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“It's weird. Usually I am against this stuff. But this is someone who gets away with all their abuse because of their mask. If they are unmasked and cower away for a long time, I am OK with that.”
—Israel Galvez, in Zach Attack Chat, announcing his intentions to dox Mombot

Israel Galvez
Israel Galvez's Twitter Bio Pic.
Age 28
Born Israel Galvez
July 4th, 1990
Tacoma, Washington
Residence Puyallup, Washington
Occupation Telephone Call Center Manager for Amazon

Israel Galvez, also known as "Izzy" to his friends and by his Twitter handle, iglvzx, is a disgraced associate of Crash Override Network who constantly grandstands against harassment, doxing, and brigading whilst performing those exact actions. Like many similarly hypocritical alleged anti-harassment specialists, he quickly rose to prominence on the Kiwi Farms through his opposition to the GamerGate controversy and his willingness to engage in scorched-earth campaigns to shut down the hashtag's proponents and protect his associates from the consequences of their actions alongside fellow person of interest Matt Myers. Like virtually all people of interest who simultaneously claim to be "internet abuse experts" while abusing others, what Galvez does is little more than rebrand his own version of internet bullying as activism in an effort to shield himself from criticism and deflect accusations of rote hypocrisy.

Galvez would quickly fall from grace once his actions became public knowledge. From his early attempts at opposing GG by trying to start in with its supporters, only to be mocked, to being caught trying to bury evidence of Sarah Nyberg's pedophilia, to being willing to ignore fellow CON member Robert Marmolejo's sexually harassing behavior, and finally, being caught up in the Crash Override Network Log Leaks of 2016, Izzy Galvez saw a steady bleed of credibility and support that increasingly made him into a Pariah. This was followed soonafter by his attempt at doxing a well-known Gamergate supporter, which ultimately blew up in his face when it was revealed to be a trap set specifically for him to discredit himself.

His willingness to go to extremes made him so toxic that he was ejected from Crash Override Network[1] and has subsequently been blocked by the bulk of its membership.[2] Fittingly, he is now a member of the Norasphere and can be found alongside fellow CON exiles such as David Gallant.


Prior to Gamergate, Israel Galvez was, ironically enough, known to be deeply religious. He used to run a Blogspot and Myspace blog, both focused on voicing support for the Lord, and posting various passages from scripture. In most ways, Galvez came across as devout, but harmless, working for Amazon as a call center guy and laconically participating on social media. He later grow disillusioned some time around 2010, and would fall in with a new god - Social Justice - and follow it in a drive for social acceptance and recognition.

Prior to GamerGate beginning, Izzy was already on good terms with many who would later go on to be involved in Crash Override Network, including Zoe Quinn and David Gallant. Before the "Death of Gamers" Incident that started the hashtag, Israel was known for attempting to butt heads with various people who were critical of Quinn and her clique. This only intensified when the hashtag went viral following said incident, and Israel quickly garnered a reputation for someone who would take pot-shots at any GG supporter he saw as having a sufficiently large audience.

Involvement in GamerGate

Bemoaning the reason his associates have a platform with no self-awareness.

As the hashtag continued to gain steam, Israel would repeatedly attempt to "lock down" attempts by the hashtag to reach more mainstream ears, and he became well-known for sending false reports to shut down GG supporters on Twitter, several of which, due to sympathetic ears within Social Media, got suspended. He also led harassment campaigns against GG supporters and even neutrals who undermined his side's talking points, such as David Pakman, who he and David Gallant referred to as a "GG Stooge" after Brianna Wu's disastrous appearance on his show.[3] As the hashtag continued to gain steam despite such offensives, Galvez responded by becoming more toxic and willing to resort to extremes. By the time Crash Override Network was established, Izzy already had a reputation as a hack who would say and do anything to push his side's agenda.

8Chan Defunding Attempt

When many social media sites began blacklisting discussion of the Quinn scandal and subsequently, GamerGate, a number of enterprising websites saw an opportunity and created new platforms to support the resulting expats - none more well-known than 8chan, which specifically emerged due to 4chan's attempt to blacklist GamerGate-related discussion from the site. The mere fact that GG supporters could have a place to meet and talk was intolerable to Galvez, and indeed, most of Crash Override Network, sought ways to shut it down. As was proven later by the Crash Override Network Log Leaks, Izzy was working with Dan Olson and Laurelai Bailey in an attempt to get 8chan defunded. The plan, covered more in-depth in Olson's article, involved Laurelai Bailey planting alleged child porn on 8chan for Dan Olson to "find," download, and write about, at which point Galvez and company would signal boost it - using his contacts to spread the article to more mainstream news sites. To further deny GG's userbase the ability to use the website, Galvez allegedly hired infamous DDOS botnet group Lizard Squad to take the site down for a few hours, according to several sources that approached the Kiwi Farms under condition of anonymity.

