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Brianna Wu finally addresses Chloe Sagal's attacks, almost a month later.

On June 26th, 2016, Chloe Sagal posted a long-winded attack post on Brianna Wu's Patreon.

Despite repeatedly attacking Brianna Wu on multiple platforms, Brianna Wu did not meaningfully respond to Chloe Sagal until roughly a month later, when she addressed Sagal's attacks as being potentially prosecutable. The reason for this is very simple: Sagal herself is a GamerGate opponent, which does not fit her victimhood narrative. This despite Chloe Sagal clearly being mentally unstable and indeed dropping a barrage of outright death threats from multiple accounts, to the point where she's been banned from Twitter multiple times for it.

It would later become known, during the CON Chat Log Leaks, that (ironically enough) Chloe Sagal and Brianna first came into contact with one another courtesy of Zoe Quinn's inner circle suggesting that Brianna might be able to mollify her.[1]

June 26th, 2016 Post

The initial post as it appeared on Wu's Patreon.

Brianna Wu killed my career for a few career points for her own. The only thing Brianna Wu has ever done is be advertisement for Gamergate. Also, she's a privileged rich piece of capitalist garbage. There are tons and tons of not rich not popular women who do good fucking work that deserve the support, money and attention that this piece of human garbage gets. You know, it would've been nice for you to talk to me Brianna, instead of insulting the fuck out of me and acting like you didn't do shit. That shit fucking hurt. Let me tell you a little about the difference between my career and your career. Your career = get fucking parents to pay for most of your shit, make a big deal about people threatening to hurt you (while you know you've got the fucking money to be safe, don't even try and pretend) and siphoning support for gamergate victims and just giving to yourself. My career = Been developing games for several decades, having to restart my career several times, while becoming increasingly more and more unable to work, move or even take care of myself to the point where I finally got enough income in my patreon to have some stability, not having to move around and change doctors, not having to go hungry from either not having food or not having the spoons to make food if there even is any. I was going to use that money towards building a project I've been talking about for years to give physical locations for people of all kinds of marginalizations to live without the pressures of rent and abuse. After asking Brianna Wu for help, instead of just saying no, she proceeded to hurl a bunch of hypocritical abuse that was a stark contrast to what she fucking claims on the internet. I stupidly thought people would have my back on this shit, and instead of her fucking, idk, apologizing or talking it out, she fucking decided to SPREAD RUMORS about me, and take my anger out of context to make it seem like I was targetting people willy nilly, instead of just reacting to gamergate fucking constantly harassing me, all over the internet with her fanbase. Thanks to other popular social justice pretenders, all my social capital, my house, my doctors, countless friends and now I have to be paranoid about everyone I meet. Because of that no one would help me anymore and gamergate was free to harass me. Them and other internet hate groups fucking destroyed me. I don't publish any work anymore. Why the fuck did you help gamergate try to kill me Brianna? Why the fuck do people still support you? No, like, seriously, if I ever meet you, I will fucking kill you. Not just because of what you did to me, but because of the fact that you're an opportunist capitalising on the media relevance of gamergate and preventing actual people from getting the help they deserve. You don't need or deserve that money, and the 'politics' you spread are violent as fuck. Your idea of politicing is just like every politician, you make your 'opponent' seem worse than they are. I wasn't your fucking opponent. I didn't want to fucking fight you. I wanted you to apologize, and be fucking respectful. But you fucking crushed me like I was trying to kill you. You've crushed so many other deserving artists and thinkers. You are a fucking murderer, and I bet you'll take that line where I threaten to kill you and act like it's something. For what it's worth, I'm disabled and fucking bedridden. I don't have enough money for food or rent, let alone enough money to go wherever the fuck useless place you are. I'm not going to fucking be able to kill you. I want to. If I see you in person I might. You don't think I'm justified, but who the fuck cares? Certainly you don't, because all you fucking give a shit about is Brianna Wu. You gotta pretend like your life is in shambles because one hate group is constantly harassing you (despite you clearly fucking goading them into it) while simultaneously making so much fucking money you have no reasonable way to fucking fear an unorganized bunch of shitty fucking douchebros. Oh by the