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Daniel Keem
Daniel keem aka keemstar.jpg
Keemstar in 2015
Age 34
Born March 8th, 1983
Residence 1029 E Lovejoy St Buffalo, NY 14206
Web Presences

Daniel Keem, known more commonly by the pseudonyms DJ Killer Keemstar, FaZe Keemstar, or Keemstar for short, is a video game streamer and the host of the YouTube channel known as Drama Alert, which purports itself to be "YouTube's #1 Source for News".

Pre-Drama Alert

Keemstar started out playing the video game Halo 3 in 2009. He was known as a "trash talker." Basically, he was famous for yelling and cursing at kids on Xbox Live. He was part of a clan known as "F@G." Despite having a small fanbase, he quickly got a sizable hatedom. In September 2010, an Urban Dictionary definition[1] trashing Keemstar was created. In April 2011, an Encyclopedia Dramatica page was created about Keemstar.[2]

Music Career

Keem also had a presence on the website Soundcloud, which sadly now seems to have had its content wiped by Keem[3]. This is where he would upload music he produced and sung. His most well-known (and mocked) song was known as "Dollar in the Woods" which was reuploaded to youtube by someone else in January 2013.[4]

Drama Alert Channel


With clickbait titles and over-hyping via Twitter, his videos are known to get large amounts of views, and especially after his downfall, large amounts of dislikes. He reports the "news" about YouTubers, streamers, and members of the Call of Duty/CS:GO community. In other videos, he has people argue with each other over Skype, while he "reacts" (meaning that he makes faces and eats popcorn).


The Drama Alert Channel has two videos on the subject of GamerGate in which Keemstar expresses support for the movement, and criticizes Feminist Critic Anita Sarkeesian (whom he calls "Anita Sarkeesi") and the mainstream media.[5][6]


John Bain, aka Total Biscuit, the Cynical Brit is a popular YouTuber that said Drama Alert "wasn't news," and called Keem's fans children. Despite these offhand, albeit negative comments, Keem responded in a now infamous twitter video, upset with Bain, then saying he couldn't wait to report Bain's death.[7][8] Bain has been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer and doctors say he doesn't have much time left to live.

Brandon Ashur

Brandon "Bashurverse" Ashur was a Minecraft Let's Player on YouTube who lives in Seattle that became infamous after Drama Alert reported on accusations that he was a pedophile, which damaged his reputation thoroughly. There are several videos about Bashur's drama on Keemstar's channel. However, during the drama Keemstar seemingly had a change of heart and tried to help Bashur behind the scenes to clear him and tried to ruin Bashur's girlfriend, "Clara Babylegs" by calling her a cheater and a gold digger. This video was actually scripted and planned out by Ashur and Keem. At the end, it was revealed the Keem considered himself a "master manipulator" behind a lot of what happened in the saga.[9][10]

Toby Turner

In his final moments of having anything resembling a following, Keemstar uploaded a video about popular YouTuber Toby Turner, also known as Tobuscus.[11] The video was over 20 minutes long, and only contained Keem "reacting" to a woman reading a Tumblr post made by April Efff (or as Keem pronounces it, April Elf). The post accuses Turner of being a rapist, abuser, and drug addict. The post did not have a lot of merit, the only evidence supporting it being a couple of pictures posted to Twitter, not to mention a lack of police involvement. Of course, this being Keemstar, he immediately jumped on the opportunity to accuse another YouTuber of being a horrible person. A few more people came forward, with most confirming drug problems, few confirming abuse, and none confirming rape, the most prominent point Keemstar made. [12]

Tobuscus, having a combined 10,000,000+ following of mostly children, posted a response, denying the allegations.[13] Tobuscus took a hiatus that lasted for weeks, and lost subscribers, but no follow-ups have been made to the situation. This is another incident that Keem has been criticized for, considering he presented the video with no research, taking the allegations at face value, despite how serious the claims were.


On April 9th, 2016, the youtuber known as Pyrocynical uploaded a video titled "KEEMSTAR AND TOBUSCUS RANT"[14]. In this video, Pyro criticizes Keem for not taking what Pyro thought was the necessary step of adding a disclaimer to his Toby Turner video (mentioned above) telling Keem's fanbase not to go to Turner's channel and spam it with hate comments. Ever since that video was uploaded, Keem took offense to it and began to attack Pyro repeatedly over his streams, his YouTube channel and Twitter[15]. His attacks include: insulting for "backstabbing", calling him a "furry that goes to furry conventions to get fucked in the ass by 40 year old giraffe men", and accused him of dating an underage French girl. The age decreased each time he made the accusation. First it was 15, then 14, and ended up at 13[16]. All with the intent to retaliate against Pyro for his incredibly mild criticism. This incident proves that Daniel Keem fits the bill of a lolcow.

The End

After seeing Keemstar's treatment of Pyrocynical, Keemstar and DramaAlert started going down in a glorious trainwreck. While various smaller YouTubers had been making Keemstar Exposed videos for years, major YouTubers started to call out Keemstar for his actions. In May, iDubbbz made a "Content Cop" video about Keemstar.[17] The video, as of July 2016, has reached 4.8 million views and counting. This video lead to other users, including Keemstar's former friends, to make their own videos. Even before iDubbbz video, in April, infamous YouTuber Joey Salads made an exposed video, revealing that Keemstar had a 15 year old girl expose herself on stream (making his frequent pedophile accusations seem ironic).[18] In June, the final nail in the coffin came when LeafyIsHere, Keemstar's former friend who has a much larger following, made a Keemstar Exposed video.[19] Less than a week later, GradeAUnderA made the first part of his Keemstar Exposed video.[16] Both YouTubers later followed up on their respective videos.

"Quitting" Drama Alert

In late June, after an onslaught of video's criticizing Keem's actions over the past years, he uploaded a video where he announces that he was going to resign as the host of the Drama Alert channel. Keem later deleted the video after a flood of comments calling him out for playing the victim card, among other things. In the video he rants about how he's been the 'victim' of an organized attack, and that he felt he was betrayed. This video was reuploaded by user 'suprsupe'.[20] Drama Alert temporarily had a new host, but that didn't last very long. Soon enough, Keem came back to the channel, and is regularly uploading Drama Alert videos again. On the 5th of July, 2016, he uploaded a video called "Why am i still getting HATE?" in which he claims that all of the people making videos about him are "liars" without backing up many of his claims. In it, he also gets upset at Smile4Youtube for "spreading his dox around". An act that Keem himself has partaken in several times against other people.[21] Yet again on the 24th of July, 2016, KEEMSTAR has anounced over twitter that he was quitting Drama Alert, where he says that the "Keemstar Exposed" videos have "killed [his] passion" and that he couldn't continue doing his show. [22]

"The New Show"

On June 22nd, 2016, Keem uploaded a video titled "The New Show" where he gives a link to his new channel, the current name of which is "Battle For The Channel". This new account hasn't uploaded anything as of June 27th, 2016. Which means nothing is known about what the new channel is specifically for.

Short-Lived "Baited!" Podcast

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