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The Serious Chat (Long) Log is the second log in the Crash Override Network Log Leaks series.

Significantly longer than the first, this log stretches from December 23rd, 2014, to December 24th, 2014.

It's notable for a few salient points, including the first clue as to the existence of the Crash Override Network's McCarthy-esque "enemies list" and establishing the myriad parties involved with GamerGate's opposition being openly in collusion with one another and trying desperately to damage control their critics via reporting articles critical of them as spam or abusive - and subsequently growing frustrated when sites don't immediately take down criticism of them solely based on their say-so.

It also has them complaining that Randi Harper doxed someone. Additionally, the log features the group wanting to bring in Dina Abou Karam.

The log culminates with the group going on about how great the drugs they are on are and everyone going to bed.

Log Contents

[23/12/2014, 6:03:56 PM] drinternetphd: drinternetphd updated the group picture

[23/12/2014, 6:04:41 PM] Ian Cheong: Great.

[23/12/2014, 6:07:08 PM] Ian Cheong: So RogueStar is saying he's reporting me to the FBI for 'redistributing CP'

[23/12/2014, 6:08:06 PM] Dan Olson: yeah, they're all pearl clutching with feigned dignity "I DIDN'T EVEN OPEN THE ARTICLE, BUT I'M REPORTING YOU!" which, you know, fair enough if it was actually in violation of anything.

[23/12/2014, 6:08:25 PM] Ian Cheong: Yeah it's really not in violation of anything which is the funny part.

[23/12/2014, 6:08:46 PM] Dan Olson: and they're digging their own grave

[23/12/2014, 6:09:07 PM] Dan Olson: as I mentioned in the article, the only reason it's still there is a matter of inertia and exposure

[23/12/2014, 6:09:23 PM] Dan Olson: by mass reporting anything related to this it just creates a loop back to the offending boards.

[23/12/2014, 6:10:21 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Yeah, so much of getting things done with them is letting them be butt holes out in the open.

[23/12/2014, 6:10:33 PM] Dan Olson: if GG morons spam the FBI and RCMP with hundreds of "this dude screencapped CP then censored it so that he could write an article about it!" they're going to go "oooooh, what's this website he's talking about again?????"

[23/12/2014, 6:11:15 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Yeah.

[23/12/2014, 6:11:34 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Like I was talking about with Zoe earlier: Hold steady, document, and wait for them to bare their throat before you rip it out.

[23/12/2014, 6:15:20 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added SF to this conversation

[23/12/2014, 6:15:31 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Athena Hollow to this conversation

[23/12/2014, 6:16:12 PM] SF: Yes hello fellow cyberpunks

[23/12/2014, 6:16:24 PM] drinternetphd: beep boop

[23/12/2014, 6:16:24 PM] SF: I have rezzed the appropriate ICE

[23/12/2014, 6:16:25 PM] Athena Hollow: srsly. that was a fucking nightmare because I don't have a smart phone, and amazon doesn't have it in the kindle store.... so i had to download the google authenticator on my kid's ipad.

[23/12/2014, 6:16:36 PM] drinternetphd: yeesh

[23/12/2014, 6:16:44 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Yikes

[23/12/2014, 6:16:55 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Yeah, 2FA is a fucking pain and a half but totally worth it for the peace of mind IMO.

[23/12/2014, 6:17:04 PM] Ian Cheong: Time for 3FA. get yourself a yubico.

[23/12/2014, 6:17:24 PM] Ian Cheong: im going to buy one

[23/12/2014, 6:17:29 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Looking into it.

[23/12/2014, 6:18:12 PM] SF: I even rooted my phone with Cyanogen today I got so paranoid.

[23/12/2014, 6:18:38 PM] Athena Hollow: I have it set to my hotmail, which is 2fa & a different pass than my skype, which is set to default onto my google ran email domain, which is 2fa, and a random long ass lastpass password, AS WELL AS the webmaster login to the root of that domain lol

[23/12/2014, 6:19:00 PM] Athena Hollow: And! Since I don't have a smart phone, everything is texted to me manually LOL

[23/12/2014, 6:19:29 PM] Alex Lifschitz: As Dan mentioned, this is something I've expanded on before, when we were drafting up Zoe's first statement after thezoepost, and everyone was telling her to lay low:

The Streisand Effect is only in play if 1. you're doing something wrong and 2. trying to hide it. It's important to know since telling people to shut up about their abuse is an abuser tactic. But this? This is the Streisand Effect full stop. Let them put eyes on 8chan.

[23/12/2014, 6:20:23 PM] Athena Hollow: oh, btw, are we still using funsies chat?

[23/12/2014, 6:20:27 PM] Athena Hollow: and should I leave the other one?

[23/12/2014, 6:20:30 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts to this conversation

[23/12/2014, 6:20:43 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Stay in any and all you'd like, just keep anything serious here.

[23/12/2014, 6:20:48 PM] Athena Hollow: kk

[23/12/2014, 6:21:18 PM] Athena Hollow: i'll probably drop the other 'serious' chat then, just to be safe that i dont accidentally say anything in there.

[23/12/2014, 6:21:44 PM] Alex Lifschitz: kk.

[23/12/2014, 6:25:34 PM] SF: If any of you want a cool way to have memorable but ridiculously secure passwords I have a system I've never heard anyone else describe:

[23/12/2014, 6:26:28 PM] SF: You know how you can store music performances in muscle memory? I put my most serious passwords there. I define a "gesture" which hits a bunch of keys from a fixed point on a familiar keyboard.

[23/12/2014, 6:26:47 PM] SF: I can type it without thinking but I probably couldn't tell you the characters even if you tortured me.

[23/12/2014, 6:27:00 PM] Athena Hollow: We've started using business cards we get from conventions lol

[23/12/2014, 6:27:24 PM] Athena Hollow: random words with random numbers, be they phone numbers or zip codes XD

[23/12/2014, 6:28:11 PM] Dan Olson: I use looooong phrases. Basically try to hit the character limit.

[23/12/2014, 6:28:29 PM] Ian Cheong: i use long phrases, too

[23/12/2014, 6:28:36 PM] Ian Cheong: good luck cracking those

[23/12/2014, 6:29:11 PM] drinternetphd: oh that's neat

[23/12/2014, 6:29:52 PM] SF: Might not be as hard as you think. Limiting an attack to English words with more or less correct grammar + common misspellings given typical length limits is probably feasible to brute force.

[23/12/2014, 6:30:11 PM] Ian Cheong: I use german words.

[23/12/2014, 6:30:15 PM] SF: That's a guess though, not my field.

[23/12/2014, 6:30:16 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: bruteforce tools never try for the long stuff

[23/12/2014, 6:30:27 PM] Athena Hollow: yea most people try for the minimum and that's it.

[23/12/2014, 6:30:45 PM] SF: Yeah but we might draw the GNAA or Bill Waggoner's ire.

[23/12/2014, 6:31:42 PM] Alex Lifschitz: My main password is two stanzas of a song because I am nothing if not a cartoon super villain.

[23/12/2014, 6:31:54 PM] Dan Olson: nah, 'cus word length isn't fixed. You'd need to know so many parameters of how the phrase is constructed to be able to guess, because you can't unlock pieces of it. Like if the word "Over" is in the phrase you don't get partial credit if it's offset by one character due to guessing "is" instead of "are"

[23/12/2014, 6:32:17 PM] SF: True.

[23/12/2014, 6:32:25 PM] Ian Cheong: and some of the letters are capitalized

[23/12/2014, 6:32:35 PM] Ian Cheong: so thats another factor

[23/12/2014, 6:32:39 PM] drinternetphd: god damnit I hate having to sit this stuff out

[23/12/2014, 6:36:36 PM] SF: Looks like my personal and work GMails were already 2FA'd and I forgot about it since I'm so often on one device.

[23/12/2014, 6:41:44 PM] Athena Hollow: For the best, Zoe. They are already railing hardcore on you today.

[23/12/2014, 6:46:34 PM] SF: I'm guessing Cernovich is in bed so I can stop refreshing his feed.

[23/12/2014, 7:16:53 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Dan:

[23/12/2014, 7:17:06 PM] Alex Lifschitz: *Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" begins playing*

[23/12/2014, 7:18:22 PM] Dan Olson: They're melting down.

[23/12/2014, 7:18:45 PM] Dan Olson: It has absolutely fuck all to do with GG beyond 8chan as a communal platform.

[23/12/2014, 7:18:55 PM] Dan Olson: I didn't mention GG once.

[23/12/2014, 7:20:37 PM] Dan Olson: This is the *perfect* chance for GG to just straight up distance itself, suggest that maybe the rules are skirting the law a little too close, blah blah blah feign concern, re-write the site's rules to be vaguely more stringent on paper, tweet lots about how they're "ashamed of this behaviour" and "they didn't know it was this bad" but "super excited for the future"

[23/12/2014, 7:20:56 PM] Dan Olson: NOPE

[23/12/2014, 7:21:11 PM] drinternetphd: go on down with that ship you dumb fucks

[23/12/2014, 7:21:12 PM] Dan Olson: LET ALL FLIP OUR SHIT AND TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

[23/12/2014, 7:21:14 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i dunno. GG's ethos has always been anything legal is fair. to criticize something legal is to "tone police" as far as they are concerned

[23/12/2014, 7:25:06 PM] Athena Hollow: Yep. Which is why I posted this earlier:

[23/12/2014, 7:25:13 PM] Athena Hollow: (not in bed yet, obviously lol)

[23/12/2014, 7:41:56 PM] Athena Hollow: someone toss this on the trello for me w/ the ggers defending pedophilia.

[23/12/2014, 7:42:16 PM] Alex Lifschitz: On it

[23/12/2014, 7:44:16 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: more for it, alex

[23/12/2014, 7:44:21 PM] drinternetphd: so who wants to be a total pain in the ass and write a followup with all of 8chan's doxing boards

[23/12/2014, 7:44:31 PM] drinternetphd: and wait for this shitstorm to calm down and then fire salvo 2

[23/12/2014, 7:44:31 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i'll sign up for the trello stuff tomorrow

[23/12/2014, 7:44:46 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i'm off to do family stuff for the next few days zoe or i would

[23/12/2014, 7:44:59 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: after that i can certainly help

[23/12/2014, 7:45:04 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Adding.

[23/12/2014, 7:45:11 PM] drinternetphd: if I put something together on anon could someone else spread it and stuff

[23/12/2014, 7:47:07 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i can spread stuff. not sure how much longer i'll be up tonight though

[23/12/2014, 7:47:39 PM] drinternetphd: yeah I am not doing this right now I've been up all night and hopefully have therapy today

[23/12/2014, 7:50:17 PM] Dan Olson: Self care, Zoe.

[23/12/2014, 7:50:24 PM] Dan Olson: I should sleep, too.

[23/12/2014, 7:50:37 PM] Dan Olson: I need to sew a cartoon style moneybag tomorrow.

[23/12/2014, 7:51:10 PM] drinternetphd: that's kinda rad

[23/12/2014, 7:51:43 PM] Dan Olson: yeah, we're giving Laura's brother some cash for a PS4, so we're getting it all in small bills and stuffing it in a sack.

[23/12/2014, 7:51:55 PM] Dan Olson: or maybe nickels.

[23/12/2014, 7:53:18 PM] drinternetphd: hahaha right as I go to curl up with a book they start getting doxy at one of my other friends

[23/12/2014, 7:53:19 PM] drinternetphd: wheee

[23/12/2014, 7:53:29 PM] drinternetphd: they get SO MAD when you take away their child porn!

[23/12/2014, 7:54:25 PM] Alex Lifschitz: FTR: We're going to start trying to pull away on the monitoring stuff as Zoe takes some time to work on her book pitch. That needs to keep going and has the best capacity to affect change.

[23/12/2014, 7:54:31 PM] Alex Lifschitz: This is kind of a Children of Men scenario.

[23/12/2014, 7:55:40 PM] Dan Olson: I can pick up some monitoring slack.

[23/12/2014, 7:56:57 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Rob to this conversation

[23/12/2014, 7:57:18 PM] Rob: Ahoy hoy

[23/12/2014, 7:57:27 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Also if it was not clear, please log out and back in to ensure 2FA is enabled and be sure you're not logged on anywhere else.

[23/12/2014, 7:57:44 PM] Rob: Yep, this is the only computer I'm on ATM, so brb

[23/12/2014, 7:58:23 PM] Rob: And.... yep, it works. That app is handy.

[23/12/2014, 7:58:35 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Cool.

[23/12/2014, 10:07:51 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Izzy (@iglvzx) to this conversation

[23/12/2014, 10:09:09 PM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Hey

[23/12/2014, 10:09:19 PM] Rob: Ahoy hoy

[23/12/2014, 10:09:37 PM] Ian Cheong: That's what those little green alien people who sell houses in Wildstar say.

[23/12/2014, 10:10:59 PM] Rob: I hath not played Wildstar

[23/12/2014, 10:12:01 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Okay, I might be a few of these Yubikeys

[23/12/2014, 10:12:34 PM] Ian Cheong: I want a yubi

[23/12/2014, 10:12:39 PM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Not a bad idea. I have a Gemalto token that my work gave me. Not as versitile as Yubikey, though.

[23/12/2014, 10:12:39 PM] Ian Cheong: I should probably buy one huh

[23/12/2014, 10:15:48 PM] Ian Cheong: ill wait for my pay.

[23/12/2014, 10:16:20 PM] Izzy (@iglvzx): OK, gotta go. I'll be back in a couple of hours.

[23/12/2014, 10:17:53 PM] Rob: Later, izzy

[23/12/2014, 10:54:34 PM] Ian Cheong: There's a new operation or something.

[23/12/2014, 10:58:10 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Dude, I can't penetrate that shit with wine and roses. Looks like another clusterfuck "hey guys I named an op"

[23/12/2014, 11:00:14 PM] Ian Cheong: OK so basically a bunch of twitter users use Amazon affiliate links to make some small amount of cash whenever they link to Amazon.

[23/12/2014, 11:00:30 PM] Ian Cheong: That's not something I do, but I can see why people do it.

[23/12/2014, 11:00:41 PM] Ian Cheong: This operation is trying to get them in trouble for 'monetizing' their Twitter feed.

[23/12/2014, 11:01:03 PM] Alex Lifschitz: And they're taking issue with it? Unsurprisingly, particularly with the people who have thrown shade at gamer gate or defended their victims? Color me shocked.

[23/12/2014, 11:01:11 PM] Ian Cheong: Yep.

[23/12/2014, 11:01:15 PM] Alex Lifschitz: I guess we can just file this one under "who the fuck cares or will ever care" and move on

[23/12/2014, 11:01:35 PM] Ian Cheong: yeah. looks like a mod nuked that thread.

[23/12/2014, 11:03:31 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Man the whole "wallowing in their own crapulence" thing is really in vogue now

[23/12/2014, 11:03:58 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Today has been a rough day but as long as we can stay above water by making sure these idiots are toothless then we should be fine.

[23/12/2014, 11:04:08 PM] Alex Lifschitz: It's mostly a morale thing, definitely for Zoe now.

[23/12/2014, 11:04:35 PM] Ian Cheong: I can't wait to read her book.

[23/12/2014, 11:04:55 PM] Alex Lifschitz: I have always said: Morale is the dividends paid from proper investment of hope. Let's stay realistic and supportive, and do everything we can to facilitate good things.

[23/12/2014, 11:05:13 PM] Ian Cheong: Agreed on that.

[23/12/2014, 11:05:38 PM] Alex Lifschitz: We should not be invested in the book quite yet, there's a huge delta between here and there. What we can do right now is tank for Zoe and let her get her juices flowing to get towards the next step in the process.

[23/12/2014, 11:08:34 PM] Ian Cheong: Works for me.

[23/12/2014, 11:09:07 PM] Alex Lifschitz: We got her some David Seders books to light the fire today. I'm working with her to establish some away time each day to work on her pitch.