way, unlike you, i've actually been attacked physically and sexually countless times. I've had a member of an internet hate group stalk, come to my house and rape me. Yeah, unlike you I couldn't do shit about it, I couldn't go anywhere, the cops didn't care and even when it happened they simply responded with 'men can't get raped'. I've had people on the street recognize and either verbally abuse me or assault me. You got threats, others like me get actual violence You got a career, we got fucking spoiled brats like you acting like they're better than us. I'm not even going to go so far as to insult your work like so many people do, and if I have in the past, I'm sorry. I know what it's fucking like to have everyone fucking overanalyze and give you tons of shit over something you created, like the shit they fucking like is magically perfect (it isn't). But I am way to fucking skilled to be in the situation I'm in. I'm appauled that my work gets zero attention, but people flock to yours out of support. You do so much fucking talking brianna, but you don't fucking listen. Don't even try to turn that around on me because my vocal nature is a recent development in my history. I've spent the majority of my life being silent out of fear of being attacked by family, peers and collegues alike. Do you have any idea what it's like to sit there and listen and take abuse without being able to speak back and THE SECOND YOU DO no matter how nice or polite you are, they knock down everything you've built. They ostracize you. They tell you you're awful. It's like you don't even realize that not even a month before we got into it I was thrown out of my house by my best friend and the only few people I knew in MA for being 'too violent' and being 'that kind of mentally ill that makes you potentially a murderer'. Prior to this incident I never threatened to hurt anyone. I never wanted to kill anyone. I was called this because A) had a bad trip once and B) for thretening to punch someone who was screaming in my face and making steps at me like they were going to attack, if they didn't back down. I spent the entire time at that house saying nothing, considering these people my friends, helping them, making things for them, helping them find money. They sat there and took advantage of me, anytime I had a suggestion for helping us move forward or even just myself devoid of any need for them to be involved, they would insult me, call me stupid or crazy or ignorant. Even on science shit they didn't even know anything about, the second I'd try to logically figure it out, they'd cut me off and go "no, you're stupid that's wrong, just look it up". Often times when I'd work on shit, they would insist it wasn't 'real work' (ironically, the only reason any of them knew me was because of my work). I sheepishly tried to tell them this was a micro aggression, prompting them to get angry and say "I'm holding them to ridiculous standards". They kicked me out not long after, when I had a manic episode and they decided that meant I was "probably going to kill someone in their sleep". They forced me into an MHU, where I was tortured further, had my meds messed with (when they were working and actually starting to improve me), when I left i had been talking to and planned to go to a domestic abuse shelter over what I just went through, when i got out and asked for directions, they said they wouldn't take me because 'based on what you've told us, you need a mental hospital not a shelter'. Homeless, and alone in fucking MA. More shit happened. I don't give a fuck, I've been trying to tell my fucking story for years and having it be ignored, or deleted by this privileged fuck who would rather use this against me then try and listen and understand me and work with me. I went through all of that shit but at least my income was going up. Not even a month later when I finally got a foothold somewhere else and I had cleared a monthly income I couldn't even fucking ever dream of having as a disabled woman. $1k a month. that's $200 more a month than the max payout for disability, which I have been apply for for 8 FUCKING YEARS. $1k a month. Specifically from my art. $1k a month to focus on what i love. It lasted less than a month. I didn't even get to reap the benefits of my career because after our little spat, nothing fucking happened to Brianna Wu (because she's a privileged piece of shit who's got money and uses 'politics' (deception) to further her career), and I lost everything. Yeah. I'm angry. And I want to fucking kill you. Please get me arrested for, or call me out for this shit. I fucking dare you. Because that's the kind of fucking garbage you are. You don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself. And I'm sure you'll try and say that same shit about me but that would prove you don't know a fucking thing about me, the people I care about, what I've been through or what I've done.

July 3rd, 2016 Posts

On July 3rd, 2016, Chloe Sagal continued her offensive on Patreon, posting a barrage of attack posts on Wu's Patreon page.

Post #1

The offensive continues.

