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Jake Alley, AKA SecretGamerGirl
Age 36
Born Jacob Lawrence Alley
June 9, 1981
Residence Niantic, Connecticut
Occupation Game Developer
Web Presences
“Victimization is the toxic wind blowing through families, fanning the fires of dysfunction.”
—David W. Earle

Jake Alley, better-known by his handles of SecretGamerGirl, Googleshng and Violet Hargrave, is a game developer and Twitter activist affiliated with Crash Override Network. Alley frequently claims to be transgendered (despite no intention of transitioning and no Gender Dysphoria diagnosis), and often claims to have been oppressed or harassed for his "trans status," which he frequently claims has resulted in attempts on his life. There has never been any evidence posted to corroborate this claim's authenticity. He was one of many exposed by the Crash Override Network Log Leaks; Jake was one of the group pushing hardest for retaliatory actions against the hashtag consumer revolt's supporters.[1]

His aggressive pursuit of this eventually led him to be forcibly ejected from the group, much as was the case of David Gallant.

Involvement in Gamergate

This is what Jake Alley actually believes.

Paranoid and delusional, Alley first came to the Kiwi Farms' attention because of his willingness to accuse GamerGate of everything from Pedophilia to harassment - while being part of a group that was actively defending known pedophiles and harassers. In a now-notorious screed in Crash Override Network's logs, he laid out a belief that several prominent GamerGate supporters needed to have their lives and careers destroyed so as to break the back of the hashtag consumer revolt.

Alley frequently engaged in long tirades in which he genuinely seemed to believe his group was completely incapable of wrongdoing, even as they went about doing the very harassment, threatening, blacklisting and more that Alley himself grandstanded about condemning. Alley would go on to repeatedly claimed that GamerGate is guilty of domestic terrorism, murder of women and transpeople, despite not once posting a single scrap of evidence and despite being directly contradicted by the FBI. He also claims that all evidence of Sarah Nyberg's pedophilia (including the word of the parents of the girl she allegedly tried to victimize) is fabricated, and he was involved with attempts to cover up Nyberg's crimes in the aftermath of her exposure.[2]

Removal from Crash Override Network

As time went on, Alley became increasingly divorced from reality, to the point where even his associates within Crash Override began questioning his stability. In many ways Alley's desire to seek affirmation from the clique was leading to him becoming increasingly unhinged, and increasingly his own side was having less and less to do with him. He was quietly added to a number of GamerGate-related blocklists purely out of a desire to not want to deal with him. Inevitably, Alex Lifschitz ejected Jake from the group entirely, and the bulk of CON promptly blocked him on Social Media, with Randi Harper going so far as to disavow any knowledge of Alley's actions as well as blocking him entirely.[3]

Jake did not take his ejection from the clique well. In his eyes, he was one of the most devout for the cause, one of the people who had done their part to help in the fight against GamerGate. He would go on to post multiple marathon tweet-chains about Zoe Quinn simply not understanding him and essentially begging, shamelessly, to be let back in the cool kids' club.

Like many former CON affiliates, Jake wound up in the Norasphere after he was removed from the group.

Identity Confirmation

Jake Alley exposed in the Patreon Leaks.

Secret Gamer Girl is Jake Alley of Niantic, Connecticuit. Two other known aliases currently being used are Violet Hargrave, which appears to be a rebranding of sorts used as a penname for articles written about pen and paper games and Googleshng, a username with an online footprint going back to 2006. The most obvious piece of evidence comes from the 2015 Patreon data leak. In it, e-mail addresses, private messages and payment history was included. Using these leaks, we can see that SecretGamerGirl used the e-mail address "jakealley@gmail.com." This email address, when Google searched, leads right to a bunch of World Domination LLC's stuff, including their old website,[4] and links to Googleshng's Talking Time posts trying to get playtesters, proving that Jake Alley is both Secret Gamer Girl and Googleshng.

Attempts to discern Jake's identity first began on the Kiwi Farms soonafter his exposure in the Crash Override Network Log Leaks. It was noted that Jake had a number of mannerisms that suggested a prior history on the Internet, and the Farms quickly got to work analying the CON logs themselves. One thing became apparent extremely quickly: Secret Gamer Girl had a history in traditional gaming and was demoing a card game of some sort at cons, and had worked on some kind of game project that had fallen through:

[01/01/2015, 10:21:37 AM] Secret Gamer Girl: Seriously- I worked on this one card game, had it pretty much where I wanted it, was running demos at cons, attempting to hire artists, a year or goes by waiting on people to get back in touch with me on art contracting, I go screw it, I'll just do my own illustrations, Tweak the rules a bit, fix the issue that'd been bugging me, start looking for printers... "Hey! Congratulations on getting that game in stores!" I don't know if it's just a REALLY nasty coincidence, or someone was really paying attention when I was running demos but there's an S on the name

[01/01/2015, 10:25:15 AM] Secret Gamer Girl: and the big expensive game that kinda ruined me financially kinda had the same thing happen, although there at least mine was technically on the market for a year first

[24/12/2014, 3:05:28 PM] Secret Gamer Girl: the server for the official site of these games of mine went down without warning a year or two ago, and I've frankly been too depressed to fix it, but... I may also have missed this final notice from godaddy on the domain itself this month

Googleshng was well-known in the traditional gaming community, as the head of one "World Domination LLC,"[5] and their two biggest projects of note were a board game called "The Massive versus the Masses," and a card game called Red Shirt. Red Shirt matches the card game that Secret Gamer Girl claimed to be "beaten to the punch" on, as evidence shows that Googleshng was playtesting the game at cons,[6] and is only one letter off from the card game Redshirts.[7] A thread on Talking Time chronicles exactly when it was revealed that Googleshng was beaten to the punch, and he did not take it well at all.[8] Similarly, it was quickly determined that the very game that Jake was saying he lost big on was Massive Versus the Masses, as he had been beaten to the punch by Privateer Press and its game Monsteropcalypse.[9]

Evidence further started to pile up due to their speech patterns online; Googleshng had an interesting verbal quirk wherein he would use the old english term "yon" frequently, to the point where it was complained about by his associates.[10] SecretGamerGirl has the exact same habit on Twitter.[11]

Jake Alley at GX East, alongside Katherine Cross (on the far right).

Secret Gamer Girl would later go on to attend GenCon, and would demand that nobody take photographs of her.[12] Later, Katherine Cross would discuss the game Massive versus the Masses, which demoed at GenCon and was reported to be the work of one Jake Lawrence Alley - the same name tied to Googleshng previously, cementing that Jake Alley was both users.[13] Cross would go on to explain that, yes, she played the game at GenCon, which Secret Gamer Girl had also attended.[14] Secret Gamer Girl would like Cross' review on the game later, further establishing that they're the same people.[15] Jake Alley can also be seen at GX East, sitting with Cross.


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