Greta Gustava Martela

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Greta Gustava Martela
Greta Gustava Martela.png
Age 49
Born Kjel Brian Anderson
March 13, 1969
Alameda County, California
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Co-founder of Trans LifeLine
Height 6'2"
Web Presences FBicon.png gretagustava

Greta Gustava Martela (born Kjel Brian Anderson) is the co-founder of Trans LifeLine (TLL), a registered 501(c)3 charity "dedicated to the well being of transgender people".[1] Greta is scrutinized for mismanaging his charity, associating with abusers in the trans community, and physically intimidating people he considers opponents.

Trans Lifeline

It was because of Greta's harassment campaign that people began to do research on Trans Lifeline. It was found that most, if not all of what Greta claims about his life-line are false. Not only this but Greta uses the LifeLine fundraising for personal, unrelated expenses and as a political soapbox. Since the uncovering people have attempted to share this with others, only for Greta to publicly name, threaten, harass, and intimidate people who try to expose his operations.

On December 29th, 2016 Greta's wife, Nina Chaubal was detained by federal border patrol agents near a checkpoint in Yuma, Arizona. The event would see Greta further confirm theories online journalists had about him as well as further abuse from associates of Trans-LifeLine, when they harassed detention center employees through the phone lines and lie about the situation to raise money for personal aims.