Jake Alley

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Jake Alley, AKA SecretGamerGirl
Age 36
Born Jacob Lawrence Alley
June 9, 1981
Residence Niantic, Connecticut
Occupation Game Developer
Web Presences
“A victim evokes sympathy, right? Victims are not responsible, right? Victims have the moral high ground… someone else is causing the misery, right? Victims can easily justify why they are right. Victims allow themselves to be stuck in the status quo and they excel at seeing the faults in others, ignoring their own re-sponsibility. They love to take others’ inventory of faults and are excellent at blaming. Victims become hypersensitive to real and perceived injustice, where any slight becomes a reason to reject. Victimization is the toxic wind blowing through families, fanning the fires of dysfunction.”
—David W. Earle

Jake Alley, better-known by his handles of SecretGamerGirl, Googleshng and Violet Hargrave, is a game developer and Twitter activist affiliated with Crash Override Network. Alley frequently claims to be transgendered (despite no intention of transitioning and no Gender Dysphoria diagnosis), and often claims to have been oppressed or harassed for his "trans status," which he frequently claims has resulted in attempts on his life. There has never been any evidence posted to corroborate this claim's authenticity.

Paranoid and delusional, Alley first came to the Kiwi Farms' attention because of his willingness to accuse GamerGate of everything from Pedophilia to harassment - while being part of a group that was actively defending known pedophiles and harassers. In a now-notorious screed in Crash Override Network's logs, he laid out a belief that several prominent GamerGate supporters needed to have their lives and careers destroyed so as to break the back of the hashtag consumer revolt. Alley frequently engaged in long screeds in which he genuinely seemed to believe his group was completely incapable of wrongdoing, even as they went about doing the very harassment, threatening, blacklisting and more that Alley himself grandstanded about condemning. Alley has repeatedly claimed that GamerGate is guilty of domestic terrorism, murder of women and transpeople, despite not once posting a single scrap of evidence. He also claims that all evidence of Sarah Nyberg's pedophilia (including the word of the parents of the girl she allegedly tried to victimize) is fabricated, and he was involved with attempts to cover up Nyberg's crimes in the aftermath of her exposure.[1]

As time went on, Alley became increasingly divorced from reality, to the point where he was eventually kicked out of Zoe Quinn's clique, though he remained a stalwart supporter of the group regardless. In the Crash Override Network chat log leaks, it was shown that, like David Gallant, Alley himself was no mere misguided fool or willing dupe, but was instead directly involved with ongoing attempts of fostering a narrative he outright knew was false, even as popular opinion gradually shifted against it. His steadfast belief that GamerGate is, indeed, representative of all that is bad and evil on the internet and complete incapacity to consider the consequences of his actions have made him the subject of considerable scrutiny.[2]

Many Lolcows carry an air of tragedy to them, but Alley himself is an especially sad case. All evidence is that before his ruinous involvement with Crash Override Network, he was a freelance game developer who was trying to create (and market) his own board game, but repeatedly failed to find a proper market for it. It's unclear at what point he wound up getting involved with Zoe Quinn and her associates, but what is known is that Alley himself had a very long and involved history with virtually everyone involved in GamerGate's opposition - emerging seemingly from nowhere in September of 2014, and immediately proceeding to fire off hardline rhetoric. Virtually every single mainstream member of GamerGate's opposition is in some way connected to Jake Alley, from Brianna Wu and Arthur Chu to Zoe Quinn, Chloe Sagal, David Gallant, Dan Olson, and more. Ironically, information as to his actual identity first became known due to the actions of Nora Reed. Alley was sufficiently close to Quinn's inner circle that he was even involved with Randi Harper's personal twitter account, until Alley's extremism caused Harper to disavow any knowledge of Alley's actions and led to his expulsion from the group.


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