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[31/12/2014, 4:00:53 PM] Tesseract: there really can never be too much security in these because we're fucked entirely if it leaks

[31/12/2014, 4:01:12 PM] SF: Are we fucked entirely?

[31/12/2014, 4:01:47 PM] SF: I mean their collusion conspiracies about a fictional Anti-GG go WAY beyond the scope of this chat.

[31/12/2014, 4:02:26 PM] Tesseract: irrelevant, we're pretty fucked if the existence of this chat comes out let alone the logs

- Conversation within the Crash Override Network leaks, nicely surmising exactly what would ultimately happen.

The Crash Override Network Log Leaks were a series of leaked Skype chatlogs revealed by Canadian game reviewer Sean Weaver in 2016. Widely considered to be the smoking gun of accusations against Crash Override Network, the logs, which are thousands of pages long and cover several days worth of conversation, establish in no uncertain terms that Crash Override Network was guilty of the very same harassment the group purportedly formed to combat, so long as it was against GamerGate supporters and people they disliked. The logs' legitimacy has been confirmed by multiple sources, including Ian Miles Cheong (who appears in the logs).

Even more so, the veracity of the logs can be independently confirmed due to a staggering number of events whose timestamps match up with what was being discussed at the time perfectly. Many times in the logs those in them reference a post on Twitter or Reddit that just went up - matching the time those went up to the letter. There is simply no way to falsify this much data which has completely accurate timestamps.

The logs are available in .rar format via the Kiwi Farms.[1]

CON Participants

The following individuals are seen in the Crash Override Network Log Leaks:

Leak Contents

The Crash Override Network Log Leaks consist of four specific logs:

Serious Chat (Short)

Main Article: CON Logs - Serious Chat (Short)

This is the smallest of the logs, and one of the later ons.

This takes place on May 5th, 2015, and discusses Ian Miles Cheong's defection from the group. Dan Olson continues to discuss the need to try to plant child pornography on the group's enemies, despite his ill-fated attempt to do so on 8chan in December of 2014.

Serious Chat (Long)

Main Article: CON Logs - Serious Chat (Long)

The second-shortest chat log is more than twice as long as the first.

This particular log stretches from December 23rd, 2014, to December 24th, 2014. It covers quite a bit, including attempts at damage control on behalf of Sarah Nyberg, inflating minor issues into larger ones, and leveraging their associates to help mitigate damage against CON and its allies, while at the same time focusing all their anger on several GG-supporting mainstays. The log makes abolutely clear that the group has zero compunction against any of the actions it claims to condemn as long as they're done against their enemies.


Main Article: CON Logs - Highlights

This is a pick-and-mix of quotes from the other three logs, and it correspondingly brings to light several of the juiciest details.

Some of the best content of the Crash Override Network Log Leaks can be found in a quick-and-dirty fashion via this article. Numerous cases of CON's members being in collusion and cooperating their GG opposition actions can be seen here, including several that are of questionable legality and unquestionably poor ethics. They discuss the need to maintain lists of "at large" GG supporters, a behavior that would ultimately culminate in the Crash Override Network Trello Leaks. They discuss numerous plans to expose and take down GG supporters, including engaging in the very behaviors they claim to oppose, openly and without restraint. Even Katherine Cross, a staffer at Feminist Frequency, shows remarkable levels of hypocrisy in outright advocating the spread of personal information of GG supporters while at the same time maintaining that any personal data of her own associates should be sacrosanct.

The highlights list also contains numerous attempts by CON's members to get people fired or blacklisted, attempts to contact employers to "shut down" GG supporters, and even mass-contacting the superior officers of a GG-supporting military veteran in an attempt to get them to put a leash on him, as well as attempts to shut down GG-supporting channels on YouTube via judicious use of DMCAs and copyright claims. It also shows them openly in collusion with various self-proclaimed journalists.

The highlights also contain numerous cases of them making light of their own harassing, doxxing, and threatening of GG supporters, attempting to get a woman fired for her political views, and engaging in protracted hate campaigns against public GG supporters like Liana K and Brad Wardell. It also covers their involvement in the TotalBiscuit Incident, attempts by the group to run damage control for Sarah Nyberg as she recently got exposed for pedophilia, and more, culminating with them making terrible jokes about murdering GG supporters.

Main Skype Room

At over 4 megabytes in size, this is by far the largest of the leaked logs, essentially a completely unredacted set of chatlogs from beginning to end. It begins on December 22nd, 2015, and ends April 1st, 2015. It is so big that it's actually impossible to host a full log of its contents on a single wiki page, so those perusing the logs will need to dig through this batch on their own. It covers everything from the Highlights section, and more besides, making it especially good for those looking for CON's most outlandish offenses.


The biggest revelations of the CON Log Leaks are as follows:


  • The existence of GamerGate opposition as an organized movement has always been dismissed as conspiratorial nonsense and mocked by those actually in said opposition. The logs unmistakably prove that an enormous amount of GamerGate opponents were working together in concert via Crash Override Network.
  • CON, despite being aggressively billed as anti-harassment, was in fact a network that aggressively harassed others and focused on protecting its members above all else. The members protected included Rob Marmolejo, a founding member of CON who would go on to sexually harass over 20 women while working for the anti-harassment taskforce, Sarah Nyberg, a known pedophile, and many other members of CON who were on-record as harassing, threatening, and attacking people online.
  • The logs also establish collusion between CON and multiple journalists, including Veerender Jubbal, Margaret Pless, and more, as well as relations in the game industry - exactly as GamerGate had accused them of.


