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Donald Carlos Seoane
Donny Long Warning.jpeg
Donny's "warning photo"
Age 37
Born February 15, 1980
Miami, Florida
Residence Lima, Peru (rumored)[note 1]
Miami, Florida (formerly)
Los Angeles, California (formerly)[1]
Nonthaburi, Thailand (formerly)[2]
Occupation Webcam performer
Pornographic actor (former)
Porn industry talent agent (former)
Boat dealership owner (former)
Marine mechanic (former)[3]
Height 6'0 (1.83 m)[4]
Web Presences Personal website (NSFW)
YouTube channel
Adult modeling agency site (NSFW)
Porn Wikileaks (NSFW)
Kiwi Farms profile
Anti-Null site
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Donny Long is a pornographic god and hero, porn director, porn production company owner, porn studio owner, porn webmaster, super porn star extraordinaire and porn star retiree. Donny is considered a hero for standing up to the faggots and crossovers that have ruined straight porn and kill wood of straight porn fans everywhere.
—An excerpt from Donny's article on Porn Wikileaks, which he undoubtedly wrote himself

Donald Carlos Seoane, better known by his stage name Donny Long, is a former pornographic actor and director best known for his many instances of abusive, threatening, and erratic behavior online.

Known for his extreme arrogance, his intense homophobia, and his anti-Semitic and racist attitude, Long has made an extensive list of enemies in the porn industry. He is the person who started Porn Wikileaks, an infamous website that revealed the real names of 12,000 pornographic actors and actresses. Long has a history of making hate-filled posts online, usually targeted at certain individuals in the porn industry whom he holds grudges against.


Life before porn

Don't deal with Don's Mobile Marine or Affordable Marine Inc. off US1. Run by an individual name Donald Carlos Seoane. This guy has no clue what he's doing. He is a moron and why this jerk owns a company that deals with boats has me completely confused. Has no clue how to run business. In an awful location. Why do all the boats he is selling look like he salvaged them? Why do all the boats look like he bought them from a Cuban Junk Yard?

15 to 25 boats out here at any one time just rotting. I never see anyone here maintaining these derelict looking boats so where is the "owner" and why does he have no staff taking care of the docks?Two of the boats look like they have partially sunk. I've been here several times and Mr. Seoane is never here. The last time I stopped by the place was closed and it was 2 in the afternoon. Who runs this donkey show? I will never return here to do business. Unprofessional and dangerous. Imagine someone who's not familiar with boating coming here and getting killed by stepping into a area and the boat tips or sinks… and imagine buying a boat from this irresponsible way of doing business.


— (Unconfirmed) Customer review of Long's boat business by Darren Maclusky.

Long was born as Donald Carlos Seoane in Miami, Florida on February 15, 1980. Little is known about his early life, other than the fact that he had multiple run-ins with the law.[5] His first known arrest occurred on May 14, 1998 when he was eighteen years old. He was charged with burglary and grand theft.[6] Seeing as how offenses committed as a juvenile are expunged from one's record upon their eighteenth birthday, it is unknown if Long was ever arrested prior to this incident. Following his 1998 arrest, Long got arrested several other times for various other felonies, and was even convicted for assaulting an ex-girlfriend in 2006.[7]

Shortly after his first arrest, Long opened a boat repair business called Don's Mobile Marine, which he claims was the biggest business of its kind in the upper keys. He aspired to have his own boat dealership, and by age 25 had saved up enough money to make this dream a reality. He rented a building on US1, the main road going through the keys, and opened up a business called Affordable Marine Inc. As evidenced by the above review, Long's ability to run this boat business was sub-par. His boats were generally in poor condition, and he had no other staff working with him. He himself was sometimes not even present, causing inconvenience to potential customers. As a result of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, Long lost his business because of the lack of tourism and was left with 15 boats that he needed to do something with.

Porn career

It was around this time that he took an interest in the porn industry. By his own admission, he spent a lot of time at work looking up porn on the computer. He began to think that porn seemed like a good opportunity to make a lot of money, and e-mailed several companies. He got a reply from an employee working for Bang Bros, who said that he wanted to meet Long. While Long was told that his chances were slim, they asked him to come in for a test shoot. Long describes this experience as unpleasant; according to him, the girl he was supposed to perform with showed up two hours late, was overweight, and had bad breath. Despite this, the test shoot turned out to be successful. Long first appeared in a 2005 film entitled Nasty Hardcore Latinas 3.[8] Following this, he claims to have done an extremely large amount of work, appearing in over 500 scenes in his first two years and over 1,000 in total. The actual numbers seem to be much lower, although he states that this is because much of his work was done with websites like Bang Bros and Brazzers.

