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Anthony Zyrmpas
Icy in Kyoto, sometime in mid-2000s
Age 40
Born c.1978
Residence Currently unknown, domain registration was carried out from Tokyo
Occupation Wire fraud
Self-published pseudo-philosophy
Web Presences Orgy Of The Will
insomnia praise
insomnia's old reviews Kiwi Farms thread
"As for what happened -- the same thing that has been happening ever since I started posting in videogame forums. I hold a mirror to people's faces, they see their ignorance and stupidity reflected in it, and then instead of learning from that and mending their ways they lash out at me, for showing them the mirror.

The Athenians poisoned Socrates for this.

The Jews crucified Jesus of Nazareth.

This is human nature. "
—icycalm, in response to Shmups Forum banning him

"Second off, I don't have "theories", fagot: I KNOW, because I have studied, thought about, and comprehended the history of art better than any human being that has ever existed. "
—icycalm, addressed to Jason Rohrer

icycalm (born Anthony Zyrmpas sometime in 1978)[1], currently referred to as Alex Kierkegaard as a pen name on his forum, is a wire fraudster, pseudo-philosopher, and video game reviewer on the run from the law, who has previously lived in Greece, America, Japan, Spain, and allegedly Sweden (his current domain registration is in Tokyo though). His magnum opus is Orgy of the Will, a pseudo-philosophical power fantasy revolving around him being the Übermensch and thus being able to completely disregard the morality of the human species. He has had a prolific history of spamming chan boards and web forums with his writings and will argue with anyone that mentions his name.

He has been banned from Shmups Forum[2] and most other places on the net, leaving him with not many places to go. His current home is on insomnia.ac forums and he will also occasionally post to 4chan. He views Shmups Forum with about as much disdain as his aversion to the gaming media in general and is convinced that they are in on a plot to suppress his views on video games and philosophy[3]. He will also often claim to start embarking on outlandish projects as an attention seeking mechanism[4], and when they don't pan off, he'll sometimes go so far as to fake his own death and quit the internet to avoid having to face up to his failures.[5]


"Well, there are many ways to make money, and flipping burgers is certainly one of them, but there are others. When faced with a similar situation, for example, I chose to steal money using an elaborately-planned scam. The entire business lasted a couple of months, and then I had enough money for half a decade. Plus it was extremely interesting, challenging, fun, etc. Crime in general is extremely fun -- I would be doing it even if I weren't being "paid" (lol) to do it. "


Anthony Zyrmpas was born sometime in 1978, somewhere in Greece. He had a relatively normal childhood with high marks in school and such, and his domineering attitude landed him into the University of Washington aerospace engineer program. However, due to poor marks while there, in addition to being something of a nightmarish tenant to his roommates, he was dismissed from the program. Shortly before this, however, he decided to embark on a wire fraud scam, selling false listings for a number of goods (notable Compaq Armada laptops) on eBay. He made ~$165k from this scandal, before getting caught by the Seattle police department.[7] $46k of the money was recovered, however the rest wasn't, and with that money Anthony subsequently fled to Japan, and probably started running other small schemes on the side while thinking of what he should do.


By 2005 he was lurking game forums (notably gamengai, insert credit, and the shmups forum), and decided to make his own game review site, as a hobby. insomnia.ac, as it turned out to be called, ended up being one of the cornerstones of the arcade community for half a decade from that point onward. Not one to prevent success from getting to his head, icy subsequently started writing a number of incendiary articles against the then up-and-coming phenomenon of indie games, and eventually, that spiralled into open attacks on the gaming press itself. In between all this, icy got the idea to compile some of his articles in book format, and incensed with the number of "idiots" signing up to his forum, decided to make it so that to register, you have to pay a $50 fee, and thereafter you're at icy's mercy not to get banned (which, as it turns out, it became nearly impossible not to).

DJ Orwell

In between all this, around 2010, a bored 17 year old by the name of DJ Orwell decided it would be a good idea to hack into insomnia, and with it, he stumbled upon the gold mine. Tons of documentation relating to icy's birth identity, the crimes he's committed, and various other petty offenses were all his. In addition, he managed to take insomnia.ac down for a few days to a few weeks, redirecting the site to his forums, "Mindprobe", and including an expose of what icy was up to. However, through events I'm not quite sure of (blackmail?), DJ Orwell handed control back to icy, the site was restored with much improved security, and then icy really went off the deep end with his articles.

Orgy of the Will

As part of this spiralling off the deep end, icy decided it would be a good idea to branch out of 'just' videogame journalism into dedicated pseudo-philosophy. So he decided to launch Orgy some time after he restored insomnia. This gained him a fair bit of notoriety in rationalist circles, in addition to the wider gaming community who he had by that time mostly alienated. In it, he outlined his philosophical musings, expounded a bit on subjects of interest to the Übermensch, and wrote bits and pieces about his philosophy leading up to a planned book launch or three. However, the last update to the site was in August of 2015 (probably), and the books haven't come out, so it's probably safe to assume that he ended up quitting Orgy as part of his unpersoning from the net and subsequently started plotting his 'death' (a few months later, someone posted to 4chan that icy had died in an illegal street race in Sweden. However, with all we know about his attention-seeking tendencies, he was probably doing this himself in third person (see: the domains for culture.vg/insomnia.ac and Orgy getting renewed in 2016)).


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