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Giant Spacekat Studios is Brianna Wu's video game development company. Despite being in operation for close to seven years, it has created only one title - Revolution 60. The company is a bizarre one, essentially operated by just two people (Brianna Wu and her husband, Frank Wu); while the company had multiple employees at one point, most quit after the IOS version of Revolution 60 was created back in 2014. Amanda Warner, once the company's co-financier, left the company in early 2016, leaving Frank and Brianna as the only current employees.

Giant Spacekat Studios is listed as a Subsidiary of Chessboard Holdings, LLC. Similarly, Giant Spacekat Studios claims Socially Unconscious Productions as a subsidiary company. All evidence is that the company paid its programmers and asset-makers directly, as the company has no known Employer Identification Number (EIN). Most businesses have no problem revealing their EIN, and given that Wu herself isn't mandated to reveal it, the fact that she hasn't isn't exactly anomalous, nor is the fact that there doesn't seem to be any record of it anywhere necessarily damning - but it is very curious that she appears to have gone to quite some lengths to obfuscate the actual company's name and that she lists Giant Spacekat as a sole proprietorship when it clearly isn't (Because it doesn't actually exist apart from being a name).


Giant Spacekat is producing a new iOS game called Cupcake Crisis.[1] The game appears to be for small children, especially girls, and involves counting and color puzzles.[2] Wu claims that will help train girls to be engineers.[citation needed]

Giant SpaceKat has also announced a sequel to Revolution 60, called Revolution 62, which is mentioned during the loading screens for Revolution 60.

Wu has also announced working on "a new storytelling game engine to replace twine,"[3] which would allow someone to "create a graphic novel to play on your tablet or phone". It is ambiguous if this is a video game or an engine.[4]

Naming Scheme

Giant SpaceKat Studios is named for Space Channel 5, a Sega Dreamcast game that Brianna Wu is a big fan of[5]. The abbreviation for the company, GSX, is a reference to the Sony Playstation, which had an abbreviated name of PSX when it was in development (the "X" being for its prototype status) Despite the X initial no longer mattering or making sense, the PSX abbreviation for the system stuck until the Playstation 2 came out (whereupon it became known as the PS1).


Employee Feedback

It is likely that none of the team behind Revolution 60 still work for Giant SpaceKat, with the exception of Brianna and Frank Wu.

The Giant SpaceKat website has not been updated in some time. It currently lists three founders, Brianna Wu, Frank Wu (Brianna's Husband) and Amanda Warner, and one employee, Natalie O'Brien. Originally, several more worked at developing Revolution 60, but left the company after their contracts ran out - at which point Brianna Wu allegedly took credit for all their work and claimed she fired them.

Reports by former employees of Giant Spacekat have been pretty shocking, and have included tales of endless delays, complete mismanagement on the part of Brianna Wu, and a general lack of knowledge about games development that was openly apparent to everyone involved in the production of Revolution 60. According to former employees that have spoken with the Kiwi Farms under condition of anonymity, Brianna Wu was an active hindrance to the game's production, demanding bizarre concessions from the staff, and only her being rebuffed by Amanda Winn-Lee and Frank Wu kept the project from being utterly impossible to work on.

One individual who did make her displeasure public was Emma Clarkson - Clarkson's report backed up the claims of the anonymous informants and established that Brianna Wu was quick to backstab her employees for personal gain. Another employee who was more public, speaking under anonymity to Canadian video game reviewer Bro Team Pill, described Wu as "Poison."[6]

According to Wu herself, the bulk of her programmers were acquired via CraigsList.[7] All evidence shows that Brianna Wu came to view many of her employees as expendable after the initial batch, and had a rotating series of secondary programmers who were constantly moved in and out when their contracts expired, further slowing down her game's development.

Amanda Warner's LinkedIn indicates she left Giant SpaceKat in May of 2016,[8] leaving Brianna and Frank Wu the only remaining members of the team.