Connor Bible

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Connor Bible
Age 24
Born January 29th, 1994
2811 Smilax Ave
Port Royal, South Carolina 29935-1611
United States
Occupation Unemployed
College Student
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Connor Bible is an aspiring writer known for his lack of talent, perpetual angst, bitterness, obsession with his work in progress novel Redesigning Eva and unsympathetic personality. He joined the Kiwi Farms on October 29th, 2013, and became infamous among it's users for his pretentiousness, hatred of adoption, obsession with Molly Ringwald, willingness to give out embarrassing information on himself, and fights with the staff. This resulted in him getting a thread on January 12th, 2015.


Connor currently lives with his family in Port Royal, South Carolina, and attends community college. He frequently claims that his family is abusive. However, this seems to be a fabrication on his part.

Connor and Writing

Connor is an aspiring writer, keyword being aspiring. While he has repeatedly discussed stories he intends to write on Wrong Planet and TV Tropes, he has failed to develop anything other than a brief synopsis peppered with TV Tropes and large, intellectual sounding words. His magnum opus is the currently in progress novel Redesigning Eva, which he has been working on since 2009. It boasts an impressive 29 single spaced pages.[1] Connor's writing is marked by attempts to be dark, nihilistic, and edgy, in accordance with his angsty writer persona. However, his ineptitude as a writer results in his work containing things too absurd to take seriously, such as a teacher masturbating to death in class, [2] a talking gorilla with racist implications, [3] and a school nurse openly dealing heroin. [4]

Connor and Molly Ringwald

Connor has an unhealthy fixation on 80s actress Molly Ringwald, to the point of starting threads on her and discussing his sexual fantasies of her.

Connor and Wrong Planet

Connor, under the name giftorcurse, is a frequent poster on the autism support site Wrong Planet, and switches between begging for sympathy, attacking people offering him advice, and talking about his masturbation habits. He ended up begging to be banned, only to come back under a new account.

Connor and Women

Connor is a misogynist, and has stalked a girl in his school, something he discussed in detail on Wrong Planet.


Connor has a crotch based fungal infection, something that he felt like sharing in a public forum. Connor has dressed up like Klaus Krieger, a Hannibal Lector ripoff from Redesigning Eva. And yes, he posted picture of himself dressed like this on the internet. Connor has claimed that he's walked around on his college campus describing grisly murder scene into a hand held recording device.