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Candice Lynn Potter
CLP's logo
CLP Index Page
The index page of CLP as of May 10th, 2017.
Web address candicelynnpotter.com
Commercial? No
Type of site
Defamation forum and wiki
Registration February 10, 2017
Available in English
Users 90 accounts registered; actual number of unique members speculated to be far lower
Owner Donny Long
Launched 10 February 2017; 13 months ago (2017-02-10)
Our mission is to dox and ruin Joshua Conner Moon, every single one of his family members, and anyone who supports or protects him. So new rule and thing we will be doing around here. We will be copying every single thread from Joshuas Kiwifarms and if you are one of the victims with a thread and want it removed from here then you can put in the work like we are of helping us dox Joshuas's family and so on to shut him down. Just make an account and it can be a fake name and message me privately which thread you want to disappear. You will have to be an active member and show your support posting here and helping us. Its only fair!
—CLP's mission statement

CandiceLynnPotter.com, also known as Kiwi Farms Not and abbreviated as CLP to avoid influencing search engine results, was a harassment website created by Donny Long as part of a coordinated effort by a group led by Samuel Collingwood Smith to take down the Kiwi Farms. It is the latest in a long line of defamatory websites registered in the full names of Long's enemies, in this case, the mother of the Farms' founder.


Donny Long is a former pornographic actor who has been a thorn in the side of that industry for nearly a decade. He is known for running long and extensive smear campaigns against people he's had issues with, and publishing personal information about them, which may or may not have been fabricated. One of his favorite tactics is to register domain names in the full names of his victims and post defamatory comments about them.

Donny was first discovered by the Kiwi Farms in March of 2016. His thread experienced a huge surge of growth with the appearance of Eddie Dzial, who was initially believed to be a reputable source of information about Donny. Eddie's appearance prompted Long himself to register an account and chimp out at the Farms' userbase. However, it was later found that Eddie had fabricated much of his "insider information," and was never officially employed in the adult industry at all. As such, he received his own thread and Donny fell into relative obscurity by August.

This would have been the end of Donny's saga, at least as far as the Kiwi Farms was concerned. The Farms had stopped focusing on him, and he seemed to stop focusing on them (although his usual erratic behavior continued). Six months later, however, Kiwi Farms closed down. The explanation given for this was that Null's extended family had been harassed and Null closed the forum down in an effort to get this to stop. Initially, it was believed that this was entirely Vordrak's doing, as Vordrak had been known to employ similar tactics. However, the threats and harassment continued even after the site was shut down. The harassers were demanding the Kiwi Farms database and donor list, which would have been illegal for Null to release. Null reopened the Farms three weeks later in response to this, as he realized that the continued harassment had rendered his compliance pointless.

In response to this, CLP sprung up on February 10, 2017. Originally going by the name "Kiwi Farms Not," its mission was stated to be to "dox and ruin Joshua Conner Moon, every single one of his family members, and anyone who supports or protects him." Despite this blatant admission to criminal activity, CLP claimed that they were untouchable due to operating outside of the United States' jurisdiction. It was initially believed that Eddie Dzial was the person operating CLP. The domain was registered in Eddie's name,[1] and at the time he was known to be an associate of Vordrak; Donny Long, on the other hand, was not. However, it was quickly pointed out that "Eddie" was impersonating Donny too well, and that the MO matched Donny too perfectly to be an impersonation by Eddie, a man whose imitation skills had already been shown to be quite lacking.[2] The domain name was said to have been registered in Eddie's name. However, Kiwi Farms user Darwin Watterson claimed to have been personally told by Donny Long over Twitter that the latter often registered websites under false names. Donny's Twitter was suspended before Watterson could take a screenshot of this interaction, however. It was soon agreed upon that either Donny was running the site in Eddie's name, or that the site ownership had been established in a deliberately convoluted manner due to advice from Vordrak, with Eddie "owning" the site that Donny took care of running. The latter scenario is less likely due to the fact that Donny and Eddie have proven to be incapable of working together despite their common goal of destroying the Kiwi Farms.

In July of 2017, the CLP website was removed from the net and redirected to the Kiwi Farms thread about Samuel Collingwood Smith as a means of exposing Smith after the administration of the site retaliated after feeling betrayed by the man.

Legal Issues

As can be expected, CLP has not been without its legal issues. On May 6, 2017, it was announced that Donny had received a subpoena.[3]


CLP is primarily a knockoff of the Kiwi Farms forum. As their userbase seems to consist solely of Donny Long, a few sock accounts of his, and a few other people of interest. CLP's stated purpose is a confusing one; Donny's plan is to repost Kiwi Farms threads to his site, in hopes that it will inspire other enemies of the Farms to join CLP in their efforts to get the Farms taken down. The incentive is that if they help Donny get rid of the Farms, he will remove his copy of their threads in return. This makes no sense, as it is simply creating a middleman where there needn't be one. Those already at war with the Farms would be likely to go after CLP as well rather than join them, as the latter site is mirroring the allegedly offensive content of the former. Those with threads who are apathetic to or supportive of the farms wouldn't help CLP for obvious reasons.


As of May 10, 2017, CLP has 90 registered accounts. The vast majority of these are inactive. There are only a few accounts on the site that post with any sort of frequency. They include:

  • candice: Donny Long's admin account on the site. Despite claiming to not be Donny, candice is notable for their habit of making new posts to explain why Donny is invincible whenever someone on Kiwi Farms points out any sort of flaw in Donny's logic or character.
  • KiwisAreNeoNazis: Perhaps the most prolific poster. This person's identity is unknown, but the account is widely speculated to be a shared one. If one inspects the account's posting history, they will find that the typing style varies from message to message. Each of their threads is generally the same, however. They either spam the same anti-Kiwi text wall (a practice which has annoyed even CLP's other users), or will wish some horrible fate to befall a Kiwi or one of their family members, before adding that they are merely wishing out loud and cannot control others' actions (obviously viewing this as a sort of "get out of jail free" card, giving them license to make as many death threats as they please without fear of consequence). The account is suspected to be shared between Donny, Oliver D. Smith, Tristan Statdmuller, Tommy Tooter, and Ashu Solo. As of May 13, 2017, KANN has started 288 threads and made 916 posts, more than any other site user. The account was banned on June 17, 2017. Donny Long had recently had a falling out with Samuel Collingwood Smith at the time, and claimed that Smith was the person behind the KANN account, and could offer proof of this if need be.[4] As of this edit, such proof has not materialized. As this is a developing story, however, that could quickly change.
  • Queerfield Beach, Joshy_Moonman, and jeffreymoon: Donny's three most used sock accounts. He tries to pretend that they are different people, and has them respond to each others' messages, but they all have the exact same typing style and repeat all the same things that Donny does. "Queerfield Beach" is a reference to Deerfield Beach, Florida, which is where Donny claims that his archenemy Monica Foster lives. "Joshy_Moonman" is a reference to Null's real name, Joshua Moon. "Jeffrey Moon" is the man claimed on CLP to be Null's father, although Null doesn't actually seem to know who this person is.


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