[23/12/2014, 11:09:48 PM] Ian Cheong: Use the Pomodoro Method if you aren't already.

[23/12/2014, 11:09:57 PM] Alex Lifschitz: I use that myself, yeah.

[23/12/2014, 11:10:02 PM] Ian Cheong: That helped my productivity so much.

[23/12/2014, 11:10:32 PM] Alex Lifschitz: The challenge is getting Zoe out of siege mode. Best strategy: Establish a locus (we're choosing a local coffee shop) with an expanding window of work time as time goes on.

[23/12/2014, 11:10:55 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Goal is eventually a few hours a day of pure book work, balanced with minor duties and the daily buffer for putting out fires.

[23/12/2014, 11:11:38 PM] Ian Cheong: Sounds like a solid plan.

[23/12/2014, 11:26:58 PM] drinternetphd: I woke up to my boyfriend producing me lol

[23/12/2014, 11:27:12 PM] Ian Cheong: lol

[23/12/2014, 11:27:26 PM] Rob: :D

[23/12/2014, 11:27:30 PM] drinternetphd: alex is kind of the fucking best

[23/12/2014, 11:27:40 PM] Ian Cheong: Zoe, he totally is.

[23/12/2014, 11:28:03 PM] drinternetphd: it's fucked up right? but let's not keep talking about it cause he'll get mad at me lol

[23/12/2014, 11:28:15 PM] Ian Cheong: hahah

[23/12/2014, 11:28:32 PM] drinternetphd: she says while smirking and sipping her coffee at him

[23/12/2014, 11:28:57 PM] Rob: Rob snorts.

[23/12/2014, 11:29:10 PM] Rob: I'm glad he's there, Zoe! Alex kicks ass.

[23/12/2014, 11:43:13 PM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added nicholas.boterf to this conversation

[24/12/2014, 12:01:33 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): This message has been removed.

[24/12/2014, 12:55:00 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): This message has been removed.

[24/12/2014, 12:56:50 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): ^ Skype glitched out, in case the above messages say "has been removed". Was trying to link this:

[24/12/2014, 12:57:42 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Remy to this conversation

[24/12/2014, 1:00:13 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Zoe, sent an email to Patreon as well with the Storify link

[24/12/2014, 1:01:42 AM] drinternetphd: ty

[24/12/2014, 1:02:12 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): No prob. Just doing my part by being a decent human, unlike Mike C and GGers

[24/12/2014, 2:20:58 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Tesseract to this conversation

[24/12/2014, 2:29:26 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Putting this here for reference. Dan has apparently been doxed:

[24/12/2014, 2:30:19 AM] Athena Hollow: Should be an old address. He'd mentioned last night that it shouldn't be a problem, but probably good to keep an eye on regardless.

[24/12/2014, 2:31:34 AM] Remy: I really need to get off my ass and scrub doxxing sites for my info just to prepare for the day my real name gets released

[24/12/2014, 2:32:03 AM] Remy: I've been lazy knowing there's over a dozen people with my name in this state alone, but "safety in numbers" will only get me so far

[24/12/2014, 2:38:55 AM] Rob: I live in the same building as John McCain, so anyone trying shit with me IRL would have a Bad Time

[24/12/2014, 2:39:07 AM] Athena Hollow: I need to go through the links in that gross ED article that shows how to stalk someone just to be triply sure, but I think I'm good.

[24/12/2014, 2:39:34 AM] Athena Hollow: It helps that I don't think I've ever really been known as anything but Athena Hollow online, and never associated my real name with it.

[24/12/2014, 2:40:56 AM] Athena Hollow: One good thing about having been in the adult industry since the day after you turned 18 (and the internet still having been a baby): You were paranoid from the getgo about your real name getting out there lol

[24/12/2014, 2:41:12 AM] Rob: :D

[24/12/2014, 2:41:24 AM] Remy: Rob that is the craziest thing I've ever f*cking heard

[24/12/2014, 2:42:28 AM] Rob: What, that I live in the same building as McCain?

[24/12/2014, 2:42:47 AM] Remy: yeah. So random and yet... I can't un-know it now

[24/12/2014, 2:42:56 AM] Rob: My condo building is also connected to Lockheed Martin's HQ, is 2 blocks from the airport, 2 blocks from the DEA HQ, and 3 blocks from the Pentagon.

[24/12/2014, 2:43:02 AM] Rob: So let's just say the police response time is 'really, really good'.

[24/12/2014, 2:43:02 AM] Tesseract: damn, it's a shame he wasn't elected president, thus allowing you to live in the white house

[24/12/2014, 2:43:13 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Graham Linehan just tweeted out the storify of GGers defending CP.

[24/12/2014, 2:43:18 AM] Athena Hollow: lol

[24/12/2014, 2:43:21 AM] Rob: Oooh, link so I can RT it?

[24/12/2014, 2:43:23 AM] Athena Hollow: oh damn.

[24/12/2014, 2:43:29 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Bad day for the human spirit.

[24/12/2014, 2:43:55 AM] Remy: I dunno guys maybe we need to hear them out on the many positive qualities of CP

[24/12/2014, 2:44:00 AM] Alex Lifschitz:

[24/12/2014, 2:44:05 AM] Tesseract: [insert bullshit libertarian logic]

[24/12/2014, 2:44:09 AM] Remy: Maybe it's like good for your taxes or something

[24/12/2014, 2:44:11 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Kluwe is going off on 'em too.

[24/12/2014, 2:44:16 AM] Ian Cheong: holy shit

[24/12/2014, 2:44:26 AM] Remy: lol good ol' Kluwe

[24/12/2014, 2:44:30 AM] Alex Lifschitz: A million followers between 'em.

[24/12/2014, 2:44:34 AM] Tesseract: aww yeah

[24/12/2014, 2:44:37 AM] Remy: That guy seems like he rocks

[24/12/2014, 2:44:45 AM] Tesseract: kluwe is a hero

[24/12/2014, 2:44:51 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Luwe is bomb and Linehan's a total muffin.

[24/12/2014, 2:44:59 AM] Remy: I'm always so jelly watching his cooking contests back and forth between him and Zoe

[24/12/2014, 2:45:17 AM] Remy: so damn cute to watch

[24/12/2014, 2:45:37 AM] Remy: I want a Kluwe doll now

[24/12/2014, 2:46:00 AM] Alex Lifschitz: As someone who gets to eat 'em I approve wholeheartedly of cookfight

[24/12/2014, 2:46:05 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): That "Exposing Jihad" GGer is a total tool. Ran into them the other day when they sea-lioned one of my month old tweets.

[24/12/2014, 2:46:35 AM] Remy: :D

[24/12/2014, 2:46:52 AM] Ian Cheong:

[24/12/2014, 2:47:10 AM] Rob: I had a few GGers say he's responsible for spreading child porn

[24/12/2014, 2:47:13 AM] Rob: b/c he downloaded it or something

[24/12/2014, 2:47:24 AM] Ian Cheong: Apparently CP is radioactive.

[24/12/2014, 2:47:37 AM] Ian Cheong: schrodinger's CP

[24/12/2014, 2:47:52 AM] Ian Cheong: can't even point it out without dirty pedophiles saying "YOU DOWNLOADED CP."

[24/12/2014, 2:48:03 AM] Remy: Meh we've seen that logic before. Every time you challenge racist institutions they always call the speaker the "real racist"

[24/12/2014, 2:48:09 AM] Athena Hollow: Of course, while they defend to the death that it's not /really/ cp

[24/12/2014, 2:48:25 AM] Remy: It's the mantra of the counter-revolutionary: "The only problem here is you pointing out problems"

[24/12/2014, 2:48:26 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx):

[24/12/2014, 2:48:30 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): TomTom is awesome

[24/12/2014, 2:52:04 AM] Remy: This is the only thing I know of Dan

[24/12/2014, 2:52:06 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Dan, It's on the 8chan /gamergate/ board. Apparently they keep posting it only to have it taken down

[24/12/2014, 2:52:19 AM] Dan Olson: anyone get a SS?

[24/12/2014, 2:52:28 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I haven't checked.

[24/12/2014, 2:52:58 AM] Remy: I think Tess may have the most up-to-date information on this but I may be wrong

[24/12/2014, 2:53:24 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Dan, I found this through Google:

[24/12/2014, 2:53:37 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): has 2 of your addresses

[24/12/2014, 2:54:26 AM] Tesseract: about what?

[24/12/2014, 2:54:45 AM] Remy: We were updating Dan on his DOX that GG has been releasing

[24/12/2014, 2:54:51 AM] Tesseract: nah I have nothing on that

[24/12/2014, 2:55:01 AM] Remy: Oh well I'm dumb and I'm sorry for mis-speaking

[24/12/2014, 2:55:39 AM] Remy: Izzy found a great cache on it though, Dan it looks like they are trying to disseminate two addresses, one for "New Brighton Gardens SE" and another for "Sunwood RD SE", both within Calgary

[24/12/2014, 2:57:28 AM] Dan Olson: None of those are remotely accurate, though one is kinda in the same neighhbourhood as my parents

[24/12/2014, 2:58:32 AM] Remy: Also if you know a Ron Hildebrand they are releasing Ron's contact info as well it seems

[24/12/2014, 2:58:54 AM] Remy: Like always they are weeding through Facebook friends lists. I really need to clean mine up I have too many coworkers I don't trust on there x-x

[24/12/2014, 2:59:31 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Didn't someone on Brianna's Facebook leak a bunch of stuff to GamerGate? :/

[24/12/2014, 2:59:38 AM] Ian Cheong: Yes

[24/12/2014, 2:59:40 AM] Ian Cheong: I know who the leaker is too.

[24/12/2014, 2:59:41 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ugh

[24/12/2014, 2:59:59 AM] Ian Cheong: it's a sockpuppet account

[24/12/2014, 3:00:00 AM] Ian Cheong: let me find it

[24/12/2014, 3:00:04 AM] Remy: Betrayal always stinks worse than assault.

[24/12/2014, 3:00:23 AM] Ian Cheong:

[24/12/2014, 3:00:25 AM] Ian Cheong: it's this person

[24/12/2014, 3:00:55 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, shit, Randi has added them as a friend. Is Randi aware?

[24/12/2014, 3:01:05 AM] Dan Olson: I know a Ron HildebrandT

[24/12/2014, 3:01:06 AM] Ian Cheong: notice the URL and the name of the person don't match up, and furthermore the picture she's using? I did a backsearch on Google Images and found it in one of those websites that compiles pictures of cute scene girls.

[24/12/2014, 3:01:13 AM] Ian Cheong: Randi is probably unaware.

[24/12/2014, 3:01:19 AM] Ian Cheong: tell Randi please.

[24/12/2014, 3:01:21 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I'll messsage her on FB

[24/12/2014, 3:02:34 AM] Remy: Dan: I'm not sure if your Ron matches their Ron but if you want me to send you the info they are spreading as his, you can cross-reference and determine if one of your friends is about to be contacted by a bunch of strangers on the internet

[24/12/2014, 3:03:33 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ian. I sent Randi a message

[24/12/2014, 3:03:47 AM] Ian Cheong: Sigh, Brianna still hasn't unfriended her even after I told her

[24/12/2014, 3:06:09 AM] Dan Olson: It doesn't seem to be. I'm going to call the number, and if it's my Ron then we can chat, and if it's not then hey, sorry, wrong number

[24/12/2014, 3:06:28 AM] Remy: God I'm so jealous of you

[24/12/2014, 3:06:44 AM] Remy: Sorry. I have a mini panic attack every time I try to initiate a phone call

[24/12/2014, 3:06:44 AM] Dan Olson: wait, this is weird

[24/12/2014, 3:06:48 AM] Dan Olson: and fucked

[24/12/2014, 3:08:00 AM] Ian Cheong: Yep.

[24/12/2014, 3:08:19 AM] Dan Olson: they have a screen cap of a conversation hat shouldn't be public where I told someone to give Ron a call, and that has his (old work) number in plain view

[24/12/2014, 3:08:37 AM] Remy: It probably became exposed after one of Facebook's privacy setting updates

[24/12/2014, 3:08:50 AM] Alex Lifschitz: DMed Randi.

[24/12/2014, 3:08:51 AM] Dan Olson: I mean, there's not much they can compromise with that, AHS is a massive government organization and neither of us work there anymore

[24/12/2014, 3:08:56 AM] Ian Cheong: They are probably going to try to social engineer your address from Ron.

[24/12/2014, 3:09:12 AM] Ian Cheong: Basically, call Ron pretending to be someone who needs your current address/phone number.

[24/12/2014, 3:09:13 AM] Dan Olson: Ron and I haven't talked for, like, a year and a half.

[24/12/2014, 3:09:39 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Randi has unfriended the sockpuppet account

[24/12/2014, 3:09:55 AM] Dan Olson: yeah, totally.

[24/12/2014, 3:09:58 AM] Ian Cheong: Someone tell Rami Ismail that he's also following the sockpuppet.

[24/12/2014, 3:10:11 AM] Dan Olson: I guess if it IS a wrong number/wrong Ron, do I warn them, too?

[24/12/2014, 3:10:30 AM] Ian Cheong: I'd warn them, yeah.

[24/12/2014, 3:10:53 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ian, oh shit, they are friends with Chloe Sagal and others, too

[24/12/2014, 3:10:54 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ugh

[24/12/2014, 3:11:37 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): and Bri's husband

[24/12/2014, 3:11:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I'll message Chloe

[24/12/2014, 3:15:41 AM] Dan Olson: The thing that my harassers don't get is that their "technically legal" BS actually protects me more than them.

[24/12/2014, 3:16:00 AM] Dan Olson: It's the environment they've created, the context, that pushes their technically legal shit into crime time.

[24/12/2014, 3:16:12 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Yeah.

[24/12/2014, 3:17:01 AM] Tesseract: oh whoops I forgot about sending that report to

[24/12/2014, 3:17:06 AM] Tesseract: link me some articles

[24/12/2014, 3:17:53 AM] Dan Olson: like, 8chan forums?

[24/12/2014, 3:17:57 AM] Remy: sorry, I was AFK

[24/12/2014, 3:18:23 AM] Remy: But yeah Ian is basically describing time-tested social engineering tricks they will use to try and get your personal information from people who know you and would want to help you

[24/12/2014, 3:20:57 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Internet.BS sent Tess a BS response asking for direct links to the CP

[24/12/2014, 3:23:51 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): AHAHA. Whoever runs the IA spoof account is great:

[24/12/2014, 3:24:20 AM] drinternetphd: Wow super glad I didn't add the ron Hildebrand acct now

[24/12/2014, 3:24:38 AM] drinternetphd: They sent me a friend request forever ago but I ignore that shit unless we are tight

[24/12/2014, 3:26:18 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, wow

[24/12/2014, 3:26:44 AM] Ian Cheong: Let me check to see if they tried to add me.

[24/12/2014, 3:27:09 AM] Ian Cheong: Nope.

[24/12/2014, 3:28:25 AM] Dan Olson: man, they're actually really bad at this

[24/12/2014, 3:28:35 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Is anybody friends IRL with Anderson Cooper?

[24/12/2014, 3:28:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I think he should do a piece on 8chan

[24/12/2014, 3:28:49 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): He's good at that stuff

[24/12/2014, 3:29:15 AM] Dan Olson: like, okay, if you'e going to put together someone's doxx you'd think you'd at least include the email address that they list as their contact in the crdits of every episode they've ever made?

[24/12/2014, 3:30:06 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Hey, they claimed to have doxed Grace Lynn. All they were able to gather were her social media accounts...

[24/12/2014, 3:30:10 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): DOX!

[24/12/2014, 3:30:38 AM] Remy: I wish I was RL friends with Anderson Cooper

[24/12/2014, 3:30:40 AM] Remy: I would touch his hair

[24/12/2014, 3:30:56 AM] Remy: And see if it is really made out of steel or if he just dyes it that color

[24/12/2014, 3:31:11 AM] Dan Olson: It's gotta be steel. Or fine crystal.

