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James Terry Mitchell Jr.
James Terry Mitchell Jr.jpg
Born April 29, 1986
2004 South Walnut Street
Muncie, Indiana 47302
United States
Web Presences Tumblr blog (current)
Reddit account (current)
Primary Twitter account
YouTube channel
G+ account
Kiwi Farms account

James Terry Mitchell Jr. (AKA werewolf2814, 2814werewolf, uglybagofmostlyh2o, among others), born on April 29, 1986 is a person of interest who was originally discovered on Tumblr. James was atypical of other Tumblr users due to his history of harassing female Tumblr users and outright advocation of pedophilia, which stems from his history of sexual contact with a minor. He was first discovered after he harassed the Tumblr user tabbitcha (currently at toemaytoes) by constantly asking her to record audio porn for him.[1] Subsequent blog posts between her, James, and other Tumblr users revealed that James has made at least thirteen blogs, and one of them was known to be banned for posting child pornography. Further digging on James has shown that he had sex with a 9 year old girl back when he was 16 years old. Despite this, he has repeatedly denied that he committed rape and constantly stated the he was not in the wrong for doing it.

The Pervert Saga

In June 5, 2015, Tabbitcha reblogged an ask meme where she records notes for fun.[2] One day, James, under his "thisismythirteenthblog" blog requested her to record an audio porn for him involving on "daddy/little girl" porn. She recorded it for him, at that time thinking it was only a joke request.[3] However, three days after the initial recording, James sent another request to record another audio porn for him, not realizing that the initial recording was done out of a joke, and told Tabbitcha to "do better", and his request was promptly rejected. James then threw a tantrum stating that he always pissed people off.[4] James continued to harass Tabbitcha and shamed her by saying she was "too vanilla", ignoring other people who insisted that James constantly creeped on her due to rejecting the one request,[5] ironically stated that he understood that "no means no", yet kept on harassing tabbitcha.[6] and going so far as to explicitly describe what he would do to her sexually on a now-deleted post she had made about somebody she had a crush on [7]. During this exchange it was revealed that up to this point, James had been using thirteenth blog and one of his blogs were deleted due to James posting child porn on Tumblr, where he described it as "Tasteful art nudes of children."[8] Eventually, James resorted to posting anonymous messages to Tabbitcha.[1] He has admitted to checking her blog weekly, and promised to check monthly if she were to become what he considers a nice person.[9]

Around the same time, he also found another tumblr user named gems-and-reavers. He commented on a photo of herself which she had posted with a sexually explicit description of what he would do to her [10] and messaged her directly to profess his love for her and explain what kind of breasts he likes [11]. The user later admitted that both comments disturbed her and that she no longer felt comfortable on Tumblr, even saying she felt disgusted with her appearance.[12]

James and pedophilia

Being an "expert" on children and consent, James expresses his desire to have sex with physical/mentally handicapped children.
James has been inconsistent on identifying as a pedophile. There are times where he identified as a pedophile,[13][14][15][16] while at other times, he denied being one.[17][18] What was consistent, however, was that James hated age of consent so much, at some point he made a petition to abolish age of consent laws.[19] When asked on how would he replace age of consent laws, he argued that a system based on measuring the IQ and EQ of people to determine whether they can consent or not, accompanied with sexual education,[20] ignoring the impracticality of such undertakings. When pressed further on his IQ/EQ test system, he instead detoured into stating that what really mattered were data "when the earliest a vagina can enjoyably take an adult penis and make that the age of consent for girls" and "what age most boys become horny".[21]. In his words, James stated that a 9 year old can consent by,
"Enthusiastically agreeing and saying “yes you may” when asked “may I” or “yes it is” ti “is this okay” or “yes it does” to “does this feel good?” Just verbally and out loud. Or “mmmhmmm” biting her bottom lip in pleasure."[22]
He has also submitted a picture of underage twins to r/pedobear, where he posted in the comments that he believes that pedophiles are friends of children, while referring to people who molest children as pedosexuals.[23] James has also stated, when asked about what makes a child ready for an adult relationship, that children already have the capacity to lust and love, yet they don't have the capacity to understand loss, and that children needs to be taught to understand loss better and move on.[24] He also felt that the only reason children cannot consent is that because society refuses to teach them, ignoring the existence of sex education and other related education.[25]

When someone asked about his "tasteful art nudes" situation with one of his earlier blogs, he responded by saying it was not really child porn, and yet he stated that it was "softcore" stuff where the girl was "looking over her shoulder wearing only a g-string", as well as some "smiling girls in various states of scantily clad and some fully clothed just with cute faces.", in his own words.[26] Of course this begs the question why would a non-pedophile speak of this casually, especially one who has alternated between claiming they're a pedophile and claiming they're not one.[27]

He has been known to creep on young actresses, such as Ariel Winter. James has vocally disagreed with Ariel Winter's decision to have a breast reduction surgery, which was done when she was under 18 years old. He posted a comment on her Instagram saying that he only valued her from her breasts, and saying that Ariel will have less sex appeal now that her face was less "cherubic" and her breast size reduced.[28] He has also stated that Ariel might as well have her breasts reduced to nothing after the surgery.[29]

James also has an account at IsItNormal.com, with the username jamesmitchell29486. On this website, he told a 16 year old girl who reported that her father was touching her inappropriately that her being touched by her father was normal.[30] Under the same account, he commented on another post that he would get aroused by squeezing his niece's rear, calling it tight and muscular.[31] On this account, he frequently urged others to sleep with underage girls, especially relatives.[32] At one point, he also expressed interest in finding CGI porn of minors.[33] When asked further about this, he thought it was legal and claimed that he doesn't want to see the real thing, along with an advice to delete everything resembling child porn.[27] Despite claiming that he was a former pedophile at the time, James still expressed interest in seeing a topless girl frolicking, and he has supported CGI child porn on the basis of no actual children were being exploited.[34]

