Gabe Navarro

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Gabe Navarro
Moleman 9000 2010.png
Screenshot of Gabe from a 2010 video he uploaded of himself pretend-fighting with classmates.
Age 23
Born 30 September 1994
Residence California
Other names Moleman9000
Moleman: But that's but thatnotthat [sigh]. OKAY. What I'm TRYING to enforce is not the US law, it is THE LAW. PERIOD. Of over everywhere... everyone... EVER!

Null: You're not fuckin' Judge Dredd! You can't decide what is the law. And no, it's not, making fun of somebody is not against any law. It's not even against US law.

Moleman: [Talking over Null] Well I would- I'm saying is... the law should (?) ... in mock I es I (??) I-I... highly to something that's very obvious. I'm not, like, judging actual contented issues. Like the abortion or gay marriage, I'm not... judging controversial issues that have two sides. This is not something that has two sides [Null sighs]. It's CLEARLY wrong.

Lolcows often have dreams of making their own original creations and have unrealistic expectations of making them as full-blown franchises. Gabe Navarro (also known as Moleman9000, ResonX, BennyCupster and a lot of other names) is one of them. On first look, it may seem like your typical user on DeviantArt, making terrible art and thinks that they are good, or at least making them for fun and acknowledges that they are terrible in the first place. However, a closer look will reveal not only a delusional user who thinks that his crayon-mashed drawings can be made into a franchise, but also a manchild who has lots of drama in several sites, from Wikipedia and Wikias to DeviantArt and TV Tropes.

Welcome to the world of Gabe Navarro, who thinks he's a brilliant boy and seriously thinks how the law can actually help him even though the opposite suggests otherwise.


Born in California on 30 September 1994, after surviving a possible life-threatening seizure at the age of 2, Gabe Navarro was born into a wealthy family and lives in a huge villa. But that's not just that, he's also the half-brother of Dave Navarro and even had Carmen Electra as his sister-in-law.

But this is just the beginning. Gabe's crying sounds as a baby are also heard in one of the songs from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and he was also included in an unreleased pilot which involved his half-brother as well:


Being spoiled by his parents while even have well-known celebrities as his relatives, this of course increases his ego significantly. This begins to change slightly when he begins his Internet "career" in Wikipedia...


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