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George Alexander Yarid
George during one of his many "photoshoots". He really does think he's gorgeous...
Age 50
Born July 16, 1968
Richmond, Virginia
Residence Richmond, Virginia
Occupation DoorDash Delivery Driver
Height 6ft 1 (allegedly)
Web Presences FBicon.png george.yarid http://gorgeousgeorgeshow.tripod.com/

George Alexander Yarid aka Gorgeous George (born July 16, 1968), is 50 and lives in a house stolen from his dead parents. It is a decent house in a decent neighborhood, but it's not the mansion George likes to say it is on TV. George appears on Public Access TV in Richmond, Virginia where he puts on a fine display of why Public Access TV has failed.

George Alexander Yarid A.K.A "Gorgeous George"

Gorgeous George used to have his own taxi company called "Ride em' Cowboy" (no really he did). He then drove for Uber until he got kicked off the platform, he now delivers food for DoorDash. George has spent the best of part of the last ten years taking people who have made comments on his YouTube videos to court, George has even gone as far as trying to take YouTube to court for defamation. George fails in every court case often with utter hilarity.

Fun facts about GG:

  • His Initials are GAY
  • He hates being called GAY
  • He is accused of Raping a woman
  • His Grandfather Kidnapped a woman and hypnotized her into marrying him (no joke it was reported in the papers)
  • His Degenerate father shot a dog for taking a crap on his lawn
  • He is Bankrupt

You can join the FaceBook all about George and what he is up to

The Cable Access Show

George's show runs for a block of five weeks normally once a year at 9PM on Richmond Virginia Public Access Channel 95, The "Show" features George's long suffering sidekick Kevin Kravitz, together they mash what can only be described as two autistic eight year old kids idea of how TV works. Kevin normally opens with an unscripted monologue which he bumbles through often making little to no sense and every now and then telling a poorly timed bad joke which only he laughs at. George will normally attempt to make some kind of entrance and will open with a poo or pee joke and sometimes perhaps even a question about milking dogs or incest.

George would often have "Guests" on the "Show" they would range from prostitutes to drug addled ex strippers who think they are pathologists. One of the highlights (at least in George's head) was always the skits! - Essentially Kevin or George would buy a cheap Halloween mask and what ever props they could find in the trunk of GG's cab and rip off a SNL sketch.

The Cast

The cast changes on a fairly regular basis depending on who George has fallen out with and who has ended up talking to "Trolls". Over the years George has had everything from random Black people to try and show he is not a racist to fat prostitutes.

Kevin Kravitz

Kevin is a lovable little weirdo, Older than George but for some reason hangs around the fat pig. Kevin has often been thought of as the talented one and seems to have a fairly normal life.

Kevin Kravitz.


George's Taxi Driving friend who got shot, Ended up leaving Richmond because he got screwed over by a stripper whore called Kristen.

Kristen Conner

Quite possibly the most uneducated piece of filth to walk the earth. Has made so many claims that it is almost impossible to list them however of note they are:

  • A forensic Pathologist
  • In the movie Dave
  • Does not do dugs
  • The highest paid Stripper in all of Richmond
  • A child star

She has made so many wild statements that the Goons took to debunking her bullshit, she has made a YouTube Channel where she uploads badly filmed horrific videos of her annoying whore voice.

Kristen has an extensive criminal record that can be viewed below

She also gets evicted from everywhere she lives

The Documentary Drama

One of George's ex trolls Brandon Hardesty (tri hard faggot) made a documentary about George, it was the most one sided piece of shit you have ever watched and did not address any of George's wild claims. The documentary did not even address George taking people to court, It essentially made out George was a struggling "Artist" and people should feel sorry for him.... FUCK YOU GEORGE

Don't bother watching the real documentary watch Shon's review of the documentary Here

The YouTube Drama

George has been uploading his show to YouTube for many years, he used to allow comments but got so upset by people calling him names that he blocked all comments and started to upload videos addressing the "Trolls", George also became obsessed with revealing the identities of his "Trolls". Sadly as with everything George does this ended in nothing but utter embarrassment for him as the majority of information George gets is false because the Trolls feed it to him.

