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GethN7 takes on Arthur Chu during a discussion of panelists for an Anti-Harassment event, not once losing their cool...

While Brianna Wu is known for many behaviors people find abhorrent, there are three that have always been considered "the worst" of the lot: Her tendency to use her followers as a personal army to attack people, her tendency to lie openly to push an agenda, even when she's caught doing so, and her willingness to abuse her influence to silence critics. All three of these behaviors are exemplified in what is now known as The GethN7 Incident, which is named for the Twitter user who started it all.


GethN7 was a GamerGate-neutral twitter poster (who leaned towards supporting it), and who believes that facts matter most when it comes to discussion. As such, he became quite well-known in both Pro- and Anti-GamerGate circles for his willingness to ask actually difficult questions, something he earned respect from both sides for. He would correct misconceptions by GamerGate supporters as readily as he would point out lies by GamerGate opponents, and he had been blocked by Brianna Wu in short order when he began asking too many inconvenient questions. Despite being blocked, GethN7 was the model of decorum, not once disrespecting others or resorting to similar childishness, and he generally respected the opinions and requests of others online. Despite being blocked by Brianna Wu, GethN7 was in the process of contacting websites and accounts that had featured Brianna Wu in the past in order to ask them questions about the interview - mostly mundane things, but occasionally asking if they had known Brianna Wu had told a known lie in them or if they were aware of Brianna Wu's lack of qualifications.

...Before taking him down with the elegance Geth quickly became known for.

On July 15th, GethN7 approached Moms Every Day after it had published an article which featured Brianna Wu prominently. As Brianna Wu isn't a mother at all, Geth simply asked why she had been covered by them. Moms Every Day responded by explaining that it was just a friendly visit while in the area, all very good-naturedly, which GethN7 accepted. By all accounts, absolutely nothing happened beyond this.[1]

...Until Brianna Wu got involved.

Brianna Wu, clearly incensed with GethN7 repeatedly showing up and punching holes in her credibility, finally had enough of the little upstart who had the temerity to point out that she had no qualifications in any tech field, or that her game was a critical and commercial failure, or god help him, pointing out when she was lying. She accused him of everything from libel to harassment to death threats, despite having evidence for none of them, called him a stalker, and eventually pitched into a session of screaming at him to "get the fuck off her twitter." Not quite done, Brianna Wu then unleashed her unleashed her horde of followers on GethN7.[2] Brianna Wu's followers, however, had never actually met someone like GethN7, who never lost their temper, never attacked anyone (despite being relentlessly attacked by Brianna Wu's Twitter mob), and responded in ways that were nothing but polite.

In spite of all the sturm and drang, Brianna Wu's followers could not gain ground against this implacable adversary, whose only real "crime" was asking inconvenient questions. Geth only intensified his efforts to ask more, however, which, in turn, led to Brianna Wu claiming she was being harassed for GethN7 bringing up publicly available information. Even when she did all of this and grandstanded about him not contacting her ever again, Geth simply agreed not to and left, polite has he arrived, and abided by the letter of his agreement. This was not enough for Brianna Wu, however, who, despite blocking Geth and turning her followers on him, failed to get anywhere with their offensive. At this point, lacking other options, Brianna Wu went nuclear, calling in her buddies in Twitter's support staff, and got them to lock GethN7's account down, suspending him indefinitely.[3] After this, Brianna Wu began to crow about how she had gotten a "GamerGate Harasser" banned, and repeatedly made up a bogus story to make herself look like a victim, as she is want to do.[4]

GethN7's story did not end with this - and he continues to contact other venues that were about to host or involve Brianna Wu. GethN7's cordial-but-questioning response pattern, always going through proper channels, always responding with care and forethought, always listening to requests and always responding appropriately - managed to anger Brianna Wu and her associates immensely, and it seemed like every time Brianna Wu tried to push a narrative, there her newfound nemesis would be, alongside many others on both sides of the GamerGate divide, who were motivated by his attempts to bring transparency. Suffice to say, when Brianna Wu learned that he was punching further holes in her credibility, she only intensified her efforts. Brianna was quick to rally allies of hers to back her up, including Arthur Chu,[5] who might be familiar to those who read the article on Wu's appearance on the David Pakman show. As before, Geth at all times remained impeccably polite and stayed true to his word to never contact Brianna Wu directly, instead focusing on sites and platforms that were hosting her events without question or criticism. Suffice to say, Brianna Wu, in desperation, began to lock down the comments sections of events she was going to be hosted at, ergo proving GethN7 right and getting across that Wu cared more about her narrative than she did about what she purported to.

Her attempts to permanently silence GethN7 on Twitter likewise angered and horrified a great many people - both GamerGate supporters, and indeed, her own side. To give an example of how polite GethN7 was, GethN7 actually met with and had several cordial discussions with /r/GamerGhazi,[6] a community that is normally exceptionally opposed towards anything remotely GamerGate-related, and even they found what Wu did to be abhorrent. This is especially notable considering that Brianna Wu was the head of GamerGhazi at the time. Brianna Wu grew more and more enraged as time went on, culminating in a battery of particularly loathsome articles she wrote[7] which in turn were given well-written rebuttals by GethN7[8] in which Geth contacted her company email and invited her to correct said articles, asking if his statements were in any capacity incorrect.

At this point, Brianna Wu dropped anything resembling composure, repeatedly accusing GethN7 of being a stalker, once again drove home the fact that she had been directly involved with GethN7's ongoing perpetual suspension from Twitter, and demanded Geth never contact her again, at which point Geth, as he always had, responded politely and agreed.[9]

After this, Brianna Wu proceeded to go on Twitter and slander Geth further, continuing to say he was a "banned harasser,"[10] attempting to portray his politeness as - you guessed it - yet more harassment - because in Brianna Wu's world, "stalking" no longer means someone obsessively watching your every move and now means simply responding to publicly-available posts and comments.[11] At this point, even Brianna Wu's followers started to call her out for her behavior, and she promptly deleted everything, but the Internet never forgets.

The entire incident remains on display as a perfect cross-section of Brianna Wu's terrible behavior online: her willingness to do anything to get someone she doesn't like permanently silenced, her willingness to ruin people who disagree with her; her willingness to try to portray harmless things as dire threats to her life and property, her attempts to frame anyone who does not suitably accept her narrative at face value as "part of the problem," and her willingness to use any power at her disposal to enforce her narrative, by force if necessary.


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