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Dan Olson
Dan Olson.png
Age 37
Born June 1981
Residence Canada
Occupation Internet Vlogger
Web Presences
“The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.”
—Aleistar Crowley

Dan Olson is a former Channel Awesome (then known as That Guy With The Glasses) content creator who was behind the show Folding Ideas. His show was a media analysis show, attempting to establish things from a contextual and cultural viewpoint rather than from a fan-based or artform-based one. While his show was on Channel Awesome for over a year - from August of 2014 to September of 2015 - He created less than six episodes, all within three months of his work on Channel Awesome beginning. Suffice to say he spent roughly ten months generating no content whatsoever. Central to this was his involvement with opposition to the GamerGate controversy; once Olson was embroiled in the controversy, he devoted himself almost entirely to it; his last episode on Channel Awesome was in November of 2014, less than a month before his ill-fated false-flagging attempt on 8chan. In the name of opposing the consumer hashtag revolt, he became increasingly willing to go to ludicrous extremes in his opposition, inevitably leading to his coverage by the Kiwi Farms as he repeatedly demolished his own credibility. Multiple content creators on Channel Awesome have come forward to explain that of the various content creators involved with GamerGate opposition, Dan Olson was both the most aggressive and vociferous, as well as the most hostile. The why would be answered later on, when a Channel Awesome content creator, gave his own two cents on the involvement of Dan Olson and other Chez Apocalypse members in the opposition of GamerGate, establishing that Olson was on good terms with Zoe Quinn from the start.

With only a handful of episodes released over his over year-long period on Channel Awesome, and the bulk of his work devoted to opposing GamerGate - his career on the site literally beginning as the controversy itself did - Dan Olson's show went on to be one of the worst-received shows on the website. Virtually none of his videos have more than a few thousand views each, with his most infamous video having under 14,000 views as of October 31st, 2016. Olson's videos often left him open to criticism as well; he quickly garnered a reputation as someone with an axe to grind, not helped at all by the timing of his employment or cozy relationship with those in GamerGate's opposition. His less-outwardly-political episodes were much better received, but in the end his show was allegedly cancelled in September of 2015, when Channel Awesome supposedly ended his trial period. The truth, however, was far darker.

It would be revealed later, in April of 2018, that Dan Olson was actually terminated, when leaked documents revealed that he made the work environment at Channel Awesome completely untenable, solely due to his opposition to GamerGate. While he was defended extensively by fellow Chez Apocalypse member Lindsey Ellis (who declared he did nothing wrong), accounts by other content creators, given under condition of anonymity (and several, like Count Jackula) establish quite the opposite: that he forced other employees to constantly submit to ideological purity-tests in an effort to get Gamergate condemned, as a whole, by Channel Awesome (or be considered to be tacitly approving of harassment). His doing so drove a massive divide through the community along ideological lines and made working at Channel Awesome unbearable for any content creator who wanted to actually release content without paying attention to the controversy. While many members of Chez Apocalyse drew similar criticisms (and likewise ultimately left the website as well), Olson was by far the most toxic and aggressive about it. His relentless pursuit of getting Channel Awesome to side against GamerGate, paired with his complete incapacity to release content (as he was supposed to as part of the site) and constant attempts to get GamerGate support drummed from the site ultimately led him to be fired by Channel Awesome CEO Mike Michaud.

Olson losing his platform would ultimately be what led him to be removed from Crash Override Network.

Folding Ideas - GamerGate

Dan was a long-time associate of several members of Zoe Quinn's clique, as well as someone who financially supported Quinn (on Patreon). Olson also covered Quinn's game, Depression Quest, on his website, giving it a glowing review and not once bringing up that he had been supporting Quinn.[1] Suffice to say it is completely unsurprising that Olson was one of the first supporters that was brought into Crash Override Network, since his platform gave him reach that Zoe Quinn hoped to make use of. Olson was a major contributor to Quinn's attacks on The Fine Young Capitalists and a contributor to the TotalBiscuit Incident as well.

On April 7th, 2018, Channel Awesome content creator Count Jackula gave his own account on what happened with Dan Olson, with Olson and other Chez Apocalypse members coming out vocally in favor of Zoe Quinn and against GamerGate. Rather than submit to mob mentality or extortion attempts, Jackula attempted to keep lines of communication open on GamerGate, attempting to discern what the hashtag consumer revolt was actually about, since there was an enormous amount of misinformation being thrown around at GG's outset and he wanted to know more.[2] Dan Olson responded by declaring that there was no being neutral in regards to GamerGate - that daring to question the veracity of claims by the likes of Zoe Quinn was tantamount to condoning their harassment. Jackula was having none of it, since none of Channel Awesome had anything to do with Zoe Quinn - except Dan Olson, of course, who was involved with Crash Override Network.

As was covered above, Olson's presence on Channel Awesome was hallmarked by attempts to force the site's userbase and content creators to unite against GamerGate, which came to a head when Dan Olson put up a Folding Ideas episode on the subject - a video that would ultimately come to be ridiculed as one of the worst to grace the website. The video he produced declared that GamerGate was guilty of and legitimized terrorism.[3] This video would go on to be his single most-watched video on his channel, and would go on to be mocked by GamerGate supporter Sargon of Akkad in a video that would systemically destroy the bulk of his talking points and get over twenty-five times the number of views.[4]

The result was Olson getting repeatedly refuted in the comments of his own video, leading to him mass-deleting anything remotely critical and eventually blocking both ratings and comments on his videos altogether. By the time he did so, his video had achieved an almost 1:15 like to dislike ratio. On Twitter, Olson went on to blame GamerGate for the response to his video.

