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David S. Gallant
Gallant and Fish.jpg
David Gallant, showed with Phil Fish in the background.
Age 35
Born David Simon Gallant
April 16th, 1983
Residence Brampton, Canada
Occupation Self-Employed
"A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too, if he could."
—William Hazlitt

Gallant advocates for GamerGate proponents to be physically assaulted. He is not joking.

David Gallant is a Canadian GamerGate opponent, associate of Nora Reed, self-proclaimed game-developer, and male feminist. He first came to the Kiwi Farms' attention for two reasons: his vehement defense of other GamerGate-opposing Lolcows, such as Brianna Wu, and for his involvement in the TotalBiscuit Incident, in which Gallant was one of many GamerGate opponents vociferously declaring that John "TotalBiscuit" Bain, a popular YouTube critic, was a "serial harasser" for having the temerity to be critical of people Gallant happened to be friends with. He would later go on to have several very public and outright ridiculous meltdowns over GamerGate that would result in him becoming something of an outcast, even amongst GamerGate opponents.

For some time, he remained somewhat quiescent, before returning to the fore in 2016 as part of the Norasphere. During this time he became an ardent defender of Alison Rapp, declaring that her firing from Nintendo was the fault of a "GamerGate hate campaign" and not say, the fact that Nintendo learned of her moonlighting as a prostitute. No matter how many times Gallant has had the facts presented to him, he continues to content that Rapp's firing was GamerGate's doing.

In many ways, Gallant is comparable to Nora Reed, as the two have produced minimal actual content (Gallant's main claim to fame, a game known as I Get This Call Every Day has been critically panned for being exceptionally low-quality), have long histories of antisocial, embarrassing, and antagonizing behavior on Social Media that they blame on their opposition and critics (but is solely their own fault), and possess delusions of self-importance.

GamerGate Opposition and Sexual Deviancy

The infamous tweet in which. Gallant admits to thinking about GamerGate while masturbating.

David Gallant is a personal friend with many personalities who were personally involved with causing the GamerGate controversy in the first place. He is known to be a personal associate of several other GamerGate-opposing lolcows, including Brianna Wu, Phil Fish, Nora Reed, and Chloe Sagal, just to name a few. During this time, he became so obsessed with GamerGate that his responses bordered on parodic; in one infamous post on Twitter, he claimed to have thought about GamerGate whilst Masturbating. This post was heavily mocked by both GamerGate proponents and opponents alike for its sheer lunacy.

This of course is not the only case of Gallant showing bizarre sexual behavior in his opposition of Gamergate by any stretch, however. In early 2015, David Gallant wound up sending a photo of himself, completely nude, to Zoe Quinn on Twitter in what appeared to be an attempt to flirt.[1]

Gallant became very well-known, over time, for his willingness to harass those who publicly spoke up for GamerGate online, often attacking them in well-documented barrages of attempt to simply label whoever a harasser with minimal, if any, evidence provided and attempting to rile up his modest fanbase against the perpetrator.[2] Unfortunately for David Gallant, it all-too-quickly would become known who, and more importantly what he was, and he would quickly garner a reputation as a blatant sensationalist.

Gallant's infamous storify meltdown is deconstructed for what it is.

In time, Gallant's opposition to GamerGate would become so infamous and so outright hilarious that he would ultimately come to be mocked by GamerGate opponents, especially on GamerGate opposition hub sites - Gallant became infamous for being willing to defend his associates for terrible behavior, such as when he backed Kiva Bay, a GamerGate Opponent who notoriously failed to deliver on her Feminist Deck Kickstarter and received widespread criticism for it.[3] GamerGhazi would become critical of Bay at this point, whereupon Gallant would express considerable distress.[4] Gallant would essentially be excommunicated by his former allies due to Randi Harper, who took issue with his defending psychopaths like Nora Reed and was “sick of him calling for people to have bad things happen to them because JUSTICE.”[5][6][7]

