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The Crash Override Network Trello Leaks are a series of screencaps from CON's Trello Board.[1]

Widely considered one of the "smoking guns" against Crash Override Network, the Trello Log Leaks establish, in staggering detail, attempts by Crash Override Network to engage in the very same behavior it historically blamed GamerGate for - doxing, harassment, and intimidation, as well as demonetization tactics and attempts at deplatforming. What makes the logs so interesting is the fact that they also show CON actively trying damage control when their side receives criticism and their actions quickly become less and less justifiable the more you look at them - slowly mutating from a simple mission statement and different things they want to cover to a McCarthy-esque "enemies list" that details people who have nothing to do with GamerGate solely because they got in CON's way in some regard. The most egregious of these is an attempt to get someone permanently banned from Twitter for disagreeing with Sarah Nyberg once.

One common thread with many of the Trello archive logs is that very few of them actually prove what CON's membership claims. For example, in the Gamergate Livestreams section, it is claimed that Slade Villena argued for the doxing of David Gallant and Sarah Nyberg; he did not, instead pointing out they had doxed others. Another good example is the Current Incidents section, where Lifschitz repeatedly claimed GG supporters had defended pedophilia when in actuality all they had done was point out that Dan Olson's little sting operation proving it was on 8chan was, to say the least, suspect.

Crash Override Network Primer

List Crash Override Network.png

This one, set up by Peter Coffin, denies that Crash Override has anything to do with GamerGate.

This is completely ridiculous knowing even a fraction of details about Crash Override Network.

General Announcements


The General Announcements screencap shows a series of general primers given by CON users, most notably Twitter user SJWIlluminati (under the handle "Tesseract") and Alex Lifschitz (Quinn's at-the-time Boyfriend), breaking down that the purpose of the Trello is to establish a "Hall of Chucklefucks" - a list of individuals and groups they intend to microtarget to attempt to get them shut down and deplatformed. By using such openly derogatory terminology, it's very clear that the intent of the Trello is less defending vulnerable individuals as CON's mission statement claims, but to actively accost the group's critics.

More importantly, Tesseract establishes that CON was actively tweet-searching Twitter profiles for anything remotely offensive towards Crash Override Network and reporting it en masse. The idea was that by doing so, they could keep on top of hostile groups (GG and otherwise) that could portray them in anything other than a positive light. The second, far more damning piece of information exposed by this entry is that it establishes that the group was openly using Randi Harper's connections to Twitter support staff to expedite the group's reports in an effort to shut down those critical of Crash Override Network.

Actionable GamerGate Livestreams

List GamerGate livestreams actionable information.png

This screencap shows CON member Knife Horse attempting to have a Livestream by Slade Villena (AKA Roguestar) shut down for allegedly advocating the doxing of David Gallant and Sarah Nyberg.[2] The stream itself, which is nearly two hours in length, does not have Roguestar in the stream until over 51 minutes in, and while Slade Villena was most assuredly considered a caustic figure even by those within the hashtag movement at the time, he does not, in fact, advocating doxing either Gallant or Nyberg, instead pointing out that the pair had doxed other people without hesitation and mentioning Nyberg by his actual name (as opposed to "Sarah Butts").

Humorously, one of the topics Villena covers on the stream is the fact that CON and friends have been detailing anyone calling their conflicts-of-interest conspiratorial.

8Chan Demonetization Efforts

List 8chan crowdfunding.png

This screencap shows some of CON's efforts to thwart attempts to crowdfund 8chan. It recommends claiming 8chan had harbored child pornography (in accordance with Dan Olson's attempt with Laurelai to plant it on the site), and attempting to shut down its Gratipay accounts for alleged "hate speech." Interestingly, their claims are all things that 8chan would technically not be on the hook for due to Safe Harbor Law, since 8chan allows anyone to create and share content with their website. Ironically Olson and Laurelai's plan corresponds to when Sarah Nyberg turned out to be a pedophile herself, something that was somewhat of an open secret.

8chan eventually would get demonetized anyway, however, via repeated (false) attempts to claim the site was owned and operated by White Supremacists.

8Chan Doxing Coverage

List 8chan Doxing Spree.png

This screencap shows additional efforts by CON's userbase to attack 8chan, this time over a board that did actually cover such content. Ironically, despite ceaseless complaints about such activities, CON members gleefully engaged in this behavior rather frequently. Much as was the case for the previous section, 8chan is technically not on the hook for the actions of its members under Safe Harbor Laws (the same laws that do not make image-hosting sites legally responsible for pedophiles, for example). Additionally, most of the allegedly-private information on the board is from publicly available sources, such as Facebook, which Peter Coffin uses - in this same screencap - to attempt to dox a member of the board as being "Part of Gamergate"

Encyclopedia Dramatica Shutdown Attempts

List Encyclopedia Dramatica.png

This screencap shows various attempts by Izzy Galvez and Jay Allen to shut down Encyclopedia Dramatica for their coverage of Sarah Nyberg, who they claimed was doxed. In truth, the only personal information on Nyberg that went up was her general whereabouts and former aliases. Allen and Galvez attempt repeatedly to advocate for shutting down ED for its problematic content, when its coarse content is the goddamned point.