[24/12/2014, 3:31:17 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Anyway, I'm trying to get his attention:

[24/12/2014, 3:31:22 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): signal boost if you wish

[24/12/2014, 3:31:24 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): :3

[24/12/2014, 3:32:31 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, Dan, I heard your article is trending for all of Medium right now

[24/12/2014, 3:32:35 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): let me check

[24/12/2014, 3:35:09 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Some big names are tweeting it. Don't worry too much about kicking it up to individual people.

[24/12/2014, 3:35:20 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Just be right enough, loud enough, and people will come out to document it.

[24/12/2014, 3:35:42 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Also i sincerely doubt Anderson Cooper knows or cares what 8chan is.

[24/12/2014, 3:35:54 AM] Ian Cheong: Yeah it's a tiny site.

[24/12/2014, 3:35:56 AM] Tesseract: yeah I never really put much faith in that plan

[24/12/2014, 3:36:01 AM] Ian Cheong: It's not reddit, the number one most popular website on the internet.

[24/12/2014, 3:36:10 AM] Alex Lifschitz: The people who run these beats stand a more realistic chance of kicking it up, and they'll notice it organically.

[24/12/2014, 3:36:31 AM] Tesseract: though it has vaguely the right idea in that we should be making high profile contacts when possible so we can distribute things like this

[24/12/2014, 3:36:41 AM] Ian Cheong: We don't have to 'collude' with anyone to get them to notice it.

[24/12/2014, 3:36:42 AM] Alex Lifschitz: I recommend against trying to get specific people involved, it can look a little tacky.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:01 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Everytime high profile contacts gets brought up Rob is not here.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:03 AM] drinternetphd: If you wanna tweet it at any celebrity tweet it at graham linehan with text that connects it to GG.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:16 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Rob, where are you?

[24/12/2014, 3:37:16 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Linehan tweeted about it already.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:16 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): lol

[24/12/2014, 3:37:21 AM] drinternetphd: Lol of course he has

[24/12/2014, 3:37:25 AM] drinternetphd: God that guy rules

[24/12/2014, 3:37:32 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Or, the storify that contains it.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:34 AM] Ian Cheong: Kluwe tweeted it too.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:41 AM] Alex Lifschitz: The storify about GG defending child pornography.

[24/12/2014, 3:37:53 AM] drinternetphd: Good.

[24/12/2014, 3:38:17 AM] Alex Lifschitz: I know he follows me and AMIB pretty closely, he tweeted it out right after I retweeted the author of the storify.

24/12/2014, 3:40:55 AM] Tesseract: "I cannot send exact URLs without actually looking through the pedophile boards for the content in question, which would be both illegal and psychologically scarring. Here are the URLs of the offending boards: [list]"

[24/12/2014, 3:41:16 AM] drinternetphd: Good [24/12/2014, 3:41:39 AM] Remy: That's close to the warning I gave when I told Patreon about ED's porn and DOX hosting


[24/12/2014, 3:42:03 AM] Dan Olson: They keep mentioning that one journalist who went to jail for admitting to downloading CP, and they can't even get the facts right.

[24/12/2014, 3:42:18 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): On 24/12/2014, at 3:42 AM, Dan Olson wrote: > can't even get the facts right. GamerGate

[24/12/2014, 3:42:59 AM] Tesseract: where's that medium article

[24/12/2014, 3:43:05 AM] Dan Olson: 1) he claimed "research" as a retroactive defence 2) he claimed he was researching for a *a fictional character he was going to play* not for journalism [24/12/2014, 3:43:42 AM] Alex Lifschitz: I had mentioned that these things often work circuitously.

Our intention may be: Patreon TOS -> 8chan defunded, woo hoo.

What it might turn into: Patreon TOS -> 8chan ban dodge + hissy fit -> Need to prove a point -> Dan's article -> Waaaaaay the fuck worse press for 8chan than we could have intended

[24/12/2014, 3:40:55 AM] Tesseract: "I cannot send exact URLs without actually looking through the pedophile boards for the content in question, which would be both illegal and psychologically scarring. Here are the URLs of the offending boards: [list]"

[24/12/2014, 3:41:16 AM] drinternetphd: Good

[24/12/2014, 3:41:39 AM] Remy: That's close to the warning I gave when I told Patreon about ED's porn and DOX hosting


[24/12/2014, 3:42:03 AM] Dan Olson: They keep mentioning that one journalist who went to jail for admitting to downloading CP, and they can't even get the facts right.

[24/12/2014, 3:42:18 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): On 24/12/2014, at 3:42 AM, Dan Olson wrote:

[24/12/2014, 3:42:59 AM] Tesseract: where's that medium article

[24/12/2014, 3:43:05 AM] Dan Olson: 1) he claimed "research" as a retroactive defence 2) he claimed he was researching for a *a fictional character he was going to play* not for journalism

[24/12/2014, 3:43:42 AM] Alex Lifschitz: I had mentioned that these things often work circuitously.

Our intention may be: Patreon TOS -> 8chan defunded, woo hoo.

What it might turn into: Patreon TOS -> 8chan ban dodge + hissy fit -> Need to prove a point -> Dan's article -> Waaaaaay the fuck worse press for 8chan than we could have intended

[24/12/2014, 3:44:04 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Perhaps agencies finally taking notice, who knows.

[24/12/2014, 3:44:16 AM] Alex Lifschitz: The point is to just be right.

[24/12/2014, 3:44:16 AM] Ian Cheong: With any luck.

[24/12/2014, 3:45:02 AM] Remy: yup

[24/12/2014, 3:45:03 AM] Alex Lifschitz: These things take all sorts of chaotic twists and turns. Just always be vigilant and stick to your compass.

[24/12/2014, 3:45:03 AM] Dan Olson: Maybe. The FBI already has a file on 8chan, the only thing missing is drive and funding. Some public heat can do a good job at creating incentive.

[24/12/2014, 3:45:34 AM] Remy: Seriously disappointed in the FBI's sluggishness in tackling this. After the press for the past two years has noted just how desperate cybercrime divisions are for a win in their corner

[24/12/2014, 3:45:51 AM] Remy: After the USU threats I was like "hey guys, abuse your PATRIOT act, this is your shot" and NOTHING

[24/12/2014, 3:45:51 AM] Athena Hollow: Ok. Heading to the store. If anything major happens, those who have my number text me. I expect it to not be more than what's goin on now tho

[24/12/2014, 3:46:12 AM] Remy: Dan has a good point

[24/12/2014, 3:46:29 AM] Remy: once 8chan earns itself the appropriate ire of the public at large, the FBI will feel motivated to do something about them

[24/12/2014, 3:46:35 AM] Remy: Although that is also Alex's good point

[24/12/2014, 3:46:40 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): It will be an easy win

[24/12/2014, 3:46:52 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): and good PR.

[24/12/2014, 3:46:54 AM] Ian Cheong: I wonder what the FBI is doing about those threats against Anita.

[24/12/2014, 3:47:03 AM] Ian Cheong: Surely that stuff has to stick.

[24/12/2014, 3:47:06 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): especially with a lot of stuff in the US going to shit

[24/12/2014, 3:50:09 AM] Rob: On 24/12/2014, at 3:37 AM, Izzy Galvez wrote: > Rob, where are you?

hi i'm here now

[24/12/2014, 3:50:10 AM] Rob: what's up

[24/12/2014, 3:50:41 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Rob, oh, just joking about you having high profile contacts

[24/12/2014, 3:50:58 AM] Rob: oh

[24/12/2014, 3:50:58 AM] Rob: :D

[24/12/2014, 3:51:11 AM] Rob: I mean, I don't really anymore.

[24/12/2014, 3:51:15 AM] Rob: Not any that could help with this

[24/12/2014, 3:51:57 AM] drinternetphd: Lmao my ex just got told by popehat

[24/12/2014, 3:52:01 AM] Tesseract: so should I just send this with dan's medium article and the dailydot article or is there anything else

[24/12/2014, 3:52:03 AM] Tesseract: also good

[24/12/2014, 3:52:15 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Tess, those 2 are great

[24/12/2014, 3:52:15 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Plumpete's storify.

[24/12/2014, 3:52:24 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh! Yeah, her storify

[24/12/2014, 3:52:32 AM] drinternetphd: Definitely

[24/12/2014, 3:52:33 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): she also has lots of evidence of CP in there

[24/12/2014, 3:52:33 AM] Ian Cheong: What did Popehat say to him?

[24/12/2014, 3:52:51 AM] Ian Cheong: This I have to see.

[24/12/2014, 3:52:56 AM] Tesseract: she's protected and I don't follow her

[24/12/2014, 3:53:01 AM] drinternetphd: Check his tl

[24/12/2014, 3:53:39 AM] Tesseract: nvm found it

[24/12/2014, 3:53:44 AM] Ian Cheong: hahahaha

[24/12/2014, 3:53:46 AM] Ian Cheong: oh wow

[24/12/2014, 3:53:56 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Harassment patrol on the case again!

[24/12/2014, 3:54:01 AM] Alex Lifschitz: What a joke

[24/12/2014, 3:54:09 AM] Tesseract: lol

[24/12/2014, 3:54:15 AM] drinternetphd: Wow

[24/12/2014, 3:54:29 AM] drinternetphd: clown car noises

[24/12/2014, 3:54:42 AM] Ian Cheong: benny hill music plays in the background

[24/12/2014, 3:54:56 AM] Remy: Well they've got the "harassment" part down right

[24/12/2014, 3:55:03 AM] drinternetphd: Sad slide whistles

[24/12/2014, 3:55:08 AM] Remy: Harassment PaTroll

[24/12/2014, 3:55:12 AM] drinternetphd: Horns.aiff

[24/12/2014, 3:55:13 AM] Rob: Yeah like when I get sent pictures of dead women and when some gater came in to defend it I told him to go drink the shit under his sink

[24/12/2014, 3:55:18 AM] Rob: So one of them capped it and was like


[24/12/2014, 3:56:39 AM] Tesseract: I cannot send exact URLs without actually looking through the pedophile boards for the content in question, which would be psychologically scarring and of questionable legality. Here are the URLs of the offending boards:


Evidence of incriminating content others have collected:

[24/12/2014, 3:56:42 AM] Tesseract: send that?

[24/12/2014, 3:57:49 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): APPROVED

[24/12/2014, 3:58:41 AM] Rob: agreed

[24/12/2014, 3:59:50 AM] Alex Lifschitz: ship it

[24/12/2014, 4:00:00 AM] Tesseract: sent

[24/12/2014, 4:04:24 AM] Remy: like

[24/12/2014, 4:18:33 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Quinnae to this conversation

[24/12/2014, 4:19:53 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Alex Lifschitz added Peter Coffin to this conversation

[24/12/2014, 4:20:08 AM] Quinnae: Danke, Mr. Lifschitz.

[24/12/2014, 4:20:34 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Y'know what's awesome? A serious Skype chat room where almost everyone is usually online and completely 2FA'd.

My producer gland is swelling right now. Such efficiency.

[24/12/2014, 4:20:45 AM] Remy: XD

[24/12/2014, 4:20:47 AM] Quinnae: laughs

[24/12/2014, 4:20:58 AM] drinternetphd: he produces our relationship too.

[24/12/2014, 4:21:08 AM] drinternetphd: it's pretty goddamned endearing

[24/12/2014, 4:21:36 AM] Quinnae: D'aww. Executive Producer: Alex Lifschitz.

[24/12/2014, 4:22:26 AM] Peter Coffin: ahoy

[24/12/2014, 4:25:35 AM] Ian Cheong: hehe

[24/12/2014, 4:26:01 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, look. Ralph's old web host finally got back to me, many days too late

[24/12/2014, 4:26:12 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): ----------

The website doesn't resolve to an OVH IP anymore.

$ dig A +short [REDACTED][REDACTED]/pft

[24/12/2014, 4:26:38 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Yes. I am aware your customer bounced to evade getting caught

[24/12/2014, 4:28:23 AM] Ian Cheong: Patreon sent me this yesterday about Roguestar being reinstated

[24/12/2014, 4:28:25 AM] Ian Cheong: Dear Ian,

Yes, thank you. We’re phasing in enforcement of the new Community Guidelines from now until the end of the month, when it officially goes into effect. No worries, we’re on it. This page is definitely in violation of our Community Guidelines and will face appropriate action. We appreciate you being proactive and looking out for the Patreon community.

Best, Patreon

[24/12/2014, 4:28:42 AM] Peter Coffin: yeah thanks for the fucking same excuse again

[24/12/2014, 4:30:04 AM] Rob: If they don't take down all that stuff

[24/12/2014, 4:30:11 AM] Rob: I'd be really tempted to make a patreon that was basically

[24/12/2014, 4:30:32 AM] Rob: "Hi, everyone, and welcome to UnseenPerfidy's Patreon Page that will List All the Awful Shit Patreon Does Until They Start Enforcing Their TOS"

[24/12/2014, 4:30:35 AM] Tesseract: "donate money to me and I'll draw explicit pictures of the patreon staff"

[24/12/2014, 4:30:59 AM] Peter Coffin: JACK CUNTY LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (I don't think this is actually funny)

[24/12/2014, 4:31:41 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): That's someone's name?

[24/12/2014, 4:31:54 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): That is always a little bit weird

[24/12/2014, 4:32:26 AM] Peter Coffin: Jack Conte

[24/12/2014, 4:32:31 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): OH

[24/12/2014, 4:32:33 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): lol

[24/12/2014, 4:32:36 AM] Tesseract: pff

[24/12/2014, 4:36:17 AM] Peter Coffin: he was aggressively trying to get ahold of me when I said "should we call it hatreon"

[24/12/2014, 4:36:17 AM] Peter Coffin: scared the fuck out of me

[24/12/2014, 4:36:17 AM] Peter Coffin: retrospectively I think it was to shut me up

[24/12/2014, 4:36:54 AM] Peter Coffin: but I wasn't really going that hard on it, that was a joke

[24/12/2014, 4:37:15 AM] drinternetphd: no way dude that guy is delicate

[24/12/2014, 4:37:31 AM] drinternetphd: he probably just wanted to talk

[24/12/2014, 4:37:48 AM] Peter Coffin: yeah well I didn't know anything about him and when people try to call me it scares me

[24/12/2014, 4:37:57 AM] drinternetphd: yeah

[24/12/2014, 4:38:31 AM] Peter Coffin: I watched his talk from xoxo the other day and was like "holy fuck me, why was I scared of this guy"

[24/12/2014, 4:38:51 AM] Peter Coffin: he seems super naïve though, that is what bothers me

[24/12/2014, 4:39:13 AM] Peter Coffin: I feel like if what we think is happening is happening it's because he believes the wrong side

[24/12/2014, 4:39:27 AM] Peter Coffin: probably because of the sheer amount of material produced

[24/12/2014, 4:39:40 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ok. Chloe Sagal is aware of the sockpuppet (the one who friended her, Bri and others)

[24/12/2014, 4:40:00 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): She said she will look into it and unfriend if she is concerned about anything leaking

[24/12/2014, 4:40:28 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Randi unfriended already. Bri still has the stock puppet as a friend, as well as Bri's husband

[24/12/2014, 4:40:37 AM] Ian Cheong: it blwos my mind that people wil keep that sockpuppet up as their friend for whatever reason

[24/12/2014, 4:40:48 AM] drinternetphd: link to sockpuppet?

[24/12/2014, 4:41:03 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx):

[24/12/2014, 4:41:07 AM] drinternetphd: ty

[24/12/2014, 4:41:10 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): np

[24/12/2014, 4:41:21 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): This is the one that leaked a bunch of info off Bri's FB last week

[24/12/2014, 4:41:29 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Thanks to Ian for catching it

[24/12/2014, 4:41:46 AM] drinternetphd: why do we think this is the acct responsible

[24/12/2014, 4:42:09 AM] Quinnae: Just so you know, that account tried to friend me too.

