Jake Rapp

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Jake Rapp
Jake Rapp.jpg
Age 27
Born Jacob Dean Nelson-Johnson
March 22nd, 1991
Dickinson, ND
Residence Seattle, Washington
Occupation Life coach
Web Presences [archive]
hotmesscoach [archive]
HotMessCoachDotCom [archive]
New Channel [archive]
Old Channel [archive]
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Jacob "Jake" Rapp, née Jacob Dean Nelson-Johnson, is the husband of Alison Rapp. He achieved instant infamy after the discovery that his wife Alison Rapp was an active prostitute during her employment with Nintendo leading to her subsequent firing. It was later revealed that he and his wife shared a polyamorous relationship, which allowed them to each seek different lovers. Later, Jake was also found to be a bisexual male escort. He immediately became a subject of ridicule, some interpreting his lifestyle as cuckoldry or submission to the sexual identity and prostitution his wife may have coerced him into, and is often compared to ED article: Anthony Burch.



Jake Rapp has publicly expressed on his Tumblr account many personal issues regarding his relationship. He started the Hot Mess Coach service as a way to reach out to other people in problem polyamorous relationships, though it is speculated that he was using the site itself as a coping mechanism. There is no evidence that this website ever turned a profit or even reached anyone.

Male Escort

Relationship with Alison Rapp