Interestingly, Galvez would be instrumental in getting Encyclopedia Dramatica's twitter account and those of multiple people covering the Nyberg scandal banned by Twitter.

Websites to Report Abuse To

List Reporting Websites for Abuse.png

This screencap shows the insane degree that CON was willing to go in pursuit of its goals: Galvez successfully got evidence of Sarah Nyberg's wrongdoing pulled from the Web Citation archives and Pastebin by reporting it repeatedly, and the group goes to insane degrees to shut down any voices critical of it, to the point of contacting site hosts. They express frustration when the sites in question will not be shut down by the hosting company in response to their reports. At the end, Lifschitz brings up that Quinn contacted Patreon directly and was able to get them to change their terms of service to help shut down those they disliked.

It is worth noting that the individuals mentioned here are individuals GamerGate supporters also took issue with, including Ethan Ralph and Nick Monroe.

Current Incidents

List Incidents Current.png

This screencap covers responses to Dan Olson and Laurelai Bailey's earlier attempts to place Child Porn on 8chan. While the argument being made is "GGers Defending Pedophilia," a more accurate description of these links, put up by Alex Lifschitz, is "Dan Olson Getting Caught working with Laurelai to Plant CP on 8chan." At no point does any of the links defend pedophilia - instead they all doubt on the legitimacy of Dan Olson's claims, which apparently is sufficient in CON's eyes. Indeed, disproportionate attempts are made to attack anyone who disagrees with Olson's article or has the temerity to point to its flaws.

The screencap also contains claims by Remy that Slade Villena sent David Gallant a death threat; in truth, David Gallant had repeatedly harassed Villena's sister due to his own support of Gamergate,[3][4] and Villena repeatedly told him to stop, and Villena's response clearly shows an an attempt to make him go away. Similarly, the incidents list covers Peter Coffin's own coverage by 8chan's /cow/ board, Brianna Wu's attempt to sensationalize the danger she claimed to be in at PAX East, and attempts to crack down on Zoe Quinn's ex, Eron Gjoni, to keep him from speaking out (Quinn at the time had him under a de facto gag order).

Incidents Archive

List Incidents Archive.png

This screencap is a pick-and-mix of some various individuals on Twitter who CON was not terribly fond of, including Bro Team Pill (who would later release the Crash Override Network Log Leaks), Roguestar (again), and more. Among other things they complain about here was Slade Villena showing actual concern for David Gallant and worrying about his mental state, encouraging his friends and family to contact him and see if he was OK. Other coverage focuses around 8chan supporters potentially doing exactly what CON itself did in the above segments against 8chan itself and reporting Randi Harper for cruelty to animals for dying her dog's fur blue. It also claims Roguestar threatened gun violence; as is the case for many things claimed by CON in these logs, he did not.


List Tweetdumps.png

This massive screencap covers various twitter posts and the like that CON successfully escalated into ban-worthy trespasses; many of this alleged harassment boils down to "This individual made fun of Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian."

Twitter Assholes Dossiers

List Twitter Assholes Dossiers.png

This screencap gets into the gritty; over half this list comprises GG-neutrals and shit-stirrers who CON members happened to personally despise, including Sean Weaver (Canadian absurdist video game reviewer Bro Team Pill), Chobitcoin, and Frederick Brennan, the original owner of 8chan. It also covers John Bain, as part of what would become the TotalBiscuit Incident - claiming he was "weaponizing his follower count," and further advocated attacks against The Fine Young Capitalists, Jennie Bharaj, and David Pakman, mostly for running counter to the narrative or not painting GamerGate as the worst thing ever. David Pakman's show would later get DDoS'd by CON supporters.

Twitter user Gender Coping

List Twitter user Gender Coping.png

One of the most bizarre screencaps is this one, of Twitter user Gender Coping, a transgender rights advocate, whose crime, apparently, was disagreeing with Sarah Nyberg at one point that trans women should have a say in women's rights issues. Nyberg's cronies would attack Gender Coping for almost half a year after this post.

Useful Archives

List Useful Articles Archives.png

This screencap is essentially a battery of talking-points, claims by GG opponents, and various ways where members of CON could gather their marching orders and get their stories straight between one another, all helpfully provided by individuals friendly to Crash Override, showing conclusively that the entire group was in collusion specifically to promote the group's own interests above all else.


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