[24/12/2014, 4:42:17 AM] Quinnae: I didn't accept; had no idea who they were.

[24/12/2014, 4:42:20 AM] Ian Cheong: several reasons.

[24/12/2014, 4:43:01 AM] Ian Cheong: 1) the profile image is stolen from an image dump of cute girls 2) the name of the person using the account used to be "Jaime" (look at the messages saying happy birthday to her) 3) the account was inactive for several months and had a picture of a half nude girl whose face was obscured

[24/12/2014, 4:43:16 AM] Ian Cheong: also 4) that acct tried to friend me when all this gamergate stuff was going down

[24/12/2014, 4:43:24 AM] Ian Cheong: claims to be a game journalist

[24/12/2014, 4:43:26 AM] Ian Cheong: never even heard of her.

[24/12/2014, 4:44:13 AM] drinternetphd: ahhh

[24/12/2014, 4:44:17 AM] drinternetphd: yeah sounds legit then

[24/12/2014, 4:44:22 AM] Remy: shudders I'm glad they didn't trick you, Katherine

[24/12/2014, 4:44:47 AM] Quinnae: I've been quite careful about that on my social media stuff, especially Facebook.

[24/12/2014, 4:44:49 AM] Remy: so legit. Much ethics

[24/12/2014, 4:45:07 AM] Ian Cheong: also another thing, the username of the account appears to be Asian Indian in origin -- usually used by spammers to promote stuff on Facebook

[24/12/2014, 4:45:23 AM] Ian Cheong: so the GGer probably bought the account or stole it from someone.

[24/12/2014, 4:46:21 AM] Ian Cheong: ill eat my beanie if it turns out to be a real person, and no one likes the taste of wool.

[24/12/2014, 4:46:29 AM] Remy: lol

[24/12/2014, 4:46:39 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): You reminded me of that Bitcoin guy that made a bet to eat his hat

[24/12/2014, 4:46:41 AM] Remy: moths

[24/12/2014, 4:46:45 AM] Remy: moths like the taste of wool

[24/12/2014, 4:46:57 AM] Remy: You can punch me, Ian, I earned it

[24/12/2014, 4:47:00 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx):

[24/12/2014, 4:47:09 AM] Ian Cheong: I remember that.

[24/12/2014, 4:47:13 AM] Ian Cheong: it was all over reddit.

[24/12/2014, 4:47:16 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): yeah

[24/12/2014, 4:47:28 AM] Remy: I have to see this. click

[24/12/2014, 5:03:23 AM] Ian Cheong: @fartchives just got suspended apparently.

[24/12/2014, 5:03:52 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Nice

[24/12/2014, 5:04:21 AM] Tesseract: aaaaaaaaa holy shit they got back to me and actually banned him

[24/12/2014, 5:04:30 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Nice

[24/12/2014, 5:04:37 AM] Tesseract: fuck yeah twitter support worked for once

[24/12/2014, 5:04:52 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Now lets see if he's already on an alt

[24/12/2014, 5:05:01 AM] Tesseract: they even suspended fartfour too

[24/12/2014, 5:05:20 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Haha:

[24/12/2014, 5:05:51 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx):

[24/12/2014, 5:05:52 AM] Ian Cheong: they nuked fivefart as well

[24/12/2014, 5:06:30 AM] Quinnae: I wonder if he'll switch over to a Windows-based numbering system. FartME, FartXP, FartVista, etc.

[24/12/2014, 5:06:39 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Hehehe. It's fun taking credit and watching GG get mad

[24/12/2014, 5:06:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): LOL

[24/12/2014, 5:07:03 AM] Remy: XD

[24/12/2014, 5:07:05 AM] Tesseract: yeah what happened was this

[24/12/2014, 5:07:08 AM] Quinnae: Also, Kirby, thank you for tanking this, as always.

[24/12/2014, 5:07:13 AM] Remy: Remy offers Katherine a high-five

[24/12/2014, 5:07:20 AM] Tesseract: and then I sent them an email back listing his alts and they suspended fartchives and fartfour

[24/12/2014, 5:07:30 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Katherine, you're welcome.

[24/12/2014, 5:07:45 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I'd rather they go after me than their usual targets

[24/12/2014, 5:08:03 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Tess, we should stage some infighting, where we fight over who got him suspended

[24/12/2014, 5:08:11 AM] Tesseract: haha

[24/12/2014, 5:08:24 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): GG's mind's would explode

[24/12/2014, 5:08:49 AM] Remy: lol

[24/12/2014, 5:09:29 AM] Remy: Don't let me rain on your parade but technically tricking GG into infighting is like teaching a dog how to poop

[24/12/2014, 5:09:39 AM] Remy: I mean the only way you can make this impressive is with precision

[24/12/2014, 5:11:16 AM] SF: I actually consider this good news to wake up to. Their dox attempts are total faceplants when they're trying their damnedest, and the people who now mentally associate GG with 8chan with CP is in the literal millions.

[24/12/2014, 5:11:49 AM] Rob: Mhm.

[24/12/2014, 5:11:51 AM] Ian Cheong: Yeah, Dan scored a win against GG

[24/12/2014, 5:11:57 AM] Ian Cheong: God bless him.

[24/12/2014, 5:12:00 AM] Remy: GG = CP

[24/12/2014, 5:12:06 AM] SF: Honestly, I feel like this was possibly more significant than if we got 8chan defunded for real. They no longer have the security of their obscurity.

[24/12/2014, 5:12:11 AM] Rob: Now we just gotta do everything we can to protect him if shit hits the fan.

[24/12/2014, 5:12:30 AM] Remy: All you really need to do now is find the applicable Vivian James Rule 34 to really crystalize that public face

[24/12/2014, 5:12:44 AM] SF: Dan if you'd like a little Christmas present please let me know. You put yourself through a lot of risk and mental trauma just now to bring a little justice into the world.

[24/12/2014, 5:12:57 AM] Remy: And that is a hunt I am not sure I'm willing to do so I guess you folks can draw straws

[24/12/2014, 5:13:09 AM] SF: Actually that goes for all of you. I'm new to this industry and the fact you're working this hard to better it means the world to me.

[24/12/2014, 5:13:18 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): <3

[24/12/2014, 5:13:20 AM] Quinnae: curtsies

[24/12/2014, 5:13:49 AM] Quinnae: And yes, Dan did great work there. I'm quite grateful to him.

[24/12/2014, 5:14:04 AM] Remy: And I'm basically just a cheerleader here for all the good I bring so let me also thank all of you for doing this awesome hard work to help keep everyone safe and informed and aware <3

[24/12/2014, 5:14:42 AM] Quinnae: I'm hoping that mainstream press picks up on this as well. This needs to be out there; this is exactly the kind of toxicity and ends-justify-the-means vileness I've been banging on about for years.

[24/12/2014, 5:14:51 AM] drinternetphd: yeah.

[24/12/2014, 5:15:15 AM] drinternetphd: gosh katherine I would love it if you'd be down to read a draft of my book when it's ready

[24/12/2014, 5:15:17 AM] Quinnae: The belief that the internet is an unreal place, combined with the worst dynamics of leaderless movements, was bound to make this happen.

[24/12/2014, 5:15:25 AM] drinternetphd: because you basically just said my thesis statement

[24/12/2014, 5:15:26 AM] SF: Zoe & Alex I'm going to try to budget for subscriptions on whatever service you end up on.

[24/12/2014, 5:15:35 AM] Ian Cheong: Should I e-mail the writer I know at WaPo about this? She usually covers internet stuff.

[24/12/2014, 5:15:35 AM] Quinnae: curtsies I'd be happy to. And happy to furnish you with my own papers as well, to help buttress your argument.

[24/12/2014, 5:15:42 AM] Rob: Ian: Yes.

[24/12/2014, 5:15:43 AM] drinternetphd: that would be glorious

[24/12/2014, 5:15:43 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: hypothetically what would happen if you lost your phone in terms of logging in to 2fa stuff

[24/12/2014, 5:15:48 AM] Ian Cheong: alright

[24/12/2014, 5:15:50 AM] Rob: Worst she can do is say 'not interested'

[24/12/2014, 5:15:52 AM] drinternetphd: sarah: password resets out the butt

[24/12/2014, 5:15:53 AM] Ian Cheong: help me pen an email

[24/12/2014, 5:15:56 AM] Ian Cheong: im super tired

[24/12/2014, 5:16:15 AM] Ian Cheong: Hi Caitlyn, (insert rest of email here)

[24/12/2014, 5:16:21 AM] SF: Ideally 2fa is supposed to work such that losing one item means you go into damage control immediately.

[24/12/2014, 5:16:30 AM] Rob: Is she the one you talked to about gamer gate?

[24/12/2014, 5:16:33 AM] Ian Cheong: Yes.

[24/12/2014, 5:16:35 AM] SF: So if they get your authenticator but not your password they're still stuck, and vice versa.

[24/12/2014, 5:16:40 AM] Ian Cheong: She's written a ton of anti-GamerGate stuff.

[24/12/2014, 5:16:47 AM] SF: Which is why you shouldn't have both of them on the same device.

[24/12/2014, 5:17:00 AM] Rob: Maybe something like

[24/12/2014, 5:17:03 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: On 24/12/2014, at 5:11 AM, 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 wrote:

> I actually consider this good news to wake up to. Their dox attempts are total faceplants when they're trying their damnedest, and the people who now mentally associate GG with 8chan with CP is in the literal millions.

who did they try to dox i havent been on

[24/12/2014, 5:17:11 AM] SF: Dan and Grace.

[24/12/2014, 5:17:24 AM] SF: I haven't looked at Twitter myself yet, just finished Skype logs.

[24/12/2014, 5:17:31 AM] Quinnae: In addition to everything, by the way, Ian, you should mention that the other hub, Kotaku in Action, has gone all in defending 8chan, deflating any argument that this is not a collective action on GG's part to protect the site and tacitly endorse its content.

[24/12/2014, 5:17:36 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): With Dan, they got the wrong Dan. With Grace, they could only find her social media accounts, surprisingly

[24/12/2014, 5:17:58 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: hopefully they didn't get anything on dan or grace?

[24/12/2014, 5:18:03 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: has this hit proper news sites yet?

[24/12/2014, 5:18:06 AM] SF: Yeah KiA liked to pretend it was always arm's length until now.

[24/12/2014, 5:18:09 AM] Quinnae: And folks, I may be interested in writing something about this for Feministing as part of a larger article about the abuse of free speech rhetoric (it was going to be about the shameful displays around The Interview) thoughts?

[24/12/2014, 5:18:17 AM] Rob: "There's been a new development in the GamerGate story that may interest you and your readers. 8-chan, which is a nexus of GamerGate activity, also hosts child pornography with the direct knowledge of its founder [WHATEVER HIS NAME IS] Brennan. My friend Dan Olson documented all of this at [INSERT LINK]. "

[24/12/2014, 5:18:17 AM] drinternetphd: yessss

[24/12/2014, 5:18:21 AM] Rob: I dunno, I'm a bit out of it myself

[24/12/2014, 5:18:29 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: anyone know if they managed to dig shit up on me in the last 8 or so hours?

[24/12/2014, 5:18:40 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Sarah, not that I'm aware

[24/12/2014, 5:18:41 AM] drinternetphd: I am kind of biased tho katherine you are kinda majorly my fave feminist writer

[24/12/2014, 5:18:44 AM] SF: No proper news sites (remember this is hours old) but Linehan and Kluwe both talked about it directly.

[24/12/2014, 5:18:47 AM] drinternetphd: sarah no you are off radar on that front

[24/12/2014, 5:19:04 AM] Ian Cheong: Alright, let me se what I can write up

[24/12/2014, 5:19:09 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: thank you for keeping an eye out, i appreciate it tons zoe

[24/12/2014, 5:19:11 AM] SF: One of my followers made a good point that they didn't really care about you right now, Sarah. They wanted someone to make an example out of.

[24/12/2014, 5:19:24 AM] SF: Which is probably why they started looking at Ian when they got discouraged.

[24/12/2014, 5:19:38 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: discouraged how?

[24/12/2014, 5:19:45 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: and ian, thank you again

[24/12/2014, 5:20:19 AM] Remy: I'm frankly surprised they've been so dogged in their pursuit of what has proven over time to be an entirely anonymous account.

[24/12/2014, 5:20:29 AM] Quinnae: Heh, blushes at Zoe Cheers.

[24/12/2014, 5:20:31 AM] SF: Because they weren't finding much. That's speculation on my part though.

[24/12/2014, 5:20:42 AM] Ian Cheong: No problem

[24/12/2014, 5:21:02 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I'm surprised they haven't gone after me. Though, I'm like Randi, in the sense that my info is already out there

[24/12/2014, 5:21:16 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: they've come close to finding out who i am on 8chan before

[24/12/2014, 5:21:29 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: also, double checking, everyone is okay with dina being added right?

[24/12/2014, 5:21:30 AM] SF: I'm a little worried that I look anonymous when I'm not so they'll dox me and feel excited that they did it.

[24/12/2014, 5:21:40 AM] SF: I'll defer, don't know them.

[24/12/2014, 5:21:44 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Which dina?

[24/12/2014, 5:21:54 AM] Tesseract: is she the one who was the target of that mighty no. 9 proto-gg bullshit

[24/12/2014, 5:22:00 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: yeah

[24/12/2014, 5:22:03 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: that dina

[24/12/2014, 5:22:09 AM] SF: Oh wow we'll really have a feminist illuminati.

[24/12/2014, 5:22:16 AM] SF: Next we're going to have Jade.

[24/12/2014, 5:22:27 AM] Alex Lifschitz: BTW, guys, as usual, please add notable instances of CP apologia from GG to the Trello card currently going for this incident

[24/12/2014, 5:22:39 AM] Alex Lifschitz: I'd toss a few I've seen today up there but I'm getting ready for a plane

[24/12/2014, 5:22:44 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: she's been super sweet & supportive and awesome to me, but i wanted to know if anyone had any objections

[24/12/2014, 5:22:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, I remember that day. Lots of complaints sent to Amazon regarding that game

[24/12/2014, 5:22:49 AM] Ian Cheong: keeping it nice and short.

[24/12/2014, 5:22:50 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): from GGers

[24/12/2014, 5:22:52 AM] Ian Cheong: Hi Caitlin,

There's been a new development in the GamerGate story that may interest you and your readers. 8chan, which is a nexus of GamerGate activity, also hosts child pornography with the direct knowledge of its founder Fredrick Brennan. My friend Dan Olson documented all of this at Medium ( ) .

[24/12/2014, 5:22:52 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Dina is awesome bring her in

[24/12/2014, 5:22:54 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: alex most of what ive seen is just their usual lies/deflection not direct defense

[24/12/2014, 5:22:57 AM] Remy: I don't think I have the link to the Trello card

[24/12/2014, 5:23:08 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): What's your email address? I'll add you

[24/12/2014, 5:23:17 AM] Rob: That looks good, Ian.

[24/12/2014, 5:23:22 AM] Rob: I don't know what trello is, lol

[24/12/2014, 5:23:28 AM] Ian Cheong: subject is: News tip: GamerGate nexus 8chan hosts child pornography

[24/12/2014, 5:23:29 AM] Remy: Oh hell

[24/12/2014, 5:23:31 AM] drinternetphd: 420 always invite dina forever

[24/12/2014, 5:23:36 AM] Ian Cheong: dina is great

[24/12/2014, 5:23:36 AM] Remy: Ian can I borrow the general form of your e-mail?

[24/12/2014, 5:23:36 AM] Rob: Dina is the best.

[24/12/2014, 5:23:39 AM] Quinnae: I think that's good, Ian.

[24/12/2014, 5:23:39 AM] Alex Lifschitz:

[24/12/2014, 5:23:41 AM] nicholas.boterf: I support Dina as well.

