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The only known photo of a Deagle Nation meeting, featuring Tyce Andrews and three unknown members. Jace is absent from this photo. Taken from the Twitter feed of Tyce Andrews in September of 2013.
I am a leader of a nation too. It's called Deagle Nation, and they are the some of the most skilled gamers and parkour practitioners in New England
—Jace Connors, before The Disappearance

Deagle Nation was an illegal street gang of underage teens handpicked, trained and groomed by Jace himself, all originating from the New England area. Its citizens were primarily stoners, XBox gamers, skateboarders, sluts and edgy teens from all walks of life. Imagine if all of the people you tried to avoid in high school got together and formed their own country club, led by the world's most incompetent "Marine". Described as an offshoot of a local Juggalo family, membership in Deagle Nation was a huge boon for any hedonistic lowlife teenager; among other services offered, Deagle Nation features its own forum, its own marijuana supplier, and even its own Internet army: the Deagle Nation Defence Force (DNDF)

All is not well in the land of Deagles, however. Tyce Andrews staged a coup d'état of Deagle Nation shortly after Jace disappeared to Jesus Camp, and Jace was understandably angry when he returned and discovered this. This began the currently ongoing Civil War of Deagle Nation.

To the right is the only known photograph of the Deagle Nation "Street Team". The man with the blonde hair in the picture has been identified as Tyce Andrews, who was Jace's second in command when the photo was taken. Jace and Kyle are both absent from the photo. The other male has not been identified, nor have the females been identified. It is noteworthy that the other male is wearing a faux-military green trenchcoat that would not look out of place on a school shooter. At this point it's not known whether the females in the photo were there of their own free will, or somehow coerced into appearing. The photo looks to have been taken in some sort of school environment, which is somewhat alarming given that one of the women is holding an (airsoft) gun. On the whiteboard is written:

Deagle Nation!/Fuck Haters/And Gamerfood
—An apparent motto of Deagle Nation

Internet Forum

File:Deagle nation layout new.png
The original Deagle Nation's horrifying layout, originally created by master graphic designer Jace Connors and later tweaked to be even worse by Tyce Andrews. Not pictured are the two login prompts on the same page that do the same thing.

The Deagle Nation forums were originally created by Jace, before being taken over by Tyce Andrews and redesigned.

You have to personally contact Jace (via YouTube PM or Steam messaging) to register an account. Jace personally vets everyone before their initiation into the hallowed ranks of Deagle Nation, both for security reasons and to ensure they are "Deagle Nation Material".

While livestreaming Team Fortress 2, Tyce discovered that Jace was poised to return. He immediately changed Deagle Nation's passwords to lock out everyone but himself. Initially it appeared he was only scrubbing the evidence of his tyrannical rule, but since the original forum still remains locked in server maintenance mode, it has become clear that Tyce has taken the forum hostage as leverage over Jace.

Not to be deterred, Jace created an entirely new forum from scratch rather than play into Tyce's hands. The TESO Livestream, Part 1 of February 2014 was hosted here. Clicking on the "Community" tab brings you to a login page for what appears to be a new version of Deagle Nation. Although shut down again on March 21st due to hacking by myg0t trolls, the new forum is functional again. It is open to users, both registered and unregistered.

End of Deagle Nation

On 22 February 2015, it was discovered that Robert Brown had forgotten to log out of Jan Rankowski's steam account during a live stream. This led to the reveal of the Deagle Nation Hoax. Rankowski, Brown and Gayle Fitzpatrick hosted The Final Livestream on 25 February to discuss Deagle Nation. After Kiwi Farms users were asked if they wanted Deagle Nation to continue as it did before the reveal, Rankowski decided to continue Deagle Nation, but real life events and Rankowski's graphics card failing precluded the release of any new content. He eventually decided to end Deagle Nation for good on 18 August, publishing Jace Connors' suicide note.

External Links

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Current Members

The login page greeting unregistered users on the latest incarnation of Deagle Nation.

Former Members

Infiltrating Deagle Nation

As of this moment, we do not have any inside sources who are actively leaking information; there are some double agents in Deagle Nation, but they are keeping quiet for the time being because Jace has been known to indiscriminately ban random people at the first suspicion of "treason" against their glorious Nation. Due to the time required to earn Jace's trust and gain admission, it's something of an undertaking to leak information without being immediately banned. The difficulty has especially been compounded by Jace's increasing paranoia. If someone wants to put forth the time and effort required to go deep cover (and be nice enough to save all the pages before getting banned), we could potentially unearth a huge amount of information on this secret society of autistic warlords.


A banner for Deagle Nation that appeared in the Parkour Loadout video.
File:Deagle nation copy.png
A terrible banner for Deagle Nation featuring Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. Likely designed by Tyce Andrews.
File:Cool dude army.JPG
Jace's vision of what the Republic of Deagle Nation truly is; an army of deadly white heterosexuals with big trucks and tactical gear.
A pre-Tyce view of Deagle Nation's horrifying site layout, created by master graphic designer Jace Connors. Yes, there are two login prompts on the same page. Yes, both of them do the same thing.