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The Hangover Vlogs were a series of videos Jace uploaded to YouTube on March 29 and March 30, 2014. As the title would suggest, he is either hung over or still drunk. In these videos, he vomits several times and shows difficulty expressing himself verbally, slurring his words as he struggles to string them together.

The first three videos all contain the same message. All his friends from high school no longer hang out with him, either because they have sided with Tyce or have otherwise betrayed him by going off to college. He has no weed, and cannot play video games online. All of these things, which Jace feels he deserves as "his way of life," are being denied to him. And that makes him sad and confused.

The last video is him complaining about trolling, but also touches on the topics he rambled about in the previous videos.

Hangover Vlogs
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Jace drinks, Jace pukes, Jace whines, Jace screams.

Hangover Vlog: Depressed

Video description: I am hung over and depressed, and i need to vent. If you dont like it then leave. This isnt for you its for me

This video was uploaded on March 29, 2014.
Jace begins this video in bed hung over, saying he doesn't know what to do with his life at this point anymore. He pleads for pity or remorse from the trolls, as he "deserves RESPECT!" He vomits several times, but is too lazy to properly clean himself off. He says he no longer has fun, just lots of "work" and "responsibilities" to deal with (read: trolling). Jace states that all his Juggalo gamer buddies are being very selfish by not hanging out with him, believing things like going to college are less important than "chilling with your friends (i.e. coming to Jace's aid and being at his beck and call)."
Even the previously loyal Colby doesn't want to hang out with him, and Steve won't return his calls.
Jace gets himself wound up, saying he refuses to be a victim of the trolling by the Tyces and anybody else of the world.
The video ends with the camera aimed upward from Jace's groin, showing off his hairy and paunchy belly, as he pukes onto his own chest.

Jace: "What the FUCK, have I done wrong... to take, this... punishment of life's hatred to me?!"

Hangover Vlog: My Life Choices

no video description

This video was uploaded on March 29, 2014.
Jace is laying in bed, his shirt still open, and expresses his doubts: doubts as to whether he should continue leading his fight against the trolls, doubts as to whether he even wants to become a Marine. He says he believes in being a gamer and moans about how hard it would be to find something new, since being a gamer is all he wants from life. Jace states that he has always identified as a gamer since the "start of day one," and believes this means he has the inalienable right to smoke pot and play games online. Anybody who says otherwise is "attacking his way of life." He closes the video by saying he is uncertain and afraid, stressed out, and asks for help and comments (in other words, he is fishing for pity and flattery).

Hangover Vlog: I have NOTHING LEFT

Video description: My dreams were stolen from underneath my feet by trolls

This video was uploaded on March 29, 2014.
Jace is still laying in the same position as the last video, with the camera occasionally panning down to show his fatty folds.
He pukes a few more times, and is either too lazy or too depressed to clean himself off, as shown by the fresh upchuck glistening on his neck.
Repeats his belief that, as a gamer, he lives to "blaze," play games, and have fun with friends. He can't do any of these because he no longer has friends, or weed, or a Steam account. He states that his "trip to the Marines" didn't go out the way he thought it would. Jace, again, says he perceives his friends going away to college as betrayal because he's being left behind.

"Jace: What are friends for, but to chill? College doesn't even do any good, I never went."

Jace ends the video by saying his situation is unique to his person, and that's why his friends don't understand what he's going through.


Video description: I have too many fucking responsibilities on my shoulders, and if it gets any worse, I will just shrug them off.

This video was uploaded on March 30, 2014.
Jace starts this video by recounting his version of the tale of Atlas. According to Jace, Atlas was the creator of the world who was also responsible for holding it up, and threw it down because he got tired of DA STRESS.

Jace: "ATLAS SHRUGGED! And the whole world crumbled to dust because of me!"

He finishes his tale with a hearty spew. Jace apparently sees himself as the Atlas of Deagle Nation, as both its creator and the unsung hero who must maintain it alone. He bemoans his situation, feeling that the other members of the Deagle Nation are not doing enough to fend off the trolls and be his online friends. He would continue to punctuate the video with random shouts of "ATLAS SHRUGGED!" Jace ends this video with a rant against the "alphabet soup" sites on 4chan like /b/ and /k/, sobbing about how this nation he built "from the very first stone" will not bow down to them or anybody.


The drinking binge that brought about these videos is believed to be one of the factors that caused his mother, brother, and a pastor to stage an intervention. This was mentioned in the Life Update on the following day. Jace was forced to stop drinking and attend a 12 Step Program (as mentioned in the Weekly Livestream 5).