[24/12/2014, 5:23:43 AM] Ian Cheong: sure stephen

[24/12/2014, 5:23:44 AM] Remy: I have a few journalists friends that may be interested in this

[24/12/2014, 5:23:45 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): +1

[24/12/2014, 5:23:49 AM] Rob: But she's visiting her family so I have no idea if she's around.

[24/12/2014, 5:23:50 AM] Tesseract: so this chat is largely in support off dina

[24/12/2014, 5:23:51 AM] drinternetphd: just make sure she's 2FA first

[24/12/2014, 5:23:51 AM] Tesseract: add dina

[24/12/2014, 5:24:00 AM] Tesseract: oh yeah just add her to social first because this is not social

[24/12/2014, 5:24:04 AM] drinternetphd: mhm

[24/12/2014, 5:24:27 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: how do you report something globally vs to the mods on reddit

[24/12/2014, 5:24:41 AM] Ian Cheong: I forget

[24/12/2014, 5:24:44 AM] Ian Cheong: Let me check

[24/12/2014, 5:24:51 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx):

[24/12/2014, 5:24:55 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): message the admins <--

[24/12/2014, 5:24:57 AM] Ian Cheong:

[24/12/2014, 5:24:57 AM] Ian Cheong: yeahg

[24/12/2014, 5:28:07 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts:

[24/12/2014, 5:28:33 AM] Remy: Wow he must be really flexible to be able to stretch like that

[24/12/2014, 5:29:01 AM] Tesseract: "The past few nights, I’ve actually been getting a lot of sleep, which is good. There’s only one downside: I miss out on the overnight happenings."

[24/12/2014, 5:29:09 AM] Tesseract: w-was he staying up overnight

[24/12/2014, 5:29:12 AM] Tesseract: to talk about gamergate

[24/12/2014, 5:29:52 AM] drinternetphd: lol

[24/12/2014, 5:30:06 AM] drinternetphd: his mom must've grounded him for that

[24/12/2014, 5:30:20 AM] Remy: His first quote is of Brennan

[24/12/2014, 5:30:30 AM] Remy: Going "I only allow loli because another website does"

[24/12/2014, 5:30:35 AM] Remy: "I have to compete"

[24/12/2014, 5:30:44 AM] Quinnae: facepalms

[24/12/2014, 5:30:47 AM] Remy: I think I need to literally inject a desk into my face

[24/12/2014, 5:31:02 AM] Quinnae: Hah, Stephen

[24/12/2014, 5:31:04 AM] drinternetphd: ah yes compete for your nonexistent creepbux

[24/12/2014, 5:31:18 AM] drinternetphd: motherfucker acting like the number of shirts and cumrags he owns are the same goddamned number

[24/12/2014, 5:31:42 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Also, there's that one GG propaganda piece that compares 8chan to 4chan. One of items on the list is how 8chan allows delicious cake" while 4 chan does not

[24/12/2014, 5:31:44 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: for the trello, not sure if this qualifies

[24/12/2014, 5:31:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): that is a code word for CP

[24/12/2014, 5:32:32 AM] Remy: Way to ruin cake

[24/12/2014, 5:32:35 AM] Ian Cheong: captain picard, delicious cake, etc.

[24/12/2014, 5:32:39 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: the thing is, 4chan used to have boards for this like 8 years ago. the loli, not the underage girls. he removed it for both PR reasons and no payment processor will touch you if you encourage that stuff

[24/12/2014, 5:35:47 AM] SF: Yeah which is why the argument that 4chan had the same thing is a red herring.

[24/12/2014, 5:36:58 AM] SF: Would this qualify as notable or GG defending CP?

[24/12/2014, 5:37:36 AM] Tesseract: yeah probably

[24/12/2014, 5:37:38 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): SF, yeah

[24/12/2014, 5:40:15 AM] Ian Cheong: hey Zoe, someone's gone and written a dissection of your affidavit.

[24/12/2014, 5:40:17 AM] Ian Cheong:

[24/12/2014, 5:40:27 AM] Ian Cheong: by someone I mean a GGer

[24/12/2014, 5:40:30 AM] Ian Cheong: it was just posted to KIA

[24/12/2014, 5:41:32 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): On 24/12/2014, at 5:40 AM, Izzy Galvez wrote:

> FYI, Zoe, this user (formerly TFYCulturalMarxists) is using your face as their avatar:

[24/12/2014, 5:41:41 AM] drinternetphd: uh

[24/12/2014, 5:41:45 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): (posted this in the front chat by accident, moved it here)

[24/12/2014, 5:42:07 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): They are an anti-GGer that has been on our radars because they have a history of taking things way too far

[24/12/2014, 5:42:49 AM] SF: I think they're in Grace's circle.

[24/12/2014, 5:43:02 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Yes

[24/12/2014, 5:43:04 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): they are

[24/12/2014, 5:43:06 AM] drinternetphd: oh lovely so this affadavit thing is just a pile of fucking lies

[24/12/2014, 5:43:26 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): like all things GG

[24/12/2014, 5:43:28 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): :/

[24/12/2014, 5:43:45 AM] drinternetphd: "let's just blip over the physical violence"

[24/12/2014, 5:43:52 AM] Ian Cheong: because of course. what a bunch of fucking assholes.

[24/12/2014, 5:43:54 AM] Tesseract: can we get this pulled from medium

[24/12/2014, 5:43:58 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): probably

[24/12/2014, 5:44:07 AM] drinternetphd: syeah how do we report this

[24/12/2014, 5:44:07 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): they took down Fart's post on Bri right away

[24/12/2014, 5:44:17 AM] Ian Cheong: this is doxxing isnt it

[24/12/2014, 5:44:25 AM] Ian Cheong: those court records are sealed.

[24/12/2014, 5:44:55 AM] SF: Not sure if this is new, Juice retweeted it.

[24/12/2014, 5:45:16 AM] drinternetphd: no

[24/12/2014, 5:46:39 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, the REPORT function is hidden in the bottom of the post. Click the down arrow in the cirlce (right side)

[24/12/2014, 5:46:52 AM] Ian Cheong: What did you write in your report?

[24/12/2014, 5:47:04 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Wait. It just marked it as spam without any confirmation

[24/12/2014, 5:47:05 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): what

[24/12/2014, 5:47:08 AM] drinternetphd: yeah

[24/12/2014, 5:47:38 AM] Ian Cheong: Story “Understanding the Zoe Affidavit” successfully reported as spam.

[24/12/2014, 5:47:49 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): If your Q isn’t A’d on this page, visit our Help Center,

or contact us at

[24/12/2014, 5:47:55 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): send email there I guess

[24/12/2014, 5:48:03 AM] drinternetphd: shit I have to get on a plane

[24/12/2014, 5:48:11 AM] Ian Cheong: Have a safe trip

[24/12/2014, 5:48:21 AM] Ian Cheong: What to write in the email to them?

[24/12/2014, 5:48:25 AM] Ian Cheong: im having a brain drain right now

[24/12/2014, 5:48:42 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): explain how its related to GamerGate and is targetted harassment to Zoe

[24/12/2014, 5:48:59 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): and being spread by their memebers KiA

[24/12/2014, 5:49:08 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): to encourage further harassment

[24/12/2014, 5:51:36 AM] drinternetphd: can't get any fucking peace even on the shit about him being fucking violent with me

[24/12/2014, 5:52:07 AM] drinternetphd: it literally is "he created a mob to ruin her life and later call her an abuser and she hasn't gone after him and just kinda tried to get him out of her life so clearly she's an abuser"

[24/12/2014, 5:53:04 AM] drinternetphd: I can give you the restraining order if you need it

[24/12/2014, 5:53:11 AM] drinternetphd: to show that I have a court order against this creep

[24/12/2014, 5:53:19 AM] Ian Cheong: Sure

[24/12/2014, 5:53:26 AM] Ian Cheong: i can attach it to the email

[24/12/2014, 5:53:27 AM] Tesseract: mention how gamergate articles have been removed before

[24/12/2014, 5:53:30 AM] Tesseract: or one article I guess

[24/12/2014, 5:53:32 AM] Ian Cheong: can you mail it to me?

[24/12/2014, 5:55:32 AM] drinternetphd:

[24/12/2014, 5:55:44 AM] Ian Cheong: Great, thanks.

[24/12/2014, 5:55:54 AM] drinternetphd: np. at least the shitbag made it public so I can google for it :/

[24/12/2014, 5:56:03 AM] Ian Cheong: jesus

[24/12/2014, 5:56:24 AM] drinternetphd: I hate every fucking "sjw" type who condemns me for abuse just because he fucking spoke first

[24/12/2014, 5:56:28 AM] drinternetphd: ignoring the ENTIRE last 4 months

[24/12/2014, 5:56:34 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx):

[24/12/2014, 5:56:43 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Had to remind them :3

[24/12/2014, 5:57:01 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): also, reported the post as off topic

[24/12/2014, 5:57:30 AM] Peter Coffin: There are people saying you abused? Like where?

[24/12/2014, 5:57:33 AM] Remy: lol is "AyChihuahua" also an intentional multilingual pun on being an internet handle? As in... iChihuahua? Get it?

[24/12/2014, 5:57:42 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Yes. Because I am Mexican

[24/12/2014, 5:57:51 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): and I used to have a Chi

[24/12/2014, 5:57:58 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): :)

[24/12/2014, 5:58:04 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): ---------- We got your message!

Someone from our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

We handle emails M-F from 10-5 PST.

To add additional comments or feedback, just reply to this email.

Your friendly neighborhood support team, Medium Support

[24/12/2014, 5:58:19 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): ok, they should reply later today or tomorrow hopefully.

[24/12/2014, 5:59:37 AM] Peter Coffin: So like... wait, hold on. Are people - sjw people - who didn't pay attention to gamergate getting wind of this situation through him?

[24/12/2014, 5:59:39 AM] Remy: oh god their website is atrocious to navigate what is medium's contact e-mail?

[24/12/2014, 5:59:55 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): On 24/12/2014, at 5:47 AM, Izzy Galvez wrote:


[24/12/2014, 5:59:56 AM] Remy: mvmd I found Izzy's post

[24/12/2014, 5:59:59 AM] Ian Cheong:

[24/12/2014, 6:01:25 AM] SF: There are still lots of "SJWs" by the old definition.

[24/12/2014, 6:01:47 AM] SF: People whose prime directive is leading a personality cult (much like Rogue) and just happened to latch on to the left rather than the right.

[24/12/2014, 6:02:00 AM] SF: Enemies make for good outrage.

[24/12/2014, 6:02:16 AM] Ian Cheong: There are SJWs on Tumblr who apparently feel sorry for Eron Gjoni and think he was the victim of abuse, because they buy his lies wholesale instead of seeing right through them like most people tend to -- the dude is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath.

[24/12/2014, 6:02:19 AM] Remy: Ugh, what was that one guy's name

[24/12/2014, 6:02:22 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Randi is posting the Facebook profile of someone throwing shade at her and telling people to contact her parents.

[24/12/2014, 6:02:26 AM] Remy: I think it started with a C

[24/12/2014, 6:02:27 AM] Remy: Clymer

[24/12/2014, 6:02:37 AM] Ian Cheong: Charles Clymer

[24/12/2014, 6:02:41 AM] Remy: Yup.

[24/12/2014, 6:02:44 AM] Remy: There's an OG SJW

[24/12/2014, 6:02:49 AM] SF: Wait she's doing that publicly?

[24/12/2014, 6:02:49 AM] Alex Lifschitz: I've gotta jump on a plane but for the record I am seriously not cool with this at all and could people please see if they can get her to stop

[24/12/2014, 6:03:01 AM] SF: Yeah I'll say something right away.

[24/12/2014, 6:03:06 AM] Alex Lifschitz: FFS

[24/12/2014, 6:03:26 AM] Alex Lifschitz: Later

[24/12/2014, 6:03:32 AM] Alex Lifschitz: gotta fly fast

[24/12/2014, 6:03:45 AM] Ian Cheong: Later Alex

[24/12/2014, 6:03:49 AM] Ian Cheong: have a good trip

[24/12/2014, 6:03:53 AM] Ian Cheong: go watch a shitty movie on the plane or something

[24/12/2014, 6:03:57 AM] Peter Coffin: be safe zoe and Alex

[24/12/2014, 6:08:16 AM] SF: I replied to Randi's initial question and tried to make it not too easily quotable.

[24/12/2014, 6:08:28 AM] Ian Cheong: im going to bed

[24/12/2014, 6:08:30 AM] Ian Cheong: good night folks.

[24/12/2014, 6:08:35 AM] Athena Hollow: Night ian.

[24/12/2014, 6:08:38 AM] Ian Cheong: try to keep the fires out.

[24/12/2014, 6:08:38 AM] drinternetphd: who wants to sigh super hard

[24/12/2014, 6:08:42 AM] Rob: Later, Ian.

[24/12/2014, 6:08:44 AM] Rob: What's up, zoe?

[24/12/2014, 6:08:47 AM] drinternetphd: talking with anita

[24/12/2014, 6:08:53 AM] drinternetphd: asked her if it gets any easier

[24/12/2014, 6:09:03 AM] Ian Cheong: it doesn't, does it? :(

[24/12/2014, 6:09:03 AM] drinternetphd: and I think I stumped her.

[24/12/2014, 6:09:07 AM] Athena Hollow: :-/

[24/12/2014, 6:09:11 AM] SF: :|

[24/12/2014, 6:09:19 AM] Rob: :C I'm sorry

[24/12/2014, 6:09:28 AM] Quinnae: I've had that conversation with her as well.

[24/12/2014, 6:09:59 AM] Ian Cheong: I've been dealing with bullshit from the RPG Codex (where that nazi stuff comes from) for 15 years.

[24/12/2014, 6:10:05 AM] Ian Cheong: so... yeah

[24/12/2014, 6:10:23 AM] Rob: UGH.

[24/12/2014, 6:10:24 AM] Rob: RPG CODEX.

[24/12/2014, 6:10:31 AM] Ian Cheong: I cofounded that website.

[24/12/2014, 6:10:42 AM] Remy: so how stupid am I going to look if I ask what RPG codex is

[24/12/2014, 6:10:49 AM] Rob: God, even a few years ago when I was far more dickish, unethical, and dudebroish, I knew those guys were scum.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:04 AM] Remy: weird.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:13 AM] Rob: Yep.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:15 AM] Remy: This must have been happening during my Gaiaonline phase

[24/12/2014, 6:12:21 AM] Ian Cheong: GamerGate is just their latest rodeo.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:22 AM] Athena Hollow: Were those dudebros involved with this latest tabletop fiasco?

[24/12/2014, 6:12:34 AM] Ian Cheong: Probably, Athena.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:36 AM] Rob: I remember when they flooded RPG Watch.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:42 AM] Athena Hollow: ZakS & Pundit?

[24/12/2014, 6:12:48 AM] Ian Cheong: Many of them are responsible for joining and promoting GG.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:53 AM] Rob: Not surprising.

[24/12/2014, 6:12:57 AM] Athena Hollow: those are the two names I remember. (mostly because I know Zak through his girlfriend that he uses as a shield)

[24/12/2014, 6:12:59 AM] Rob: I checked out their forums af ew times and it was really bad

[24/12/2014, 6:13:21 AM] Tesseract: kill all gamers

[24/12/2014, 6:17:50 AM] Ian Cheong: inside.90469/

[24/12/2014, 6:18:02 AM] Ian Cheong: 835-page thread whining about SJWs in the games press.

[24/12/2014, 6:18:09 AM] Ian Cheong: first post? a whine about Cara Ellison

[24/12/2014, 6:18:11 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): ...

[24/12/2014, 6:18:21 AM] Ian Cheong: they hate Cara

[24/12/2014, 6:18:48 AM] Ian Cheong: These classy motherfuckers have a dumping ground forum called Retardoland

[24/12/2014, 6:22:40 AM] Athena Hollow: ugh.

"So now we know for a fact that SJW's are pedophiles and hate disabled people."

Not your fucking shield indeed, fuckstains.