8chan "Sting" Operation

The Entire Plan Unravels.

Whilst Olson would become well-known for his infamous video and the meltdown on Channel Awesome leading up to his firing, he is best-known for his involvement with Laurelai Bailey in an attempt to get 8chan offlined, to help destabilize and destroy GamerGate. All current evidence suggests that Dan Olson contacted Bailey to try to set up an operation to shut down 8chan's funding, despite Crash Override Network finding Laurelai abhorrent.

The plan itself centered around Laurelai Bailey setting up a honeypot in the form of 8chan's new /hebe/ board, which was started by Laurelai. By luring in would-be pedophiles, she would set up 8chan so they would upload child porn and jailbait material for Dan Olson to "find." Once Olson could "prove" the connection, he'd set up an article attempting to frame the website as nothing but pedophiles.[5] This would enable Crash Override Network to conclusively tie pedophilia to 8chan in attempts to get the website defunded. By doing this, they hoped to break the back of GamerGate, which had been banned from 4chan, leading people to migrate to 8chan in response.

Laurelai's involvement in the plan wound ultimately wound up undermining it. Those familiar with Laurelai were quick to make her involvement known: first, the headlining thread on /hebe/ featured a link to an IRC channel hosted on starrevolution.org.[6] A simple IP trace quickly showed that starrevolution.org shared an IP address with multiple other sites - including Laurelai Bailey's personal website[7] and SJWiki, which Laurelai is the proprietress of.[8][9] Finally, it was discovered that Olson had a pre-existing relationship with Laurelai, both contacting her repeatedly via Twitter and being a routine editor of SJWiki. [10][11] Anonymous reports from other SJWiki editors allege that Laurelai was approached by Olson, and leaped at the opportunity to raise her personal profile and Social Justice bonafides.

More observant readers may have already discerned a flaw in Olson's plan, which is essentially that Olson himself downloaded what he himself described as Child Porn in order to smear 8chan (and subsequently GamerGate) in article. Indeed, if Dan's claims had been accurate, he would be guilty of both possession and distribution of Child Pornography.[12] Ironically, much of the content he did post in his article was not actually classified as Child Porn in the USA, where 8chan is established; however, such content does qualify as it under Canadian statutes, especially given Olson's vivid description of the images in question. As Gallant lives in Canada himself, people began trolling him in response to this by reporting him to Canadian police for these very actions, which caused Olson to lay low directly in response.

Expulsion from Crash Override

The exposure of Laurelai's involvement in the article's creation wound up souring many in GamerGate's opposition who otherwise would have supported the article itself - Laurelai by this point had a well-deserved reputation for her toxicity and willingness to attack others, and actively attempted to distance themselves from her. Worse, for Dan Olson, this was around the point where he started to get more flak drawn to him due to his behavior on Channel Awesome. While the article itself was helpful towards CON's objective of getting 8chan defunded, it didn't spare Dan when he was fired in 2015. Olson was soon kicked out of CON afterwards, since he had lost his platform, flushed his credibility down the toilet in using Laurelai, had his involvement with trying to cover up Sarah Nyberg exposed, and was now actively a hindrance to CON's mission objectives.

After his expulsion, Olson remained an attack dog, frequently engaging in long-running attack screeds against GamerGate supporters, such as The Fine Young Capitalists, who Olson had helped Zoe Quinn sabotage,[13] but his actions were rarely much more than attempts to "settle the score" on behalf of his associates, rather similar to both David Gallant and Jake Alley. Also similar to these two, he has only continued to double down in the face of all evidence and deny that his associates were ever involved in any wrongdoing (but maintaining that GamerGate and anyone who supports it is the devil, of course).

Covering Up for Sex Offenders

Dan Olson admits to knowing about Jason Carmichael's child molestation and staying quiet on it.

It was revealed on April 12th, 2018, that, despite not being on Channel Awesome yet, Dan Olson was nonetheless aware of Justin "JewWario" Carmichal's alleged sex offenses and that he chose to remain silent on them. While Justin committed suicide in 2014, before Olson actually joined, his own account suggests that what happened with Carmichal was something of an open secret amongst Chez Apocalypse's team and that he and his associates were aware of it prior to Justin's suicide in January of 2014.

The reason why Dan Olson did not report Carmichal to authorities to the police is not clear, but Olson has nonetheless claimed that his reason for remaining silent (in a post on Something Awful) was GamerGate - declaring that "Justin functionally settled the matter himself and there's complicated issues specifically when it comes to managing the risk factor that is the GamerGate crowd."

While Olson's claim that it was necessary to remain quiet on the matter because of GamerGate and/or Justin "Settling the matter" reeks of being an excuse and has more than a few logical holes - inluding Justin killing himself long before GamerGate began, and Olson not being on Channel Awesome at the time, the sheer fact that Dan Olson essentially admitted, in his post, that he would cover up sexual abuse allegations if it meant scoring a win against an a cause he didn't like made for some truly terrifying implications, and made a lot of Olson's behavior much more clear.[14]

Dan Olson already had a reputation as being willing to go to extremes when it came to his opposition to GamerGate - from his operation with Laurelai Bailey to help shut down 8chan to his involvement with covering up the offenses of Sarah Nyberg. With recent evidence coming out that Olson was actively trying to force the rest of Channel Awesome to side against GG, and the 2016 revelation that Rob Marmolejo sexually harassed over 15 women while working for Crash Override Network, there is now a pervasive feeling that Olson will ignore any offense caused by his own side, so long as it's by (and against) the right people, justifications be damned.