George can often be found uploading 3 min hate pieces ranging from calling someone a homo to utter rage making death threats.

You can find GG on YouTube

George would go on mad False Flag rages and DMCA rages against any channel that made videos about him, George also believes that Fair use is non-existent and he can just remove any content that has his face in it or his voice. He frequently goes on rants about "FALSEHOODS" that are being spread about him, despite the fact that any information released in videos is 99% of the time backed up with verifiable evidence or from one of his own hilarious court documents.

Shon Brennan

Shon used to make videos about George - You can view some of Shons work on YouTube

Will Markland

Hollywood Celebrity that actively makes videos about George

Captain Corpulence

BILL BELLUM! - For the longest time George has sought the identity of the mysterious Captain Corpulence. The Captain has been a stable and regular content creator regarding the entire GG saga. You can catch up with the captain on YouTube

Liberal Decay

Marty McFly

Swedish Attorney who George threatens to kill on a daily basis, Currently the grand puppet master making George dance on his strings. You can find Marty on YouTube and BitChute - GG rageflags his content on a regular basis.

Dewey Manlove III

Very fancy chap, Not Shon Brennan

Billy Baxter

A mysterious character rumored to have a voice like velvet that could melt the underpants of any woman and calm the wildest bobcat

Hamish Macintosh

Jay Smith

Private Investigator hired to actively collect evidence for the impending Law suit being filed against George Yarid

The Bankruptcy Drama

In 2016 in an effort to save his "Childhood Home" George filed for bankruptcy, his bankruptcy is full of some of the best GG content and shows just how much of a liar he really is. His bankruptcy revealed interesting facts about his life including that he essentially owns nothing apart from some ill fitting suits and some now holy Golf Clubs.

You can read all about GG's bankruptcy here:File:Gg bankruptcy.pdf

The Childhood Home

George has been fighting foreclosure for an extended amount of time. George blames everyone from people that did not pay him rent to the "Lying Indian Call Centre that told him falsehoods"

The Childhood home is in a shocking state, It was revealed in 2018 that the house currently referred to as "The Banks House" has no HOT WATER!. This means that George has no way of having a shower or washing himself.

George also parks on the lawn outside the front door despite having a driveway and a garage.

The Garage is full of Gumball machines and other rubbish that GG is hoarding.

Update July 2018 - George has been offered $5000 by the Bank to vacate the property or be kicked out. George as usual is attempting to fight something he can't win and rather than take the $5000 is contemplating trying to keep fighting the

Update August 2018 - George has accepted the $5000 an 1307 will be returned to the rightful owners of the property - THE BANK - Pictures and videos from the inside of the house coming soon!

The 2016 LOLSuit Drama

In 2016 George launched an all out assault against the internet, he took some people to court for "Defamation, Slander and Libelist [sic]", he also wants the court to give him $80,000.00 for "Stolen Intellectual Property and Copyright Violation".

The court case is still dragging on and George is no closer to success than he ever will be, Just like the rest of his life this is doomed to fail.

The Complaint

George filed his first complaint on Thursday September 29th 2016,it is badly hand written contains tons of spelling mistakes and has little to no legal basis upon which George can rely.

Striking Down Attempt 1

The Defendants filed a motion to declare George a vexatious litigant and prevent him from using up the courts valuable time, This made George go mad, he filed his first ever attempt to strike a filing from the court record. Due to George being a complete and utter moron, he thinks that you "STRIKED DOWN" documents in court and filed this hilarious legal masterpiece.

Issues and Concerns from the Plaintiff

George starting to get a bit concerned that the court did not believe this was really worth the courts time, started to file more badly written documents.


George was placed under major pressure by one of the defendants, this pushed George into a corner and he gave up... Victory for the GOONS!

The Recorded Phone Calls Drama

In 2017 George had managed to isolate just about every person he thought was his friend, Due to his bullying behavior and the way he wants to control everyone his "Friends" started recording phone calls and giving them to the "Trolls" - Cue some the funniest GG rage moments ever.

The most notable calls were recorded by George's former paralegal who was helping him draft documents, George treated him like shit and he ended up turning on George.

