Deagle Nation and Twitter

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Jace Connors

Jace's tweets mainly come in two forms: automatic YouTube notifications and quick comments that never stray too far from his usual personality.

The nature of Twitter is that of a "microblog". Users are restricted to 140 characters, in an apparent attempt by the proprietors of Twitter to butcher written English as much as possible. Some tweeters are reasonably lucid and cogent; Jace and Tyce are not among them. To date, Jace and Tyce have used Twitter as a launchpad for the shameless self promotion expected of Tweeters, and for the exchanges of increasingly vitriolic and illogical attacks on each other.

The Civil War of Deagle Nation

During the Civil War of Deagle Nation, Twitter played an important role, being an open line of communication from which Tyce Andrews and Jace Connors could freely hurl childish insults at one another.

Video updates on the status of this war were also announced here.

Rob Connors

Following the mid-April barricade event, Jace's brother stormed his room and forced him out. He left a Twitter remark about wanting to see Jace lose his following. It shows an immense amount of lucidity as to what is happening..

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