Jace Connors vs. Brianna Wu

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Several times over the course of a six-month period, Jace and Tyce have come into conflict with video game developer and GamerGate critic Brianna Wu, as well as with third-party trolls claiming to be said developer. Jace also "mistook" several other people for Brianna Wu, as part of his ongoing campaign of satire, further lending credence to the fact that Jace was little more than a farce. Jace's alleged reasons for coming into conflict with Brianna included her trans status, false allegations that Wu hacked Jace's livestream, and ethics in video game journalism.

Prelude: VLOG-tember and #GamerGate

The Batman of Gaming and the Street Racing Challenge

At around 02:04:47 of his Christmas Fundraiser Livestream on December 18 2014, the stream chat asked Jace to "give a fuck you to Brianna Wu for being a tranny bitch who hates gaming." Jace obliged with a two minute hyperactive rant on about how he, "the Batman of Gaming", would "deliver elite justice to her soul" after he'd jump on her Assassin's Creed style, as well as on how there should be a wolf detective show about him:

A typical reaction.
The initial reaction.
Two hours later.

Fittingly enough, trolls brought the video to Brianna Wu's attention on December 22nd, 2014, whereupon she reacted exactly the way most predicted she would. As per tradition, Wu's allies went into overdrive attempting to make the case that Jace posted a clear and present danger to Brianna Wu's life.[1]

It is critical to note that though this was before the now-infamous revelation that Jace was a work of satire, even people unfamiliar with Jace had suspicions that he was either nothing but a third-party troll, actively false-flagging, or simply an act. Even GamerGhazi, one of the most notorious Anti-GamerGate SubReddits on Reddit, had an outpouring of common sense as several people, rightly, called out that declaring Jace a threat wasn't exactly a credible action.[2] Fittingly enough, posts pointing out that Jace himself both was known to police, had no means of carrying out any threat, and indeed, had many such streams before that amounted to absolutely nil were immediately deleted by the moderating staff of GamerGhazi immediately, because these proposed inconvenient facts, but the Internet does not forget.[3]

It critical to note that, at the time, the Moderator for GamerGhazi was none other than Brianna Wu herself.

Wu's allies attempted to bring the argument that Jace was a threat to her to several other communities - ones that, fittingly enough, with only limited ability to control the narrative, quickly became overwhelmed with people pointing out that Jace Connors was in no way a legitimate threat and that at best he was a single nutter with zero credibility whatsoever, and several in the threads (correctly) stated that Jace was likely a parody.[4]

Not one to let a good joke die off, Jace decided to up the ante by challenging Brianna Wu to a street race on Twitter. She didn't respond - mostly because Brianna blocked him almost a month ago - and the campaign quickly turned into a rousing bout of head-butting with Brianna Wu's associates and third-party trolls alike. Eventually Jace repeatedly threatened to shoot at her with his airsoft pistols and the discussion died off entirely. The Street Race never happened, nor did, humorously enough, the legal action Brianna Wu and her supporters swore to enact against Jace Connors.

"Brianna Wu" Hacks a Livestream and Disrespects the Marines who Died in 9/11

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"Brianna Wu's gay 9/11 airplane flying around her living room while she tries to hack responsible adults’s livestreams offline with malicious skype calls."
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When his New Year's Eve Livestream 2015 was reported for drug abuse by a troll and subsequently taken down, Jace immediately came to the conclusion that it must have been Brianna Wu's doing. On the next day, he posted a lengthy accusation[5] on Deaglenation.tv, calling her out for hacking his stream and "trying to CEASE and/or DESIST" his gaming.

He also posted a picture of "Brianna Wu's gay 9/11 airplane" (actually an Ork warplane from Warhammer 40,000) that he had obtained from CIADude420 a couple of days earlier.

It didn't take long before the first troll pretending to be Wu started to taunt Jace in the comments:

"Brianna Wu": Oh yeah, you again. Yeah I called into your dumbass livestream and then took it down. What’s it to you, fuckface? Enjoy your gaming now, because 2015 is the year I put the fucking hammer down on you weak fucking gamers.

Jace: Guess what bitch, you just tipped your hand and I have proof you are out to stop gaming..Also nice job giving me your IP Address by commenting on my site, let me just run this through Google Earth and find out how much it’d cost me to take a little road trip over there. Oh lets see, Albertville, Alabama? I could make that in under a day, you dumb bitch. [img]http://i.imgur.com/BuBf85J.jpg[/img] You’d have no warning at all, I can street race that in 8 hours flat if I modded out Eli’s car with some custom wheels and nitrous. How does 170 WHP sound to you? The correct answer is that it sounds like youve just reaped the whirlwind. The whirlwind of your own death, that is, you fucking bitch. I am Commander Stryker.

Asked what gamers were to do in the face of a transsexual anti-gaming onslaught, Jace also issued a rallying call to his loyal fans:

Jace: We may know that Brianna is a threat but we Must not fear her. Gaming is a passionate way of life,that will continue even if there are haters out there. I know that Gamers will stand united because it is a way of life and a brotherhood of gaming which is why its not just some boys club but actually just a pretty chill bgroup like the army or marines. Thats gamers.Gameres stick together because weve been thriough so much shit just like army sodliers do at the barracks. So thats why im saying dude just keep gaming and nobody can stop you.Look at me my mom couldnt stop me and my pastor and my therapist couldnt stop me either and neither could any trolls. So im basically a sucesss story that just proves ppl like Brianna cant do shit. Thats it man peace.

Jace's incoherent screed, as per tradition, was latched onto like it was gospel by Wu's comrades-in-arms, who once again used it to declare Jace a terrorist in so many words.[6]

Operation Wu-Pocalypse: The War is on

Main article: Operation Wu-Pocalypse

In the aftermath of the Batman Incident, Tyce and Eli got involved, in one of the most idiotic attempts to up the ante recorded by onlookers. With Jace claiming Wu was in league with the national socialist party and crashing his mother's prius, Tyce creating obviously farcical death threats, and more, the only people who could, with a straight face, feel that any of this crap was real was if they stood to profit from it. It ended with the revelation that Jace had been an act (as had Tyce and friends) in an act of obvious satire that to this day is heralded as an impressive online ruse. Despite the revelation that Jace, his associates, and their threats had all been an act, Wu continues to state that the team poses a serious threat to her life, going so far as to repeatedly use Tyce's infamous video as an example of her harassment. Indeed, she'd do so four months after Jace and Friends had been revealed as a hoax, on June 19th, 2015, during InspireFest.[7]

Mainstream Media response

Jace's hilariously stupid interactions with Brianna Wu (both the real one and the fake) resulted in Brianna Wu's allies in the press - specifically outlets like Jezebel, and Gawker latching onto Jace as a prime example of an "average GamerGater."

It is particularly ironic that when examined critically, Jezebel and Gawker are literally attacking the victim, Jace, a mentally unwell person, for maing unwise videos on the internet, solely to parrot Brianna Wu's attack plan, but this is nothing new to those familiar with Brianna Wu.