[24/12/2014, 6:23:14 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): OH! I saw them also saying that we hate cats now too

[24/12/2014, 6:23:25 AM] Ian Cheong: comic one of them drew in the 2nd page:

[24/12/2014, 6:24:39 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): ...

[24/12/2014, 6:25:05 AM] Tesseract: can I steal that

[24/12/2014, 6:25:05 AM] Athena Hollow: Yeah because thats why women say "Yes I'm a girl and play games"... to brag. NOT because we get told we're lying and are fucking sick of the bullshit gatekeeping. NOPE.

[24/12/2014, 6:30:27 AM] Ian Cheong: go ahead tesseract

[24/12/2014, 6:30:47 AM] Ian Cheong: ok sleep time

[24/12/2014, 6:30:56 AM] Quinnae: See ya, Ian.

[24/12/2014, 6:31:01 AM] Ian Cheong: Cya!

[24/12/2014, 6:31:10 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts:

someone get that ron paul picture

[24/12/2014, 6:31:44 AM] Tesseract:

[24/12/2014, 6:32:08 AM] Quinnae: That never fails to make me laugh. Even when it was used against me once. :P

[24/12/2014, 6:32:23 AM] Quinnae: And hm, yes, I think I'll add my voice to the chorus with Feministing then.

[24/12/2014, 6:32:24 AM] SF: Oh snap.

[24/12/2014, 6:34:50 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): SJW COLLUSION

[24/12/2014, 6:39:50 AM] Remy: Remy can now participate in this chat

[24/12/2014, 7:20:30 AM] Remy: Hey Ian are you seeing Slade's tweets right now?

[24/12/2014, 7:20:41 AM] Athena Hollow: I think he finally went to bed.

[24/12/2014, 7:20:47 AM] Remy: Oh yeah

[24/12/2014, 7:20:52 AM] Remy: Well update for anyone else

[24/12/2014, 7:24:20 AM] Athena Hollow: They are seriously fucking dumb.

[24/12/2014, 7:24:40 AM] Athena Hollow: They don't realize that if they constantly push this, all the fbi is going to do is take down 8chan, the fucking morons.

[24/12/2014, 7:24:59 AM] Athena Hollow: and because GG is attached to that site, they'll have some nasty fucking ramifications too

[24/12/2014, 7:25:14 AM] Remy: Well, let's really analyze how they think the legal system works

[24/12/2014, 7:26:01 AM] Remy: I mean... obviously to respond the FBI would have to read the article and realize, "oh, hey, they're trying to discuss a different website hosting CP"

[24/12/2014, 7:26:36 AM] Athena Hollow: haha yeah, reading isn't something GG does. Their "trust but verify" motto is completely and always hollow.

[24/12/2014, 7:26:40 AM] Remy: Best case scenario, they put 8chan on a watch list and get a lot of condescending letters about how their tip-off was misdirected, but still assisted in an investigation

[24/12/2014, 7:27:09 AM] Remy: Worst case is Shady Villain ticks off the right agent and learns a harsh lesson in filing false reports

[24/12/2014, 7:27:31 AM] Remy: That best/worst case is from their perspective, not mine

[24/12/2014, 7:27:42 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I want to find the consequences of false reporting to the FBI. Does it depend on state and fall under the normal 'false police reports' laws?

[24/12/2014, 7:28:29 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): In California, you can get sentenced up to 6 months in jail

[24/12/2014, 7:28:41 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): when I checked the other day

[24/12/2014, 7:29:56 AM] Athena Hollow: Oh damn, that's a long time for false police reports.

[24/12/2014, 7:31:49 AM] Rob:

[24/12/2014, 7:33:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): so, generally up to 5 years!?

[24/12/2014, 7:34:02 AM] Rob: yea

[24/12/2014, 7:34:38 AM] Dan Olson: Ah, dang, blowback has been hitting TGWTG and people are piiiiiiiissssed

[24/12/2014, 7:39:55 AM] SF: TGWTG?

[24/12/2014, 7:39:58 AM] drinternetphd: God damn my head hurts

[24/12/2014, 7:40:05 AM] Rob: that guy with the glasses, I think

[24/12/2014, 7:40:08 AM] Rob: Sorry, zoe :C

[24/12/2014, 7:40:47 AM] drinternetphd: Sarkeesian effect dudes tracked down total psycho I worked with when I was like 19. Eron is spinning up more horseshit. This is the new normal

[24/12/2014, 7:41:20 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): :/

[24/12/2014, 7:41:23 AM] Rob: Ugh. Jesus.

[24/12/2014, 8:28:45 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts added Charloppe to this conversation

[24/12/2014, 8:29:08 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: charlotte's here, she enabled 2fa

[24/12/2014, 8:29:25 AM] Charloppe: cause im cool like that

[24/12/2014, 8:30:01 AM] Remy: <3

[24/12/2014, 8:33:49 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Hi

[24/12/2014, 8:34:24 AM] Charloppe: KIRBY!

[24/12/2014, 8:34:38 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): I should make my avatar in Skype Kirby

[24/12/2014, 8:34:59 AM] Charloppe: pls we need to imortalize that pink puff :3

[24/12/2014, 8:36:04 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: daw kirbies

[24/12/2014, 8:36:15 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: how can GG hate izzy, kirby's adorable

[24/12/2014, 8:37:24 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ok. Fixed.

[24/12/2014, 8:37:38 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): The transparent background messed it up, so I had to set it to white

[24/12/2014, 8:38:02 AM] Charloppe: need to be friends to see it :3

[24/12/2014, 8:38:09 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ah

[24/12/2014, 8:38:12 AM] Charloppe: SHOW ME YOUR TRUE FORM IZZY

[24/12/2014, 8:38:15 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): lol

[24/12/2014, 8:38:46 AM] Charloppe: does kirby dance

[24/12/2014, 8:38:54 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): <(^_^)>

[24/12/2014, 8:39:00 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): <(^_^<)

[24/12/2014, 8:39:06 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): (>^_^)>

[24/12/2014, 8:40:16 AM] Charloppe: launches izzy from cannon and gets 1up

[24/12/2014, 8:40:56 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Ha

[24/12/2014, 8:49:43 AM] Peter Coffin: Hey guys, did we have any developments

[24/12/2014, 8:50:25 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): On 24/12/2014, at 7:40 AM, Zoe Quinn wrote: > Sarkeesian effect dudes tracked down total psycho I worked with when I was like 19. Eron is spinning up more horseshit. This is the new normal

[24/12/2014, 8:50:42 AM] Peter Coffin: Ugh

[24/12/2014, 8:50:51 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Also, a GGer wrote a defense of Eron on using Zoe's court docs

[24/12/2014, 8:50:56 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): We reported.

[24/12/2014, 8:51:21 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): On 24/12/2014, at 5:40 AM, Ian Cheong wrote: > hey Zoe, someone's gone and written a dissection of your affidavit. by someone I mean a GGer it was just posted to KIA

[24/12/2014, 8:51:44 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Oh, wait. you were here for that, i think

[24/12/2014, 8:59:47 AM] drinternetphd: bleh.

[24/12/2014, 8:59:52 AM] drinternetphd: I am so tired of this shit

[24/12/2014, 8:59:59 AM] drinternetphd: deep in my bones tired

[24/12/2014, 9:03:18 AM] Remy: I should probably get you two high sometime just so you can find five minutes to relax

[24/12/2014, 9:03:39 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts hugs zoe :(

[24/12/2014, 9:06:52 AM] Peter Coffin: I'm sorry zoe

[24/12/2014, 9:07:10 AM] drinternetphd: sorry. I know I'm kind of a stormcloud.

[24/12/2014, 9:07:40 AM] Dan Olson: Ain't no blue skies over bandlands, even if it ain't raining in the morning.

[24/12/2014, 9:10:44 AM] Remy: If you're looking for a place to apologize for your feelings this may be the wrong room

[24/12/2014, 9:10:51 AM] Remy: Nothing but friends in here

[24/12/2014, 9:11:04 AM] drinternetphd: I feel bad about the way I feel though

[24/12/2014, 9:11:14 AM] Remy: That's going to happen v.v

[24/12/2014, 9:11:18 AM] drinternetphd: I want so badly to move on but I don't quite know how

[24/12/2014, 9:11:45 AM] Dan Olson: It's gonna take a while to integrate.

[24/12/2014, 9:11:55 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: honestly when this shit gets me down i try to just view it as growing pains for gaming as a whole :\ not to dismiss the pain that it's causing but just to emphasize things ARE changing

[24/12/2014, 9:12:00 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: and it freaks a tiny minority of people out

[24/12/2014, 9:12:06 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: and they're reacting violently

[24/12/2014, 9:12:15 AM] drinternetphd: I guess for me it's bigger than that.

[24/12/2014, 9:12:34 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i know it is. i'm not trying to minimize the pain, like i said. it's awful, what you've had to go through

[24/12/2014, 9:12:51 AM] drinternetphd: no no didn't think you were minimizing I just don't know how applicable any of that is to me anymore

[24/12/2014, 9:12:59 AM] drinternetphd: especially because I'm constantly labeled an abuser

[24/12/2014, 9:13:07 AM] drinternetphd: I will always have to worry about my ex

[24/12/2014, 9:13:14 AM] drinternetphd: I will always have to worry about people like cernovich

[24/12/2014, 9:13:16 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: you're one of the people fighting for this change. that's why you were targeted. :\

[24/12/2014, 9:13:24 AM] drinternetphd: right but it doesn't stop.

[24/12/2014, 9:13:29 AM] drinternetphd: it's been years of this for anita

[24/12/2014, 9:13:31 AM] drinternetphd: years of it for phil

[24/12/2014, 9:13:44 AM] drinternetphd: kathy sierra went underground and when she came up for air nothing had changd.

[24/12/2014, 9:13:49 AM] drinternetphd: this is my life now and I'm not sure how to live it.

[24/12/2014, 9:14:01 AM] drinternetphd: and I had just made my dreams a reality before this happened

[24/12/2014, 9:14:20 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: and now you have a book deal. and the world is aware of a huge problem no one was talking about before.

[24/12/2014, 9:14:26 AM] Remy: ^

[24/12/2014, 9:14:30 AM] drinternetphd: I don't have a book deal just an agent.

[24/12/2014, 9:14:35 AM] Remy: For all of the attacks, the one thing they can't take away are your achievements

[24/12/2014, 9:14:46 AM] drinternetphd: they have done a pretty good job at making them feel hollow.

[24/12/2014, 9:14:48 AM] Remy: You have accomplished lifelong goals here.

[24/12/2014, 9:14:52 AM] Remy: I know :(

[24/12/2014, 9:14:57 AM] drinternetphd: these weren't my goals though.

[24/12/2014, 9:15:05 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: anita did an amazing job of turning all the godawful shit she went through into something positive

[24/12/2014, 9:15:14 AM] drinternetphd: she also lives a nightmare

[24/12/2014, 9:15:44 AM] Dan Olson: Pastoral life as an heirloom orange farmer?

[24/12/2014, 9:15:53 AM] drinternetphd: sounding more appealing every day.

[24/12/2014, 9:16:05 AM] drinternetphd: can't abandon my students though.

[24/12/2014, 9:16:10 AM] Remy: You'd be surprised how much you can make growing grapes and pomegranates in Afghanistan these days

[24/12/2014, 9:16:39 AM] drinternetphd: I think all I can do anymore is fight. but it's leaving me empty.

[24/12/2014, 9:17:00 AM] drinternetphd: and I am not sure who I am anymore.

[24/12/2014, 9:17:29 AM] drinternetphd: and even though everything has changed, I will always be fixed in place in August

[24/12/2014, 9:17:43 AM] drinternetphd: at least to a large part of the world.

[24/12/2014, 9:18:02 AM] drinternetphd: eron may as well have nailed thezoepost into the back of my skull

[24/12/2014, 9:18:24 AM] Dan Olson: fuck :-(

[24/12/2014, 9:18:52 AM] drinternetphd: yknow a nightmarish part people don't know?

[24/12/2014, 9:18:59 AM] drinternetphd: and that I don't want repeated?

[24/12/2014, 9:19:22 AM] drinternetphd: after the last time I saw him and he'd gotten violent, a friend stayed with me in the hotel room since eron took a key when he left

[24/12/2014, 9:19:35 AM] drinternetphd: we were scared he was going to come back. he'd seen the bruises on me

[24/12/2014, 9:20:06 AM] drinternetphd: I took the next week or so to try and mentally recover from everything and just hid in a friend's apartment

[24/12/2014, 9:20:38 AM] drinternetphd: friend of mine was having some health issues so we basically both bunkered down and shit. kept joking that "at least you have your health!"

[24/12/2014, 9:20:54 AM] drinternetphd: then I started feeling weird and sure enough I'd gotten fucking knocked up by the son of a bitch

[24/12/2014, 9:21:19 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: ugh i'm sorry zoe

[24/12/2014, 9:21:23 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i don't know what to say

[24/12/2014, 9:21:24 AM] Tesseract: jesus

[24/12/2014, 9:21:34 AM] drinternetphd: yeah. I guess I just kind of needed to get that off my chest.

[24/12/2014, 9:21:36 AM] drinternetphd: sorry.

[24/12/2014, 9:21:44 AM] drinternetphd: like

[24/12/2014, 9:21:49 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: are you pressing charges re: the violence stuff? if you feel comfortable answering

[24/12/2014, 9:21:51 AM] Dan Olson: Jesus.......

[24/12/2014, 9:21:53 AM] drinternetphd: no one knows the hell this fucking piece of shit visited on me

[24/12/2014, 9:22:04 AM] drinternetphd: sarah - i had. it's in the restraining order affadavit.

[24/12/2014, 9:22:20 AM] drinternetphd: meant fuckall in court. whoosh.

[24/12/2014, 9:22:31 AM] drinternetphd: outside of getting the order granted, at least.

[24/12/2014, 9:22:54 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: it's insane that one vindictive psychopath was able to start all of this

[24/12/2014, 9:23:09 AM] Remy: more insane that he has evaded any legal repercussions

[24/12/2014, 9:23:17 AM] drinternetphd: and continues to be held up as a martyr for male abuse victims

[24/12/2014, 9:23:31 AM] drinternetphd: not any. 3 criminal counts of violating a restraining order

[24/12/2014, 9:23:50 AM] drinternetphd: but feels kind of hollow.

[24/12/2014, 9:24:06 AM] drinternetphd: not shocking. I've never seen the system work in these contexts.

[24/12/2014, 9:24:41 AM] drinternetphd: but still stings.

[24/12/2014, 9:24:48 AM] Dan Olson: How the fuck is he not arrested on contempt at this point?

[24/12/2014, 9:25:09 AM] drinternetphd: "it's just the internet"

[24/12/2014, 9:26:01 AM] drinternetphd: and "she's just as bad"

[24/12/2014, 9:26:17 AM] drinternetphd: never mind the fact that restraining orders are one-way and I never talk about him in public

[24/12/2014, 9:26:40 AM] drinternetphd: never mind that I have him admitting to so much in private logs after the fact that I haven't released because you don't DO that

[24/12/2014, 9:27:09 AM] drinternetphd: most people are allowed to at least get away from their abusers

[24/12/2014, 9:27:21 AM] drinternetphd: this will follow me forever.

[24/12/2014, 9:28:44 AM] drinternetphd: sorry. shit. I know I am a major drag.

[24/12/2014, 9:28:53 AM] drinternetphd: I probably should not have told all of you that

[24/12/2014, 9:29:01 AM] drinternetphd: I need to stop talking when I'm this tired

[24/12/2014, 9:29:12 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: we don't mind, zoe. we're here for you :\

[24/12/2014, 9:29:18 AM] drinternetphd: I lose my filter and I can't exactly afford to be doing that anymore

[24/12/2014, 9:29:21 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: even if we don't have much to say, you can talk when you need to

[24/12/2014, 9:29:34 AM] drinternetphd: it's just been a long long fucking few days

[24/12/2014, 9:29:48 AM] drinternetphd: between the court shit and cernovich's shit and the patreon shit

[24/12/2014, 9:29:54 AM] nicholas.boterf: I really think that’s why your book is so important. It is a chance to redefine your legacy. And hey no worries, you’re with friends.