  • The logs establish that numerous parties were openly in collusion with Crash Override from the start:
    • Remy claims in the chat to have contacts at CNN, the Wall Street Journal and PBS. Another mention of “journalist friends” may or may not refer to the same people.
    • Quinn and Harper discuss government contacts, and Quinn calls Marc Deloura her contact at the White House.
    • Harper, who had been speculated to be behind Twitter bans for a long time, confirms she had a friend at Twitter able to escalate her harassment reports to get people banned or suspended.
    • Quinn always had a very favorable Wikipedia page, with some of her perceived enemies having a jarringly biased one. The leaks confirmed that none other than Ryulong was responsible for this happening, as he was willing to edit pages at her request.[2]
    • Chat discussed Quinn had a “business relationship” with gaming website Polygon. It’s unclear what that entailed, and how it went through if it ever did, but it's likely true given what was already established during Game Journo Pros.
    • The logs establish a pre-existing relationship between Zoe Quinn and Feminist Frequency, as Katherine Cross, FemFreq's secretary, was involved in CON from the start.

Enemies List

  • CON's Trello Log Leaks contain references to people who were clearly not engaging in any form of harassment, and are seemingly there just for CON to create dossiers on them and maintain material to shame them with if desired. This included Jennie Bharaj, who was attacked because Veerender Jubbal asked CON to accuse her of harassing him, David Pakman, who CON took issue with because he gave unflattering coverage to their side, and Jennifer Medina, who is on there solely because she pointed out when Israel Galvez was lying about being doxed by GG supporters.[3] In at least two cases, tangentially disagreeing with Nyberg was enough to land someone on the "internet assholes" list, with one individual, a transgender advocate, being targeted because they disagreed with Nyberg once.

Failing at Anti-Harassment

  • While the logs aren't completely bereft of anti-harassment activity (mostly calls to report harassment, and on one occasion harassment of a perceived opponent), there is actually shockingly little of it despite the sheer size of the logs. The overpowering majority of the chat's anti-harassment actions in the logs are specifically there to protect members of the group from criticism, as is the case from Sarah Nyberg, who had recently been outed as a pedophile.
    • While the accusations of StephenAtWar would later leverage against Crash Override - claiming that CON had no intention of actually helping people and instead only supporting people who would gain them publicity and power remains an unverified assertion, the fact that StephenAtWar was in the logs as Remy and thus has access to privileged information means that his accusations against Crash Override Network have considerably more clout.
    • Further damaging CON's reputation as an anti-harassment resource, one victim's account of CON's alleged assistance shows them to be late in replaying, offering terrible information,[4] and ignoring her once she dared to disagree with their dubious advice.[5] Unbeknownst to this victim, two of this individual's three harassers turned out to be members of CON - specifically Randi Harper and Sarah Nyberg, with the third one being Timothy Craig, another GamerGate opponent. CON's leaked logs establish that they were knowingly harassing her.
    • Numerous times in the logs, various members of CON talk at length of the need to attack youtubers on the opposing political side, such as Thunderf00t, Mundane Matt or Sargon of Akkad. This included discussing investigating them, operating to shut them down, or trying to stir up controversy against them.
    • The group discussed adding Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Quinn’s “Kill Bill” list, wishing he was soon “pacified” and “rendered no longer dangerous”. CON as a whole disliked Wikileaks in general, with Izzy mentioning his distaste on multiple occasions.
    • The group on multiple occasions declares that one of its objectives is to leave its critics fired and unable to sustain themselves. Jake Alley in particular is noted for yelling that his "preferred endgame" involved many mainstay GG supporters arrested and/or fired. Rob Marmolejo goes on to argue that Google should fire Justine Tunney.
    • The logs establish that Izzy Galvez was behind getting LeoPirate, a youtube critic, banned from Twitter due to his coverage of Sarah Nyberg's pedophilia.
    • The Trello has notes about Quinn talking to crowdfunding site Patreon in order to have them cut financial support to Quinn’s perceived enemies, and notes seem to indicate CON considered this effort successful. Patreon’s founder Sam Yam had publicly claimed just two days after these notes he had “no horse in the race” and he had never even talked to Quinn.


  • The logs unimpeachably establish that Crash Override, despite claiming to be anti-harassment, was involved in doxing, threats, and attempts to damage the careers of its critics:
    • The related Trello Log Leaks confirm that CON was behind attempts to defund defund 8chan, had doxed multiple GG supporters and neutrals, and going so far as to secure a major media outlet as a platform to let them dox with impunity. The group was also behind attempts to financially damage a film critical of Anita Sarkeesian, and the doxing of a purple heart recipient,[6] which StephenAtWar would admit to in the logs.[7]
    • Similarly, when Randi Harper outed some Facebook groups of her perceived enemies with the admitted intent of creating an industry-wide blacklist,[8] the leaks show the rest of the CON members debating her actions, but ultimately, endorsing them. Katherine Cross, in particular, seems unhappy with Harper’s action, then later congratulates Harper when she logs in. Harper apparently also planned for CON contributor Timothy Craig to publicly condemn her actions in order to make the rest of her side appear better.[9]
    • Additionally, when Polygon’s Ben Kuchera attempted to get someone fired, CON does debate his actions somewhat, but ultimately mocks Kuchera’s target, calls him an “harasser” for sending Kuchera some extremely tame disagreeing tweets, describes Kuchera’s bullying as “totally cool”.[10]


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