Erratic behavior and conflicts

Feud with the porn industry

Donny Long is psychotic. If he doesn’t like you, he goes around your neighborhood sticking up posters saying you’re a pedophile.
—Mark Spiegler
Donny Long is still antagonizing people who have long forgotten about him in 2016.

Since at least 2008,[9] Long has been involved in numerous conflicts with other people who work in porn. Many of these incidents seem to stem from Long's homophobic beliefs; he has an intense dislike for "crossovers," male porn actors who act in both straight and gay porn. He states that working with these actors is dangerous because they are more likely to have HIV. While that is true, Long seems to believe that several prominent people in the porn industry are actively trying to infect as many people as possible with HIV for reasons he hasn't really made clear. This group, which he calls "the Gay Mafia," is supposedly led in part by Mark Spiegler, a talent agent in the porn industry who is a frequent target of Long's.[10]

As with most conflicts of this nature, it is generally impossible to determine with 100% certainty what actually happened in any of these incidents. Long and his opposition often have wildly differing accounts of what transpired. Long's stories usually tend to paint him in an extremely positive light, while his enemies are always portrayed as being overly submissive and cowardly. Long's accounts of events are often sources of unintentional comedy, as they show just how incapable he is of crafting realistic scenarios or telling stories in which people behave in a believable manner.

Long is widely believed to be the person who founded Porn Wikileaks, which as stated above, is a website that contains personal information of tens of thousands of people in the porn industry. Long has historically denied having anything to do with Porn Wikileaks, though the fact that his own article on the site is the only one that does not slander its subject,[11] along with the fact that people whom he especially dislikes have longer and more detailed articles,[12] suggests otherwise.

Even after much of the conflict that once surrounded Long has gone away, he still persists. He often sends conflict-baiting tweets to various people associated with the porn industry, usually those with whom he's had a lot of problems with, such as Spiegler or Monica Foster.[13] None of them ever respond to him, and the majority of them have likely forgotten about him for the most part.


Libelous and questionable information AGAIN! Why cant you guys keep the libel about cristianx and chasey lain off my page? its up again for the 500th time. You want to post about chasey lain then post this video that tells the truth. I filmed that and thats the truth, not the bullshit you keep posting. JUST DELETE MY WIKI SINCE NO ONE CAN RUN IT RIGHT.
—Donny Long

Long once had an article on Wikipedia, but it was less than complimentary. He regularly vandalized this page in an effort to get it deleted. During a long and protracted deletion discussion[14], Long repeatedly vandalized the discussion page with IP edits.[15] Long also did not seem to understand how the discussion worked, changing the votes of others and accusing others of libel.[16][17]

Donny Long (born February 15, 1980 in Miami, Florida) is a former American pornographic actor and producer. He began his career as an adult actor and has worked in over 1000 DVD and internet websites movies before retiring in 2010. Here is a list of proof for you guys, of the first 419 scenes performed in less than 2 years into his career Long was born in Miami and moved the Florida Keys at age 18. He dropped out of high school by the ninth grade and became a head mechanic for a shop in miami making more more than his teacher. At the age of 18, Long repaired boats and had a mobile marine service for 6 years. eventually he opened a boat dealership that received good business its first year until 4 hurricanes hit the florida keys and he had to close due to lack of business. Long then entered the adult industry in 2005 working for Florida-based companies such as Bangbros. He moved to Los Angeles and worked as an actor for two years before starting his own production company and studio. He he shot over 500 scenes in one year and then built the second largest porn studio in Los Angeles. He sold his studio to which currently owns and runs it in Chatsworth Ca. He had an infamous blowup on his set with Chasey Lain, Where she showed up cracked out and 8 hours late. The behind the scenes video has shocked the world and been posted on thousands of websites and thousands of articles have been written about it. if you search Chasey Lain on youtube you will see it up top. In 2008, he started, a portal for people in the adult industry to network and find jobs. Long used his many contacts in the business and mixed them with the public on his site. New talent gets work everyday connecting with real and famous directors such as bobby manila, Shilar from vivid, Wiked Pictures and about every porn internet and DVD company you can think of. The site has 23000 pages indexed in google and has become a well known site of the adult industry even putting many agencies out of business Long now is retired and runs his many websites.
—Long's preferred version of the article

Kiwi Farms

Initial meltdown

If I was Donny, you just called a straight male porn god fag stomper a "dumb fuck" you must be a faggot!!! As I said im not him but dont mind if you call me him but be nice you sick homo.


