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The following is the original version of the "Eddie Dzial" article, as written by Dzial himself. It is preserved as written, with the only changes being the removal of the curled brackets at the beginning to show the infobox that he attempted to use.

Eddie Dzial wiki describes them as an adult working in the adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star. They may have a profile for contact here http://www.xxxfilmjobs.com/Eddie_Dzial ((Infobox adult biography |name= Eddie Dzial |gender= Male

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|caption= |birth_date = (1963-12-16) 16 December 1963 (age 54)

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Edward Bernard Przydzial (born December 16, 1963), goes by the name Eddie Dzial an American pornographic actor. Jokingly referred to as the "holefiller" was born in Brooklyn, New York... and raised in Detroit, Michigan.

He is also a college degreed artist and a rock and roll musician. His credits date back to 1978 when he first played bass in a local Detroit cover band. He was later the bassist and leader of CORRUPT the cities first 'speed metal' or thrash metal groups in the early 80's.

Growing up in Detroit on rock and roll music he was a concert photographer during his early teen years and has also written for many music related publications from the day. His internship at Detroit's Creem Magazine lasted a brief year. He has also been known to cover worldwide Tattoo Convention events and his work has graced the pages of Tattoo Savage an Easy Rider Publication.

Eddie attended St. Christines catholic grade school after moving to the west side of Detroit in the early 70's where he finished up at Redford Union High.

He is an accomplished musician, firebreather and notable Hollywood hanger on. His haunts are Sunset Strip area and the famed Hollywood Blvd. and resides in Beverly Hills, Ca. His talents range from oil painting, airbrushing as well as drawing, graphic design, jewelry fabrication and modification and poetry.

Eddie is a wealth of music information, basing his life around the classic rock of the 70's and the hard rock/metal of the big 80's... he plays bass, sings and also does time behind the guitar and drum kit. He has albums and cd's released since the early 80's with groups like Corrupt, Sister Morphine and his solo studio venture the Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide.

He is also noted for his political savvy and dislike for President Obama. His video clip featured on Fox News depicting the President as the 'Joker'... There is some information regarding his postering the Los Angeles area with the dreaded "Joker" posters a while back which went viral via the internet. Much controversy has arisen since about whether the poster depiction is of a 'racist' nature in which Eddie states "It is not racist, it is a political satire or opinion".

1997 Edward filed a copyright infringement suit against the famous rock musician Gene Simmons of KISS. His claims were of a copyright theft nature and no disposition of the case has since not been clarified. Przydzial claims the band and Mr. Simmons have used his images without proper accreditation and or fee for usage.

Pornography career

~Started in 2000 he then established his own brand of POV styled adult content video and still sets since 2003.

Considers himself a conservative in the porn business. Is a registered Constitutionalist and Tea Party member.

Noted for an artistic side he has established his own "pornstarbrand" of Beverly Hills POV production entity.

Producing and booking his own gallery of girls for his self produced series.

His haunts are sunset strip area and the famed Hollywood Blvd. and resides in Beverly Hills, Ca.

Dzial went on hiatus and has been out of the industry since 2010*

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