[24/12/2014, 9:30:08 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: take some time off and distance yourself for the holidays a bit? to the extent you can

[24/12/2014, 9:30:40 AM] drinternetphd: yeah. being back in seattle will help.

[24/12/2014, 9:30:59 AM] drinternetphd: I'm trying to think of this in better ways. like yeah, my old life is gone and I think I'm just now internalizing that I can never go back

[24/12/2014, 9:31:15 AM] drinternetphd: and I'm trying to use that as an opportunity to change things about myself that I don't like

[24/12/2014, 9:31:46 AM] drinternetphd: and build something instead of just feeling like this weird ghost

[24/12/2014, 9:31:59 AM] drinternetphd: haunting the life of a dead girl that's not coming back

[24/12/2014, 9:32:39 AM] nicholas.boterf: And that’s all you can do- in every crisis there’s an opportunity, even if it is radically different from what you imagined.

[24/12/2014, 9:32:47 AM] drinternetphd: yeah.

[24/12/2014, 9:33:23 AM] nicholas.boterf: And I doubt that that girl is dead- just changed to a new set of circumstances.

[24/12/2014, 9:34:14 AM] drinternetphd: mostly. some stuff there's just no coming back from.

[24/12/2014, 9:34:27 AM] drinternetphd: which, is good and bad.

[24/12/2014, 9:34:48 AM] nicholas.boterf: Very true.

[24/12/2014, 9:35:08 AM] drinternetphd: I was definitely too trusting, too willfully naive, and too emotional

[24/12/2014, 9:35:24 AM] Remy: I wish I had something cool to say

[24/12/2014, 9:35:44 AM] drinternetphd: I think I clung to that shit because I didn't want all of the monsterous horseshit I've been through over the course of my life to "win" and make me hard

[24/12/2014, 9:35:51 AM] drinternetphd: if that makes sense.

[24/12/2014, 9:36:08 AM] drinternetphd: eh, it's ok

[24/12/2014, 9:36:12 AM] drinternetphd: I never have cool things to say

[24/12/2014, 9:36:24 AM] drinternetphd: and I get rambly and introspective when tired and unable to sleep on planes

[24/12/2014, 9:36:48 AM] drinternetphd: and apparently tmi about shit

[24/12/2014, 9:37:00 AM] drinternetphd: and honestly y'all have proven more trustworthy thusfar than a lot of my friends

[24/12/2014, 9:37:23 AM] nicholas.boterf: Yeah sometimes the fight with our demons define us, whether we want to or not.

[24/12/2014, 9:37:25 AM] drinternetphd: at least this group is small and verified and hasn't leaked like my fb

[24/12/2014, 9:37:56 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i would be shocked if there's ever a leak here. but i'm sure you felt the same re: fb :\

[24/12/2014, 9:38:06 AM] Remy: Just know that because of what's going on if you ever need to jettison any ties/communication with me just to protect yourself from possible threats, I won't take it personally. You're in a very tough place and you need to make whatever calls will help preserve your peace of mind

[24/12/2014, 9:38:21 AM] drinternetphd: yeah, thanks.

[24/12/2014, 9:38:25 AM] drinternetphd: hopefully it won't come to that.

[24/12/2014, 9:38:45 AM] drinternetphd: I just speak assuming that everything I say will be leaked to the worst parts of the internet and follow me forever

[24/12/2014, 9:39:00 AM] Remy: That is also a very awful but safe policy

[24/12/2014, 9:39:25 AM] Athena Hollow: This is the part where I usually say something hilarious and snarky that makes everyone laugh, but my kid has exhausted me. But at least the trip to the comic book store was successful.

[24/12/2014, 9:39:35 AM] drinternetphd: yeah. I'm learning to be a more private person which is super against my stupid artshithead nature

[24/12/2014, 9:39:43 AM] drinternetphd: I mean Depression Quest was hugely part confessional

[24/12/2014, 9:39:58 AM] drinternetphd: how old is your kid

[24/12/2014, 9:40:04 AM] Athena Hollow: 8

[24/12/2014, 9:40:11 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: daw

[24/12/2014, 9:40:23 AM] Remy: so cute :3

[24/12/2014, 9:40:27 AM] Athena Hollow: but adhd and bipolar, and her adhd meds wore off like 3 hours ago, so ... she gets super whiny and over-emotional -_-

[24/12/2014, 9:40:35 AM] Athena Hollow: and everything is a big struggle after like 6p

[24/12/2014, 9:40:42 AM] Athena Hollow: (which is why we're changing her meds tomorrow)

[24/12/2014, 9:41:14 AM] drinternetphd: aw poor kid

[24/12/2014, 9:41:18 AM] drinternetphd: hope the new ones work out better

[24/12/2014, 9:41:30 AM] drinternetphd: and that any adjustment is a smooth transition

[24/12/2014, 9:41:37 AM] nicholas.boterf: Oh Jesus that’s rough- much condolences. I have an autistic brother, and that stuff certainly changes things.

[24/12/2014, 9:41:49 AM] Remy: refreshing to see parents who actually talk to their doctor about things.

[24/12/2014, 9:41:53 AM] Athena Hollow: She's done good on the vyvanse until recently, so that's helped. And the risperdal should help balance any manic episodes. but yeah. will be a fun xmas eve lol

[24/12/2014, 9:42:21 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i didn't have insurance. what they wanted for vyvanse was INSANE w/o insurance. like 1800 a month

[24/12/2014, 9:42:23 AM] Athena Hollow: Oh man, we spent like 2 years trying everything but meds, working w/ therapists and psychiatrists, but yeah, there was nooooooo getting around medicating.

[24/12/2014, 9:42:27 AM] drinternetphd: wowwww

[24/12/2014, 9:42:30 AM] Remy: After I am on my meds my next to-do list with the doc is to get screened for being on the spectrum. Our family thought taking your kidto a doctor was a waste of money unless someone's bone was broken

[24/12/2014, 9:42:42 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i should be on so many psych meds i can't afford ~_~

[24/12/2014, 9:42:43 AM] Athena Hollow: It's like $350 a month now still for the low dose. For hers, it would have cost me almost $1000/month

[24/12/2014, 9:42:50 AM] drinternetphd: fuck

[24/12/2014, 9:42:54 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: jesus

[24/12/2014, 9:42:55 AM] Athena Hollow: I'm poor enough to get her on medicaid at least.

[24/12/2014, 9:43:00 AM] drinternetphd: that's good

[24/12/2014, 9:43:09 AM] drinternetphd: meds should not cost the same as rent in some places

[24/12/2014, 9:43:10 AM] Athena Hollow: Doesn't help me one lick, but at least she's covered lol

[24/12/2014, 9:43:18 AM] drinternetphd: this goddamned country I swear to christ

[24/12/2014, 9:43:22 AM] Remy: right?

[24/12/2014, 9:43:32 AM] Quinnae: sighs Indeed.

[24/12/2014, 9:43:36 AM] Athena Hollow: Yeah, my bills total (not including food) is like $350 a month. It's crazy nuts that her meds would cost more than ALL of my living expenses if you added in food.

[24/12/2014, 9:43:37 AM] Quinnae: My partner struggles with that too.

[24/12/2014, 9:43:40 AM] drinternetphd: so many times I wish I'd never made the call to come back

[24/12/2014, 9:44:15 AM] drinternetphd: "let's make it really fucking difficult for children to have access to medication" hmm yes good plan definitely doesn't make you a monster

[24/12/2014, 9:44:23 AM] nicholas.boterf: Jesus Sarah- I’m sorry. The meds are the only things keeping me stable (thankfully they are all generic but still).

[24/12/2014, 9:44:24 AM] Athena Hollow: yep.

[24/12/2014, 9:44:38 AM] drinternetphd: yeah I'd be so fucked without meds

[24/12/2014, 9:44:40 AM] Remy: Future generations will look back on us and remember us as the society that thought that guaranteeing every living person a chance at food, shelter, and medical care was a "luxury" that should only be for those who can afford it

[24/12/2014, 9:44:49 AM] Remy: And they will think us mad

[24/12/2014, 9:44:51 AM] drinternetphd: there was like 2 or 3 days I went without during GG and it was not good

[24/12/2014, 9:44:52 AM] Remy: So very, very mad

[24/12/2014, 9:45:14 AM] drinternetphd: like I'm only on adderall but like, depression for me is comorbid with adhd

[24/12/2014, 9:45:17 AM] nicholas.boterf: Oh fuck. That’s awful Zoe.

[24/12/2014, 9:45:22 AM] drinternetphd: so when I run out fucking everything goes to shit

[24/12/2014, 9:45:35 AM] Remy: When I was a teen and homeless the only way I could get access to meds was... basically through doctors that had financial kickers from the pharmaceutical companies incentivizing them to promote their products

[24/12/2014, 9:45:40 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: stimulents are used offlabel to treat treatment resistant depression, too

[24/12/2014, 9:45:42 AM] drinternetphd: that's why I was so happy that the clinic was open today

[24/12/2014, 9:45:48 AM] drinternetphd: yeah!

[24/12/2014, 9:45:59 AM] drinternetphd: no antidepressants have ever done anything useful for me

[24/12/2014, 9:46:11 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: wellbutrin kinda helps a little for me. but not enough

[24/12/2014, 9:46:13 AM] drinternetphd: oh damn stephen did you do the sample pack shit

[24/12/2014, 9:46:19 AM] drinternetphd: cause I totally did that when I was homeless and poor too

[24/12/2014, 9:46:19 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: i wish i could afford to get back on my ADHD stuff ugh

[24/12/2014, 9:46:25 AM] drinternetphd: not for adderall but for other stuff

[24/12/2014, 9:46:29 AM] Remy: Tried that

[24/12/2014, 9:46:38 AM] Athena Hollow: Yep. If she didn't get her tiny 1mg of risperdal 2x a day, she'd be going manic & threatening to blow up the school again... or attempting to jump out of a car going 70 on the highway over a small disagreement....... that shit is crazy nuts, esp for a kid before puberty. I am NOT looking forward to after.

[24/12/2014, 9:46:48 AM] Remy: And then ended up with a hinky doctor that was just HOOKED on trying to get me to use Astrazeneca products

[24/12/2014, 9:46:49 AM] drinternetphd: welbutrin only gave me side effects and no actual... effects. main effects? idk

[24/12/2014, 9:47:05 AM] Remy: welbutrin I think was the one that completely eliminated my sex drive

[24/12/2014, 9:47:05 AM] Athena Hollow: We're hoping that getting her on meds early (she started when she was 6 1/2) will make trick her brain into producing the proper chems to balance the bipolar, but who knows.

[24/12/2014, 9:47:16 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: that's odd, usually wellbutrin ups sex drive

[24/12/2014, 9:47:16 AM] drinternetphd: yeah stephen all it did to me was take away the ability to get off

[24/12/2014, 9:47:18 AM] drinternetphd: which was like

[24/12/2014, 9:47:19 AM] drinternetphd: WELP

[24/12/2014, 9:47:30 AM] Athena Hollow: that would be horrible >_>

[24/12/2014, 9:47:31 AM] drinternetphd: athena maybe it'll be like, reverse

[24/12/2014, 9:47:34 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: they actually put people ON wellbutrin that are having problems with sex stuff from SSRI's

[24/12/2014, 9:47:41 AM] drinternetphd: she's getting all her teenshit out now

[24/12/2014, 9:47:45 AM] Remy: That's what I had heard when I mentioned it

[24/12/2014, 9:47:51 AM] Athena Hollow: god that'd be fucking nice lol

[24/12/2014, 9:47:52 AM] drinternetphd: huh.

[24/12/2014, 9:48:08 AM] drinternetphd: my partner at the time went on it with me and it took away his ability to get off too

[24/12/2014, 9:48:13 AM] drinternetphd: those were not fun times at all

[24/12/2014, 9:48:14 AM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: only med that gave me sexual problems was phenelzine. my doctor looked at me like i was crazy when i asked for it haha

[24/12/2014, 9:48:19 AM] drinternetphd: very physically uncomfortable times

[24/12/2014, 9:48:34 AM] Remy: I just assume it's impossible to expect these chemicals to react predictably from person to person and half of these doctors are just throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks

[24/12/2014, 9:48:43 AM] drinternetphd: also brains are fucking weird

[24/12/2014, 9:48:48 AM] Remy: ^

[24/12/2014, 9:48:59 AM] Athena Hollow: Yep. That's definitely part of it.

[24/12/2014, 9:49:03 AM] drinternetphd: at least the ketamine research is SUPER promising

[24/12/2014, 9:49:16 AM] drinternetphd: have you seen that stuff?

[24/12/2014, 9:49:19 AM] Athena Hollow: nope.

[24/12/2014, 9:49:26 AM] Remy: I haven't stayed in the loop the past few years

[24/12/2014, 9:49:38 AM] drinternetphd: omg it's so great

[24/12/2014, 9:49:38 AM] drinternetphd: one sec

[24/12/2014, 9:49:51 AM] drinternetphd: while I'm waiting for plane wifi to load shit

[24/12/2014, 9:50:00 AM] Remy: The last time I was looking into things I had read that scientists were researching psilocybin mushrooms for OCD and OCD-related depression

[24/12/2014, 9:50:01 AM] drinternetphd: so basically yknow how SSRIs take 2 weeks to start working?

[24/12/2014, 9:50:11 AM] Athena Hollow: yup.

[24/12/2014, 9:50:27 AM] drinternetphd: yeah so

[24/12/2014, 9:50:29 AM] Remy: Apparently taking magic mushrooms can trigger an immediate remission of OCD-related depression for a period of about three months

[24/12/2014, 9:50:34 AM] nicholas.boterf: Yup.

[24/12/2014, 9:50:40 AM] nicholas.boterf: It sucks.

[24/12/2014, 9:50:44 AM] drinternetphd: so ketamine is often used as an anesthetic in children

[24/12/2014, 9:51:03 AM] drinternetphd: then they noticed that some kids who came out of surgery would mentally bounce back wayyyyyy quicker than others

[24/12/2014, 9:51:15 AM] drinternetphd: sure enough they were all the ones that had been treated with ketamine for anesthetic

[24/12/2014, 9:51:19 AM] nicholas.boterf: Damn really? Maybe I’ll be doing magic mushrooms.

[24/12/2014, 9:51:28 AM] Remy: My husband won't let me

[24/12/2014, 9:51:36 AM] drinternetphd: so then they started testing shit

[24/12/2014, 9:51:41 AM] Remy: He says he tried it once and says he doesn't want to have to deal with me on that

[24/12/2014, 9:51:53 AM] drinternetphd: it starts working on treatment resistant depression in hours

[24/12/2014, 9:52:05 AM] Athena Hollow: oh dayum.

[24/12/2014, 9:52:13 AM] drinternetphd: with incredibly high success rates

[24/12/2014, 9:52:19 AM] drinternetphd: even at sub-hallucinagenic doses

[24/12/2014, 9:52:47 AM] Athena Hollow: I may or may not know someone who may or may not be self-medicating with ketamine, who might be doing it for that reason, but I just assumed it was the k-hole he was chasing.

[24/12/2014, 9:53:32 AM] Remy: self-medication is a bit of an evolutionary imperative. While it's not usually safe, it is often surprisingly well-targeted

[24/12/2014, 9:53:33 AM] Athena Hollow: Because he has treatment resistent depression & adhd.

[24/12/2014, 9:53:34 AM] Peter Coffin: I am super naive with this

[24/12/2014, 9:53:54 AM] Peter Coffin: K hole?

[24/12/2014, 9:54:07 AM] Remy: So hey as long as we're on this subject can I kind of express something that's been bothering me? I know it's dumb but everyone's being all honest and shit

[24/12/2014, 9:54:14 AM] Athena Hollow:

[24/12/2014, 9:54:25 AM] Athena Hollow: of course.

