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File photo of DigimonDude420 at DragonCon 2010

"Don't even bring up his name! I want to forget about that name!"

- YouTube nutcase TommyNC2010, victim of DigimonDude420

DigimonDude420 is a mysterious and sadistic YouTube member whose end goal is the destruction of YouTube and the Internet. He serves as the primary antagonist of both Corum Siegl and another YouTube user, TommyNC2010. At the time of writing, DigimonDude420 has remained separate from the ParkourDude91 saga, aside from featuring some of Jace's videos on his Tumblr site, Dances with Autism, which is devoted to chronicling the lives of Internet lunatics.

DigimonDude420 is a key player in a shadowy web of trolls infamous for extensive operations in the southern regions of the YouTube countryside. Tommync2010 is even averse to hearing his name, and Corum wishes death upon him. It is not exactly known when DigimonDude ascended to the leadership of the Troll Syndicate. Chat logs seem to imply that this happened shortly after the Dot Com bust, which had left a prominent vacuum of troll leadership. His reign remains unchallenged to this day.

DigimonDude420 as DeagleDad420

Gamerfood frequently claimed before and after the ruse fell apart that DeagleDad420 was DigimonDude420. He consistently denied it, but did admit that DigimonDude420 was the inspiration for his name.