The Crash Override Network Chat Log Leaks would later establish that David Gallant is no misguided fool; virtually every action he condemned from the likes of John Bain as being "serial harassment" was done infinitely worse by the clique he supports. He would continue to defend their actions even as it became public that he knew many of the claims his clique made about their opposition were prevaricated upon lies. In the eyes of David Gallant, doxing, threats, and attacking the careers of people for expressing opinions contrary to his own is entirely justified. The logs also establish that he was openly involved with attempts to undermine and damage a feminist charity group intended to help women in video gaming, run by The Fine Young Capitalists. Quinn's clique (of which Gallant was a member) sabotaged their fundraising attempts and DDOSed the charity for good measure. It's solely because of GamerGate supporters raising money specifically to help them that TFYC was able to complete the event. Despite all efforts by this group to destroy them, the game produced in this event, Afterlife Empire, went up on Steam on August 15th, 2015 and has gone on to garner mostly positive coverage.

David Gallant vs John Bain

"Do not send this man your games. Do not allow him to produce video footage using your content. Do not endorse him on your storefronts. Do not invite him to your events. Do not nominate him for your awards. Do not appear on his podcasts. Do not have him guest on your shows. Do not follow him on Twitter. Do not subscribe to him on YouTube. Do not endorse his actions any longer."
—David Gallant

One of the most well-known incidents that brought David Gallant to the Farms' attention back in 2015 was his campaign of hate against John Bain, AKA TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit. He was one of the individuals involved in the infamous TotalBiscuit Incident. When Bain wound up winning an award for his quality coverage of video games, Gallant became especially belligerent and wound up having a very public meltdown over him on Gamasutra, in which he repeatedly declared TotalBiscuit a harasser, misogynist, and encouraged people to blacklist him.[8] He further went on to use a lengthy storify piece for "evidence," of Bain's terrible behavior, when in actuality it visibly only shows opposition and at best, dispassionate ridicule of the positions of those in David's clique.[9]

The harassment received from the ongoing campaign of terror leveraged by Gallant and his associates was such that Bain's wife and child received death threats whilst he was recovering from cancer, and ultimately led to Bain needing to go into therapy.[10] Whilst Gallant was by no means the most aggressive attacker involved, he was one of the many and frequently muses on how attacking Bain was a perfectly justified thing to do. Even Bob Chipman, a noted GamerGate opponent, derided Gallant's campaign against Bain, arguing that it was only playing into people's pre-existing notions and making Gallant look worse by comparison.[11]

I Get This Call Every Day

Main Article: I Get This Call Every Day Review

David Gallant's primary claim to fame is I Get This Call Every Day, a call center simulation game created by David Gallant that allegedly actually got him fired from his job at a Canadian government call center, as the Toronto Star found his game and essentially brought up Gallant's outright hatred of the callers he was supposed to assist.[12] In the game, the player takes the role of David Gallant and deals with a problematic caller who does not have his personal information. Gallant, restrained by bureaucratic red-tape, can't really help the caller and the player has to explain to the caller what he has to do without losing his cool. The game gained popularity solely because Yogscast, a popular YouTuber, happened to review it.

Gallant's Magnum Opus is infamously shoddy in appearance.

Whilst this is a novel concept, the idea has been done before, and often much better and more effectively. Games covering this sort of thing have been around for decades, and Gallant's entry in this series really doesn't do anything that existing games, created ages ago in Flash, haven't done better. Whilst there is some amusement to be had in the game's premise, the entire game is short - around five minutes - and features terrible production values that succeed only in making it look cheaply-made.

IGTCED quickly became a subject of controversy after release, as David Gallant updated it, but then swore very publicly that anyone who bought the game on Steam and publicly supported GamerGate would not receive Steam Keys for the updated version.[13] While gifting his previous customers a Steam Key is a privilege and not a right, several consumers took to Twitter to complain about this exclusionary tactic, and David Gallant did not look any better for having done this. Gallant would later take the game down from Steam Greenlight, citing a negative response and blaming most of the negative feedback he received on Valve, but ultimately would put it back up later, citing financial desperation after losing his job due to making the game in the first place, continuing to complain about Valve for good measure.[14]