[24/12/2014, 9:54:33 AM] Remy: Basically I'm super paranoid that I'm gonna set up an appointment with a psychiatrist and they're gonna ignore everything I say and assume they already know everything about me and not help me

[24/12/2014, 9:54:53 AM] Remy: And let's just say that I'm basically describing my entire experience with the medical health profession for my entire childhood so this fear may be irrational but it is not unsubstantiated

[24/12/2014, 9:55:20 AM] Remy: So I've been delaying this appointment longer than I even planned just b/c the fear keeps eating at me and I don't ever make the damn phone call

[24/12/2014, 9:55:57 AM] Athena Hollow: If they ignore you: get a new doctor. Flat out. I had that problem when I was finding a doctor for my kid, there are 6 that are in the group practice that work w/ the school district she goes to (which is why I love the school district she's in and don't want to move until she's older, btw)

[24/12/2014, 9:56:04 AM] Remy: I'm being dumb just ignore me x-x

[24/12/2014, 9:56:06 AM] Athena Hollow: And the first one just kept ignoring everything we were saying.

[24/12/2014, 9:56:27 AM] Athena Hollow: So I called to request a new one and found an amazing woman that listened to me (ACTUALLY listened).

[24/12/2014, 9:57:26 AM] Athena Hollow: And it's worked out great. We see the head of the department now, because he was in charge of seeing the emotional disabilities class, which she used to be in. But, before him, she was amazing.

The first doctor was convinced it was 50 things it wasn't

[24/12/2014, 9:58:05 AM] Athena Hollow: She tried telling me that the only reason my daughter had super ridiculously violent meltdowns is because I didn't spend enough time with her, or didn't set limits (btw, both completely unfounded bullshit - I work from home for fuck sake, and she knows the limits & the consequences)

[24/12/2014, 9:58:48 AM] Athena Hollow: She was aware that her father, and both grandfathers had been diagnosed with adhd, that my mother was diagnosed with bipolar, and she ignored allll of it

[24/12/2014, 10:00:04 AM] Athena Hollow: After spending literally a month researching what it could have possibly been going on, every single bit of info pointed to adhd & early onset bipolar disorder (it's like bipolar in adults, but instead of prolonged periods, the depression, self-loathing, manic, and violent episodes can happen in 20 mins time. really scary in a kid with absolutely no knowledge of self-control yet)

[24/12/2014, 10:00:41 AM] Athena Hollow: So once I requested a new doctor, explained what had been going on, got reports from her teachers & the therapist at the school, she was the one that offered up the very things I thought it was to begin with, without me mentioning them at all outside of family history.

[24/12/2014, 10:01:29 AM] Remy: I think I hate shrinks

[24/12/2014, 10:01:31 AM] Remy: I know I do

[24/12/2014, 10:01:44 AM] Athena Hollow: So, unfounded fear? Absolutely not. But definitely not something you should let stop you. The worst that happens is that you have to find another doctor.

[24/12/2014, 10:03:52 AM] Remy: Thanks <3 hugs

[24/12/2014, 10:04:05 AM] Remy: I've known it was an irrational fear but it's been kicking my ass the past week

[24/12/2014, 10:04:17 AM] Athena Hollow: Welp, now let me kick your ass instead: GET TO THE DOCTOR, SIR.

[24/12/2014, 10:04:21 AM] Charloppe: heh took me years to find a shrink I liked

[24/12/2014, 10:04:45 AM] Remy: and I didn't wanna steal Zoe's space but it is really cool to have people I feel can be trusted and will be supportive ^_^"

[24/12/2014, 10:05:12 AM] Athena Hollow: I got really fucking lucky w/ my kid's docs. They listen to me, which is apparently unheard of, but I'm not a webmd bot mom so maybe that's why they listen? I tend to do a lot of fucking research before going ahead with anything, and I think it shows w/ them.

[24/12/2014, 10:05:15 AM] Athena Hollow: <3

[24/12/2014, 10:11:08 AM] drinternetphd: whoops sorry flew over canada briefly and the wifi dropped

[24/12/2014, 10:11:20 AM] Athena Hollow: canada stealin the wifi

[24/12/2014, 10:11:36 AM] Quinnae: As I recall, Canada doesn't have wifi on aircraft for some reason.

[24/12/2014, 10:11:37 AM] drinternetphd: haha

[24/12/2014, 10:11:51 AM] Remy: Coming back to Seattle?

[24/12/2014, 10:12:24 AM] drinternetphd: but yeah - ketamine. super good for depression

[24/12/2014, 10:12:27 AM] drinternetphd: "Ketamine demonstrated rapid antidepressant effects in an optimized study design, further supporting NMDA receptor modulation as a novel mechanism for accelerated improvement in severe and chronic forms of depression. More information on response durability and safety is required before implementation in clinical practice."

[24/12/2014, 10:12:51 AM] Remy: I will have to keep that in mind

[24/12/2014, 10:13:21 AM] drinternetphd: and it starts working pretty much immediately

[24/12/2014, 10:13:39 AM] drinternetphd: and actually has been shown to heal some parts of the brain that have been messed up by the depression

[24/12/2014, 10:13:47 AM] Remy: Okay then I def. need that

[24/12/2014, 10:13:55 AM] Remy: My brain is a no-mans-land

[24/12/2014, 10:14:04 AM] Remy: Hook me up to the Kolto tank

[24/12/2014, 10:14:16 AM] drinternetphd: ha

[24/12/2014, 10:14:18 AM] Remy: My brain looks like Vader

[24/12/2014, 10:14:42 AM] Remy: "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

[24/12/2014, 10:14:48 AM] Remy: Yeah well I find your lack of face disturbing

[24/12/2014, 10:14:56 AM] Remy: Somebody get Anny some ice for those burns

[24/12/2014, 10:15:03 AM] drinternetphd:

[24/12/2014, 10:15:32 AM] Remy: Sorry I was having an imaginary diss contest with a fictional character

[24/12/2014, 10:16:36 AM] drinternetphd: lol

[24/12/2014, 10:26:20 AM] Tesseract: can anyone get me a tweet of rogue's admitting to being roguestargamez

[24/12/2014, 10:26:28 AM] Tesseract: not that I'd really need it b/c it's obvious

[24/12/2014, 10:26:57 AM] Tesseract: but I need it

[24/12/2014, 10:28:46 AM] Athena Hollow: hrm. the only one I seem to have is one w/ him on fleetcom, saying roguestargamez is suspended and to follow @_roguestar

[24/12/2014, 10:29:45 AM] Remy: Yeah he had a bunch of those on his fleetcomm

[24/12/2014, 10:29:57 AM] Remy: Where each tweet was prefaced with something like "RS: "

[24/12/2014, 10:30:20 AM] Tesseract: those work too

[24/12/2014, 10:30:50 AM] Tesseract: well actually no they probably don't unless we can somehow prove the entire account is his personal one

[24/12/2014, 10:32:02 AM] Remy: Hey, this may be a dumb question that's already been addressed before

[24/12/2014, 10:32:03 AM] Athena Hollow: @_roguestargames about @_lewdstargames & #OpPostLewds :

@fleetcomm about @roguestargaemz & @_roguestar:

@fleetcomm timeline w/ rogue talking as <Rogue> about his patreon being suspended & account being suspended:

[24/12/2014, 10:43:17 AM] Dan Olson: I used DXM off-label as a psilocybin/ketamine alternative and it worked well, about four-six months of symptom relief, but delivery is a biiiiiitch, and long term use is dangerous.

[24/12/2014, 10:43:35 AM] Dan Olson: I'm all about the benzos as emergency relief these days.

[24/12/2014, 10:43:53 AM] Remy: whoa

[24/12/2014, 10:43:59 AM] Remy: Okay so...

[24/12/2014, 10:44:06 AM] Remy: There were a few years when, like... every few months or so

[24/12/2014, 10:44:11 AM] Remy: I would DXM like hell

[24/12/2014, 10:44:16 AM] Remy: Just to, like... clear my head for a few months

[24/12/2014, 10:44:43 AM] Remy: I figured I was self-medicating but I didn't realize I was so on-the-nose about it

[24/12/2014, 10:44:47 AM] Dan Olson: I don't do well on anything that needs plasma saturation

[24/12/2014, 10:45:13 AM] Remy: It took me a while to find a source that wasn't riddled with additional medicines that would provide unwanted side effects

[24/12/2014, 10:45:35 AM] Dan Olson: not because they don't work on me, just because I always end up on the damn "well, I'm fixed, going off meds do do do" treadmill

[24/12/2014, 11:09:36 AM] SF: Just read up, I want to also say if Zoe (or anyone else) ever needs to sever ties for safety reasons I'll understand.

[24/12/2014, 11:12:20 AM] Athena Hollow: Pretty much won't ever be a thing I do. I totally get it if others do, but my best bet in surviving any potential bullshit will be you guys and my husband.

[24/12/2014, 11:15:33 AM] Remy: ^_^

[24/12/2014, 11:19:08 AM] Tesseract: it would be easier to dig through rogue's twitter if he didn't post a thousand fucking times per day

[24/12/2014, 11:20:01 AM] Athena Hollow: could always advanced search for specific keywords

[24/12/2014, 11:20:05 AM] Athena Hollow: dunno if it would help

[24/12/2014, 11:20:19 AM] Tesseract: yeah that's what I'm trying

[24/12/2014, 11:20:34 AM] Tesseract: I mean I've only been looking for like 3 minutes actually so I'll probably find it

[24/12/2014, 11:20:52 AM] Athena Hollow: he says the same shit over and over and over again, to like 50 b people.

[24/12/2014, 11:21:34 AM] Tesseract: psyops psyiops psyuips psdoiusp psodafpoksdlx

[24/12/2014, 11:21:56 AM] Athena Hollow: LOL

[24/12/2014, 11:22:01 AM] Tesseract: oh and "f a g g o t r o n" with a space between every letter

[24/12/2014, 11:22:05 AM] Tesseract: whatever the hell that means

[24/12/2014, 11:22:08 AM] Athena Hollow: god yeah i dont fucking get that.

[24/12/2014, 11:22:17 AM] Athena Hollow: i guess he thinks it looks robotic? fuck if i know.

[24/12/2014, 11:22:41 AM] Tesseract: dude's got only 2.2k followers after a couple weeks on this account

[24/12/2014, 11:22:45 AM] Tesseract: his relevance is dying

[24/12/2014, 11:23:07 AM] Tesseract: just gotta ban him a couple more times until he opts to protect his account and then we can leave him to wallow in irrelevance

[24/12/2014, 11:23:08 AM] Athena Hollow: yeah, ive seen pretty much everyone say that rogue pisses them off at least once a day.

[24/12/2014, 11:23:51 AM] SF: It means faggot but with extra letters that makes it okay for some reason

[24/12/2014, 11:25:26 AM] Dan Olson: "No one will crack this code" - channers

[24/12/2014, 11:25:37 AM] Dan Olson: "If... if we call it cheese pizza...."

[24/12/2014, 11:25:58 AM] Athena Hollow: lol

[24/12/2014, 11:26:13 AM] Athena Hollow: I still laugh every time I think of them using 'mojo jojo'

[24/12/2014, 11:26:38 AM] Athena Hollow: and getting confused about which person they were talking about and had to go back to their previous "We aren't talking about them but here's 50 threads about them" names.

[24/12/2014, 11:27:22 AM] Dan Olson: Like, in all seriousness, channers think their dialect is impenetrable.

[24/12/2014, 11:27:49 AM] Tesseract: they're fucking idiots who think "chan culture" is too sophisticated for normal people to understand

[24/12/2014, 11:27:59 AM] Athena Hollow: lol yep

[24/12/2014, 11:28:21 AM] Athena Hollow: It has nothing to do with sophistication; it has to do with the fact that their culture is fucking vile and we don't want to see it.

[24/12/2014, 11:29:28 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Good evening

[24/12/2014, 11:29:41 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Anything notable happen in the last 2-3 hours?

[24/12/2014, 11:30:24 AM] nicholas.boterf: Oh BTW MiB caught that Fart is already back with @TheFartRises. REPORT, REPORT.

[24/12/2014, 11:30:26 AM] Athena Hollow: it's been surprisingly quiet, which... could go either way.

[24/12/2014, 11:30:29 AM] Athena Hollow: oh for mother fuck sake.

[24/12/2014, 11:30:36 AM] Athena Hollow: JUST GO AWAY FART. NO ONE LIKES YOU.

[24/12/2014, 11:30:36 AM] Tesseract: he stalked a twitter employee too

[24/12/2014, 11:30:43 AM] Athena Hollow: ayfkm?!

[24/12/2014, 11:30:48 AM] Tesseract: I'm wondering if they're going to get my message about that

[24/12/2014, 11:30:51 AM] Athena Hollow: sooooooo well, that works in our favor at least.

[24/12/2014, 11:32:46 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): No reply from yet

[24/12/2014, 11:32:55 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Let me see if the article is still up

[24/12/2014, 11:33:06 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Still up.

[24/12/2014, 11:33:25 AM] Athena Hollow: -_-

[24/12/2014, 11:33:39 AM] Tesseract: I wouldn't expect a response in less than 24 hours

[24/12/2014, 11:33:44 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Their automated response said they are only around from 8am-5pm Pacific

[24/12/2014, 11:33:59 AM] SF: In a way they're correct is the problem. Look at all the dinosaurs Zoe & Alex have to deal with who don't "speak chan".

[24/12/2014, 11:34:20 AM] SF: It's much like those underworld criminal lingos that developed in some cultures. More security through obscurity.

[24/12/2014, 11:34:23 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): How did Fart's article get deleted so quickly? Was it posted in the morning and a lot of people reported it?

[24/12/2014, 11:34:30 AM] Tesseract: I think so yes

[24/12/2014, 11:36:47 AM] Athena Hollow:

[24/12/2014, 11:36:48 AM] Tesseract: how do I make a new chat in new skype

[24/12/2014, 11:37:49 AM] Dan Olson: start a chat with someone then add more people

[24/12/2014, 11:38:29 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): the lesson today = Skype is not intuitive at all

[24/12/2014, 11:39:55 AM] Dan Olson: whatever you think you SHOULD do, its probably the opposite.

[24/12/2014, 11:41:03 AM] Athena Hollow: lol

[24/12/2014, 11:41:14 AM] Athena Hollow: Advice for all gamergaters there, Dan.

[24/12/2014, 11:41:17 AM] Athena Hollow: LOL

[24/12/2014, 11:42:02 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Did you guys catch this!?

[24/12/2014, 11:42:46 AM] Quinnae: Buying indulgences has reached a new low, I see.

[24/12/2014, 11:42:53 AM] Athena Hollow: groan

[24/12/2014, 11:43:01 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): WINNING

[24/12/2014, 11:44:55 AM] Remy: Oh yeah I already RTed it

[24/12/2014, 11:47:15 AM] Tesseract: oh I guess alex has to remove everyone from this chat

[24/12/2014, 11:47:39 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Right click > Leave conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:47:45 AM] Tesseract: everyone do that

[24/12/2014, 11:47:47 AM] Dan Olson: Dan Olson has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:47:52 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): right click on the name

[24/12/2014, 11:47:54 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): of the chat

[24/12/2014, 11:47:57 AM] Quinnae: Quinnae has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:48:02 AM] Izzy (@iglvzx): Izzy (@iglvzx) has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:48:06 AM] Remy: Remy has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:48:15 AM] nicholas.boterf: nicholas.boterf has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:48:50 AM] Athena Hollow: Athena Hollow has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 11:49:04 AM] Charloppe: Charloppe has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 12:18:04 PM] Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts: Sarah, Butt-er of the Butts has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 12:24:46 PM] SF: SF has left the conversation

[24/12/2014, 3:30:58 PM] Tesseract: alex when you wake up kick everyone left out of here and delete it