The Rape Allegations

In 2018 through some hard work by investigators it was discovered that George had been accused of RAPE by a woman that went to live with him. She was sadly a troubled soul and George took advantage of this. Out of respect for the family these details are not published here. However it should be known that the allegation was very real and sadly the person died before being able to tell the police.

George stalked this poor woman after she left living in 'The Banks House' - so much so that George even had to be threatened by someone to leave her alone. As always George is a monster with women and can never be trusted.

The moment this information was released George made a reaction video threatening to kill Marty McFly, George also went into a mad panic and got his stripper whore Kristen to release a fake video claiming an entirely fictional person had died in an effort to detract from the revelations that the Goons released.

Angry George.

You can watch the video on YouTube

The Grass Roots Foundation Drama

In May 2018 George made a video announcing that he is setting up a patreon and starting a Grass Roots Foundation to police the internet because of bullying.

Watch the Video

The Shit Pi Drama

So George thought he would get his "Lady Pi" to infiltrate a public Facebook page, this failed we found her and outed her because she used her own Facebook and turned out to be a degenerate just like George.

Her name is Sara Capelli, she is a real Pi but possible the worlds worst Investigator, Hilarity ensued when she started threatening members of the public.

Turns out she is the worlds worst neighbor as well, she sent her kids to cover a neighbors house in toilet paper and was harassing her neighbors for years, read all about her escapades and court trials Here

The Drama with Sara the shit Pi continues, she has now started making sock accounts and sends Goons messages, she also was caught in yet another recorded call saying she is going to "Fuck us up", she has also reported the use of Drones to the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority). We have concluded that Sara is actually bat shit crazy, like on the same level as George.

The Discovered Insurance Doctor Legacy

George had previously done an "Advert" for the Insurance Doctor, it was essentially him looking fat and talking about his Two BMW's that they insure for him.

Well we found a hidden Gem turns out in 2015 George filmed another advert for them where he says three lines.

Watch the advert HERE

Update - Due to the Insurance Doctor finding out about the allegations of RAPE, and also after seeing all of GG's tirades, they totally removed George from any advertising on the internet and closed the YouTube Channel! - Goons Win

The County Cut The Water Drama

Due to George being an utter pig, his neighbors feed information back to the Goons, They informed us that the county attended The Banks House and cut the water off. We can only assume the Bank are concerned about leaking water due to the disgusting state of the property due to 40 years of neglect.

The Chris The Hacker Drama

In June 2018 George was approached by former prank call victim Chris Perron a.k.a "Chris The Hacker". Chris wanted to help George get revenge on all the internet trolls and set about attempting to trace and hack members of the goon community. Sadly for George he is unable to keep his mouth closed and his own "[Sister]" leaked the information to a goon.

The Goons contacted Chris's old enemies and informed them of what he was up to, they set about an infiltration and data mining campaign that has never before been seen.

Through all of this we learned some amazing things.

  • George is buying a gun to kill trolls with
  • The bank have given George a dead line to get out of the house
  • Him and "Angela" have a "fucked up deal"

You can listen to all the calls with "Chris the Hacker" on BitChute The calls are insane, and you have everything from George admitting to paying a Pi to take a picture of Jeremy Warren to admitting that he knows his LOLSuit is hopeless.

The Homosexual Visitors Drama

George has been having a busy time in The Banks House, a stream of local gay men have been arriving for various sexual acts to be performed on them by George!

The 50th Birthday Extravaganza!

So George celebrated his 50th Birthday in Style!, he donned his infamous silk robe (used in many a rape), Put on his Cowboy Hat and headed off to Penny Lane pub to do some Karaoke with those closest to him (Kevin, Vince, the Whore, Wendy Pace, The Crazy black lady and the DJ).

It was filled with laughs a plenty (not), Filmed out of focus and even had a "roast" of George where no one said anything too cutting as they did not want Fatso to start crying.


George has Doxxed himself numerous times, this information is also available freely due to George filing as a Pauper at court

He currently resides at "The Banks House"

1307 Stoneycreek Drive, Richmond, VA, 23238

You can find him on FaceBook

You can e-mail him on: gorgeousgeorgeshow1@netzero.com