Pedophile Internet Defense Force

Arguably the best known chapter in the saga of Israel Galvez beyond the Zach Attack Incident is Izzy's attempt to bury evidence on Sarah Nyberg, a GamerGate opponent who happened to also be a notorious pedophile. Nyberg came under fire when GG supporters dug up thousands of pages of logs of Sarah Nyberg lusting after her young cousin, linking to infamous child porn site 12chan, and talking about how she found children sexually attractive. The parents of the child in question were interviewed by Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopolous, leading to a series of investigative reports on Sarah Nyberg. In response to Nyberg's exposure, Galvez threw everything at stopping the story before it could spread - first pushing to get the Webcitation archives of Nyberg's misbehavior taken down, only to have instead getting taken down a dsuplicate hosted by the Kiwi Farms removed. The archives continued to circulate.

Izzy, realizing his attempts at damage control had ended in failure, attempted instead to mislead - arguing, on several platforms (including /r/GamerGhazi) that the logs had been tampered with, using screenshots of Nyberg's site, FFShrine on Wayback Machine - which is rather odd because FFShrine had been delisted from the Wayback Machine some time previously. Worse, Galvez's attempt only exposed further ways to confirm that the logs were legit.[4] Galvez got caught repeatedly trying to spread this nonsense,[5] at which point even other GG opponents began calling Galvez out for his shameless defense of a pedophile.

Desperate for any sort of win in this PR disaster, Izzy went nuclear, using his connections with CON to escalate reports against GG supporters and those who were covering the controversy, resulting in numerous locked and suspended accounts - including those of LeoPirate (who covered the Nyberg expose)[6][7] and Encyclopedia Dramatica (who covered Nyberg in detail).[8] This, in turn, only encouraged people to further investigate Izzy, resulting in even more impotent rage.

Defense of Robert Marmolejo

Israel Galvez expresses anger at being called out for his hypocrisy.

As it would later turn out, Izzy's attempt to defend a sexual deviant in Sarah Nyberg was not a unique occurrence. It soon came out that Robert Marmolejo, a long-time member of Crash Override Network, had been using the group's gathering of victims' personal information in an attempt to sexually harass some victims and coax nude pictures or sexual texts our of them.[9] Marmolejo closed his accounts and seemingly left Social Media entirely; though Galvez himself appeared to not know about it until the reveal, as evidenced by his Twitter feed,[10] his response to the reveal was less horror at being in league with someone like that so much as it was intense hostility towards the person who exposed it, and when similar content was brought up in the Crash Override Network Log Leaks, it becomes far more obvious that Izzy was far more angry about being called out for his hypocrisy.

This incident would become the centerpiece of the incident that would lead to his exposure in late 2016.

Zach Attack Sting

Izzy's hatred of GG and of Mombot would be exploited with ruthless efficiency in 2016, when Twitter Users Mombot and Rudderhouse, interested in seeing just how far Israel and company would go to take down someone they hated, set up a little sting operation of a sort: Rudderhouse would pose as a GamerGate opponent and would pretent to have a spat with Mombot before dropping (faked) dox.[11] Unlike many other GG opponents who had been willing to wait for more information, Galvez, eager to be a hero to his side, was chomping at the bit to dox someone he didn't like - he went so far as to even try to steal credit from the fake informant, eagerly saying he found the information on his own and by his lonesome. Izzy justified attempts to dox by claiming that Mombot was involved in the Alison Rapp controversy, and repeatedly argued that Mombot was somehow involved with the Kiwi Farms.

Unfortunately for Galvez, he had fallen for a cruel trap specifically designed for him. Mombot would describe the process by which she and Rudderhouse baited Israel and his cohorts in a Medium post, and explained how she used Izzy's massive ego against him and did so specifically to not only show him for the harasser he was, but to undermine his claims of being an "anti-harassment specialist."[12] The information Izzy was taking credit for was carefully orchestrated by Rudderhouse, who at the time had been pastebinning the entire ordeal and the actions of those involved - including Galvez's repeated urgings to use this information to dox Mombot.[13] As part of the plan, Mombot briefly set her account to private, leading Izzy, who took credit for the take-down. Finally, the ruse was exposed, and Galvez was left holding the bag. Numerous publications covered his exposure, including Breitbart.[14] Heatstreet and OneAngryGamer quickly followed suit.[15][16]

Needless to say, when many of Galvez's associates wound up being suckered into an event that cost them their credibility as well, there was considerable anger, and many rued ever listening to Galvez in the first place.[17] Many of Izzy's associates wound up blocking him outright in retaliation, openly calling him out for his stupidity,[18] and, in the case of Ubisoft's Creative Director Palle Hoffstein, deleting his account on Twitter entirely. Even worse - it led to the last vestiges of Crash Override he was still friendly with to become sick of his behavior; he was publicly denounced by them, with even Randi Harper calling him out.[19] Harper would go on to declare that Galvez was closely-affiliated with well-known troll groups and should not be taken seriously.

He afterwards wound up falling in with other Crash Override outcasts and wound up in the Norasphere.


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