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Incels are usually males (and occasionally females, who are called FemCels for differentiation) who are and self-identify as involuntarily celibate. Involuntary Celibacy is the state of being celibate, despite a desire to have sexual relationships.[1] Incel is sometimes more narrowly defined as not having a successful encounter with a woman every six months,[2] which allows inclusion of non-virgins, who are not welcome in some niches.[3] The incel community is surprisingly large and has multiple websites dedicated to it. Many consider the state of celibacy as being a medical condition, and the term Love-Shy stems from a study done by Dr. Brian G. Gilmartin.[4]

Though the concept of involuntary celibacy in itself is inoffensive and naturally unisex, the incel community carries many negative opinions about women. The defining feature of these groups is blame-shifting, often levying their problems in securing a partner on their parents, woman-kind, society, and even the government. They have historically applauded spree killers like Elliot Rodger, and believe that a woman should have slept with him to prevent the attacks.

Primary Incel Communities


Main article: Incels.me

Incels.me is the most prominent incel site.


/r/Braincels is the major incel community on Reddit since /r/Incels was banned.

Other Incel and Related Communities


Main article: SluteHate.com

Formerly known as SlutHate, RedPillTalk (RPT) is a no-holds-barred community that describes itself as a criticism of both men and women who engage in casual sex.

[RPT]'s etre d'raison is to understand the economical basis for interpersonal, sexual or otherwise between men and women. Over the last few decades, a variety of factors gave females more sexual freedom. However, unlike the "free love" promise of the 60's opening up women and men to mutual casual sexual encounters without guilt, it has created a a dichotomy, in which a few alpha males get most of the sex while a large "underclass" of incel males get none.

— SlutHate.com Wiki, Main Page[5]


Main article: Wizardchan

Exhibiting the most exclusionary behavior of all incel communities, Wizardchan only allows adult males who have never had sex to post.[3] They make no attempt at pretending to be accepting of virgin females. Because Wizardchan users are more affected by depression than anger, they feel that women on their website would only exist to tease and provoke them.[6] For that reason, their administration bans anyone who claims to be female or talks about their experiences with friends or women. The environment is best suited for people who have no hope or desire to integrate into society, and want no reminders of what normal life could be like.


The face of incel belongs to Love-Shy.com, which maintains a very positive outward appearance. Their website focuses exclusively on education, their FAQ states that women can be love-shy[7], and their resources cite a book written by a medical doctor who analyzed the behavior and experiences of lonely men. These indications belie a less open-minded and intolerant community. It's forum has little activity.