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Crystal Mae Franks
Age 28
Born Crystal Mae Franks
January 31, 1990
Hyden, Kentucky
Residence Asher, Kentucky
Occupation None
Web Presences Current DeviantArt
Old DA account
YouTube channel
KiwiFarms account
Fanfiction.net account
FurAffinity profile
FictionPress account

Chibiyma (born Crystal Mae Franks, 31 January 1990 in Asher, Kentucky and currently going by SuperMysticalFairy) is an American artist, a person of interest, and a DeviantArt user who draws pictures of several child characters, including a character of Perman (from the manga of the same name). Like other users who supported her, she drew body inflation and mpreg pics of child characters, which lead to her having a sexual fetish for Perman and other child characters, and also led to pedophilia.

Strangely, she dislikes things that makes annoying or mournful sounds, such as roosters crowing or wolves howling. She claim that she won't draw canines or birds because of the annoying sounds they make.

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