belonged to another content creator who didn't want their characters engaged in sexual activities without his permission.[28] On tumblr, she confirmed the fanfiction and the Alchorative alias was hers.[29]

In early 2015, Tara was allegedly arrested for possession of child pornography and has never been heard from or mentioned again by Jerry since.[30]

It was later discovered that Tara Callie might not actually exist at all, but rather a sockpuppet ran by Jerry; the various images she has used for her profile picture were stock photos[31][32]. This would also explain why she involved in the Derpibooru incident, the OkCupid profile under her username being listed as a man, born the day after Jerry's birthday[33], Jerry's father suspecting she doesn't exist[34] and why someone was somehow able to edit Jerry's TVTropes article under the moniker "Alchorative" for a year since her arrest.[35]

YouTube Career

In early 2014, Jerry decided to rebrand from Rather Vocalized Illusion. The most likely reason being that in his old videos he was against feminism, which was something that changed since he befriended PinkiePony, the ringleader of the Down With Molestia 'movement'. In fact, in may of that year Jerry made a video attacking several people who criticised both Pinkie and Anita Sarkeesian of being "monetised slander blogs" trying to get both of them to commit suicide for profit. This video received backlash due to containing heavily inaccurate information that, rather ironically, was more slanderous than the people he was attacking. Jerry took down the video, but the video has been mirrored.

Harassment, Stalking and Cyber Bullying
Published 3 May 2014

Jerry slowly gained fame with two YouTube series': In a Minute, which comprised of making humorous in-context jokes about My Little Pony episodes in the space of however many minutes the title mentioned, and Glass of Water, a show inspired by MovieBob's The Big Picture that discusses My Little Pony, its fandom, social justice, and other various topics.

During mid-2015, he then announced that he was transgender[36], and then shortly afterwards followed up by adding a character named "Billy" to his videos; a small child that his 'Puppet' (the term he uses to refer to the female drawing that he uses in his videos as a form of expression), adopted. He also changed his alias to Lily Peet around the end of that year. Recently, Jerry has been making hints that his fictional adopted child is actually transgender as well.[37]

On October 2016, Jerry suffered a relatively small hit in viewers and fans when his former friend JoshScorcher made a video calling him out, saying that he was lying about why they split up and about his role in the military.[38] Jerry justified this by calling Josh the liar, despite the fact that Josh cited everything in his video. Jerry's fans responded to Josh's video by coddling Jerry and trying to reassure him that he was in the right.

Also, in that month, it was discovered that most of the jokes in his In a Minute series could in fact be works of plagiarism[39], with many of the comments being 1:1 with content from a TVTropes article named "Warp That Aesop"[40] dating as early as 2012. One Kiwi Farms member made a video displaying the identical writing between TVTropes and Jerry's videos[41]