Other evidence that points to James being a pedophile is that he may have used anontalk.se, a board notorious as pedophilia central. One of the first evidences found was that James' old twitter account, qanda666, listed anontalk.se as his website. [35] He has stated on his current Tumblr account that he used anontalk.se as a way to cope from losing contact with a minor he was "dating" at the time, claiming he didn't know any other websites to talk about his problems.[36] He has stated that he missed anontalk,[13][37] and has disagreed on the opinion that anontalk was a site that catered for pedophiles.[38] James has also shown that, were there was a young girl suddenly appearing near him, he would consider grooming her until she reached 18 years old, before he married her.[39]

Accusations of child molestation

Screenshot showing the Yahoo Answer account belonging to James, and the question involving his sexual encounter highlighted in purple.

James has admitted that he had sex with a 9 year old girl when he was 16 years old in several websites, the two earliest recorded instances were from Yahoo Answers from around 2009.[40][41] According to James, he and the 9 year old were playing in a pool when he asked the 9 year old if he can play with her breasts. She allowed James to touch it, followed by the girl asking James to be his boyfriend and eventually, the two of them had sex 15 times for three years, according to James. The "relationship" went on until the girl was 11 years old [42] when one day, the girl was forbidden to contact James by her mother and grandmother. Sometime after the fact, James asked on Yahoo Answers for users to create a countdown clock for the girl,[43] as one can easily learn that whoever he was referring to was 9 at the time he was 16, based on the information he provided. James had also revealed that the girl was previously sexually abused by her father,[44] and her father was sentenced before James began having sex with the girl.[45] He also claimed that the previous abuse of the girl led her to be curious about sex,[44] and James' knowledge is enough to taught her about consent.[46] In addition, during the period he's being with the girl, he forbade her from telling anyone, saying that he might go to jail if she told, showing that he is fully aware that the relationship he had is illegal.[46]

Screenshot from the now defunct everyoneisworthyoflove blog, where James explained about his sexual encounter.

When being accused of committing rape on the 9 year old James has denied that he ever raped the girl, his reasoning being that he didn't rape her because he believed that he didn't force the girl to have sex with him,[20] and he insisted that "if anyone raped anyone she raped me".[46] He also believed that survivors of child sexual abuse have a preference to being lightly fondled over being violated,[47] when arguably, James has committed both. It is interesting that James claimed the girl's mother knew that he was harmless,[45] yet she insisted to keep the girl away from James after the sexual relation was discovered. When compared to the girl's father, he admitted that there was no difference between the abuse inflicted by the 9 year old's father and his relationship. However, he backpedalled by claiming that her father was in a position of power, whereas he was not.[48] James has also used his autism as an excuse for molesting the girl, saying that his mental age was the same as the girl when he had sex with her, which in his mind justified him molesting a girl 7 years his minor.[49] Further research on the laws in Indiana, James' home state shows that according to Indiana laws, James have committed child molestation, a Level 3 felony.[50] To this day, James has denied what he did was rape, when even members of a subreddit catering to pedophiles, r/pedofriends, thought that what James did was rape.[51] Recently, James has claimed to be speaking with the girl he had previously molested, according to his Tumblr, even though he was previously barred from doing that by the girl's mother.[52]

James and sex

Like many a loveshy, James has expressed multiple times that he is entitled to sex. He believed that he had his heart broken too many times to even care about relationships more than having sex,[53] and has claimed that he has lowered his standards of women, which points to him being desperate for sex. In the same posts where he claimed he had no standards he believed that every homeless women should be paired with ugly guys and exchange sex for a living place.[54] James also disapproves women who are protective of sex just because of the availability of contraceptives, ignoring the personal aspects of sex, and he felt that being nice to women is deceiving them and he went so far as to call it "rape by deception".[55] He also thought that women should have easier time to have sex than men just because of their gender.[56] He also believe in using ugly women by having sex with them to eventually have sex with a hotter woman with the intention to eventually marry them and enjoy them.[57] In a post he made in Kiwi Farms, James has stated that "Sex is just masturbation with someone else's genitals".[25]


James' dick pics, which he shared on his own blog to show his length.
  • James has stated that he was the smartest person he ever knew,[58] and claimed that his IQ is 124, yet he admitted that he only got Cs and Ds in school. He claimed that this was due to him being unable to apply his "knowledge" in school.[59] In addition, despite his claims of having a high IQ, he has shown to be unable to perform a simple division.[60]
  • James has repeatedly claimed that his penis is above average (6 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth),[61] yet he was easily offended by any mention of his penis being really small,[62] and he has a history of downvoting images of big penises in his Reddit account.[63]
  • James does not take a shower everyday, rather he only did this up to once every three days or whenever he feels like he is unclean.[64] However, at one point he had a contamination compulsion which then made him to take a bath in bleached water.[65]
  • He does not like being compared to Nick Bate, claiming that he has better hygiene than Nick, claims that Nick was much more of a threat than he is, gives good pedophiles a bad name, and expressed relief that Nick Bate will never be able to spread his "retard genes".[66][67]

A troll has been in contact with James via email, which is documented in these pages: James Emails 1, James Emails 2, James Emails 3. Another set of emails where James conversed with a "female pedophile" is also available here: James Emails - Linda.


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