You make $2k a month plus your husbands income and your family support. Why did you have to use your privilege to take what little I had lef? Why are you a literal piece of scum? How the fuck can you claim to speak for ANYONE when you literally just took away the rest of the income of a disabled roma woman because she made you feel uncomfortable... WITH HER WODS. As far as I'm concerned, my threats can't hurt you. They literally can't. I don't have the power to back them up. How are you going to meet my words with actual fucking violence? This is fucking violence. I needed that money to live. One of the withdraw symptoms of cloonadine is it just fucking kills you. I really fucking hope it does. I fucking hope. It would save me the stress of constantly fucking up killing myself and getting laughed at for it all the way to me being forcibly put in a mental hospital and punished while the people who intentionally put me in that state just get to go off laughing, no one says a fucking WORD to them. The worst part, this isn't even the 'hate groups' ya'll SHWs want to use as a scapegoat. WE'RE ALL FUCKING AWFUL, ESPECIALLY YOU WHITE PIECE OF SHIT SJWs. Being a fucking SJW doesn't clear goddamned history, you're still part of the oppressive class, and you're still using a movement started by and focused on propping up the voices of the oppressed, not a space for ya'll to listen to fucking listen to us, tell us we're abusive, and screenshot out anger out of context, but but write down our insightful shit for you to say and take credit for lter. You know, kind of like what Brianna Wu makes a career out of. You privileged little fuckuing spoiled brat, you've not lived any of those experiences you claim to be a champion for. Yeah, online abuse is awful but you clearly have zero understanding of what makes that abusive, and you are part of that circle of abuse. You keep selling out people who care about you for people who just want to agree with your shallow ignornt privileged fucking life that you fucking have the nerve to flaunt then turn around and abuse the fuck out of people who have actually had to suffer from all this shit. You go looking for trouble. Trouble won't leave us alone. Learn the fucking difference.

Post #2

Brianna Wu: Would rather insult someone and gas light them when they ask them for help, spread rumors about themk when they're obviously upset from being gas lit and insulted, and strip them of their income, rather than work with, listen to and apologize. Literally only fucking came to ask you if you'd be willing to retweet something. Then you decided to fucking insult the fuck out of me, and then went around telling people I was upset with you because you won't retweet my shit. Fuck you. I don't even care about the fucking retweet, I care about someone who pretended to be my friend and pretended to be the champion of our voices abusing the fuck out of me because I asked them for help. Fuck you. Fuck you so fucking much. You are a fucking evil person, and you deserve to get murdered in the worst fucking way possible. And it's your own fucking fault. Murderers deserve to get murdered.

Post #3

Sagal makes multiple death-threats.

This woman claims to be the voice of the oppressed. I went to her for help. Instead of saying yes or no, she insulted the fuck out of me. She told me I needed to play politics like her. She called me a child She called my entire traumatic life childish She called the fact that I almost had the money I needed to get shit I needed to function properly and had it stolen right in front of my face because no one would let me explain why I fucking lied out of fear and i didn't even realize it was going to actually make money. I fucked up, but I don't deserve this fucking torture. But you called it all childish, like your life has been so fucking hard, having your fucking parents pay for everything, having someone who loves you and is financially stable. You don't realize what a fucking privilege that is. And instead of saying yes or no, You spread rumors about me, because I wasn't going to sit there and let you do all this abusive anti-social justice awfulness while claiming to be a voice. I encourage you all to join me on getting her to fucking set the record straight once and for all. She needs to apologize. She needs to stop telling people I'm an abuser for how I reacted to her abuse and continued abuse.

Post #4

I'm not fucking stopping until you apologize and admit you lied to the people supporting me as a career move to take support away from me and give it to yourself. You caused all this to happen. You have the power to fix it. If you refuse to fix it, I'm eventually going to kill you. Anyone want to fund me taking a trip to beat the fuck out of this awful abusive person?

Post #5

There's only one way this is going to go away and that's when I'm dead oir when you finally admit that you're a lying scumbag who kills women.

Post #6

What's it going to be Brianna? Are you going to fucking be an adult or deal with this, or is someone going to die tonight?

Post #7

Because I swear to fuck, when the cops get here, I'm going to fucking fight them if they don't listen.

Post #8

You took everything

Post #9

You took everything

Post #10

You took everything

Post #11

You took everything

Post #12

You took everything

Post #13

You took everything, how am I evil for wanting to take it back?


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