The only victim here is your dad for having a son thats a gay and the only bottom here is you. Why is it you fags insist on dreaming that Donny could be gay? A straight man that has only fucked women in his life and just had two girls sucking his cock making money for the last 2 hours on webcam. You fags seem really jealous. Donny is gay! Don't worry.


— Various posts by God Long Army General (Most definitely not Donny Long)[18]

A collection of posts made by Donny Long in the midst of his narcissistic breakdown.

Long received his own Kiwi Farms thread on March 25th, 2016.[19] For the first month of the thread's existence, it didn't see much growth, as Long was not very active. Things changed on April 26, 2016, when a user by the name of "poser exposer" showed up and claimed to be a former adult performer who had gotten confirmation that Long was indeed HIV+.[20] This person quickly confirmed his identity as Eddie Dzial, one of Long's many targets.

Three days later, all hell broke loose. A user named "God Long Army General" showed up and posted an incoherent message in the thread defending Long and insulting Dzial.[21] This person was quickly revealed as Long himself when it became apparent that the two had an identical typing style. Further confirmation came with the statement that Long had become aware of the thread a week prior to this person showing up, something they could only know if they were Long.[22] Long attempted to trollshield by creating a thread on Dzial[23] and posting about him in his own thread to try and divert attention,[24] but quickly left after getting made fun of like most other people of interest who find their threads.[25]

This kickstarted the discussion about Long, and he returned a few hours later. Seemingly furious that everyone was making fun of him, Long began creating spam threads in rapid succession. These threads mocked individuals whom Long hated,[26] the staff of Kiwi Farms,[27][28][29][30] and his longtime nemesis Mark Spiegler.[31] Each one of these threads was quickly locked by staff members, prompting Long to return to his own thread. As the other posters continued to make fun of him (particularly by calling him gay and bringing up his supposed positive test for HIV), Long's already angry demeanor seemed to get worse. With his caps lock key on the entire time, Long angrily sent messages accusing everyone on Kiwi Farms of being homosexual and boasting about the thousands of women he's supposedly bedded, all while avoiding questions regarding conflicting statements he'd made. Eventually, he just started spamming links and images of his own porn[32][33] in an apparent attempt to stop the Kiwis from calling him gay. They still made fun of him, however. Long, now seemingly in the midst of a narcissistic breakdown,[34] continued his tirade by telling the other users to commit suicide[35] and spamming more links to his sites. Finally, he signed off after the mods began editing his posts to make it appear as though he were admitting to being gay.[36]

Overall, the incident was lauded as one of the most entertaining things to happen on Kiwi Farms since the days of Deagle Nation.[37][38][39] The thread experienced immense growth, going from five pages to seventeen in less than a single day.

Long returned to the site the next day with a new account called "I hate faggots."[40] This time he had the common sense to enter in a different birthdate, though he still made it painfully obvious that it was him. Regardless, he claimed that "I hate faggots" and "God Long Army General" were two different people, neither of whom were Donny Long. The two accounts were merged into a new one called "Donny Long," which prompted Long to rage at the Farms once more before leaving the site for good.

Return to prominence

Long's thread became inactive in August of 2016. By that time, everyone had moved on to discussing Eddie Dzial, who was generally seen as a more interesting lolcow. His thread was stagnant for about six months, during which he was largely forgotten about. In February 2017, however, Long returned to the spotlight. Kiwi Farms had gone offline during the previous month due to the efforts of Samuel Collingwood Smith. Several members of Null's family had become subjects of harassment, and his mother ended up getting fired from her job.

While the members of Kiwi Farms took refuge in a Discord chat and began the process of getting a new site up and running, Null continued to receive e-mails from several individuals threatening him to turn over the Kiwi Farms database, or they'd continue harassing Null's family. It is unknown who exactly sent these e-mails, but it is certain that it was either Long or Eddie Dzial. Not wanting to jeopardize the privacy of his userbase, Null refused to hand over the data. Since he'd taken the Kiwi Farms down and his relatives were still under the threat of harassment, Null had decided that there was no point in keeping the site down and he brought it back up.

Shortly after Kiwi Farms came back online, a website in Null's mother's name went up. This site, formerly entitled "Kiwi Farms Not," had its own forum and wiki with the intent of doxing every member of the Farms and outing them all as homosexual pedophiles.


  1. Donny's location is unknown, as he has taken great pains to make himself as hard as possible to find. This is likely in an effort to avoid law enforcement. It is unknown if he even has a fixed residence. There is strong evidence to suggest that he is in or near Lima, Peru, however.


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