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“It's when you run away that you're most likely to stumble.
—Casey Robinson
Jay Geis
Jay Geis.jpeg
Age 26
Born June 9, 1992
Residence Howard County, Maryland

Jay Geis, known on DeviantArt and elsewhere for his online handle/alter ego, “The Golden Knight”, is an author of the web comic series Hero Team, and of the Graphic Novel series Myth of the Legendary Warrior, and is most notable for his bizarre ideology, complete lack of social norms, and aggressive, belligerent demeanor online. Notable for his declaration that he he wants to be considered a hero, Jay is, in practice, anything but, being petty, manipulative, and cowardly. His failed campaign against the Kiwi Farms is simultaneously one of the website's most hilarious and tragic - hilarious for the outlandish and often inexplicable situations he found himself in when engaging the Farms, and tragic because despite all the humor he's provided, a distinct sadness surrounds this person of interest; all evidence is that Jay's problems are only partly his own, with many coming from truly horrendous parenting and lacking any meaningful restrictions placed upon him.

Jay first came to the attention of the Kiwi Farms in April of 2014 when his comic, Hero Team, got covered in a thread devoted to bad art. Hero Team was legendarily juvenile in its quality and its writing, and this led to Jay getting a larger thread. When Jay showed up on the Farms to defend himself, many approached him to learn more. Unfortunately, the more Jay shared, the more it became clear that he had an enormous amount of psychological issues, many of which were quite concerning, including a number of hallmarks of Antisocial Personality Disorder and a love of sadism that suggested possible psychosis.

Jay would feign his own death in December of 2014, and delete his account on DeviantArt, only to bring it back later, in 2018. While there was some hope from the few that had more pleasant interactions with Jay that he would clean up his act and improve himself, in practice he saw little of this and continued to ignore any culpability he may have had with the reason he got covered by the website in the first place.

Artistic Overview and Rationale

A hand-drawn segment from Hero Team.

It was Jay's art that originally got him covered by the Kiwi Farms, and correspondingly, this wiki. The art style for his works is juvenile, simplistic, and clearly attempting to ape the likes of Powerpuff Girls and South park (two of Jay's favorite works), but with a noticable lack of quality or coherence. Jay makes no attempt to maintain consistency in character designs, and has no understanding of classical anatomy and proportion in figure drawing. His characters are drawn using simple shapes, often featuring colored-in outlines, without any shading, ever, and yet despite this, he is wholly unable to keep the shapes and sizes of characters consistent to any degree between frames. This only got worse with his transmigration from hand-drawn to digital art, which highlights the simplicity of his art style. Interestingly, despite much of his work looking like it was made with MSPaint, Jay in fact uses Adobe Illustrator, an incredibly powerful art program well in excess of what he would require for his artwork.

Similarly, Jay's comics, despite their juvenile art style, have a similarly juvenile writing style, which is made all the more baffling by Jay's insistence on throwing decidedly mature content in his comics. Jay's presentation is sloppy, and often fails to establish things for the reader. Paired with the shortcomings of his art style, this results in many of his comics being incoherent until looked at more extensively or outside help; in particular, Hero Team was often completely incomprehensible without an accompanying summary Jay provided with each comic.

Jay has frequently denied any impetus to improve his craft and indeed, has gone on at least one major rant establishing wholly that he dislikes doing art. His reason for persisting with it anyway, and indeed, self-publishing Myth of the Legendary Warrior, is the belief that this will somehow be enough to earn him a fanbase and push him towards fame - that the success of his works could lead to an animation, and, in turn, the accolades to come with that. While Jay does, indeed, have a small fanbase all his own, Jay's master plan (as he likes to put it) is missing a few steps: How he is supposed to turn a franchise he only barely cares about into a work that will bring him fame and fortune is not fully understood.

The War Within

Jay quickly proved to have a number of troubling psychological quirks that suggested that he had serious issues, far beyond the scope of simple social awkwardness and/or Autism. In addition to showing abusive and often self-described sadistic tendencies, he also showed an abiding hatred of animals[1] and a propensity for callous behavior that made many who analyzed him suspect he had Antisocial Personality Disorder. Easily the worst offender in this regard was the "Christmas Story,"[2] an incident in which Jay described an incident where, by accident, he wound up goofing around with a small child in a way adults were concerned was inappropriate. While nothing really happened of this, the incident, paired with Jay's love of sexualizing certain young characters (such as Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls) rubbed many the wrong way and suggested that Jay might have pedophiliac tendencies. Those more familiar with Jay have assured that this is not the case, and that Jay is simply that awkward. Making the situation worse was Jay's staggeringly large ego, to the point where he often refers to other people as "NPCs" or "Commoners."

It's only when members of the Kiwi Farms looked closer that the truth came out, which was significantly more tragic.

Jay had an unspecified Autism diagnosis, but mere Autism does not create an individual with Jay's profile. Closer analysis revealed that Jay's problems stemmed from a rich pastiche of personal woes, including a coddling mother who has enabled him at every opportunity and a complete lack of proper socialization. Jay has a poor understanding of Social cues, a terrible grasp of conventional behavior mores, and a general tendency to enjoy dark humor and general edginess on top of this. When one factors in his complete insulation from consequences, one realizes that many of Jay's numerous problems spiral out of this bizarre dynamic he has with his mother. His mother is the one who helped bankroll the self-publishing of Myth of the Legendary Warrior, and did nothing to tamp down on the seemingly barely-contained dislike of his brother contained within it. She has also done nothing to help restrain Jay's ego, resulting in his brash, standoffish, and often aggressive behavior online.

Jay's mother completely isolating him from consequences has had other consequences as well; it's also made Jay notoriously risk-averse. For someone who claims to want to be a hero quite often, Jay is infamously cowardly, often playing games with invincibility modes enabled or playing single-player game modes in multiplayer modes because he backs down quite readily from actual challenges in the video games he plays. In the livestreams Jay held after his discovery, he often had to be browbeaten by the chat to keep playing certain games due to his propensity to quit at the first sign of trouble, especially in horror games. When Jay was at an amusement park with his girlfriend, he actually faked fainting in order to get out of going on a comparatively tame Roller Coaster with his at-the-time girlfriend.

Throughout his conflicts online, many have periodically tried to get through to Jay on the importance of expanding his horizons, explain to him why he got covered by the Kiwi Farms in the first place, or explained in detail what he had to do to end his own coverage; sometimes, he would actually seem to take this advice to heart for a time and show a genuine bit of remorse and desire to reform. However, it would never last, and Jay would soon be back to his old tricks in short order, in no small part due to his usual support network giving the usual advice.

Jay Vs. The Kiwi Farms