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FemaleGoodra, often referred to simply as Goodra or derisively as "Slugfucker" and "Goodrafag", is a Pokemon obsessive self-declared member of a "YouTube troll police force"[1]. His daily life appears entirely consumed by protesting the lore of Pokemon. He believes that Goodra should only ever be female,[2] despite its gender probability being an equal chance.[3]

He was first discovered spamming /vp/ on 4chan with his theories that Goodra were "too feminine" to ever be male. This theme carried with him throughout his internet journey to tumblr, where he continues his crusade against male Goodras.


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A Goodra. Possibly a hermaphrodite.

Goodra is the 706th Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise. It is a dragon-species with slimy features, and is considered very rare. The third form of the Goomy[4] family, it evolves directly from Sliggoo, which is a snail.[5] All of these creatures have an even chance of being male or female, despite the vehement protests of FemaleGoodra. More interestingly, as Goodra evolves from a Sliggoo, there is a chance it may be a hermaphrodite, as all gastropods are.[6]

Interaction with Trolls

A self-declared Troll Police and exterminator,[1] FemaleGoodra revels in any attention he gets, going to the length of making videos showing how he is ridiculed. These are considered triumphs in his mind, and s one example of how his mind filters reality to meet his expectations.